This takes place during Ellie's wedding if Roark was killed in the airstrike and the wedding went off without a hitch. This has been stuck in my head and I don't know how often I will update it, but I'll try my best not to neglect it.

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"Sarah, can we talk for a moment?" Chuck asks as he and Sarah step out from the room that Ellie is preparing to get married in. They get outside the room for their privacy. "Look I wanted—"

"Oh, Ellie wanted to me to make sure you have the rings," Sarah interrupts him; knowing he is going to say something deeply emotional by the look on his face.

"Yea," he pulls out the rings and shows her. She smiles at him as she fiddles with his bowtie. Her smile fades into uncertainty as her hand drifts to the lapel of his jacket.

"You look like a real spy," her voice is slightly raspy with emotion.

"You look like a real bridesmaid," he replies with a subtle smile. They share a look of longing momentarily as they both contemplate on how to explain the news to each other. "Sarah—"

"Wait, uh," she cuts him off; dreading what he may say next. "There is something that I have to tell you." She knows she should tell him before he says something he'll regret but he demands to talk first.

"I can't wait," he says, "I can't wait. I can't wait any longer. Everyone keeps asking me what I'm going to do in my future and the truth is I don't have a clue." He starts to smile as he conjures up his plan. Sarah stands there breathing slowly and holding in her emotions. "All I do know is I want you to be in it."

"Please, I really have to tell you this," she pleads with all her emotions. She doesn't want to see him heartbroken knowing she caused it.

"No, no guns, no lies, just us," he explains. Sarah feels the tears threatening to come out of her seldom used tear ducts. "Just like I always wanted. I recently come into a little bit of money," he smirks at the thought of the government giving him a paycheck, "so any place you want to go. Any place at all as long as it's sunny and with little umbrella drinks. What I'm getting out here is," he pours his heart out to her, "Sarah Walker, will you do me the honor of… taking a vacation with me," he smiles at the end as he finally finishes his question.

Sarah finds it hard to speak as her heart blocks her throat. "Chuck, I'm leaving in the morning," she sorrowfully responds. His smile drops almost immediately. "The details are classified, but I'm working on the new Intersect project with Bryce."

"Bryce," he whispers. The guy who kicked him out of Stanford, took his girlfriend that he loved, sent him the Intersect, and now is taking the cover girlfriend that he loves more than anything.

"I am, I'm so sorry," Sarah begs as she sees the depression taking form on him. She knows he thinks that she is picking Bryce over him but that isn't it at all. "I wanted to wait till after the ceremony to tell you."

He drops his gaze from her mesmerizing blue eyes to the ground. "Thanks for coming to the wedding," he mutters despondently with slight resentment, "good for the cover," he looks back at her with pain in his eyes and face.

He cannot take seeing what he will never have so he walks by her before the tears can escape. She turns around to see him leaving. She watches him walk away with his head down and his shoulders slumped.

Chuck walks through the ceremony room as he contemplates what he has left in his life. He has no job, he's losing his best friend to Benihana in Hawaii, and worst of all, no Sarah; she's leaving with Bryce of all people. He aimlessly walks through the building until he runs into his father.

"Today's the day we'll remember forever son," Stephen cheers happily as he gives Chuck a friendly pat on both arms. Chuck knows that he's never going to forget the day the love of his life left him for the man who has taken everything from him, Bryce.

Chuck walks through the ceremony room; he needs to get away, do something to take his mind off of Sarah rejecting him. He finds himself in the dining room where numerous tables have been set up and there is a tall wedding cake in the middle. He can't even admire the beautiful cake that must have taken days to make because he is so hurt.

He finds a bottle of champagne and quickly resigns on his manners and gulps the carbonated alcohol from the bottle. He finds an empty seat at an empty table and reminisces on everything that happened with Sarah.

How is he supposed to be happy when he just lost the love of his life? This has to be the most bittersweet moment in the history of anyone's life. He is eternally happy for his sister getting married to an awesome guy, but the pain that is blackening his heart is too great.

After only a minute, he realizes that the bottle of champagne is empty. He goes in search for another because the pain is unbearable and alcohol is the only thing he can turn to right now.

After another bottle, Chuck walks back into the ceremony room to see just about everyone in their places. Devon signals him over hastily. Chuck gets to the front and smiles at Devon.

"Dude, where were you? It doesn't matter. I need you here. You have the rings, right?" Devon whispers.

"Yea, I have the rings," Chuck snorts as he digs into his pocket and whips out the two rings. Ellie's ring falls to the ground and Chuck quickly bends down to grab it. He huffs on it and wipes it on his jacket. "Good as new," he smiles at Devon as he puts the rings back into his pocket.

"Dude, you alright?" Devon looks closer and sees Chuck's eyes slightly dilated and his eyelids drooping very subtly. "Are you drunk? Why would you get drunk right now?"

"I can't enjoy my own sister's wedding?" Chuck retorts with a nasty tone.

"You could've waited," Devon rolls his eyes. "Whatever, it's fine. Just take your post."

Chuck stands at his designated spot beside Devon and waits. A few minutes later, the bridesmaids fill in and Chuck avoids Sarah at all costs by looking at his own feet. She sees his head down and feels another wave of pain course through her. She has never been so affected by another person's feelings, but she cares so much about him. Chuck keeps his head down because the ache of seeing her is too painful.

The music starts and everyone stands up and looks at the back doors. Chuck keeps his head down as Ellie and Stephen appear. Sarah steals glances at Chuck as Ellie and Stephen slowly stroll down the aisle. Sarah notices his head hasn't raised once since she came out there. She feels even worse for ruining what was supposed to be one of the happiest days of his life.


Sarah has all of her stuff packed and she is ready to leave. She was informed that Bryce was successfully uploaded with the Intersect 2.0. She places her packed suitcase onto her hotel bed. She unzips it and slides her hand into the side. She digs in for a few seconds and then pulls out a glossy piece of paper.

She admires the photo of Chuck wrapping his arms around her waist and they are both laughing like two people in unconditional love. "I'm sorry Chuck," she whimpers as a tear escapes her eyes. She puts the photo back into her suitcase and grabs it. She leaves the hotel room with her one bag; ready for her next mission.


Chuck wakes up in his bed at noon. The picture of Sarah and him is resting on the nightstand. He sees the picture and drops his head in sadness. He never even got to say goodbye to her and he's never going to see her again.

Now he has to get on with his life and find a job, but he is too depressed to do that right now. He drudges into the living area and plops onto the couch in his sweatpants and plain white undershirt. He turns on the TV and stares aimlessly at it.

"Chuckster!" Devon exclaims as he walks in from his bedroom. "How are you?" He puts down a suitcase by the door.

"I'm fine," Chuck lethargically answers without looking at Devon.

"Have you been thinking of any jobs?" Ellie asks as she walks in and gives Devon a kiss on the lips.

"Not yet. I still need to look into that," Chuck wanted to say if I even feel like living anymore. He refrained from it as Ellie and Devon don't know Sarah has left yet. Chuck continues to stare at the TV as if it is luring his eyesight and nothing can tear his sight from it.

"You need to look into that. We're leaving for our honeymoon. You want me to set up some interviews for you?"

"No sis. It's your honeymoon. I'm not letting you do an ounce of work."

"We're going to get one heck of a workout," Devon quips.

"I'm glad to hear somebody's getting some action," Chuck frowns as he doesn't even try to look at both of them.

"Devon," Ellie hits him playfully as he opens the door. "Chuck, are you sure you're going to be okay?"

"I'll be fine. Now you two have fun," Chuck responds as he musters a fake smile and manages to look in their direction for a few seconds.


Sarah is at the airport waiting for her flight back to D.C. with Bryce. She pulls out her phone and scrolls through the contacts. She stops on Chuck's name and selects it. His picture appears with a goofy smile on it. She selects the 'delete' button.

The pop-up asks if she is sure she wants to delete the contact. No, she thinks as she selects the 'yes' button. "I'm going to miss you Chuck," she whispers as she places her phone back into her pocket.

"Did you say something?" Bryce asks her from the seat to her right as he lowers his newspaper.

"No," she denies quickly and Bryce goes back to reading his newspaper.


It has been a week since Sarah's departure. Chuck has taken it hard; not leaving the house since Ellie and Devon left. Food is starting to diminish, but he doesn't have the energy to buy food so he orders food when he is hungry; if he ever gathers the urge to eat something. He wishes there was a place that could deliver cheese balls to him, but hasn't found a place after searching on the internet for countless hours.

His cellphone rings and he lazily reaches across the table from the couch he is lying on. The caller I.D. says 'Unknown.' He debates on if he should answer it, but says why the hell not and taps the green phone icon on the screen.

"Hello?" He mumbles. He doesn't hear anything. "Hello?" He drawls as his patience is tested and he still gets no answer. "Hello? Why do you call me if you're not going to talk?" All he gets is the dial tone and tosses his phone on the other side of the couch carelessly.


Sarah has just come back from a mission that went smoothly. She and Bryce had to 'acquire' a suitcase that contained documents that incriminated an official. She falls to her seldom used bed in her seldom used apartment in Washington D.C. It feels like a foreign world to her. This is definitely not her home. She looks over at the nightstand to see the picture of her and Chuck laughing like two people in love framed.

She misses him so dearly. She mindlessly pulls out her phone and types his phone number into it; she memorized it the first day she met him. She looks at it and debates with herself if she should hit the green phone icon or red phone icon. She knows it is better to sever all ties and move on as if he never existed and she never existed to him, but she cannot. He means too much to her.

She hits the green phone icon just so she can hear his voice. That's all she wants right now; to hear his comforting voice. She listens to the painstakingly long rings until it finally clicks.

"Hello?" She hears Chuck ask and she freezes up. "Hello?" She hears him again and wants to tell him it's her and that she misses him, but cannot find her voice and instead hits the end button on the phone and drops it onto her bed and cries into her pillow.


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