dance in the rain


hey, little girl, with the red curls
that daring Gryffindor
so willing to go out in the rain
so willing to let it drench her

hey, little Slytherin, the blonde boy
the timid Slytherin
so willing to watch from the window
so willing to wish to join her

rain is still pouring, pouring
(time to make your decision)
so in a rash decision
he joins her in the pouring rain

they're dancing, dancing, dancing
bringing out sides of each other they didn't know existed
her soft side, his crazy side
(so maybe they fit together perfectly)

but then the rain stops
the sun peeks through branches
casting light on the so beautiful flowers
pick a flower, put it in your red, red Weasley hair

("Aren't I beautiful, Scorpius?"
"You always are, Lily.")

blue skies appear in the air
happiness, purity, friendship
(don't tell anyone, but between these two
there's maybe something more

brightness && darkness
they c o n t r a d i c t
isn't that what love's all about?
balancing each other out?

big smiles on completely different faces
splashing in brand new puddles
watering pretty red flowers
(and hey, Scorp, red isn't so bad after all)

this should be a s i n of some sort
she's his best friend's sister
but it feels so right
so who's going to go against it?
not him, that's for sure

("Hey, Scorpius, do you believe in love at first sight?"
"No, Lily, I don't. Love at first sight is never true.")

love at first sight
such a cliché, really
and it's never worked out for him
r o s e w e a s l e y, don't say it

his once love at first sight
but now only a bittersweet memory
because they didn't work out

(her cousin, is Lily Luna related to everyone in the world?)

a butterfly passes by
green & red & silver & yellow
excited, she grabs his hand
it's a Gryffindor & Slytherin butterfly
just like them, sort of
(but it isn't, really)

how does something so wrong feel so right?

her hand in his
t w i r l her around
dancing in the sunlight, now

bright red hair & hazel eyes
with blonde hair & sparkling silver eyes
a friendship that can never be broken
(but is that all it is? a friendship?)

acting on impulses sometimes works
planting his lips on hers
sealing the deal
becoming the new talk of the school
it's all over and done with now

lily luna potter && scorpius hyperion malfoy

her brother wants to slowly m u r d e r him
but they're still friends, so he can't

many glares cast at the two of them
envy, protectiveness, annoyance
but many smiles too
pride, friendship, euphoria

("Hey, Scorpius? Even though I don't like you and Lily together, I'm glad that you make her happy."
"Um, thank you, I suppose, Albus. I'll always make her happy, I hope.")

and when it rains again, they go outside
dancing in the rain, once again
this is what e u p h o r i a feels like
(pure happiness)

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