Always Mine

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Her hair was honey blond, very similar to mine, but so much softer. It held a natural curl and when she ran, it would bounce and shine.

Her eyes were blue just like the sea and I knew what they looked like when she laughed, when she cried, when she was full of passion and lust, and what they looked like glazed and unseeing.

I often wondered why I still remembered her. She had been my human wife, my only love, so I guessed it made sense in one respect, but I had forgotten everything else in the change, and she remained. Her, our best memories, and the one and only heart break I had ever endured.

I sighed and shifted on the sand. The last few days with Edward had caused all those memories to bleed out along with the feelings that accompanied them. My heart ached and I desperately wanted it to stop. The more I witnessed Edward and Bella together the more and more certain I was becoming about my own situation.

"Do you think of Helena often?" Stefan asked softly.

"More so recently," I answered.

We lapsed into silence, mostly because he knew I wasn't ready to talk. I might not ever be ready to talk about her.

I stood up and walked away from my brother toward Carlisle's home. He was a decent man. I had known him since shortly after he was turned, and in four hundred plus years he was still the same kind, unfailingly loyal person he'd always been.

The closer I got to the house, the more I realized I'd be intruding on a private moment. I tuned out the words and skirted the beach behind the house. It wasn't until I was almost too far away to hear that the words filtered through the wind and caused the dam to burst.

"You were made for me."

Our home was stone and drafty. We weren't rich by any means and I spent most of my time in the forest hunting for our own food and the pelt that I would trade for goods we didn't have the coins to buy.

Helena's father was deeply ashamed that his daughter had chosen me and the only reason he allowed the marriage is because we were very public with our intimacy, a touch here, a not so whispered word there. I would have never caused her reputation harm, but without it, she wouldn't have been mine.

The sacrifices we make, I guess you'd say.

I walked into our home, a fire roaring brightly in the hearth.

"You've been gone for so long, Mir," she spoke quietly from my left.

I smiled and pulled her into my arms. "Far too long," I agreed.

Her lips met mine and they were soft and tasted so much like sweet wine. I tried to get as close to her as possible, but it just never seemed to be enough.

Soon, we were backing toward the cot situated across from the fireplace. In the winter, it was far too cold to actually maintain heating the whole cottage, and we didn't have the funds to make a second chimney, so our bed moved to the sitting area.

Her overcoat and her dress littered the floor along with my trousers and thick hunting coat. She giggled as I hopped from foot to foot on the stone floor.

"Under the covers, Lena! A part of me that you like very much is going to freeze."

She tossed the blankets up with a flourish. "Get in then! I do love your toes so."

I cuddled next to her, wrapping my hands around and pushing my hips against her. "Really, Lena? My toes? You know I'm not speaking of my toes."

I cut her reply off with another kiss.

It was in moments like these that I realized how much I loved my wife. She had a fire that not many women had during our time; she was full of life and had an amazing humor about her. As a lover, she was tender, yet wild.

As she welcomed me again to settle between her thighs, I sighed as the warmth radiated from her to me. "This is much better than the fire." Helena met my thrust and we gasped together. Complete.

We were a mass of tangled limbs and soft moans for a long time. Never giving over to a climax that lay just out of reach, but not feeling frustrated that it hadn't crested yet.

"You were made for me, Mir." Her voice was a whisper against my lips, but I felt the truth of those words to my very being and they pushed me right over the ledge that we'd been toeing for several minutes. I felt her join me in release and let the tremors heighten my sensitivity.

Afterward, we lay curled together quietly talking about our days. Granted nothing of importance had happened, but I loved hearing her voice.

"My father sent a messenger. He said that there has been talk about creatures, moving and killing, all over the countryside. He wants us to move into their home until they are caught. He seems very worried, Mir."

I smirked. "The old man is just hearing stories. I was out in the woods all day and heard nothing. I'm an excellent tracker, beloved. I would know."

She nodded, her cheeks still flushed. "Promise me that we'll go there if we hear anything else?"

"Of course, Lena. I would never risk your safety." I placed a soft kiss on her lips and let her nuzzle into my shoulder.

The following day, I came home to a broken in door with our possessions scattered on the snow. I ran inside and found my sweet, kind, loving Lena laid out in front of the fire, a gaping wound in her neck. I shook and called her name and never received a reply. Then as the teeth of her attacker sunk into my neck, the last thing I saw was her empty eyes.

I let out a shaky breathe and blinked back venom that would never fall from my eyes.

"Brother?" Stefan placed a hand on my shoulder. "Are you going to be all right?"

I shook my head. "No."

"Is it about Helena?"

My shoulders shook with tearless sobs. "There has never been another. She is all I see still."

Stefan smiled sadly. "I know."

"She was my mate."

"I know."

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