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Japanese terms were used so D-Wheel = Duel Runner, Running Duel = Turbo Duel and so on. Check YGO wikia if in doubt. XD

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Chapter 1

Somehow, she knew she shouldn't have let the fashion model do all the talking but…

It was over and done with.

With Misty Lola by her side, Carly Nagisa would become the new face of the D-Wheels developed by the Kaiba Corporation.

It all started when the Corporation had contacted Misty to be the new face of the D-Wheels they were specifically developing for female duelists who wished to get into riding duels. To their surprise, she declined the offer, stating that she knew next to nothing about operating a D-Wheel because her knowledge was strictly limited to street duels.

"No one will care if you don't know how to ride a D-Wheel, Misty." The representative of the company said during an informal meeting among the advertising agency under the arm of the Corporation, the public relations agency and the supermodel Misty Lola herself. They were all currently in the meeting room of the corporation building, discussing and negotiating the terms of the contract.

Misty tapped her finger against the wooden desk. "Yes, but to mislead them into me knowing how to ride one would be against my principles. I will agree, only if the corporation will teach me how to ride one." She stated.

"Unfortunately, the campaign will start in three months' time…" the creative director spoke.

Three months, according to Misty, was not enough to cover everything (Carly thought otherwise), and so, the two agencies tried to contact Izayoi Aki from Team 5D's of Japan, the defending champions of the World Racing Grand Prix for this year. Unfortunately, the female riding duelist was too busy to prepare for the said tournament, which was six months away, and declined the offer.

Desperate, they asked Misty Lola for a recommendation when they met again three days after the first meeting.

The raven-haired beauty tried hard to think of a name who would be able to pull this off. Several minutes later, she spoke up.

"Well, I do know a female who knows how to ride a D-Wheel but…"

"We'll take her!"

"Very well. I shall contact her." stepping outside of the meeting room, she then took out her hand phone and called the person she was looking for. After three rings, it was picked up.

"Hey Misty." The familiar trifocal lenses came on view, and the news reporter gave a little wave before setting down her mobile phone and going back on the article she was doing. Currently, Nagisa was on a 'work from home' designation. "What's up?"

The older of the two suddenly became nervous. "Carly, I've a favor to ask you…" she said softly.

Somehow, she doesn't feel confident anymore about all this.

What if Carly declined the favor?

What of the campaign?

She understood the implications if the casting call didn't go as planned… it would be back to the drawing room for them, and they had less than twenty four hours to get everything done before the start the grueling process of photo shoots and commercial shoots for the campaign.

"Sure, what is it? I'll try my best to help out." Carly kept on going at it on her keyboard, typing madly as she rushed to finish her article.

With this, Misty Lola pushed her luck.

"Please meet me at the Café la Geen in half an hour."

Carly Nagisa ran as fast as she could to the said establishment without getting herself injured in the process, though she nearly did trip when she got to the door. Ignoring Stephanie the waitress' glare at her presence, the reporter headed inside the cozy café where her model friend was waiting.

"Misty!" she went over to the corner and sat on the unoccupied chair across the lady.

"There you are. So, regarding the favor…" to the eyeglass-wearing woman's shock, her fellow ex-Dark Signer started twiddling her thumbs, as if hesitate about something. "Well…"

"I'm all ears." She reassured Misty.

"… I was wondering if you'd like to be the model for the Kaiba Corporation's advertising campaign." Misty said it so softly, but thanks to Carly's sharp hearing, she managed to understand it despite the low voice of the speaker.

Of course, after processing the statement, the specs-wielder raised an eyebrow.

Her, a model?

Totally surprising and unheard of.

"Ummm… is this for real…?" she had to make sure that she heard it correctly, about her becoming a model for the Kaiba Corporation.

"Of course it's real." Misty huffed a bit, though a soft smile was tugging on her lips. "Why would I even ask you go to here if I wasn't serious about this?"

"Well…" she had a point, but still…

"Anyways," she continued. "is it a yes or a no?"

"Before that, I want to ask what I'll be doing." If this was a serious suggestion, she will have to take this seriously as well.

"The agency informed me that you'll be advertising the D-Wheels that the Kaiba Corp. is developing for female riding duelists. You know that I don't ride those, but…" she looked at Carly. "You have ridden one before."

At this, she smiled grimly, remembering the memory. She had told no one of her recovered memories, save for Misty. It was Kiryuu Kyousuke, a fellow ex-Dark Signer, who taught her how to ride a D-Wheel. At that time, she was desperate to duel Jack Atlas, and Kiryuu offered to teach her, both knowing that even if she got herself injured practicing, nothing bad will happen. After all, they were dead already. "Y-yes, I have…" that Riding Duel was still fresh from her mind, despite the fact that two years have passed.

"Izayoi Aki is currently busy with the World Racing Grand Prix, and with the Corporation wanting to launch the D-Wheels one week before the WRGP, they only have three months to finish everything before the campaign starts in May."

She did not know how the advertising world worked, but judging from Misty's stories about her photo shoots done at least a year before the product launch, she knew they had to rush everything to make it in time.

"So… I take it that they'll only take pictures of my face?"

Misty shook her head. "Bikini photo shoots, as well as the suits worn by Riding Duelists…"

"O-Oh my God." suddenly, she felt so conscious of her figure. "W-won't they call me fat…?"

"I doubt it." she shook her head. "You flaunted that Dark Signer outfit of yours perfectly that I remember Jack Atlas staring so much at your direction when he saw you."

Carly turned crimson immediately. "W-what?"

A light smirk was seen on Misty's face. "As I was saying, I think you'll be perfect for the role." She said, changing the subject. "So, are you in?"

"Uh… okay…?"

"Great. Let's head to the Kaiba Corporation building." Leaving out some bills for her coffee, Misty stood up, grabbed Carly's hand and pulled her.

"W-wait, now?" Carly wondered how her friend could run in stilettos, when she could barely manage to run in sneakers and not trip.

"Yes, now." She half-dragged the dark olive green-haired news reporter, determined to get to the building as soon as possible. "We must hurry!"

"Wait, wait, wait, I—" before she could finish her sentence, a certain blond was making his way to the café they had just exited. "Oh wait, let's hurry!" gripping tightly on Misty's hand, the situation ended up with this: Carly was the one now running as fast as she can while Misty, in her stilettos, getting dragged behind, though was actually managing to keep up with the reporter.

Of course, it did not escape the blond's notice that Carly looked like she was running for her life, her cheeks flushed and, for once, was not tripping over her shoes. What made it weird in his sight was the fact that Misty Lola was getting dragged around.

He brushed it aside.

It was a typical Carly Nagisa antic.

Now, for his Blue-Eyes Mountain…

As soon as they got there, Misty had led Carly into the familiar meeting room where the advertising team, as well as the public relations teams, were waiting. After the formal introduction, as well as the contract signing, Carly was informed that in three hours' time, she was to get ready for the practice shoot. At this, she had panicked, but Misty promised to teach her for the meantime, as well as to accompany her for the shoot later.

Three hours later, at ten in the evening, Carly was currently in the studio of the Kaiba Corporation building, wearing a very skimpy orange bandeau bikini with a matching orange bikini bottoms that had twin cutouts on her hips. If that wasn't that embarrassing enough, the D-Wheel that the Corporation had used for the shoot was the Wheel of Fortune.

A certain former King's signature D-Wheel.

How they managed to get him to agree to use his Wheel of Fortune for this shoot, she did not know.

But one thing's for certain: if she was asked to sit on it…

Oh my gooooooooood. Carly was sure that she was going to die of embarrassment before the shoot was over. The first shot she did was her backside facing the camera, her head turned sideways, still looking at the camera while the Wheel of Fortune was on the background, as if enticing the viewer of the ad. Of course, she did not understand why the camera had to be focused on her butt first, then up to her chin, then finally, a full body photo. When she asked, Misty clarified that the first one would be the teaser photo to be released three months after.

Oh god, her ass was going to be all over Neo Domino City before they'll show her face.

'Oh yay.' She thought to herself, torn between laughter and terror. 'Great. My ass is the first thing that gets media coverage.'

"Okay, great! Now, we move on to the D-Wheel. Carly, can you try and get on it?" the photographer, whom Carly also knew because they had met each other during press conferences, smiled at her.

At this, she turned red, while Misty smirked lightly behind the camera. "Umm… okay…" wearing beige five-inch stiletto heels, she slowly made her way to the said vehicle, trying hard not to trip on her way to it. When she managed to make it, she got on the seat and sat on it, feeling the leather on her skin. "Okay, now I'm on…"

"Great! Now imagine that you're going to be taken in from behind."

If she hadn't been holding onto the handle bars on the sides, she would've fallen down from shock.

"… Errr… what?"

"Stand on the foot pegs, hands on the handle bar covers to the side, lean forward and look at the camera. Butt out too, so we can show everyone that perfect ass." The photographer then grins.

Her blush intensifies, yet she tried hard to look seductive. The photographer thought otherwise, remarking that she looked like a 'blushing virgin' while on wheels, though there was 'nothing wrong about it'.

"It may even appeal to the duelists." Said the female photographer.

Oh yes, the end was near.

Carly Nagisa, sex symbol of the duelists.


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