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(You'll see why it starts out in Beth's POV! :D )

Beth's POV:

Odysseus is hurrying us onto the hovercraft, we have to leave before Alwin realizes what's going on. If he came with us chances are that he would either be killed or caught. So we had to do what was best for him and it killed me not to tell him. Taking a deep breath I sit down in one of the chairs and stare at Odysseus, he looks like he's feeling a little guilty. Right when I'm about to say something, he gives one quick shake of the head and I sigh.

"We can't take him. This is for his own good." Odysseus says this in a strong voice and I know that its killing him to do this. "Beth...there is a reason why I insisted that you come on this mission. You have a...different mission then the others, but its just as important."

I stare at him not understanding the words that came from his lips. "What are you talking about?"

"Sophie, she is in the Capital. The reason why the Capital took her, was because the President and his wife could not produce a child." I stare at him in shock and he nods his head. My hand goes to the locket that I keep in my shirt and I want revenge on the people who took my sister from me, from us. "She was chosen for a few reasons, because she looks like the President and his wife, Sophie was young enough for them to hope that she never remembers anything about it and because she was smart for her age. If you would have the same hair color as Sophie, you might have been in her shoes or they might have taken you both."

The ride to the Capital doesn't take as long as I would think, but we stop and when we see a truck for the Peacekeepers to be transported around the Districts. Odysseus smiles at everyone and he gives a tall man a signal. I think that the tall mans name is Ferguson. But him and Odysseus slowly creep out to the Peacekeepers, we watch as they quickly overtake them. We all walk out from behind the rocks and Odysseus orders everyone to change.

We get into the large truck and they start to drive towards the Capital. Everyone seems calm and when we reach the tunnel is when everyone starts to freak out. All of us hold our breaths as the darkness surrounds us and I feel like something is going to jump out at us. Once we are out of the tunnel we head follow another vehicle like ours. I feel like everything's running too smoothly as we enter the gates and they close behind us. Tay stayed behind at the hovercraft, just in case something were to go wrong.

"Okay, everyone knows their mission." Everyone nods their heads as Odysseus leads us into the large building. Now there's no going back. "Be careful and we meet back here in an hour...understand?"

Acacia POV:

My whole body is aching and I can't support my own weight anymore. Some how they expect us to go into an area and fight each other. But I can't kill anyone, not anyone who is here with me. A tear falls down my cheek and I look up to see someone walk into the cell. Seven of us are going in and they will only allow one person to leave the arena alive. This time I have the feeling that they are going to kill me before I have the chance to make it out. My eyes close, but reopen when I feel someone touch me on the cheek. Looking up I almost gasp, its Lillian. The expression on her face and in her eyes is of sadness.

"Lillian. It can't be you..." My voice is barley a whisper and I watch as she nods her head. She looks around frantically and I know that she's putting herself in danger by coming down here. "What are you doing down here? You have to go or else you might get hurt."

She hands me a piece of paper and I quickly open it. They are sending a rescue mission, but it might come too late. All of you might be in the arena before they are even halfway here. Odysseus is sending them out in the morning, in a few hours and it should take them a day or two to get here. In this Hunger Games there will be no chariots, they are going to make you look nice and do the interviews. As soon as the interviews are done, all of you will be in the arena. Hector, they are going to kill him if you are the last one standing and than they will kill you.

The note in my hand is being crumbled up and I quickly give it back to her. She stares at me as tears start to fall down my cheeks. I don't know what to do anymore, they've won and I've lost. Even if by some miracle I were to win the Hunger Games, I would still die. Jazmine, Hector, Breanne, Ashlee, Joanna, Ethan and my father would die because of me. Maybe I could make it easy for all of them, why should they be punished because of me? I've been in this hell hole for a few weeks now and the only thing that happens is that I get weaker as the days pass by. When I look back up I see that Lillian is gone and one of the guards walks in a few minutes later. A small smile on their lips as they put down a piece of metal with food on it.

For some reason the guard looks different to me, as though I know the person. I shake my head a little and try to shake that thought off. The guard goes into the other cell and does the same thing. Slowly I nibble on the food and try to not think about going back into the arena. Hasn't everyone here been through enough? Forcing us to go into another Hunger Games, for some of us this will be our third Hunger Games, it will be our last...

"Aca." I hear Ethan's voice hiss, but I don't look up. My eyes stay on the bread in front of me, the only thing that is keeping me alive right now and Alwin. "Aca."

With a small sigh I look up and see that they are all standing in front of our cell, Ashlee's and mine. Ethan pushes my door open and we stand up, both of us supporting each other. Neither of us can walk on our own and everyone knows it. Once we get to the cell door, we fall over and Ethan takes me, of course my father insists on carrying me. Carefully Ethan picks up Ashlee and we start down the hallway. I look down and see that they have taken their pieces of metal with them. The metal can be used as a weapon.

"Aca? Aca?" The voice makes everyone jump and when I look up I see that its Beth. She is in a Peacekeepers uniform and she smiles at me. "Oh, good. I've found you...all of you follow me..."

But I see someone behind her and I'm shocked to see that its Sophie. There's a small smile on her lips, but she looks as though she can't take anything else. We start to head out and I'm thankful that we have Sophie with us. She can get us out of a situation, as the President's daughter.

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