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You ever had your life change so drastically that you didn't know what to do. A month ago I was a normal teenager who just graduated high school. Today I'm an orphan who is standing in front of scene I should have never been part of much less even have my name mentioned in. But here I was. Standing in the midst of a messy break up between my cousin and her fiancé, while he is calling my name.

The second my name left his lips I knew it was done. My cousin would never forgive me. I could already feel her heated glared on my face and I knew no words I could say would undo the damage Sam just made.

"Leah," I said gasping for air. She glared at me, her slim body shaking with rage. "Sam please tell her it's not true… please," I begged turning to him, pleading with him with my eyes to set this right.

The muscles in his jaw were clenched. He was looking away from the scene before him. I could see his nostrils flare with anger. I could sense the tremble of his muscles. But what I couldn't understand was why he would do something so devastating to me. Leah would never believe me. It was too late for that now.

I glared at him as my heart was breaking. I knew once Uncle Harry and Aunt Sue found out they would consider this unforgivable. But the pain in my heart wasn't from the prospect of their lost love. No the pain in my heart was because my cousin… my sister was staring at me as if I had ripped her heart out not Sam.

"This is what you asked of me," he whispered his words like knives cutting through me. I felt the breathe rip from my lungs as our earlier conversation replayed over in my head.

"I can't be with you because of Leah, Sam she means too much to me."

"If I left her would you consider me?"

"What? Sam I don't know… maybe but that would never happen."

"What do you mean this is what she asked for?" Leah screeched she turned on me her eyes throwing daggers, "What does he me?"

"Leah it's not like that…." I tried to explain pushing Sam out the way to her angry that he dared twist my words around like that. Hoping she will see the truth in my eyes. I reached to hold her but she flinched and jerked away from my touch. A sob broke from my lips as I tried to explain that I didn't want him. That he just kept following me. I tried with all my might but Leah wouldn't listen. Already Sam's admission was poisoning her mind.

"Get out," she screamed at me and him. When we didn't move she screamed it again. "I never want to see either of your faces here again."

"Leah," I cried pleading with her again, "I live here."

"Not anymore." She sneered rushing in the door and slamming it shut. The sound of the bolt sliding into place echoed in my head. Pain ripped through me. My sobs shaking feel from my chest. Sam moved to comfort me. I felt his body near mine and I had the unexplainable urge to punch him in the jaw. I wanted to hurt him. I wanted him to feel pain like I was. Never in my life had I wanted to physically hurt some one as bad as I wanted to bodily harm Sam now.

"Emily…." He took a step closer to me his black eyes boring into mine, "This is not what I meant to happen."

I laughed bitterly, "What did you think would happen? Did you just think you could waltz in here and announce you're leaving Leah your fiancé for her cousin was really going to fly?"

"I never meant to cause you pain," he winced as my words hit him.

"What about Leah?" I glared at him, "What about her feelings in all this? She put her everything in your relationship and this is how you treat her."

"I never meant to her either," He whispered looked dejectedly at the door.

"Sam please just do us both a favor," I said licking my dry lips with my tongue of sand paper, "Just take Leah back and forget this notion of me and you… it could never work out."

His eyes snapped to mine. I could she the determination in his eyes, "So you rather I half heartedly love your cousin knowing each day she isn't the one for me and I'm not the one for her. Would you truly sentence her to a life of unrequited love?"

"There is no future for us," I cried, "She means too much to me."

"She was my world," he sighed, "Emily I know you are for me just give me a chance."

"Never Sam," I gritted, "I can't do this."

He went to stroke my face. I jerked away from him. I couldn't let him touch me. I wouldn't let him touch me. He was the cause of all this. Not to mention I felt that if he touched me I would lose my resolve. I would slip into his eyes and do something I would regret. And I hated the fact that even though he was destroying the only world I knew I still wanted nothing more then to reach up and hug him. Shaking my head I backed away from him ignoring the hurt in his eyes and pushing back the need to comfort him. I hated myself for even wanting him when Leah was locked up in the house right behind us hurting from the lost of her fiancé and cousin.

I heard Uncle Harry's heavy foot steps on the cobble stone walk way behind us. I heard his tale tell humming and felt a second of relief with each step closer he took. But my relief was short lived as I watched in horror as Leah flew out the door rushing to him. She pushed pasted me running to her father. And I was reminded that no matter how much Uncle Harry may love me Leah was still his little girl and I just had no rank here.

"What happened?" He asked as she sobbed on his chest. She jet black hair shook with each sob. Her face pale as she clutched to him as he was her life support.

"Sam and Emily," she managed out. Uncle Harry eyebrows shot up his aged brown eyes found mine. I could sense the disappointment in his look.

"It's not like that," I begged praying to Tahi aki that he would listen with reason, "Sam he is lying I would never…"

Uncle Harry turned his head away from me at the mention of Sam's name, dismissing me with out even listening to me. With his one action I was shunned.

"Please listen to me," I looked around for Sam to defend me. I wanted him to set this right and explain that I wasn't with him. But he was gone. The coward had made his mess and left me standing in it.

For as long as I live I would never forgive Sam Uley for what he has done. I turned and walked into the house. I knew I was no longer welcomed here and most likely no where else on the rev because Harry was an elder. Another sob escaped me. I opened the door to the room I was currently staying in and froze. Dread filled the pit of belly as I stared at the disarray in the room. My clothes were thrown around the room some of them were torn and destroyed. My shoes looked as if they had been stomped on and I could smell the toothpaste Leah had squirted into each one of them. My heart beat was pounding in my chest as I neared the small jewelry box my mother had given me before her untimely death.

"No, no, no," I sobbed picking up the now ruined box. I opened it frantically praying that she didn't touch the necklace my father had made for me. He had worked the leather to be smooth and soft and found the topaz stone on one his spirit quest. He had made it before I was born. He had made it for me when he wasn't even sure if I would ever exist. And in one fit of rage Leah had completely destroyed all I had left.

It felt like a lifetime ago that it happened. But truthfully it has only been a month. One month since I lost my parents. One month since I've been in La Push. It felt like such a whirlwind. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't seem to find my footing. First my house burning down with my parents in it. I pushed from my mind the sight of the flames dancing through my childhood home. Pushed back the screams that had ripped from my throat when I realized my parents were still inside. Uncle Harry and Aunt Sue had taken me in that night. But they already had one emotional draining teenage to deal with in Leah who was frantically looking for Sam who had mysteriously disappeared two weeks ago. Only to reappear within a week of me moving in. Then having to deal with Sam's sudden interest me. And now the fact that I once again was on the brink of losing the only family I had left.

I stared at the shredded remains of my necklace. Numbness washing over me. Leah may never forgive me for Sam's lie. But what she did could never be undone. Sam could decide tomorrow he wanted her again but I could never get back my father's necklace.

"Emily?" Aunt Sue asked from the door her eyes on the ruined box I held in my hand. "Emily I think we should talk."

I didn't say anything as I got up and wordlessly walked out the room. I already knew what they wanted to talk about so what was the point. I sat at a chair by the table surrounded my Uncle Harry and Aunt Sue. They both drew in deep breathes they faces twisted in a heavy expression.

"Is it true?" Aunt Sue asked after a few minutes.

"No," I cried, "Sam he has been pursuing me but I've been turning him down. He… He asked me earlier if he wasn't with Leah would I have considered him. And I told him yes but it didn't matter because he was with Leah and I wouldn't want her to hurt."

I clutched the topaz to my heart, "I never knew he would do this."

"You bitch," Leah sneered from the couch running toward me before Uncle Harry caught her, "You knew he wanted you and you didn't tell me."

I looked her in the eye, "Would you have believed me?"

She looked away her hands clenched in tense fists.

"I wanted to tell you but it would have only hurt you. I had made my mine up today to let you know but when I came home Sam was already here." I got up from the table and moved closer to her.

"I hate you," Leah whispered when I was closer to her. She jerked from her fathers grasp and stormed to her room.

"Emily I know you didn't mean for anything to happen but…" Uncle Harry started rubbing his face with his hand, "Perhaps it would be best if you stayed by Billy for a little while."

Translation, you are no longer welcomed in our house. I got it. I moved and picked up what was left of my parents gifts and walked to the door. My clothes were ruined it wasn't like there was much else for me to take.

I ignored the confuse look Seth was giving me. I ignored the disappointment flowing off of Uncle Harry and Aunt Sue. I ignored the sound of Leah sobbing in her room. I walked out to door and paused. I have no where to go. Fear ran through me. Billy couldn't afford another mouth to feed. Uncle Harry and I both knew this. I had no one. I was truly alone. But this wasn't the first time I was faced with losing family. I would make it somehow. I just walked out the front door. I was taking care of the problem for them. Glancing back one last time I drank in the sight of them. The happy family that once reminded me of mine. Closing my eyes I turned my eyes away. The door closed as I walked off the last step of the porch. I heard Aunt Sue lock the door closing off the last little bit of family off from me. And then the tears fell.

So I just walked. Because there was nothing else left for me to do. Each step I took chipped at my heart. But I kept walking holding on the last shred of my parents. My chest heaving with sobs. My body ached but in the end I knew I would survive. The wind wrapped itself around my shoulders. I shuddered and hunched deeper into myself. And for a second I caught myself wishing for Sam's warmth. I quickly pushed the thought from my head and just kept walking. I walked until my feet hit the cold sand of the beach. My flip flops burrowing deeper with each step I took.

I sat on a log deserted on the sand. I let the light mist of rain fall over me. I let it ease my pain. I stretched out on the log, pulling what was left of the jewelry box close to my chest. I was tired. The rain was my blanket as I slowly drifted off to sleep.

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