Chapter One: Naruto Meets the Seven


In front of Konohagakure no Sato's gate there are seven ninjas. The tallest ninja is looking at the structure and said, "So this is Konohagakure no Sato. It doesn't look like much."

The smallest ninja said, "Sharky, we shouldn't judge this country after all we are the ones who are asking for their help. In addition they were able to defeat the strongest Biju to exist the Kyuubi no Kitsune."

Kushimaru said, "You know I have a small problem with Konoha."

Mangetsu quipped, "You always have a problem with a country. What's the problem with this one?"

Kushimaru rolled his eyes at Mangetsu. He pulled out one of his sewing needles and threw it at Mangetsu. He said, "From what my sources tell me, Konoha became really soft. I heard because of that event they lost a lot of their shinobi. This could be a problem as we don't know their set of mind when we need them to perform or if we let them train our young ones. Could they hinder them?"

Ameyuri butted in, "Needle, your points are duly noted. However they do have a lot of powerful teachers. Remember their teaching line has had some of the strongest teaching lineage. For example, Harashima and Tobirama' team, the team that had The Sandaime Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi and both members of the deadliest ninja duo to exist; Homura Mitokado and Koharu Utatane. The Sandaime then taught the three Sannin Jiraiya, Tsunade and Orochimaru. Jiraiya then taught the most power Hokage and possibly the most powerful kage of all time, the Yellow Flash, Minato Namikaze. He then taught Rin, the Killer of Sin and the former ANBU Captain Kakashi Hatake the Copy Ninja. Imagine that is just one line. So imagine that with one of those kinds of lines what Kiri could develop.

In addition, Konoha shinobi are bloodline specialists. They have doujutsus, hadajutsus (Body Technique), and elemental kekkei genkais. Our young ones can be taught how to harness their abilities. Think of the possibilities of a Kiri, Konoha, and Suna Alliance. The other two would not dare to attack us or them. "

Zabuza was hoping that Konoha said yes. He said, "How true Short Circuit. Let's hope that they think the same way and accept our offer. If not then we are in big trouble. Well, let's stop dilly dallying and go in."


Naruto Uzumaki is running from a group of the daily angry mob. Naruto is 6 years old and about three feet five inches tall. He has dirty blonde hair. He has deep blue eyes that have the shape of a star. He has a round shaped faced with three whisker marks on each side of his face. His clothing consisted of a tethered orange jacket with a spiral on the right arm and the back, and a ripped up torn pair of orange pants.

The reason Naruto was running from the mob is simple they wanted to kill the demon. The villagers believe Naruto is a demon due to the fact of what happened on the day of his birth. On October 10, six years ago, the Kyuubi no Kitsune, the Nine Tailed Fox, attacked and destroyed the Village. Their brave and fearless leader the Yondaime Hokage was able to seal the monster into an orphan. The boy is the one running now.

The boy is blissfully unaware of his unfortunate cast in life. What he did know was that he had to follow his instincts to either fight or flight. With that sword in that guys hands and a crowbar in another's, it is easy to choose for a five year old who has no sort of training whatsoever. He ran his little legs to death. He was cutting corners trying to escape. He even jumped fences trying to get away from them.

As he ran his little heart out, he bumped into someone.

Naruto fell down to the ground. He rubbed his butt as he looked at the person he hit. His eyes became wide. He saw seven people. He read about this group of people in a book that Jiji let him read. They are the Kiri no Shinobigatana Shichinin Shū (The Seven Ninja Swordsman of the Mist).

The one he bumped into is Zabuza Momochi. Zabuza is a tall and noticeably muscular man with pale skin, short spiky black hair, brown eyes, and small eyebrows. He is normally seen wearing bandages like a mask over the bottom half of his face. Under his mask, he had a relatively narrow jawline and jagged-teeth, a trait he shared with his fellow Swordsmen. He wore his forehead protector sideways on his head, and prior to his defection from Kirigakure, donned its standard uniform and flak jacket. On his back he has the cleaving knife known as the Kubikiribōchō (Decapitating Carving Knife).

The one next to him is Kisame Hoshigaki. Kisame is a very tall, muscular and strong ninja. He has a distinctive shark-like appearance, completed with pale blue skin, small, round white eyes, gill-like facial markings under his eyes, gills on his shoulders and sharp triangular teeth, much like the other members of the swordsman. He also styled his dull blue hair in the form of a shark fin. He is wearing a dark sleeveless shirt paired with matching pants, provided with a waist guard, and striped arm and leg-warmers. On his back there is his sword called the Samehada (Shark Skin).

The one next to Kisame is Kushimaru. Kushimaru is both very thin and tall in stature, giving him an overall gangling appearance. Due to his service within the ANBU, his face is concealed by a white porcelain mask, with a darker-colored triangle on its lower part, slits for eye holes and Kirigakure's symbol carved on its top. His attire consisted of a sleeveless black shirt, matching pants, complete with a waist-guard, and Kirigakure's striped wrist and leg-guards. He also wears bandages around his neck and possibly around the lower half of his face much like Zabuza and the other members of his generation of the Kiri swordsmen. His sword is Nuibari (Sewing Needle).

The other is Jinin Akebino. Jinin has a dark beard and hair which he ties into a topknot. The remainder of his face appears to be rather angular and features a very protuberant nose. He wears a dark poncho-like cloth over standard Swordsman's attire, consisting of a sleeveless dark shirt and matching pants provided with a waist guard, along with pin-striped arm and leg-warmers typical of his village and Kirigakure's forehead protector. He also has bandages around his neck like all the members of the swordsman. His sword is the Kabutowari (Helmet Splitter).

The one next to him is Jinpachi Munashi. Jinpachi has dark hair and a beard which he wears in strands adorned with beads. His lips are also noticeably dark in color. The top of his head is covered in bandages, and he has an eye patch covering his left eye, sprouting from under his Kirigakure forehead protector He wears an extremely loose, long-sleeved pin-striped shirt and black pants, accentuated by the presence of striped leg-warmers matching his shirt. Like the other members of his generation of swordsmen he also wears bandages around his neck. His sword is the Shibuki (Splash).

The one on the other side is Ameyuri Ringo. Ameyuri is relatively short in comparison with the other members of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. Ameyuri has long, light-colored hair and, together with a forehead protector, Ameyuri also wears a simple cloth around the head, distinctively tied at both sides so as the ends of the material protrude upwards, while the remainder of hair is allowed to flow downwards. Ameyuri wears a loose, pin-striped long-sleeved shirt with a dark obi around the waist, black pants which get much looser near the ends, a resembling hakama, and striped leg-warmers. Like all the other members of Ameyuri's generation of swordsmen, Ameyuri wears bandages loosely tied around the neck. His swords are the twin swords called Kiba (Fangs). (This means that Raiga is not in it as these were his)

The final one is Mangetsu Hōzuki. Mangetsu has relatively long white hair and pointed, shark-like teeth, a trait that all known members of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist possess. He wears an outfit which consists of a dark sleeveless shirt, light colored pants and striped leg-warmers typical of his village. He carries a water bottle in a belt around his waist. He wears bandages around his neck, another trait shared by the seven swordsmen, and a standard Kirigakure forehead protector. Overall, Mangetsu carries a scroll that can put the seven swords into it. His sword is Hiramekarei.

Naruto was extremely scared as any child would be. You just bumped into a guy compared to you looks like a giant and will eat you without a second thought. In addition you still have that mob looking for you. This is definitely not Naruto's day.

He started to back up as his natural instinct to run kicked in. Zabuza looked down at the little gaki. The gaki for some reason interested him. He knew this boy was a pipsqueak. There were definitely some signs of starvation by the fact his stomach was starting to hang out. Yet with all of that he could feel a potential that if tapped in correctly could create a powerful shinobi that the elemental countries have ever seen.

Zabuza lifted the kid up from the ground with one hand. Before he could say anything to the boy, the mob appeared in view. They were shouting such things as 'there's the demon!; Let's kill him!; Let's burn him by the stake!'; etc.

Zabuza frowned but no one could see it. As they reached closer to the boy, Naruto tried to run in any direction other than the mob's direction. He was stopped by Kisame as he held him by the back of his orange jacket's collar. Naruto had fearful eyes as he thought this was going to be the end of his miserable life. He closed his eyes as he hoped that he died swiftly.

Yet nothing happened to him. He was still dangling from the hands or to be technical hand of Kisame. He opened his eyes to see Zabuza holding his head cleaving knife out. Zabuza growled at the group of confused, self-righteous civilians, "You better leave the gaki alone or you won't be alive."

The civilians were cowering as the felt a great amount of killing intent behind Zabuza's wise advice. They started to run away as they did not want to fight a man with a sword that is bigger than they are. The seven thought that these group of people were bunch of weaklings and weren't worthy of their time. Yet there was something that caught them off guard.

The young child was not even slightly affected by the Killing Intent. They knew the amount is enough to affect a medium Chūnin. The boy is clearly not a Chūnin, or for that matter an academy student. So why wasn't he affected by it? This train of thought was going through all of their heads.

Zabuza kneeled down to the boy and asked him, "Gaki, do you know where the Hokage Tower is."

Naruto nodded furiously as he said, "You want to meet with Hokage-Jiji. I can take you." Naruto started to run north as quick as his little legs can take him. Zabuza had a tick mark on his forehead. This boy looks like he has too much energy to use.

Kushimaru's eyes narrowed as he noticed something. Kushimaru said, "Seriously, I have a huge problem with Konoha. You see how some of these Genin are so blissfully aware of everything. I mean sure we have an appointment with the Hokage. That doesn't mean the shinobi here should be on arms about seeing seven people with weapon such as these. I mean think about it the Samehada is a sword that has been feared long before Sharky over here had it. Yet the ninjas are totally indifferent about it."

Ame said, "Relax Kushi. We're going to talk to the Hokage about it."


The Sandaime was doing paper work. He was wearing his Hokage robes with the hat included. He truly hated doing paper work. It was just one big representation of how much Konoha has become more about being a bureaucracy than a dictatorship. It is about sign this, sign that, veto this bill, veto that bill. It has become frustrating as he has yet to do a quota of the successful Genin.

For that matter the well renowned Ninja Academy had become nothing but a joke. How in the world can you become the Kunoichi of the Year by getting a good grade in flower pressing? FLOWER PRESSING FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE. The Kyuubi attack has put a heavy toll on their forces. So they had to create a facade by making the Genin exams three extremely easy jutsus the Bushin, Kawarimi, and the henge. This made it so they can appear to be as strong as they were before.

He sighed as this can be the reason Konoha falls. He is truly thinking about an overhaul over the whole system. He remembered he had meeting but he couldn't remember who it was with. As his hand was getting carpal tunnel, his secretary's voice came over the intercom. She said a crude, disgusted voice, "Hokage-sama, the boy and seven of his friends want to see you."

He knew exactly who she was talking about. He could only do so much to punish her and the civilians as they have the ninjas around their weak fingers, for now any way. He did want to know who these seven said friends were. He said, "Let them in"

A faint buzzing sound was heard on the other side. A loud boisterous voice came out, "Hey Jiji! I hear that you're getting older every day!" The boy surely knew how to put a smile on an old man's face.

Sarutobi replied, "Ah, Naruto it is great to see you. Who are friends? I hear you have seven of them. You know seven is an extremely lucky number."

Naruto was jumping up and down as he was energetic as ever. He said, "Yea these guys helped and protected me from the mob who tried to hurt me." Sarutobi had a sad smile on his face. He did want to meet who these people were.

Sarutobi asked, "Naruto, can I see these friends?" Naruto nodded as he asked them to come in. Sarutobi had his head down at first writing something. His smile became one of shock. Right in front of him was The Seven Legendary Ninja Swordsman of the Mist. Sarutobi pressed the button under his desk to warn the ANBU of their presence. He looked on his desk with the peripheral vision that their documentation to be here was signed and processed. He pulled out his pipe and put is strong tobacco in it. He lit it and took a deep breath.

He said in a very deep and low voice, "What is it that you need?" there was an extreme amount of killing intent flaring from the old man. The Seven swordsmen started to sweat a little but otherwise they were as stoic as ever. Naruto of course is oblivious to the tension and killing intent said, "Umm Jiji, why are the birds falling out of the sky?"

If it was at any other time that would have been funny but it did break the ice and the tension. It enabled Ameyuri to speak. He said, "Hokage-sama, it is an honor to meet you. I am Ameyuri Ringo, the Tanraku (Short Circuit) and the leader of the Seven Swordsman of the Mist. The extremely muscular one is Zabuza the Kirigakure no Kijin (Demon of the Mist). The one with the blue skin is Kisame the Motanai Bijū (The Tailed Beast without a Tail). The one with the mask is Kushimaru the Nuimomo Shisatsu (The Sewing Stabber). The one with the big nose is Jinin the Koppamijin (Smasher of Atoms). The one with eye patch is Jinpachi the Kirigakure no Manako (The Eye of the Mist). Finally the one with the water bottle is Mangetsu the Fūin no Kyuusaisha (The Savior of Seals)."

Sarutobi said, "Hello gentlemen. I must say you have some of the most interesting monikers I have ever heard. Please have a seat. Do any of you smoke? Would you like a cup of tea perhaps? For the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist to visit another one of the Five Major Villages, it must be really important. Gentlemen, I'm all ears."

The Seven Swordsmen sat down in the chairs provided. Ameyuri said, "We don't smoke but tea would be nice thank you."

Sarutobi called in one of his other secretaries, Hikari in. He said, "Hikari-chan, would you be a dear and bring our guest some tea please?" She nodded feverishly and walked out. However before the door closed behind her, the Seven Swordsmen saw how she looked at Naruto. She sneered at the poor boy as he looked at her with deep confusion. The Seven decided to stay quiet and wait for Ms. Hikari to come back.

A few moments later, Hikari came back with the tea and gave everyone in the room some. Sarutobi took a drink of his tea. He said, "Ameyuri-san can you explain to me why you are here?"

After he took a sip of his tea Ameyuri said, "Hokage-dono, we are here to tell you what's going on in Kiri. We are in amidst of a civil war. The Yondaime Mizukage has put into place a Bloodline Purge. They are destroying people with bloodlines or special abilities. Before you start thinking that we want your help as in fighting or such things like that that is not what we want. We want you to do is give the people with bloodlines and their supporters asylum in Konoha temporarily. We have a plan to have a coup d'état in Kiri. We just need a base for our young ones. "

Sarutobi was in deep concentration. This could be an opportunity of a lifetime. Then again this could be the greatest fall of Konoha. He leaned back in his chair as a million thoughts were going through his head. He said, "I see. What I want to know is what will Konoha get out of this? I see that this helps your needs. What I don't see is what we gain from this. We would love to help your people but we need some incentive to help you. We need some compensation. Do you have any in mind?"

Ame was in a real pickle he didn't know what he could give them. They needed the money for when the invasion is finished. Something kept nagging at him. The way the boy kept getting cold hard stare from those who were clearly older and the way the Hokage had a guilty look on his face. He had an idea. He said, "Hokage-dono, what is the boy's name?"

Sarutobi was suspicious as to why they have such interest in Naruto. He asked, "May I ask why do you want to know the poor boy?"

Ame replied, "Well Hokage-sama, he looked like he would be an amazing shinobi when he grew up. His chakra levels are higher than anyone I've ever seen for someone his age. I just wanted to know who he was as he is very unusual."

Sarutobi leaned back into his chair and said, "Well Ameyuri-san, his name is Naruto Uzumaki." This caused the Seven Swordsmen eyes to become a little wide. Kushimaru was the most surprised as the Uzumaki had something to deal with the founding of Kirigakure.

Kushimaru said, "Hokage-dono is Naruto-san a true blood Uzumaki?" Sarutobi nodded causing Kushimaru to continue, He said, "Uzumakis are known for their use of kenjutsu, ninjutsu, and fuinjutsu. I was wondering if we could bring Naruto with us so he can harness his abilities. Before you say no, let's think of the possibilities that we both have. As a group, we are allowed to have apprentices. We try to choose people who are able to harness our techniques. Unfortunately we have not found an apprentice to pass down our techniques. I believe Naruto can be our apprentice and learn our ninjutsu, kenjutsu, taijutsu, even fuinjutsu. I can guarantee that he could be a Chunin level shinobi or higher when everything is set and done."

He thought about it for a moment. This can work as it would take Naruto out of Konoha. Yet they can manipulate his mind to think and act like them. This could cost Konoha in the long run. He also is taking Naruto's feelings into account. You cannot just uproot a child from his home. Yet does Naruto even consider this place a home? He sighed as he asked, "How long are you going to stay here? I want to think about this for at least a night. Then I will give an answer in the morning."

Ameyuri accepted this deal. He was kind of happy because the longer they wait, the more of a chance the coop was not going to be successful. For the Hokage to even give it a thought was a great stride. He bowed to the Hokage and said, "Hokage-sama, thank you for your time. May we have a place to stay for the night?"

The Hokage gave them a few keys to a hotel and sent them away. Sarutobi was leaning in his chair as he saw Naruto who somehow befriended the Seven. Maybe this could be an advantage after all.


Naruto actually followed the Seven Swordsman. Ever since he had seen Zabuza pull out his sword against the mob, Naruto was extremely interested in swords and wanted to learn kenjutsu. So he followed them hoping to find and learn some technique or something. So he ran and duck between alleyways.

The Seven Swordsman of the Mist knew they were being followed by the gaki. Using their ANBU hand signs they started to speak. Ameyuri said, "He's still following us why?"

Kisame grinned as he said, "Looks like we have a fan in Konoha. Do you guys want to lose him or what?"

Jinin said, "Well let's see. Let's have some fun. Split up and meet at the hotel. If he catches one of us, we will teach him something."

The others loved the idea. They agreed without a thought. They said, "On your mark, get set go!" They separated from each other and went many different ways. Naruto's eyes went wide. He chased after them. After all Naruto is not one to give up.


The seven were barely even sweating. The only one that was really sweating was Mangetsu. That was only because he had to stay hydrated so he made himself sweat. They all met up at the hotel. They were slightly disappointed as Naruto wasn't able to catch them. They shrugged and were about to go into the hotel but something happened.

Someone dropped down from a tree. The person was sweating up a storm. He was panting as he looked up. He looked up with his amazing shiny blue eyes. He looked at them and said, "I finally caught you. Can you please teach me some cool sword tricks? Pretty please with a cherry on top?"

The Seven were pretty shocked that they could not detect Naruto. They definitely needed to up their chakra signature training. They grumbled as they all had to teach the boy something.

Ameyuri kneeled down to the boy and said, "Ok Naruto, we will all teach you something. The thing is that we can't teach you kenjutsu because for one you don't have a sword. The second is if we teach you our kenjutsu styles we would be violating the code to only teach kenjutsu to the next generation of the Swordsman.

Before we start, why don't we introduce ourselves? You start." Naruto was at first deflated since he won't be able to learn any sword tricks. But he got his spirits back up because someone was willing to teach him something. He said, "My name is Naruto Uzumaki. I think I know your names."

Ameyuri was getting amused. This kid is an Uzumaki. The Uzumakis were actually the first generation of the Seven Swordsman. He also wanted to see if this little child could remember their names. He said, "Oh is that so? Can you tell me who this big muscular guy is?" he had pointed to Zabuza.

Naruto put his hand under his chin. He thought about it for a moment. Then the name came into his head. He said, Oh yea that's any easy one. He is ... ZabuZabu." the seven except Zabuza tried to hold in their laughter. Zabuza one of the most dangerous shinobi of his generation just had his ego deflated by a small child. This will forever change the elemental nations. Naruto has been accepted by the Seven Swordsman of the Mist.

Author's note: Ok I'm done with the first chapter. Now onto some other things to understand in this story Kisame didn't side with Yagura. Instead it was the fat one who he took the Samehada from. Next before anyone asks about how they can see he is the Yondaime's son but the villagers can't.

It is pretty simple. The villagers and the ninjas are in denial. Moreover they can't really look at Naruto without thinking about the Kyuubi. As a result they only see a monster that killed their families and etc. The Uzumakis in this story are known for their Kenjutsu and Fuinjutsu.

In this story Naruto will be powerful but he's going to earn it. He will win battles and lose battles. Pairing is a Harem. Well if you have read my other stories Hinata will be in it. The other who I haven't put in is Samui. Hinata is going to be OOC. She won't stutter or anything like that. Yes there will be some bashing mostly Sakura and Sasuke. Then I will stop bashing Sakura at some point. I hope to get some reviews please lol. Peace.