Previously on Naruto the Legendary Swordsman

Naruto knew he had to try and finish this fight off quickly. He said, "Azula-chan, sorry about this but..." Naruto kicked her in the abdomen. As she bent over in an oomph, he spun and driven a chakra enhanced elbow into her temple. She fell to the ground passed out. Naruto fell onto the ground on one knee. He was panting as the blisters were pissing him off.

He wanted to scream in pain from the side effects of using the Chi Bushin. When the clones disperse that take up an abundant amount of chakra from the person. In addition when they disperse the memory becomes high definition compared to the Kage Bushin. It becomes vivid to the molecular level. The biggest problem is what it does to the blood in the body. It causes the blood in the body to do what happens to rain drops when they hit the ground; splat and explode. They come back together but it is a painful process. The Seven taught it to him because it a perfect bushin to train with as it has photographic memory and it did help with contain his chakra control.

Naruto saw Jinpachi appear right next to him. He said, "Naruto, take these pills. They will help with your blisters and pains and this one will replenish your chakra. You got to hurry up and get to the throne. We will meet you there. We have some unfinished business to take care of."

Naruto nodded and took the pills. They had a bitter taste to it but they were extremely effective. He lifted Azula and trekked his way to the Throne room where secrets will be revealed. The world of five lives will change, Naruto's in particular.

Chapter Eleven: The Lava Burns the Rocks

Azula grunted as she started to wake up. She tried moving only to find that she was tied up in chakra concealing. She looked around to see her little brother Zuko, Ty Lee, and Mai tied up. She realized that she could speak to wake them up. She grunted and wiggled around until she saw what was going on outside the door.


Naruto was in the throne room looking into the eyes of Lava Lord Ozai. The stoic man in front of him was sitting in his throne chair. His legs were crossed and his hands were folded. He smirked as he looked at the boy face to face. He had locked down the place. The Seven Swordsmen could not get into the building in time. He had a full smirk on his cold stoic face as he had the chosen one right where he wanted him. He said, "My, My Naruto-kun it is a pleasure to have the chosen one in my humble place. "

Naruto snarled as his hands shook. Ozai continued, "Well Naruto-kun, do you believe in fate? You see fate is an external force that brings different destines together. Fate has brought you here two years ago. Fate brought you too poor Maria.-"

Naruto sneered at Ozai, "How do you know about Maria, you bastard." Ozai smirked. He has Naruto right where he wanted him.

"Oh, what do you mean Naruto-kun? I mean that poor woman who died protecting you. Naruto did you really think that I was stupid enough to not notice your influx of chakra in that seal on your back. I knew who you are, were, and will be. That pathetic use of a seal to hide who your appearance was easy to detect. That is not the point though.

The point was that I used a simple strategy called Tit for Tat. I gave you the ability to live here while you unintentionally showed me what you are capable of. It worked out well. But with you being such an enigma, you made things difficult. You started to kill your guards stealthily. You were also able to rile up the rebels.

How I will never know but that doesn't matter. For that matter I don't really care. Since I am a good Uncle,I will let you ask any questions you want before your future flows on the floor in a river of red."

Naruto did not like being taunted. This went double as he taunted his deceased friend. He did not recognize the title of "Chosen One". He shook his head as he had a mission he must complete. He said, "Lava Lord Ozai, that is a big proclamation me being in a river of red. I do in fact have a few questions for you. The first is why are you doing this to the people of Yougan no Kuni?"

Ozai seemed like he was contemplating something. He closed his eyes to think. He knew Naruto was not going to kill him. He finally came to a point and said, "Well Naruto-kun, do you remember the tale of the Source of the Volcano. It is not just any tale. It is reality. You see the Volcano that we are on top of is that very Volcano. Yes Naruto the Legendary Phoenix is in the Volcano.

When this country was first created it was supposed to be a peaceful harmonic country. The government and the worker worked in harmony. The phoenix has given this land prosperous harvests. Over time the mere type of power the phoenix had disappeared.

As a result we realized that the power became dormant due to the fact that the phoenix has no chakra. As a result, we have no other choice but to create another power source. This throne room is the actually power source. We created weapons that drain people's chakra as they mined. We created a poison that we gave the children so they drain their chakra from their bodies' using 'fire bending'. They are giving their chakra source to wake it up.

Now as to why I would do such a thing. Why would anyone do anything? I want power. I want the power of the phoenix to become immortal and all powerful.


Azula's eyes were wide. She could not believe her father would say such a thing. 'This could not be true. No he's just saying that to get Naruto off his game. That's right, he's just getting into that traitor's head.' she was thinking. Deep down her heart was breaking because it might be true.

She saw the others were awake and heard every word. She hopes this is just a big dream.


Naruto could not believe this. He just couldn't believe that this man could be this vile. Yet the look in the man's eyes told truth. Yet there is some sort of deception that he hasn't said. Naruto really wanted to kill this guy.

Yet the Lava Lord continued, "Naruto-kun it gets so much better. You see even the chakra of this place could not wake up the powerful Phoenix. I was contemplating on how could I reawaken it somehow with another power source. But remember when I told you about fate. Then tell me how the Kyuubi Jinchuriki just so happens to walk right into my palace. Yes Naruto how are two fates are connected."

Naruto suddenly became confused. He asked, "What do you mean Kyuubi Jinchuriki? What does it have to do with me?"

Ozai's smirk became a full blown smile. He said, "Naruto-kun, you really don't know do you? Well I had a few spies in Konoha nine years ago. I found out from my spies that the almighty Kyuubi no Kitsune attack Konohagakure no Sato. The Yondaime Hokage could not kill the Kyuubi No Kitsune. So he sealed it into a small little boy."

Naruto was dumbfounded. The Yondaime didn't kill the Kyuubi. Who was the boy who had the Kyuubi sealed into him? What did it have to do with him? Was he suppose to be the sacrifice for the beast to summon him. He wanted to know. He said, "Who is he?"

Ozai replied, "Well Naruto-kun, I must say you are quite inquisitive. That doesn't matter because I have the big secret. You see Naruto the Kyuubi Jinchuriki is in this room. In fact I'm looking right at him."

Naruto looked around to see no one but him. Naruto's eyes went wide. Ozai started to laugh as he said, "Yes Naruto you are the holder of Kyuubi no Kitsune!"


Azula's eyes went wide. She could not believe that Naruto Uzumaki was the holder of Kyuubi no Kitsune. He didn't look like a person who could hold such a vile beast in him. She must admit that even though he seemed to be a traitor, he was a great guy who didn't have any vile, dark, evil nature. For Kami's sake he didn't kill her especially with all the times he had been around her. He had a chance to do it during their battle.

With all of this knowledge and abilities, why didn't he kill her.


Naruto was in deep shock. He held the Kyuubi no Kitsune. It started to get come back to him. All of the names they called him in Konoha, Kyuubi-brat, demon and so many different names. Naruto clutched his chest as the pain was unbearable. The glass vase in his head with the repressed memories finally broke. He tried to gain control but the anger and hatred clearly showed in his voice.

He hissed, "You would even sacrifice your own children for this power?"

Ozai laughed, "Kyuubi-brat, you don't know me well. For the power of the almighty phoenix some things will be sacrificed. If it so happens to be my kids then so be it."

Naruto snarled at the Kyuubi comment but he could not honestly believe that power could make a man sacrifice his children. He honestly didn't know what's going on anymore. All he knew is his chakra was spiking with the collaboration of his anger. He was calming himself down about the Kyuubi for now. After he gets out of harms way he will address that small secret that everyone knew but him.

As he calmed down some things were not connecting. He started to gain one of the main headaches that has been bothering him for years. He heard a ghostly voice talking to him. The voice told him to ask about the weapons, and who does he work for.

Naruto listened to the voice if only to end the headache. He said to Ozai, "What's wrong with you? Why would you do something so stupid? There has to be something else. This country doesn't have nearly enough money to by weapons like. There has to be someone working with you. Are you even in charge?"

Ozai's face went blank. All of his emotions that came from his smirks to taunting disappeared into thin air. He was caught and it was not even by Naruto. He needed to get this power quick as he might night make it to the next day.


The Master was sitting down at the Mizukage's desk. He had his hands folded with his eyes closed. He had a smirk on his face. He said to no one in particular, "Well, Ozai-kun you should know better than to fuck me. Oh, well you shall see why the chosen one is needed for my world domination."

The Master did a few handsigns in a rapid successions. He mumbled something under his breath. He opened his eyes showing a doujutsu. It activated the jutsu with a shimmer. Suddenly a huge burst of purple chakra appeared. As soon as it came it went.

He chuckled as he said, "Now things will definitely get interesting. Ozai you better watch out. The Master is coming to town. Naruto-kun don't worry we will meet you soon and very soon."


Naruto started to clutch his eyes as his head and eyes were in deep pain. Ozai realized something was happening and he had to stop it quickly. He rushed to Naruto to quickly disable him or kill him. He pulled out his sword and was about to strike. When he was an inch away, Naruto's eyes open and blew Ozai all the way back to the wall. He slid off the wall with an 'oomph'.

He opened his eyes to see Naruto's chakra as a deep purple. This wasn't the weak little nine year old Naruto he taunted. No, this Naruto is the doujutsu wielding shinobi who is ready to kill Ozai. Ozai knew it has something to do with the Master. Yet he felt the presence of the Kyuubi. This was what he wanted right? He wanted the Kyuubi to wake up the phoenix but is it really worth it?

Naruto put his right pointer and middle finger together and dug them into his left palm. As it was engulfed with chakra, when he pulled his fingers back it left a chakra signature. The chakra started to burst into a chakra light temporarily blinding Ozai. When he was able to get his vision back, he saw a Naruto with a sword that has the shape of Zabuza's sword but much smaller. The knob of the sword has spikes on the end that seemed to be connected with the purple chakra. The blade has purple runes all over it that glowed. The power was literally rolling off the blade and Naruto.

The Lava Lord got up and force some chakra into his blade. He sneered at Naruto. Naruto was even fazed by the Killing Intent that was sent towards him. He said, "Naruto, this will be you end. No matter how you got that energy burst it will not save you from the Yougan no Guntou (Saber of Lava)."

Ozai's sword started to reddish orange. The sword seemingly started to melt. The 'melting blade' actually is lava but controlled by Ozai. Naruto lifted one eyebrow showing more intrigue than surprise. Ozai came at Naruto with blinding speed. Naruto simple got out of the way. This 'Naruto' was a possessed killer.

His movements against someone like Ozai is extremely impressive. He ducked his head with such grace. Ozai had to admit this Naruto is amazing. He swiped at Ozai barely missing his target. Ozai rolled away panting as he noticed how close he was from biting the dust. He put his left hand ablaze with a blue fire. He shot some fire balls at Naruto.

Naruto was walking slow with the sword on his shoulder. As the ferocious fire balls came at him with extreme speed, Naruto swung his sword four times. It caused the smoke to appear. When the smoke dissipated the fire balls were gone. Ozai's eyes went wide.

Naruto said in a neutral tone, "Lava Lord Ozai, you must fight me at your best. I will not except a weak battle." He swung his sword and it grew in length. The sword was coming down on Ozai. Ozai quickly used his sword to block the attack. Naruto pushed his sword down on Ozai. Ozai pushed the sword up only to get back fisted in the face.

He fell to the ground in shock. He didn't expect Naruto to back hand him. Naruto then kicked him in the side. The kick was so powerful that it lifted Ozai up in the air. Naruto then put chakra into his fist. He punched Ozai in the sternum. The force pushed Ozai almost through the ground. Naruto waited for Ozai to crawl out of the floor.


She couldn't believe her father was doing this. She realized her father doesn't care about her or her brother. Now she saw that Naruto was right. Her father is a tyrant. She hoped that Naruto can help end her father's tyranny. Yet inside she wanted to fight him. Well if Naruto wins she will become queen. She will take her medications for her bipolar. She will become the Queen and the land will be prosperous.


Naruto wait until he got up. His chakra was rising causing an uproar of power. He didn't know what it was but he didn't really care. He was going to make this man die a painful death.

Ozai started to panic and went up against the wall. He did the hand sign Tora and did a stream of fire. The stream came roaring at Naruto. Naruto held his right hand out and caught the fire. He made it swirl in his hand and smirked.

He said, "Well Ozai, I gotta let it burn." he thrusted the fire ball into Ozai's chest. The burns was the most powerful burn Ozai has ever felt. He was in so much pain that he screamed and wailed in pain. Naruto pulled back and grabbed his sword. He gave Ozai a piercing look as he said, "It is time for you to die.


The Master laughed as he was slowly gaining control of the situation. Ozai was a mere pawn in the overall scheme of things. He was needed so Naruto would learn about the Kyuubi. It make things a lot much easier, if Naruto wasn't an oblivious idiot. In the case of what becomes of pawns in the end, Ozai will be disposable.

Yet for some reason he felt an omen was approaching. He didn't know what it was but it didn't matter. He was going to milk this control of the Chosen One. He laughed at the endless possibilities. But first he or should he say Naruto must finish the problem with Lava Lord Ozai.


Naruto had his sword over his head ready to deliver the final blow. He said in a neutral tone, "Lava Lord Ozai, for the republic of Yougan no Kuni, your mutiny towards the people of Yougan no Kuni has giving you a death sentence. I will deliver your final blow. Any last words before you become the dust?"

Ozai looked at Naruto horrified. He knew that he did not have enough strength to move. He was burned deeply in his chest. His body felt like it was drained of all the chakra he had stored. He has become weak just like his father told him he would be after he killed him. He was defenseless and vulnerable. What is worse is the he was at the mercy of a snot nosed nine year old boy.

He knew this was his end. However his pride will not let him die just yet. He must tell Naruto something. "Naruto Uzumaki, I have seen you grow up from a little child to a growing young boy. I know that the things I did was wrong. I'm not asking you to let me live but please take care of my son and my daughter. I want you to know that sometimes evil is paved by good intentions. Watch out for the man with red eyes. Tell my kids that their mother is still alive at the tower and that I love them."

The real Naruto broke through the spell partially. He said, "Ozai, I will tell them and I hope you find peace in the next world." He rose up the sword to finalize the death of Lava Lord Ozai.


The Volcano exploded lava from the deep dark trenches. As the Lava flowed something was rumbling. Something that has not appeared in so long they consider it a legend. Its claw held the treasure most have killed for. As the ashes of the old swirled around the sleeping one has opened its red eye. With a loud roar it and spread its wings. It has returned.

Author's Note: Hey guys. Secrets revealed but there is more. Ozai is not dead yet, the Master's identity is still unknown. He will appear to our young hero next chapter. I see some people want Ty Lee and Azula to be in the Harem. I might just put them in. I don't know yet. I hope I get more than three reviews. Tell me what should I improve on.