Ameyuri and Naruto were at the visitor's training ground. Naruto was currently sitting in lotus position as he saw Ameyuri showing him how to unlock his chakra. Ringo's chakra was flaring all around him. He didn't fully unlock it as it would alert the ANBU. He said, "Naruto-kun, what you must do to unlock your chakra is to create a connection between your mind and body then synchronize them. To do this your mind has to match your body. You can't lose concentration as it won't work. "

Naruto nodded his head furiously as he thought it was so cool that Ameyuri was able to make his chakra dance around him. So he closed his eyes and concentrated on the task at hand. As he concentrated on unlocking his tenketsu points, the ground around him started to shake. A transparent blue light started to cover Naruto. At the same time a bloody crimson light started to creep in and mix with the blue light.

As he concentrated even more the blue and red lights were swirling around him as if they were fighting each other. Slowly another light was coming. It was bright white and glowing. Ameyuri's eyes were wide as he has never seen anything like this before. For some reason this kid here has not one but three different chakras flowing through him. Ameyuri heard of people that has two chakras. One was theirs and the other was a demon. They were called Jinchūriki. But this, this was insane.

He knows that Yagura is the container of the Three Tailed Turtle but who is this Naruto Uzumaki? Naruto's eyes started to glow. As he opened his eyes from the pain his eyes had a doujutsu. Ameyuri tried to see which one it is but Naruto closed his eyes again. The auras of light disappeared. Naruto opened his eyes again but instead of having the doujutsu his eyes were their original bright blue.

Naruto was sweating and panting. He said, "Ameyuri-sensei, is that what you wanted me to do?' if Ameyuri was honest with himself, he would not be able to truly answer the question. Naruto though doesn't need to know that. Ameyuri said, "Yes Naruto-kun, you have unlocked your chakra. The question is do you know how to control it?"

Naruto shook his head telling Ameyuri that he didn't know. Ameyuri said, "Ok Naruto-kun, one of my partners will teach you how to control it. Take a break for a moment and he will be here shortly." with that Ameyuri got up and left to get another member.

Naruto on the other hand fell on his back. His breathing was ragged. He felt as if his soul was fighting something much bigger than anything he has ever felt before. He wondered was this how unlocking his chakra was supposed to feel.


In Naruto's mindscape an event was occurring. When he was unlocking his chakra he was also unlocking something bigger. The Kyuubi no Kitsune has awoken from her slumber.

Kyuubi looks amazing. She has fiery red hair with streaks of blonde highlights that went down to the middle of her back. Her five foot five frame is curved as if it was an hourglass. Her legs were silky smooth and toned. Her skin is fair and without a single flaw. Her bust was an easy C cup borderline D cup.

Her face was that of a goddess. She has a heart shaped face. She has red slitted eyes. She has beautiful plump lips. She has two earrings in each ear. She has nine fluffy red and yellow tails swaging behind her.

She stretched her body out as she yawned. She opened her eyes to see that she was not in her bed. In fact, she doesn't even know where she currently was. She looked and noticed that she was in some kind of dark, murky water. She started to wander around looking for Kushina. She feels her presence but it was definitely diluted.

She screamed, "Kushi-chan, where are you?" All it did was make the sounds bounce off the walls. She finally found a light and was surprised at what she has seen.


The Sandaime had called a meeting with the clan leaders and the elders. This was deeply important as it was the concern about Kiri. He will help the rebels. Now it is just the matter of what will they get out of it. The councilors started to pile on one by one.

Shikaku Nara was the first to come in. Shikaku has two scars on the right side of his face which are probably his most noticeable feature. He has dark hair tied up into a spiky ponytail, dark eyes as well as a goatee. His ears are also pierced. Shikaku wears a meshed shirt underneath his flak jacket, a deer skin coat over that and hand guards. He is the Jonin Commander and the main representative for the Ninja Council.

Behind him was one of his best friends, Inoichi Yamanaka. Inoichi has a long pony tail, darker in shade than his daughter's. He also has blue eyes. Inoichi is seen wearing the standard flak jacket over a black outfit, complete with hand guards, forehead protector and a sleeveless red coat. He is the Yamanaka Clan Leader.

The next one is Chouza Akimichi. Chōza has long red hair and has markings on his cheeks, with the latter being a common trait in the Akimichi Clan. He is wearing a samurai like outfit which entails a black suit completed with armor that has the clan symbol "food" on it. He also wears a rope belt, hand guards, and instead of a forehead protector, wears a piece of cloth tied to his head, possibly to hold back his hair.

The next one is the Inuzuka Clan Leader, Tsume. Tsume has an animalistic look that has made her the hottest MILFs in Konoha. She has long spiky brown hair, vertical slit-like pupils, elongated canine teeth and nails. She also has the clan fang markings on her cheeks as well as markings over her eyes and a dark shade of purple lipstick. She wears the standard outfit of a Konoha shinobi outfit.

The next one is the stoic and analytical Shibi Aburame. Shibi, like all members of his clan, has his eyes obscured. He wears dark glasses with a tassel hanging down from them. He has very spiky short black hair and a moustache. He wears a high collared outfit and carries a large gourd on his back. He is the leader of the Aburame Clan.

The next one to come in was the arrogant Fugaku Uchiha. Fugaku has short, brown hair and onyx eyes with visible creases below them made more pronounced whenever he adopts a stern look. He wears a black robe with gray pants with the clan symbol on the back when not on duty. While in his Jōnin uniform, he wears the standard ninja vest, a black tee-shirt with the Konoha Military Police Force symbol, and a black cloak with white diamonds on the bottom that stops just before his ankles. On his right shoulder he has the Uchiha symbol tattoo. He is the second Jonin Commander

The one to come after the arrogant Uchiha Clan Leader is the stoically arrogant Hiashi Hyuga. He has long dark brown hair and featureless white eyes like all members of his clan. He normally wears very traditional, loose fitting robes. He has a tattoo of the Hyuga Clan symbol on his wrist. He is the clan head of the Hyuga family and the third Jonin Commander.

The Civilian Council came in. (Since they are not really important they don't need to be described). The next one to come in is in the elder Danzo Shimura. Danzō appeared as an old frail man, who would normally walk with a cane. He had black shaggy hair, and his right eye is kept bandaged. Danzō has had an x-shaped scar on his chin ever since his youth. He wore a white shirt, with a brown robe over top of it covering from his feet, to just over his right shoulder.

Right next to Danzo is Homura Mitokado. Homura has gray hair, a beard, glasses as well as a constant frown that he's always worn, even in his youth. As an elder he wears the similar clothing as the Hokage.

Homura's partner in crime and when they were younger, lover is Koharu Utatane. Koharu's hair has grayed and she has aged gracefully. As a member of the Elder team, Koharu wears a simple long kimono, held closed by an obi, a jacket, and a sash over it. The pearls on her hair needle have also increased and tassels were added to the other end, her earrings are also considerably longer. Koharu has taken to squinting, barely opening her eyes at any point in time.

She was the first to speak. She asked, "Sarutobi, may you please enlighten us as to why we are here for one and two why are the Seven Swordsman of the Mist are in Konoha without at least three squads of ANBU watching them?"

Oh how Hiruzen was going to enjoy this. He said, "Well while I have been doing paper work for the last few hours and I've been thinking. You know I've gotten requests to kill poor Naruto-kun, give the Civilian Council a squad of ANBU to watch over them, hell I even got one that wanted to spread the wealth of the Uzumaki, Namikaze, and Senju bank accounts. Of course I denied every request. Yet I thought to myself. Who do you think you all are?

I am the Sandaime Hokage. You guys are nothing but advisors and messengers. For example Civilian Council you have become a parasite. Now I'm a nice Kage so I'm giving you a choice. You can resign, get about ten percent of the money you 'earned', and you can be with your families. Or you can stay right here and with your lack of skills to fight and be put in a coma or worse death. You have one second. "

As quick as their fat asses could take them, they split. Sarutobi still had that stern, serious look on his face. He slowly turned his head towards the Shinobi Council. They flinched at Sarutobi's gaze.

He said, "Now since they are gone from this council, it's time to deal with you guys. I'm going to tell you this once I'm in control. I'm the head honcho, the big chief, the big Hokage.

Remember you are my subordinates. That means in the way Konoha runs you have absolutely no say so. Your main job and obligation is to give messages to your clan and give me suggestions. The only ones who are excluded from this are Shikaku, Fugaku, and Hiashi.

They are only excluded from this because of the fact that Shikaku is our main strategist. Fugaku and Hiashi are the leaders of Konoha's police forces. So if you think more important than me you better pick up your clan and run because I'm not having it."

Fugaku winced slightly but not enough for anyone to notice. Sarutobi continued, "Now I'm going to tell a few things. The first thing is about the Ninja Academy. The rules are going to change. I don't give a flying fuck if we only have one Genin come out of the academy. With the new assessment, they must learn more than three weak ass jutsu. You want to pass you must know more than spelling, math, and other stuff like that. They will be groomed as true blue ninja; just like it used to be."

The Shinobi Council seemed to like this idea. Their forces needed skilled ninjas not a bundle amount of half-baked ninjas. They shook their head in agreement. Sarutobi was not done.

He said, "Now I'm going to tell you what's going to happen and you're going to shut up and listen. We are going to help the rebels in Kirigakure no Sato. The people with bloodlines and people who support them will be granted asylum in Konoha."

Fugaku once again winced as this was a big problem in the Uchiha plans. So for now he will be thinking of what to do.

"With this being the case I am allowing you to give me suggestions on what should we ask for in return. Remember that what you want is not necessarily what you will get."


The Shinobi Council has finally all left. He did notice something was off. Fugaku is normally a blowhard request asinine requests and such. This time Fugaku was extremely quiet. It was too quiet for his tastes. He became suspicious as to why he was so quiet. He was getting an ulcer from the thoughts going through his head.

As he was popping acid reducers, someone came into his office. It was an ANBU Captain with a weasel mask on. Sarutobi then put on his stern leadership face. He said, "Weasel, please take off your mask."

The ANBU took off his mask revealing Itachi Uchiha. He, like all members of his clan, possessed dark gray eyes, black hair that hung near his cheeks to frame his face and a long ponytail in the back of his hair. Itachi's most distinguishing characteristics were the long pronounced tear troughs under his eyes.

He is wearing his casual clothes that consist of a black Uchiha shirt with a large Uchiha clan symbol on the back, and black pants with a weapons pouch strapped to them.

Itachi said, "Hello Hokage-sama. I have something of deep concern for Konoha." Hiruzen noticed that this was deeply serious. Itachi was never one to joke around especially with the safety of Konoha. Sarutobi just said one word, "Explain"

Itachi said, "The Uchiha are trying to do a Coop d'état on Konoha. What they are doing is deploying members of the Uchiha Clan to Kiri."

Sarutobi cut him off for a moment as he asked, "What does the Uchiha want with the Civil War in Kiri?"

"There is a rumor that Yagura has been under a genjutsu. It sounds like a likeable story as of Yagura's past. He himself has a kekkei genkai. The Uchiha including myself have a superiority complex. With that being the case and the fact that Kiri has more blood lines than Konoha.

My father received a letter to deploy the members of the Uchiha Family to Konoha to take over Kiri. If they take over they will come for Konoha next. They would have better metals, jutsus and so much more. This will make them more equipped to kill Konoha."

Hiruzen surprisingly not surprised by this much. He has known that the Uchiha's are not Konoha's real ally. The very thought that they will kill bloodlines to take over Kiri and then to Konoha made Hiruzen's ulcer worse.

He said, "Itachi, what do you think we should do?"

Itachi sighed, "I have been thinking about this for a while to be perfectly honest. This conspiracy has been going on for three years now. They just couldn't find a location or a plan to do it. I find that there is really no other way to stop it now without a civil war occurring. I know one way that can do it and I'm ready to do it."

Sarutobi could tell that the emotionless Itachi had full of emotions in his statement. This made Sarutobi curious as to what was Itachi's plan. He said, "Itachi-kun, what is your proposal?"

"Hokage-sama, the only way to stop the Uchiha is to...eradicate them." The Hokage's eyes widened considerably. That is huge. He could see why Itachi had such stress in his eyes. To kill your family, to save strangers that you don't even know is deep.

Sarutobi asked, "Are you sure, Itachi-kun? No one is asking you to do this. May I ask as to why do you want to do this?"

"Hokage-sama, I am truly sure. The reason I want no need to do this is because of what the Civil War does to families. I was a young Genin when the Third Ninja War ended. I was at Takigakure and killed members of families. Some I even had to kill in front of them.

It was hurtful to kill a child's parents right in front of them. When the Kyuubi went on a rampage in Konoha, I started to get flashbacks from the war and saw their deaths. I vowed to myself that if I were ever given the chance to stop it I will do it at all costs. I have seen what happens to children of war. At least this way Sasuke-otouto will still be able to be friends with others than feeling that he himself is all by himself. I also have been under suspicion with the Uchiha Clan for a while especially since I unlocked the Mangekyo Sharingan."

Sarutobi had to admit that the Third Ninja War took a heavy toll on Itachi's mind. He sighed to himself. There has to be something he could at least give Itachi. He asked, "Itachi-kun is there anything you want in return for this burden?"

Itachi already knew what he wanted from the get go. He said, "There are a few things I want. I want you to keep this a secret from Sasuke. I want him to purify the Clan's name. Second my Kaa-san is dying a horrible death. Her chakra was tainted with the Kyuubi's destructive chakra. With the destructive chakra in her system, anytime she has used chakra she dies a little bit more. The only way she can be saved is to put her in those chambers that keep people alive as the chakra runs the course out of her body.

I want her to be able to live her life not under a regime of being an Uchiha. The only other thing I want is for Naruto-kun to be safe and out of the village. I know that without me there won't be any ANBU to truly save him when he is being hunted down. After this massacre is done with they will blame him by saying that the Kyuubi took control or something like that. He shouldn't be subjugated by the acts of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. He was only a few minutes born how could he cause that much destruction? That is the only thing I want."

Hiruzen's heartstrings were being pulled. Itachi Uchiha the man who will kill his whole family on one night only wants three things. The boy, no man has made a decision that will forever change Konoha. He sighed as this massacre of every man, woman, and child practically will be on his old conscious forever. He only hopes that as he gets older that he might get dementia and forget everything.

He looked at Itachi with a sad smile. He said, "Itachi-kun, I agree to your terms. I will put your mother in that facility. I will not tell your brother about what you have done and let him believe he is the only one that can purify the Uchiha's name. And I will let young Naruto leave the village. I'm going to send him with the Seven Swordsmen.

I am truly sorry that it has to be this way. I wish there was an alternative. I guess we have no other choice. When are you going to do this?"

Itachi said, "Tonight"


Naruto woke up after all the things he was taught today. He was taught how to unleash his chakra, how he could control it (although he wasn't able to do it yet) from Jinin, some physical workout like pushups, sit ups and crunches from ZabuZabu, some stealth training from Kushimaru, some sensoring tips from Jinpachi, some fuinjutsu like sealing supplies from Mangetsu, and finally how to cook fish by Kisame.

Right now he was going to Jiji's office to say goodbye to his new friends. As he walked with them he felt a sense of worth and belonging but also a sense of foreboding. He walked into Jiji's office.

Sarutobi said, "Hello Naruto-kun and the Seven Swordsman. Naruto-kun, can stay outside for a moment?" Naruto nodded furiously and left outside. Sarutobi put his stern face on. He looked at the Seven and said, "Now that Naruto cannot hear us, we can get down to business. Konoha will help the rebels in your fight. We will give your people refugee here. We just want a few things from you guys."

Ameyuri narrowed his eyes to see what the Hokage wants. He said, "I'm listening"

The Hokage said, "Well we just want a few water jutsus, a connection with the brand new Kiri, and finally the last one is more of a personal request. I want you to take Naruto-kun with you. I want you to train him and let him comeback within twelve years or when he is done with training." Ameyuri's eyes bugged out a little bit. He thought that Konoha would ask for something totally asinine.

All he wanted was some jutsu, a partnership and to train a boy who they all for some reason like. Zabuza and Kisame like the boy because they were treated like monsters. Kushimaru is lanky and sometimes as energetic as Naruto. Jinin likes him because he loved to learn. Jinpachi likes him because just like his distinct eye patch, and black lips, Naruto also has distinctive marks on his face. Mangetsu liked him because he reminded him of his little brother Suigetsu. Finally Ameyuri likes Naruto because he is short.

They have no problem teaching him how to be a ninja. Ameyuri said, "This is very acceptable offer Hokage-sama. We accept. Do you want to tell Naruto or should we?" Sarutobi pulled out four scrolls and gave them to Ameyuri.

He said, "Right here are his clothes, some different techniques that he can learn. There are some equipment such as kunai, shuriken, and other weapons he may need. If he gets mistreated, or killed all bets are off. Got it?" Hiruzen put a lot of Killing Intent into his threat. They were all affected by it.

Naruto who was outside with the secretary said, "Secretary-san, why are you on the ground sweating?"

Ameyuri had to admit in Naruto's case ignorance is bliss. Ameyuri said, "We understand Hokage-sama. We will let you tell Naruto." They got up and walked of the office let the Sandaime talk to Naruto.

Sarutobi looked at the small five year old boy with a sad smile. He was going to miss Naruto a lot. He was like a grandson to him. He told himself it was for the best for Naruto. Yet there is always that doubt that creeps in. He said, "Naruto how would you like to explore the world?"

Naruto jumped up and down. He said, "Can I Jiji? Really can I go? Can I go?" Hiruzen had a tear go down his face. He nodded.

He said, "Naruto-kun, I'm letting you go with Ameyuri and the Seven Swordsman of the Mist. They are going to travel all around the world. You will learn some new techniques and how to be a super great ninja. Naruto-kun, I want you to have fun. I know you might get a little homesick, so I'm putting a symbol on you so I can talk to you whenever you want to talk.

Naruto started to cry a little bit as the statement finally processed what that meant. He was not going to be with Jiji on his adventures. He hugged the old man as Jiji told that everything will be alright. Naruto wiped his eyes with his sleeve and gave the Sandaime a big, wide, toothy smile. He said, "Jiji, when I come back you better be ready for me to take that hat away. After all I'm going to be Hokage, Datteabyo!"

This made the old man smile. Naruto would be a great Hokage one day. He patted Naruto's head and sent him off.


As Naruto and the Seven Swordsman were leaving, something was coming in. Naruto walked away not knowing that the rain will forever wash away the old Konoha. As it has always been with soil, sun and water a seed will always be able to grow.

Author's note: I'm done with this chapter. In the next few chapters we will be mostly concerned about Naruto's training and Kiri's rebellion. So that means we are going into AU and not follow canon until Naruto comes back. As to the names of the Swordsman they are canon names so.

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