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Naruto started to cry a little bit as the statement finally processed what that meant. He was not going to be with Jiji on his adventures. He hugged the old man as Jiji told that everything will be alright. Naruto wiped his eyes with his sleeve and gave the Sandaime a big, wide, toothy smile. He said, "Jiji, when I come back you better be ready for me to take that hat away. After all I'm going to be Hokage, Datteabyo!"

This made the old man smile. Naruto would be a great Hokage one day. He patted Naruto's head and sent him off.


As Naruto and the Seven Swordsman were leaving, something was coming in. Naruto walked away not knowing that the rain will forever wash away the old Konoha. As it has always been with soil, sun and water a seed will always be able to grow.

Chapter 3: Land of Ice

Naruto was walking with the Seven Swordsman of the Mist. Well actually he is being carried on the back of Kisame. He was a little too small to jump from tree to tree. Plus his energy was low from the various training. He was slowly but surely falling asleep. Kisame looked over to Ameyuri and said, "Ame, what are we going to train the Gaki in first?"

Ame thought about for a moment. What were they going to teach Naruto-kun? Hmm they all are going to teach him their personal styles. With this it includes physical training, throwing, chakra training, fuinjutsu training, eating correctly, and diplomacy which including the ability to read and write.

He said, "ok guys Kisame brought up a good point. What are we going to teach Naruto-kun? How I see it we are going to each teach him something an hour a day. Then I thought about making an alternate teaching schedule. I will write it down to show you what it is.

For now lets get some rest at the nearest village. While there I will be writing the schedule. I believe Naruto-kun here has the potential to be a swordsman. After all he is a Namikaze and an Uzumaki." The rest of the team agreed.


Naruto was blissfully unaware of how his life is being scheduled. Right now he was in a sewer. For what felt like hours of walking he reached a point where he saw a single pipe. As he was walking around he kept seeing more and more pipes. Some pipes had a gel like liquid that were red, blue, purple, and white. It was flowing into a big orb. As the orb was receiving the gel it pulsed. He walked towards the orb.

As he touched the orb. At first nothing happened. Then it turned deeply red. It pulsed and forced Naruto back. He hit the wall and became unconscious. As he was fading away, a certain little vixen was peeking around the orb.


Naruto opened his eyes not knowing where he is. He rubbed his eyes to see if he sees anything familiar. He got out of the bed that he noticed he was laying on. He walked towards the door and opened it.

He saw that Zabuza was waiting for him. He said, "Zabuzabu-sensei, where are we?" Zabuza's eye twitched. He really hated that nickname. He said, "Gaki, lets get going. We're going to meet with the others. "

Naruto got out of the room and followed Zabuza. Naruto asked once again, "Zabu-sensei, where are we?"

Zabuza replied, "Gaki, we are in the hotel in Aisu no Kuni (Land of Ice). The Land of Ice is a quarter of a way from Kirigakure. There are 4 lands between Kiri and Konoha. This is the first one starting from Konoha. The next one after it is Yugan no Kuni (Land of Lava). The next one is Nami no Kuni (Land of Waves). Then finally Jouki no Kuni (Land of Steam).

The four are connected from Konoha to Kiri. The travel from Konoha to Kiri starts here. At the Land of Ice's peak there is lava. The ice here is special as it takes so long to melt. An average size boat of ice can last at least five hours on the lava. When the boat reaches the Land of Lava, the built up ice around it causes a waterfall and waves. When you go down to the Land of Waves you start to see the Land of Steam. If you go down a little further, you will reach Kiri. "

Naruto's little bright blue eyes were wide as that sounded so cool. He little mind was thinking a question. He asked, "Zabu-sensei, What is the river called?"

Zabuza replied, "The river is called The River of Four Corners or the Catalyst River. It is said that there is a land that's name escapes me (Five internet dollars for what land that is ). It is said when that land well disappeared is the best way to described it, the river appeared. The river is said to protect and hide the land.

Now what I meant to tell you is your training regime. The Land of Ice has the average temperature of Negative twenty-one degrees. This a perfect place to train."

Naruto looked at Zabuza as if he was crazy. He stuttered, "W-what do you mean that this is the perfect place to train. It is so cold outside."

Zabuza had a shark eating (yes I mean shark eating) grin on his face even though it is concealed by the wrappings. He said, "That's the best part. The shivering cold will help you in your future training."

Naruto was a little scared. He did notice however that it is extremely hot in the halls. Now as anyone with the slightest bit of common sense would want to know why. He asked, "Zabu-sensei, why is it extremely hot in here if it is cold outside?"

Zabuza had to admit it feels actually pretty good to feel like a real sensei. The boy is a kid of curiosity. Usually that is in the middle of good and bad for ninja. He said, "Well Naruto, the ice that encases the the hotel is the same that is used on the river. Remember most lava is stronger than fire. The fire is insulated by the ice as it takes a long while for the ice to even get a little melt.

The fire's smoke actually gets purified. The smoke reaches a spinning filter that has the ability to clean and purify it by have something enzymes eat it."

Naruto exclaimed, "So a big monster named emzhne comes and eats the smoke?" Thats so cool! Can we meet him. I want to see how he eats it."

Zabuza looked at the kid like he was stupid. He realized that the brat was still only five years old. He thought about that the monster comparison is a way for Naruto to understand what's going on. He said, "A little bit later Gaki. We have to make time for you to start your initial training. "


Naruto and Zabuza saw the others outside waiting for them. He was surprised that some of them were shirtless. He looked up at Zabuza with deep confusion. He asked, "Zabu-sensei, why don't the others have a shirt on?"

Zabuza grinned and said, "This is your first start of training you will receive. Go talk to Ame over there." Naruto hesitantly walked outside. He felt the cold brute force of cold air hit him. He jumped back inside as his little body was freezing. Ameyuri shooke his head as he sighed.

He said, "Naruto-kun, you have to come out here if you want to be a super great ninja." Naruto hid behind Zabuza shaking his head saying no. Zabuza was not one for games lifted Naruto up by his orange jacket. He walked outside with the shivering Naruto in one hand. He held Naruto up as Ameyuri explained to Naruto the schedule they have for him.

"Naruto-kun, trust me I know its cold here but if you want to be a good ninja you must endure things such as frozen weather. With that point being said, we are going to teach you to train your chakra. If you train your chakra correctly you can use it to do many things.

People believe that you can only do jutsus and things like that. That is true but it can also do some other things . Zabuza bring him into the hotel. I will explain things in there. I want you guys to set up your training stations."

Zabuza simply grunted his response. He carried Naruto who was looking like an icicle into the hotel then dropped him. Naruto rubbed his backside as he just realized falling hurts. Ameyuri came in an said, "Naruto-kun come here for a minute."

Naruto walked over to Ameyuri and plopped on the ground. Ame saw that he had Naruto's attention started to speak.

"Naruto-kun you saw the others shirtless and not affected by the ice. The reason we weren't affected was because of the manipulation of something called chakra. Do you know what chakra is, Naruto-kun?" Naruto shook his head.

Ameyuri explained, "Naruto-kun, chakra is an essence of life. Think of it as a big gel like battery. You know how toys have that battery that makes it start well thats what chakra is. If chakra is a big battery then it has more uses than using jutsus right?" Naruto nodded yes.

"Your right. Think about it as taking the battery out of your toy and putting it in another toy that uses the exact same battery. Well chakra is the same way. Chakra is the power source that makes jutsus work. Yet Naruto-kun, chakra can be used as an external heating system. Remember when I taught you to unlock your chakra and it took form.

Well it is the same way. You can control your chakra by doing various types of exercises. For example from what I've heard Konoha meditate leaves, kunais, shuriken and various things like that. I do know however that they do something called tree walking. In Kiri it so much different. Sure we both learn the ability to walk on water. The initial stage is different.

In Kiri, we do temperature changing. Temperature changing is a much more harder to do. You see with the change of chakra you can make it as a thermostat. You can make the chakra make your body extremely hot or extremely cold. With the mere low use of chakra you can make your body cold as ice. With the use of more chakra you can turn your body as hot as fire."

Naruto seemed to understand. He knew what a thermostat was because the matron of the orphanage used to grab him and show him the thermostat and put it at zero degrees. She then closed the door on him and left him to freeze. He started to shake his head to try and forget the memories. Unknown to Naruto, Ameyuri saw the wince that Naruto did unintentionally.

Ameyuri noticed that Naruto tried to forget so he didn't say anything. He continued, "Naruto-kun we are going to start this training by going outside. We are going to unleash our chakra and try to harness it. I want you to hold my hand so you can feel the change in temperature. "

Naruto grabbed the man's hand. It felt normal like a seventy-three degree temperature. As they stepped outside Naruto felt Ameyuri's chakra rise. In addition, he felt the man's temperature rise. His eyes became wide in surprise. Ameyuri smirked as Naruto thought this was so cool.

He said, "Ok, Naruto-kun unleash your chakra" Naruto unleashed his chakra as asked. Ameyuri released Naruto's hand. Naruto's chakra blew up. His chakra was all around him glowing a deep blue. Yet the look of Naruto's face showed how much chakra he was using. His face was sweating as his chakra was extremely hot and was starting to burn the ice. Ame put his hand on Naruto to get Naruto's attention.

Naruto stopped unleashing the chakra as his concentration was broken by Ame. He looked up at the man and said, "Ame-sensei, is that how it's supposed to be?" Ame, had a smile on his face and tapped him on the shoulder.

He said, "Naruto-kun, you've gotten the initial part. You see you released your chakra and kept it from coming down. You see you must be able to keep your body's temperature at that the exact same degree. The heat must expand to every part of your body. That's what makes it so hard. You must channel chakra on every part of your body. When you are able to do this you can climb trees with no hands as your body will be able to change how much chakra or battery power you need. "

Naruto beamed as he got a part of it down. He went into concentration and started to work on the task at hand. Yet the more he concentrated, the more his head started to throb. It wasn't from the concentration but something even more devious...


In the Mizukage's office two people were plotting and planning. The first one was standing up. He was the current Mizukage, Yagura.

Yagura has messy gray hair, pink pupiless eyes and what seems to be a stitch-like scar running from under his left eye all the way down his cheek. He has a dull expression and wears a gray undershirt with short mesh sleeves which has a metal plate of a Kirigakure forehead protector sewn onto it over which he also wears a green poncho, a turquoise sash around his waist, paired with a green indument over his pants. He wears a pair of brown boots opened on the back, and on his back he carries a staff-like pole weapon with uneven hooks with a green flower on the end of the larger hook.

He said to the one sitting down, "My lord is the plan going as planned? The person who had his head down had a huge smirk on his face. The person did not look up as he knew everything was coming to fruition. All he needs is the key to come out of hiding.

He said, "Why yes Yagura-kun, everything is going according to place. The world will be under my control. Now the Uchiha Clan's destruction is crucial. They were merely in the way. Poor Itach-kun having to sacrifice himself by killing those stupid fools. Unfortunately it will all be for naught. Konoha's demise is around the corner. Then the world's demise is next.

We are going to work on taking out the rebels. We are to unleash it. It will definitely draw them out. Hopefully they will bring the key to me." The person started to laugh maniacally. His lone eye showed the boy with the blond hair.


Naruto felt like passing out. The chakra control was extremely hard to do. If it was easy then everyone and anybody can be a ninja. Since thats not the case, it's not easy. Naruto opened his eyes as he was starting to get it. Yet as he was forming his chakra into a heater, his headache grew. It was getting worse and worse.

It was until he passed out on the floor. That the pain stopped. Luckily Naruto able to get in safely by Kisame.


Naruto woke up to see the Seven looking into his face. Kisame was the first to speak, "Gaki, you okay? You passed out on the ground. What happened?"

Naruto put his hand on the back of his head. He said, "Well all I remember is that I was changing the temperature. Once I was starting to get into it, I started to have pains in my head. It got so bad that I fell back and went sleep. That's all I remember."

Ameyuri started to have suspicions with this headache. He put it aside for now as it was not as important. He said, "Ok, Naruto take a rest for the remainder of the day. Tomorrow we will work on your physical fitness, eating habits and seals. For tonight I will let you eat whatever you want."

Naruto was surprised as he was going to learn different things. He always wanted to learn something. His stomach did growl though as he was hungry. He said, "I want miso ramen please."

Kisame gave Naruto a predator type grin. He put his hand on Naruto's small shoulder. He said, "Gaki, from what I've see in your body physique you have been depraved of your nutrients. You also have been eating lots of ramen. Don't worry about eating ramen tonight. Tomorrow will be a different story. We will get you back into healthy shape in no time."

Naruto looked up at Kisame and asked, "Ne Same-sensei, I have a question. Why are you the one who is teaching me about foods? In addition how do you know so much about food?" The Seven Swordsman except Kisame groaned. With the exception of fighting, Kisame loved talking about food. No matter if it is seaweed or a turkey or even a whale. If you can cook it, Kisame knows about it.

Kisame said, "Gaki, the Seven Swordsman of the Mist are more than just plain old swordsman. We all have other abilities and responsibilities to the Seven. Zabuza is the physical instructor. He makes sure we stay in shape. Ameyuri is the diplomat and overall leader of the group. Kushimaru actually sews our materials such as armor and clothing together especially during battle. Jinin is actually a fully licensed blacksmith who has the ability to make metals and create weapons. Jinpachi is able to sense anyone with the bloodline to create an invisible force field that can make us more aware of our surroundings and things like that. He also our team medic.

Mangetsu is the seal master of our team. He is able to create seals that can make weapon animate like the Samehada and the Hiramekarei. He can also create seals that make the Kubikiribocho repair itself and the splash survive thousand explosion tabs and not get a single scratch on it. Me on the other hand bave a different responsibility. I am the team's cook. I can cook anything and everything. With me being the cook, I also have the responsibility to be the teams dietician. I am to make sure that the team stay healthy and doesn't get poisoned by food. I also know what is edible and what's not. I can also tell you what you need to eat and how to convert calories and carbs into energy that can be that extra boost.

So overall Gaki, we all have a job to do. We are not only going to teach you kenjutsu, and chakra control. We are going to teach the other specialties that we have. So Gaki don't worry your malnourished body. We are going to get you into shape and get you ready to be the greatest Hokage."

Naruto jumped up and yelled, "Yea, I'm going to be the greatest Hokage to ever exist, Datteabyo" The Seven looked at Kisame. None of them knew Kisame could be charismatic. He just shrugged his shoulders as he himself didn't know. This boy has started to bring out different sides of them that didn't know existed. As time has gone on Naruto is slowly changing for Gaki (brat) to Otouto (brother).

Author's note: Ok I revealed some things but there is many things that are a mystery. Now before people ask questions as to why Naruto thought the enzyhme is a monster or that chakra is a battery. Well he is only five years old. I want him to be a realistic five year old and compare it to a monster, battery and anything else that would make him comprehend. I originally going to make him learn things from Kisame, Mangetsu, etc. In this chapter but I decided to add a special, critical piece instead.

The four lands are not canon. So it is hard to truly explain it but I wanted to make a straight line from the solid of water to vaper process. The war has barely started. The question is whats going on with Naruto and headaches. Remember to review please. I love the reviews from the first two chapters. Thanks for correcting mistakes I made.

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