This is what happends when it's 2 am and im bored and on Facebook lol
I own nothing! this is unbeated and all for laughs so plz R&R

- Much love,

Dean Winchester is in a relationship with Castiel.
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Dean Winchester: What the hell Sam!

Sam Winchester: It wasn't me!

Dean Winchester: Then who?

Gabriel: LQTM

Sam Winchester: LQTM?

Gabriel: *Laugh Quietly To Myself*

Castiel: I'm Confused o.O

Gabriel: I'm sure you are baby bro'

Dean Winchester: This is soooo not funny Gabriel!

Sam Winchester: … er it kinda is

Crowley: Glad to see you boys finally manned up and stopped eye fucking each other

Gabriel: *high fives*

Crowley: -.-

Dean Winchester: Shouldn't you be off stealing souls or something?

Crowley: It's a slow day at crossroads

Gabriel: That almost rhymed awww look at our lil Crowley becoming a poet.

Crowley: Shut up angel!

Castiel: I'm still confused.

Crowley is in a open relationship with Gabriel
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Crowley: Really?

Gabriel: Oh, hi honey :)

Crowley: Sod off!

Gabriel: That's not what you were saying last night XD

Crowley: Bite Me!

Gabriel: Now that's more like it ;)

Crowley: You're dog food once I find your feathery ass!

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I see Gabriel's playing trickster on facebook.
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Dean Winchester: Tell me about it, first it was the relationships then he turned Sam's picture into a moose even tho I'm pretty sure Crowley helped with that one.

Robert Singer: Now you see why I don't get on here with you idjits.

Sam Winchester: You can thank me now or you can thank me later it's up to you :D

Dean Winchester: What'd you do?

Sam Winchester: Check you feed.

Gabriel added Tooth Fairy to his occupations

Crowley added Stripper to his occupations

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It's on big boy ;)
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yeah i know sucked big time but it made me giggle so hopefully u enjoyed a lil bit? plz R&R