And I'm back! Phew, well what can I say! School started again (my head hurts only when I think about it). But enough about me. Let's get on with the story. This is of course a Sujini/DamDuk fic.

_(L I N E)_

Warm hands were all around him. DamDuk was watching Sujini working on his armor. Nimble fingers were tying laces as she was molding her body to his. At this point he was deliberately looking after her small, feminine form.

She came face to face with him. Brown, doe eyes were searching his world-weary ones. This woman far from being naïve still managed to look innocent like a child. The rose scent of her bathing oils enveloped him, pulled him in. His body reacted by drawing her closer to him, his hands on her waist, caressing her lightly. One small hand touched his bigger one placed on her middle, while the other stroked his cheek. Because of her diminutive form she had to rise on the balls of her feet, both her arms hugging his neck. Her lips, soft and warm, kissed the corner of his mouth. His turned his head a little catching her lips in a full kiss.

She hated it when he had to go and fight, mainly because as 'Queen' it was her duty to stay behind and give courage to the people of her country. His departures were always bittersweet for his queen knew that he'd come back. She would wait for him and greet the king of Goguryeo with arms wide opened.

_(L I N E)_

So how was it? It just wouldn't leave me alone. Ah, well ta! Till next time I guess.

TenTenD over & out.