You keep what you kill. That was the Necromonger way and Riddick sat in the throne where the old Lord Marshal laid slain and he sat with Kyra's dead body laying there, a reminder to what he had lost but then there was the entirety of the Necromongers kneeling before him, what he had gained. He didn't want for it to end this way. He didn't want to gain this position, this people under his power. All he had wanted was to kill the man and get revenge for the two people he had actually cared about in the world. He noted Vaako, the man kneeling before him and looking up at him under a hooded gaze.

"Lord Marshal," He said lowly, quietly, while Vaako's woman could be heard cursing Vaako's failure to kill the man himself. Riddick looked around and slowly rose.

"You don't want or need me to be your new leader," He said forcefully, silver eyes shimmering in the dim light in the room. "I didn't kill for that reason," He said, angry now. Vaako slowly rose.

"Your Lord, it is the Necromonger way. Though you are not a Necromonger it still means you keep what you kill. You killed the Lord Marshal and now you have everything he had," Vaako explained, brows furrowed.

"Why don't you do it?" Riddick asked, irritated. Vaako lowered his head.

"I only wished to kill the Lord Marshal because I felt he was an unfit leader but now I see a man who is fit to lead our people and it's you," Vaako said honestly and Riddick raised a hand to rub at his face, smearing blood but not caring. A brow arched, and his brain went into action, thinking, connecting the dots. If he took this then that would mean there would be no more mercs and if there were then he had a whole army to help him, as if he needed the help; but his name would grow feared, even moreso than it was. Suddenly, Riddick snapped into action and turned.

"Fine, I'll do it. I'm your Lord Marshal but there are a few things I need worked out. First - kill that bitch, second - get us off this planet, I'm done with it and get us to the next one - third, Vaako why should I keep you? You've tried to kill me, you killed the previous Lord Marshal; what makes me think you won't try to really kill me this time?" He asked, brow arching. Vaako bowed his head.

"Because, Riddick, I find you to be a fit Lord Marshal and the times I've tried to kill you have been under order of the previous Lord Marshal," Vaako said, looking up to meet Riddick's silver eyed gaze. Riddick smirked and then nodded.

"Alright, those are the first two things I want and the third is I want Vaako promoted to whatever's closest to my rank without taking him off of the battle field. He's probably the best soldier we have and I want to keep it that way. Now, I want to rest. Vaako, show me where I can do that and nobody bother me. Whomever bothers me faces consequences," He said, walking off after Vaako. Once they reached the old Lord Marshal's room, double doors opening and Riddick immediately grimacing at the room. "This... won't do. There has to be somewhere else I can rest until we clean this room out and make it the way I want it," He looked at Vaako and Vaako stopped, pausing.

"Alright, Lord, another room. What would you have done with everything in here? And how would the new Lord Marshal like his new room to look?" Vaako asked, brow arching. Riddick chuckled.

"I don't give a fuck. Burn it. Strip it bare. As for how I want it - well, you'll be over seeing that because you'll be spending quite a bit of time with me for a while," Riddick said giving Vaako pause but the warrior continued on, leading Riddick away and to a master suite much like the Lord Marshal suite yet smaller.

"Here, the Lord Marshal may be comfortable," Vaako said, opening the doors. He walked in as Riddick followed. He had no idea what Riddick meant about them spending a lot of time together for a while. "The furnishings may not be to your liking but it should make do until your rooms are finished," Vaako said and Riddick chuckled.

"Good. Now, I need you to get me some food and I mean real food. I want meat. I want you to bring it personally. Just come in, I'm going to leave the door unlocked but put two guards outside the door so no one bothers me," Riddick said and Vaako nodded before bowing and leaving. Doors closed behind him Riddick turned to look at the room with a grin. It was dark and he knew Vaako did that on purpose for him. Riddick entered the bathroom and stripped, starting up the shower. He stepped in, feeling the warm water relieve the tension in his body, his head rolling back, powerful body being cleansed of dirt and blood. While Riddick showered, Vaako went about securing a meal for Riddick.

Once that was done he headed back and entered the room, closing the doors behind him. He didn't see Riddick on the bed so he moved to set the try down on the table in the room which gave him a direct view to the glass shower stall Riddick was standing inside of, naked, showering. Vaako paused, stricken. He couldn't move, he was stuck on the image of Riddick's powerful body with the water running down over the caramel skin. The water was turned off and that spurred Vaako into action, moving around to wait by the door. Still, Riddick entered the room wiping himself with a towel and not wearing one around his waist. Vaako knew that within the Necromonger society it was natural for same sex connections but he had never met someone he had been attracted to and now here he stood hard as Hell from looking at the new Lord Marshal. Naked. Fresh from a shower. Vaako cleared his throat trying to avert his eyes. Riddick chuckled.

"I don't mind," Riddick said, running the towel around his head and then over his shoulders. Vaako chuckled, albeit a little breathless. Riddick sunk onto the bed, laying back on the bed, his body feeling rest beneath it. "Vaako, my life has changed in a very drastic way in the mere matter of a couple of hours," Riddick said, brows furrowing."I'm not quite sure what direction to go in. I need your help," Then Riddick sat up and Vaako shifted his weight, looking to the door almost longingly. Riddick smirked. "Am I making you anxious?" He asked and Vaako cleared his throat.

"I don't know of anxious should be the right word for how you're making me feel, Lord Marshal," Vaako said, once more honest. Riddick rolled his eyes and chuckled.

"Fuck, you can just call me Riddick. When I want to be called Lord I'll request it," He said. "Now, how about trying to think of a way of telling me exactly how the fuck I'm making you feel then if anxious isn't the right word," Riddick said, brow arching. Vaako shifted again, unsure what to say or think or what way to go with this. He didn't know exactly how Riddick felt about men in that sense or way of things.

"Alright, Riddick, I have to say in all honesty you're making me feel... longing," Vaako said, brow arching. "Desire," He added, looking away. Riddick felt a smirk pass over his lips.

"Is that so?" He asked, shifting on the bed, tossing the towel across the room. "Come here, Vaako," Riddick said, licking his lips. Vaako looked pained for a moment but crossed the room to stand before Riddick. "You wear so much armor. Tell me Vaako, and I am appreciating your honesty, are you hard right now?" He asked, smirk in place. Vaako shifted and cleared his throat almost embarrassed.

"Yes, L-Riddick," Vaako answered, knowing Riddick was never unarmed; his entire being was just him being lightly armed. He wasn't sure what game Riddick was playing at or what was coming or what was going to happen. What did happen, Vaako wasn't expecting.

"So you're attracted to me," Riddick said, leaning back on one elbow, watching Vaako with interest.

"I suppose. The answers do seem to point that way," Vaako answered, unsure what else Riddick wanted of him. Riddick nodded.

"Take off the armor," He ordered and Vaako gave pause before going to work on what Riddick asked of him, ridding himself of the armor he wore. Beneath the armor was the black tshirt and black pants he wore underneath his usual - the arched a brow, now seeing Vaako's true form, his body, his shape. "Undress yourself," Riddick commanded and Vaako paused.

"But your Lord-"

"What did I say? Riddick. And everyone has orders not to bother me and there are guards out there. If you wish for them to be sent away because you don't want to let them hear then you can send them away," Riddick said, shrugging. "Whomever thinks they're going to fuck with me right now is out of their mind," He said with a little chuckle. Vaako had noticed that as their interchange went on, Riddick had grown quite erect, obviously affected by the exchange. Vaako licked his lips and then looked at the door then at Riddick.

"I think it would be best if you sent them away," Vaako said, brow arching. He didn't want them to see him without his armor on. Riddick grunted and raised.

"By the time I get back to this bed I want you naked," He said, walking off towards the door. He had the decency to hide himself partially behind the door but ordered the two guards away for a couple of hours. When he got back to the bed, Vaako was, as he had wished, naked. Vaako watched Riddick as he laid back across the bed again. He looked over Vaako's naked body, humming in appreciation over the solid lines and curves that made up his muscular, toned form and Riddick was pleased with the sight of Vaako standing there. "Hmmm," Riddick hummed as he looked Vaako over.

"Does what you see please you?" Vaako asked, brow arching. Riddick chuckled.

"You could say something like that. For now," Riddick said, nodding his head. Vaako rolled his shoulders and Riddick leaned forward and with a smirk, spoke. "You can call me Lord now," He said lowly, his voice sounding dangerous but he wasn't. He was a Furyan, intense, fiery, passionate, full of aggression. Vaako found it within himself to chuckle.

"You'd have to do much for me to call you Lord now," Vaako said, rolling his shoulders. Riddick stood and circled Vaako where he stood, stopping behind him on the second time around.

"Is that so?" Riddick said, voice low and even and before Vaako knew what was happening he was falling towards the bed with Riddick behind him and on top of him. He could feel Riddick hard against the back of his thigh and the thought and feeling drove Vaako on. He twisted, arm coming up around Riddick's neck and trying to wrestle him down beneath himself but Riddick was out of the head lock and pushing Vaako beneath him. Vaako growled but Riddick returned the growl, his deeper, more primal and then Vaako felt fingers between his cheeks and the struggle almost went out of him until Riddick's thick fingers were inside of him. He gasped, struggling now for a fully different reason, shifting beneath Riddick for more, pushing against him. Riddick licked along the back of Vaako's shoulder blade. "You taste delicious," Riddick hissed against his skin, grinding against Vaako's thigh. Vaako shuddered, twisting beneath Riddick.

"Fuck," Vaako cried out, muffling himself against his arm as he bit down. Riddick's fingers moved harder and Vaako shuddered, once again pushing back towards Riddick.

"I wanna hear you say it so I can kiss you and taste the way it tastes mixed with you, on your lips, on your tongue," Riddick whispered huskily before licking his skin again and then biting down firmly, sinking his teeth in deep so as to bruise, to mark, to scar. He didn't stop until he tasted blood and until Vaako gave an ungodly hard push against him and cried out again, this time louder.

"Fuck, Lord, Lord," Vaako repeated, reaching his other arm back and sliding it over the top of Riddick's head and down the back of his neck, grasping on firmly. Riddick shuddered at the metallic taste in his mouth and then there was a slide and a forceful push as his fingers were replaced with Riddick's cock and Vaako arched, pushing into Riddick's body. "Yes," He hissed and Riddick planted his hands firmly on the bed on either side of Vaako as he began thrusting into him. Vaako shifted, the hand at the back of Riddick's neck tightening and his other arm reaching down to grasp at his hip. He pushed back into Riddick's thrusts, his eyes rolling back as Riddick hit home. Grunts and groans between them could be heard, Riddick riding Vaako's body hard. They came to orgasm together, gasping, Riddick fisting a handful of Vaako's braids and pulling his head up so he could melt their lips together in a hard, ferocious and territorial kiss.

Riddick collapsed on the bed next to Vaako, pulling out in a swift movement so he could lay beside the other man, stretched out and fulfilled - well, not fulfilled but content for the moment. Vaako chose to lay there for some long minutes before he shifted and laid on his side facing Riddick. His hand touched Riddick, his arm, his stomach, his chest and Vaako frowned to himself. "When we reached the Underverse and you go through the threshold and come back I fear it's going to change you. I don't want you to lose this fire that burns inside of you and causes your skin to feel sweltering. I like that your skin is so hot, burning, alive," Vaako spoke as if in a trance, touching Riddick with wonder. Riddick stopped Vaako's hand and turned to look at him, a serious look on his face.

"Nothing is going to change about me," Riddick promised. "There's nothing that can be taken away from me first without a fight the Gods would bring and whomever chose to bring that down on their head would be considered foolish, stupid. So there's nothing to worry about, Vaako," He said, unsure why he was trying to comfort the man but something inside of him told him to. Vaako sighed and nodded.

"Just as long as you come back... the same at least," He whispered.

It was three A.M. and Vaako awoke as if someone had just sprinkled awake powder over him and waited for his eyes to pop open and body to shift slightly so he could look to his side to see a sleeping Riddick. A peaceful looking Riddick. Vaako sighed softly and shifted, sitting up on the bed. He rubbed his face and went to stand when a hand on his shoulder stopped him. He looked back to find Riddick staring at him through the dark with those eerily sexy silver, glinting eyes and Vaako paused, stricken.

"Where are you going?" Riddick asked and Vaako looked around before looking back at Riddick.

"I thought it would not be good for me to wake in this bed with you so I was leaving to wake in my own bed... unless, of course, what is wanted is that I stay here," Vaako said quietly and Riddick chuckled.

"Vaako, if I wanted you out of my bed or wanted you gone in any way believe me, you would know now come back," Riddick said softly and Vaako shifted, climbing closer to the animal, the beast, in the bed, beckoning to him. In one swoop Vaako was gripped to Riddick's body and Vaako had to keep from sighing in enjoyment of the way it felt laying in the bed, entangled with Riddick. Vaako shivered at the kisses pressed to his throat and neck, feeling the wandering hands and then his leg was jerked heavily across Riddick, hoisting it up over his hips. Vaako bit his lip and then they were kissing and Vaako could feel Riddick inside of him for the second time that day and the feeling shook him. He was sensitive from earlier and the sensitivity sent trembles throughout his body. "I marked you Vaako. You're mind or need I mark you again?" He asked, thrusting into Vaako with even, steady, hard thrusts. Vaako shuddered and closed his eyes, head ,lolling to rest against Riddick's chest.

"I believe I've forgotten, your Lord. I think you may need to mark me again," Vaako whispered and Riddick grinned, kissing Vaako's neck before sinking his teeth deep into the skin in the same manner he had on Vaako's back. The flush of crimson metallic tasting blood into his mouth told Riddick to let up and so he did, focusing only on the thrusts he made into Vaako's willing body. Vaako shivered and pressed closer. "I believe your Sadism fits my closet Masochism," Vaako whispered and Riddick chuckled, breathlessly, rolling them from their sides so Vaako was on his back and he began really moving inside of Vaako,tug and pull then slide and push. This time neither lasted as long as they had before, exhaustion, the early morning, the senses on flood from the small physical exchange between them pushing them ever closer. Vaako stroked Riddick's back, enjoying the soothing love making as a follow up to the feverish, frenzied fucking they had done before so when they came it was to groans and breathless gasps with Vaako digging his nails into Riddick's back and Riddick shuddering and curling into the press of nails into his back even as they came.

The next day, Riddick awoke with a start, another Furyan dream coming to him. Teaching him things, telling him things about who he was. This time the message was unclear to Riddick but what was clear to him was that Vaako had gone and it hadn't woken him then he realized the shower was occupied and it was Vaako inside. He licked his lips, pleased and climbed from the bed. He needed to shave so he went to gathering his blade and set up in the bathroom, coating his head with the lubricant he needed to shave his head and then getting to work. Halfway through, Vaako stepped out of the shower and was startled to find Riddick there shaving.

"Morning... Riddick," Vaako said quietly, small smile on lips and Riddick's tiny quirk of lips were his smile in return and a now in Vaako's direction.

"Morning, Vaako. I think we should get started on that room today," Riddick said, finishing up the shaving of his head. Vaako stood, towel drying himself and nodded.

"I'll assemble a team to help," Vaako said, smiling. Riddick chuckled.

"Got any idea what I might like yet?" He asked and Vaako grinned.

"A bit. I hope it goes the right way," He said before exiting the bathroom to put on his clothes. Riddick cleaned his head off and walked out, stroking at his chin.

"If you're free at any point in the day..." Fuck, it was just sex right'?

"I'll find you," Vaako said before exiting the Lord Marshal's temporary quarters.

Riddick spent the day hiding out from those who wished to see him and have him do this and do that for them, because it was necessary, because it was his duty; whatever reason they had he wasn't hearing any of it. He just wanted time alone but couldn't be locked in the room for the entirety of time. He licked his lips as he was currently hiding out in an old, abandanoned looking part of the ship. It was cold here, interesting. It looked like it used to be an old huge library that used to be used by the Necros but was currently being used as what Riddick could only describe by temperature as a meat locker. It gave him time to think, sitting there with the ability to be alone and not bothered by everyone who was appointed to make sure he did everything the right way which was not what he wanted. He wanted to do this the Riddick way. He sighed and dropped his head down to his hands. He was already feeling exhausted again, all of this dipping in and out and ghosting those who were on his trail, searching for him. He wondered how Vaako was doing so he stood and left, creeping to find his way to his temporary quarters where there stood the two guards he had appointed to this task.

"Hey, you two," He called and got their attention. "Look, one of you stay here the other one go find Vaako. I don't want to be bothered so if someone other than Vaako comes looking for me then I am not here," He explained and the guards nodded before one took off to find Vaako and the other took his stance at the door as Riddick entered, taking their actions as understanding for the words he'd said. He sighed as he came into the room and he melted against the bed that still held the smell of Vaako. His Pretty, his Beautiful. No one had a smell like Vaako, no one he had crossed yet and he was addicted.

Finally, after what felt like ages of waiting, Vaako entered the room and Riddick motioned him over. Vaako came around to the bed, looking at Riddick. "You know you can't hide out from everyone for forever," Vaako said, coming to stand beside Riddick, looking down at him.

"In due time," Riddick said with a chuckle before a leg was out and knocking Vaako forward onto the bed. Vaako grunted and shifted, looking at Riddick.

"You interrupted my busy schedule for this? Because you had a craving?" Vaako asked even as Riddick began assaulting his skin with kisses, sucks and licks. He only hummed in response, fingers busying themselves in working on ridding Vaako of his armor. It didn't take long of Riddick's silence and eagerness to undress Vaako for it to kick in inside of Vaako as well. Then they were both working quick to make work of clothes and finally undressed they pressed together and Riddick pulled Vaako to his lap. Breaths were exchanged as they kissed and then Vaako took Riddick inside and they began moving almost instantly. Riddick could feel the stress of the day beginning to ebb away as could Vaako. They moved toward hauling themselves over that cliff to fall and feel the warmth spread through their bodies from orgasm. Hard gasps, the exchange of words between mouths, tastes of each other swallowed, they worked toward their goal and when they reached it their bodies soared before slowly coming back down to their bodies.

After they had both regained composure, Vaako pulled himself away and Riddick fell back against the bed. Vaako chuckled, beginning to get dressed.

"Whar, no cuddle?" Riddick joked with a chuckle and Vaako paused to roll his eyes before he was putting his armor back on. Riddick let out a content sigh and looked at Vaako. "How is the room coming along?" He asked and Vaako chuckled.

"It's coming. Should be done by tonight," He said, standing up straight and Riddick nodded.

"Good. Make sure I'm not woken up before then," He said, giving Vaako a look that begged for him. Vaako nodded and turned, leaving.

Vaako was confused by his actions. He was completely swept up in Riddick. He had no idea what had happened from the moment he saw him on the throne to make everything that had happened up until then happen. He wasn't sure in the very least. But something had happened that had made the pull he felt to Riddick happen. He wanted to know what it was and it was feeling stronger now that he was up and about and noticing it. It felt multiple times stronger. He shook the thoughts from his mind and forced himself to go forward and focus on the work ahead of him and the work that Riddick currently should be doing rather than napping.

Riddick had another Furyan dream, filled with images like going through someone's mind and words spoken too fast to understand. He couldn't understand it and when he woke to Vaako shaking him and saying his name countless times he was confused so Vaako let him try to work it out to get it out of his mind. The fact that Riddick had been so deep into his dreams disturbed him. Usually Riddick awoke at the slightest thing if he even slept at all and always knew if someone was coming up on him. With Riddick like this, his defenses low, it was dangerous. Vaako knew something was going on and he wasn't sure what it was that was going on between the two of them. Riddick sat on the edge of the bed, shoulders hanging low and Vaako shifted, standing. He took off his armor and then clothing underneath and crawled onto the bed with Riddick. Riddick's eyes sparked to life as he saw Vaako's body, smelled Vaako, felt Vaako slide against him and he snapped into action, rolling them until Vaako was beneath Riddick.

"God you smell like something I can't even describe," He grumbled, kissing Vaako's neck where the bite marks were. Vaako shuddered and ran his hands over Riddick's back, feeling the muscle beneath his hands. The powerful man above him moved Vaako's legs and then again, it happened. Vaako swooned as Riddick moved inside of him, the world tilting, his stomach jumping; something inside of him taking flight and freeing him and the feeling didn't go away, not until they were done but he wanted more and Riddick needed more so he coaxed him into action, clinging to that feeling.