Author's Note: Sorry this chapter is much shorter than the rest but I spent a while getting this to come out the way I wanted it to and then I'm not even sure it truly did so I decided that this one shall be a short chapter. A lot does happen in this one though. Kind of. I truly hope I'm not over-stepping any lines on here.

It took a couple of days for the Necromongers to find the Elemental and during those couple of days Riddick became more and more reclusive, hidden away with Vaako at times and at other times alone. When news reached him of the Elemental finally being found Riddick had orders she be brought to meet him in the throne room alone with Vaako and himself. Guards led the Necromonger to the appointed location and allowed her in the room before standing guard outside of the doors. The Elemental didn't seem surprised she had been summoned at all but she greeted Riddick with warmth.

"Still the same defiant man I hear; or at least that's what the news seems to point to," She said with a light laugh and Riddick arched a brow but gave a slight chuckle. Vaako stood silent beside the throne Riddick sat upon, watching the Elemental.

"Of course," Riddick answered, looking to Vaako. "But I've got some questions that I feel like only you can answer," Riddick said, looking her over. "Something to do with being Furyan, I know it. I'm having more dreams - Furyan dreams - and I can't make them out or figure out what they mean. And," Riddick paused, looking to Vaako again. "Well, let's just say that I've discovered a problem," Riddick said. "With myself and it seems to affect the person I've begun sharing my bed with," Riddick said and the Elemental smiled.

"Please, describe to me what's going on. Both of you," She said, looking at Vaako and then back to Riddick. "It is him that has come into your bed, am I correct? Oh, you needn't confirm or deny. I already know. I can see it on you both," She said and Riddick chuckled quietly. Vaako shifted, uneasy, not knowing how the Elemental knew so easily. She smiled politely and Riddick shifted.

"Well it all started on day one and it's gotten worse since then and day one, lady, was the day I became the new Lord Marshal," He explained with a bit of a chuckle. "Let's put it this way - without him I'm weakened in all ways. Physically, mentally. I'm not myself. When I get like that there's only one thing that fixes it," Riddick said, brow arching and Vaako shifted his weight.

"The same thing happens to myself," He explained, brows furrowing. "Which leads me to believe there's something deeper than just something Furyan going on here," Vaako explained his view.

"What, exactly, is the one thing that fixes the problem?" She asked, her own brow arching in curiosity. Riddick let out a bark of a laugh.

"What do you think? I'm only fine once I'm in sensory overload on him and there's only one way to make that happen and that's by fucking him," Riddick said and Vaako gave Riddick a pointed stare, a shift of dark, blank eyes to focus on Riddick whom thankfully to Vaako was not wearing his goggles and was letting his shining silver eyes gleam in the dim light of the room. The Elemental didn't seem to be taken aback by Riddick's gruffness, how straight forward he was or anything.

"Well, isn't that peculiar," She shifted, walking around the room, looking at them both. Riddick arched a brow.

"What is it?" He questioned, knowing he'd made the right decision by getting her called in. She smiled politely again and gave a slight shift, her spirit like essence glimmering.

"There is an old tale of Furyan Alpha's. Furyan Alpha's are said to have one Mate and when the Alpha and their destined Mate finally meet it is said there is a connection that is born, one that must be taken care of very carefully. The only way to find balance and bring things back to order and the way they used to be, normal per say, is to strengthen the connection, strengthen the bond and consummate the relationship officially," She explained simply, looking at both their reactions. Vaako looked slightly stunned and Riddick looked intrigued.

"You said the Mate for the Alpha is destined?" Riddick questioned, brow arching slightly.

"Yes, that's right. Destined. The Alpha and the Mate both have no idea who the other is until it happens. It's an old tale because, well, the Furyan's have been wiped clean and those that do live generally have no idea of the old tales or don't remember," She explained, kind eyes set on the two men before her. Riddick slowly looked away and to Vaako at his side. His brow arched as he looked at the other man and the word destined repeated in his head. Before he had become the Lord Marshal there had been a Prophecy which meant that this was his fate no matter what; he'd been drawn out for a purpose and this was him serving his purpose which meant he had been destined all this time to meet Vaako and destined to end up with him. Vaako slowly met his gaze, leveling his stony eyes on Riddick's silver gaze and he felt a chill run down his back. It was almost like they didn't have to speak to even communicate what they were both thinking. Vaako cleared his throat.

"What has to be done to stregthen the connection and bond and what do you do to consummate it officially?" He asked, Vaako training his eyes on the Elemental with a furrowed brow. She smiled a delicate smile and nodded.

"Ah, well, to strengthen the bond and connection there must be an exchange," She said, eyes growing serious. "An exchange of blood," She explained as if it were just that simple. "To consummate it officially that's part of it but the other part is to officialize it with society. So you would have to officialize it however way the Necromonger way is and once you pass the threshold, Riddick everything will become stronger but it's important you make the bond stronger before you do because you will be the only one to pass through it to come out. You have to do it to complete the strengthening of the bond," She further explained. "Now that the bond and connection has been forged it's the only way," She added and Riddick stood up slowly, nodding his head but before he could speak Vaako had stepped forward and beat him to the point.

"He's bitten me. He's had my blood. Twice," Vaako said, brow arching. "I still have the bite marks," Vaako explained and the Elemental raised the back of her hand to her mouth to cover up a twinkle of a smile and disguise a small laugh as a cough as her eyes flickered to Riddick and then back to Vaako.

"That's...probably what truly made the connection visible to the both of you. There must be an exchange though. Vaako, you must have his blood as well," She said and Riddick looked at Vaako quickly with an arched brow as Vaako slowly turned to face Riddick. The Elemental nodded as she saw the realization coming upon the both of them. "Yes," She said quietly and Riddick seemed to be at a loss for words. She had never seen the man look so uneasy in her short period of time of knowing him and Vaako felt a little shocked as well. Riddick leaned back in the throne chair, eyebrows furrowed deeply. "Does this trouble you, Riddick?" She asked and the man seemed to snap back to himself, looking at the woman with his eerie gaze.

"No," He said firmly, tilting his head. "I'm just thinking about the way he's going to get it," He added, smirking and Vaako shivered, trying to pull his gaze from Riddick but he felt magnetized, unable to look away for anything. "Thank you. You've told me everything I needed and wanted to hear. I'll be sure the men kindly escort you out of here," He said, nodding his head. "Thank you, Elemental. Thank you very much. This puts me at ease and gives me peace of mind," Riddick said. He stood, walking towards her to guide her to the door. Once opened, he looked at the guards there and motioned to her. "Make sure she's guided out of here. And kindly. She's a welcome guest," He said before turning to the Elemental. "If you would like to witness the officiliazation then I'll send for you," Riddick said, brow arching as she smiled.

"Yes, I would like that very much," She said before stepping out of the room and joining the guards. Riddick closed the doors and locked them before stepping away and facing Vaako. Vaako stood in the same place still, looking at Riddick. Riddick licked his lips and the corners of his mouth twitched upward in a bit of a smirk.

"So Vaako." Riddick began as he started walking towards Vaako. Vaako shifted, slightly uneasy at this point by the look in Riddick's eyes. "How do you want to go about this?" Riddick asked, curious, brow arching upward. He was curious as to what exactly Vaako's thoughts were on the matter. Vaako shifted uneasily, unsure where Riddick was going with this. He licked his dry lips, tilting his head as he watched the way Riddick was moving towards him, inching towards him, moving in a predatory way towards him. Vaako wasn't sure how to answer because he wasn't sure exactly how to go about doing what they were supposed to do to make this thing real, to make it strong so they were both strong again.

"Riddick - look, I have no idea what's going on in that head of yours but I have no idea about how to do this," He said, feeling slightly uneasy with the way Riddick was heading towards him, with the look in his eyes, the smirk on his face. Riddick let out a sharp bark of a laugh.

"I've got some fun ideas," Riddick answered, brow quirking. Vaako blinked. He looked absolutely at a loss, slightly frightened under the circumstances. "How about you get a taste of what I get every single time you and I get in that bed - or end up wherever we end up," Riddick said with a smirk. Vaako arched a brow and Riddick chuckled. "No I'm not going to let you just have it - you're going to have to take it. Kind of like I did the first time," Riddick said, raising his eyebrows in suggestion and Vaako shifted, looking away with a sligh smirk and chuckle but Riddick drew his gaze back by the way the man shifted, moving into position like he was about to attack. Vaako recognized it and he shifted on instinct, readying himself for the blow of Riddick's body flying into his own. Riddick hit him and he grunted, pushing back and there was a struggle as Vaako shifted their positions and gained the upper hand, pushing Riddick down with all of his strength. Riddick thrashed like a wild animal, not to be taken easily. Vaako grit his teeth and shoved at the center of Riddick's back in almost the same manner that Riddick had held him down. Riddick grit his teeth, smirking through his determined mask at how Vaako had remembered and learned by his own actions. "Don't forget to bite," Riddick grunted and Vaako shoved him harder, pinning him completely.

"Don't worry darling, I won't," Vaako growled and Riddick let out another laugh. Vaako was really falling into place, impressing Riddick thoroughly. He hadn't expected Vaako to go this far at all but he was really impressing Riddick with the way he was living way over any expectation Riddick had had when he had made the proposition. In the next minute Vaako was pushing Riddick's pants down, gasping with the intensity of the adrenaline rush that was upon him. He had no idea what had come over him but he felt like he was possessed by something, driving him on, his actions harsh. Riddick felt Vaako's next movements and he would forever remember the feeling of Vaako pushing against him and then inside of him, held down by his strong arm, trapped like a prey to a predator, trapped in the very same way Riddick had trapped him that very first day, something primal having taken over Vaako and Riddick could feel it with each of Vaako's thrusts. Riddick grunted and shifted, reaching back and gripping hard at Vaako's ass and then beneath a growl and a shift Vaako was biting into his shoulder and Riddick shuddered, the pain pleasure feeling of it, Vaako's teeth sinking into his flesh, the bite hard and forceful. Riddick could feel his blood on his skin, could feel Vaako's teeth in his flesh, Vaako buried inside of him and a shiver ran through him.

"Again and harder, Vaako. Come on," Riddick breathed and Vaako grunted as he worked on moving himself harder. When Riddick made a keening sound in his throat, something Vaako had never heard come out of Riddick, he knew he had done well and he smirked before leaning down and biting into Riddick's neck in the same manner the man had to him, closing his eyes as he thrust, the foreign taste of blood in his mouth never bothersome. Riddick shuddered beneath Vaako and he could almost literally feel the man melting beneath him. Vaako bit harder and moved his hand from Riddick's back down beneath Riddick, gripping his cock in his hand and groaning against the flesh in his mouth, blood leaking down Riddick's began to move beneath Vaako and Vaako moved both his hips and his hand in rhythm with the other man, squeezing his eyes closed and biting harder into Riddick's neck and when he did that the blood increased and he felt Riddick stiffen beneath him and then like a burst of heat that Vaako both felt and saw beneath his closed lids they were cumming, Riddick from the pressure and the feeling of Vaako taking over him completely and Vaako the moment he felt all of Riddick's muscles begin to thrum and vibrate and felt his cock stiffen and jerk in his hand and like always Riddick's cum felt heated like his body always felt, so incredibly warm blooded and Vaako could taste it in his blood in his mouth, too. Hot, heat, warmth; like the sun, brightness exploding from them like the sun. Riddick's shuddering rocked Vaako as well and Vaako could feel Riddick's hand squeezing his ass harder, his hand seemingly to burn and melt into Vaako's so much cooler skin, paler skin. Vaako couldn't release his teeth as the warm blood flooded into his mouth and down his throat and Riddick's cum burned on his hand in a stimulating way, both of them, eyes squeezed closed tight against the brightness behind their eyelids, Riddick's mouth open in a half snarl half wide open yell and Vaako's vocal chords couldn't churn anything out except a growl, predatory, powerful, his body thrumming with the heat of Riddick's blood down his throat and esophagus, into his stomach, deeper into his body, coursing out through his veins, his arteries, stimulating his lungs and expanding his chest, his heart feeling on the verge of exploding in his chest, beating powerfully, and inhale through his nose and Riddick continued to milk the orgasm from his body with his muscles. They were stuck like that in the explosion and they could both feel it in their bodies, Riddick feeling the searing heat increase, sweet on his skin, veins showing in his face and neck and arms, further down his body, roping his skin, pulsing with his blood, churning hot and hard.

As the light brightened and then began to fade, Riddick's voice could be heard in mid-curse shouted out in a - fuck! - and Vaako's growl could be heard, Vaako's eyes snapping open and the warmth churning in his eyes turning the dead, steely hazel-blue into a burning brightness of shining ambience of glowing blue in the lightning sparks snaked in the hazel of his eyes and then he shuddered and began to melt as he had felt Riddick just before the light had erupted in the room, seemingly in an audible way as well as felt and seen. It was like an eruption beginning from them into the room and throughout, shocking through the entire ship and outside, startling everyone and both Riddick and Vaako felt at that moment, on the floor where they had ended up, gasping suddenly for breath, both men beginning to melt into one another, thankful that the doors were locked.

A long while passed before either man could stir up the ability to move, twitching as if coming back to life, back to this verse, this planet, this ship, this room, this floor, these bodies. They were slumped together as if the fitting of two puzzle pieces made up of many more pieces, joined together to make a whole. Riddick smirked and his eyes snapped open as Vaako shifted and had the energy to pull out only to slump to the floor beside Riddick. Riddick rolled to his back and looked over at Vaako's body, shivering slightly still and Riddick clenched a handful of braids and dragged Vaako's blood stained mouth to his own mouth, kissing him with a heat that was so solid and fierce it shook Vaako hard as he kissed back. Riddick arched a brow at him as he pulled back, his silver eyes shining with a brilliance Vaako hadn't seen in a long time if he could say he'd seen those silver shining eyes look so fucking bright before.

"Shower," Riddick said simply, standing and dragging Vaako up. He helped the soldier through the study to the room, shutting and locking both doors and then into the bathroom, turning it on and undressing them both. Vaako finally felt himself begin to move as the water splashed onto their bodies and he felt the ability to move himself alone came to him and he stood from leaning between Riddick's body and the shower wall, Riddick's strong arms and hands holding him upright. Vaako grabbed the back of Riddick's head, fingers pressing into his skull and kissed him with his own power, returning the blissful mindblowing kiss Riddick had given him back in the throne room. Riddick pulled back, licking his lips and chuckled. "You back?" Riddick asked, standing under the spray, Vaako in front of him, letting it hit him as well, the water coursing down both of their strong bodies. Vaako chuckled and smirked before speaking, his own dazzlingly shining eyes flickering to Riddick's, gaze bright and clear and shining with life that wasn't there before, no longer so dead.

"Yes, I'm back," He said, licking his lips, the blood being cleared away from both Vaako's body and Riddick's. "Riddick," And Riddick chuckled, loving the sound of his name on Vaako's tongue, in his voice.

"Good. I was hoping I hadn't killed you," Riddick said, amusement in his voice. Vaako snorted in front of a chuckle and they continued the shower, with the intention of getting clean and quickly doing good to make well of it. Luckily Vaako had some clothes in Riddick's room and they both got dressed, Vaako returning his armor and the two of them cleaning up the mess on the floor as best as they could. Riddick snickered. "We'll have to cover this with a carpet or something," He said, fully amused and Vaako arched and eyebrow and they looked to the study. It had carpet that could be used and they both got to work moving the carpet from the study to the throne room, their eyebrows arching up at the way it looked. "Good thing I severely enforced that I didn't want to be bothered today," Riddick said, staring at the carpet with amusement. The Hellhounds finally came from their places of hiding, Riddick up and moving and speaking causing the fire to erase from their sleek scales turning them back to the sleek ebony. Vaako chuckled and looked down as one Hellhound licked his hand with its rough tongue and then looked back to Riddick.

"Yes, I guess that's a good thing. Leave them wondering before explaining tomorrow," Vaako said, looking to Riddick. "We'll have to tell everyone tomorrow, Riddick. They'll be wondering what all that was," Vaako said and Riddick chuckled.

"Yes, I know quite well, Vaako. And we'll have to make this union permanent with your people - our people - the ways of the Necromonger," Riddick said, confused slightly on how to address the people anymore. They were currently his people because he was their leader but he wasn't a Necro, he was a Furyan and he had a feeling even passing the threshold wouldn't change that fact very much at all. Vaako felt a smile twitching across his lips and he pulled Riddick in to him, resting his forehead against Riddick's.

"I think nothing will top what just happened between you and I," He said quietly and Riddick chuckled. He placed his own hand at the back of Vaako's head, fingers curling into his hair.

"You think? Maybe it just gets better from there," Riddick said, his amusement very evident in his voice. Vaako chuckled.

"Then I signed up for the right path in my life," Vaako said, arching a brow slightly as they both chuckled and moved to release each other and return to Riddick's quarters for the rest of the day, Vaako deciding he didn't want to face anyone just yet. It was a feeling unlike any other spending his time, the entire day with Riddick behind closed doors, a warmth between them that wasn't there before.