Yes I know! I know she is jealous, possessive, impossible, psychopathic and sometimes waaay out of hand with stuff! I do realize that. But I also know that she is the best thing that ever happened to me. But this is me, Beck L. Oliver Evans. A nice boy. "You are too good for her." Tori told me this in a matter-of-fact tone one day. I couldn't tell her the truth why I am with her because she just wouldn't get it. Jade has the hardest life EVER and she is mean to not show her real self. One time, Robbie called her "poisonous bitch" and she went to my R.V. right after school and cried. She did. Jadelyn West cried. And I was there for her. As always. I love her and period. I wouldn't trade this girl for anything and I would murder for her. So that's just it. I love Jadelyn West.

Written by: Beck Oliver