Okay, I know I should be completing other stories instead of doing One-Shots. But I felt a little in a rut, so I am having a go at writing Humorous One-Shots. And see if that helps me. Enjoy guys!


As my alarm clock went off I groaned and sat up, stretching and hearing my joints pop loudly.

Slowly, I opened my eyes, expecting to see Edward sitting on my rocking chair. But he wasn't.

Frowning, I slid out of bed and padded over to my window, hoping to see Edward leaning against a tree or something like that. But he wasn't.

I walked back through my room, and across the landing, to the only room whose window faced the road, thinking he might be out there. But he wasn't.

Deciding he'd probably gone hunting, and I hadn't found a note, he wont be long. I thought I might as well get dressed.

When I was back in my room I started to slowly take my pyjama top off, showing the pale blue tank top I had on underneath. Still slowly, I pulled down my pyjama bottoms, showing the short shorts I had on.

Quickly stripping now, I changed from the tank top and shorts into a pair of jeans and a black short-sleeved t-shirt.

Smiling to myself, I brushed my hair back and ran downstairs. Surprisingly, with more grace than I usually possessed. I stopped in the kitchen and popped some toast in the toaster.

I plonked myself down on a kitchen chair and waited. After about a minute I heard a knock at the door. Flinging myself towards the noise, I swung the door open and smiled broadly.

"Edward" I whispered happily.