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Twelve: Happy Endings

"I need to regain some of my respect back," Paul said, "So I'll tell you how the story finishes. OK?"

"And the winner is Paul!" the referee stated. Paul was paralysed for a second and so was his opponent. Garchomp was laid flat out unconscious close to his trainer. The blonde haired woman could hardly believe it. The crowd had fallen completely silent until someone took the opportunity to shout: "Woo! Go Paul!"

Paul sweat-dropped realising that the voice belonged to Sparrow. Typical for Sparrow to make a scene, Paul thought. Slowly, his opponent recalled her Pokémon. The stadium was deadly silent. It was like none of them dared to move or talk.

"I never expected you to beat me," she said quietly, "But then again, I never expected to loose."

Paul recalled Torterra silently. He didn't understand. Had he just won? Or had he just lost? He couldn't tell just yet. It was like there was a fog in his mind. Nothing made sense. Maybe it was a dream? No, he was pretty sure it wasn't a dream.

"It was a good battle," his opponent said. Paul nodded slowly. Before he could reply, he was attacked by something with blue hair. Paul glanced round to see Dawn hugging his middle. He smiled down at her as he put his arm round her. His opponent looked on.

"So, you going to say it or what?" Sparrow asked the blonde as she walked onto the field.

"He's come a long way," the blonde replied with a little sigh, "I shouldn't have underestimated him."

"Like that would have made a difference," was Sparrow's reply. The two women looked across the field as Dawn talked to Paul. He still looked a little dazed but he was smiling at Dawn.

"Cynthia," Sparrow sang, "Speech."

"Fine," Cynthia snapped at her long term rival, "I have lost in a fair match against Paul Shinji. He has beaten my Elite Four and myself. I…"

"Go on," Sparrow muttered in the two second pause in Cynthia's speech.

"I now declare, Paul Shinji as the new Champion of Sinnoh," Cynthia yelled. The stadium burst into noise. People were clapping and cheering for Paul. Paul looked round the stadium, but really he didn't care about the people sat watching him. He looked back at Dawn who was still hugging his waist.

"You did it!" she yelled at him, smile on her face. She was beautiful, Paul mused, when she smiled like she was now. It was weird, and perhaps soppy, that at the time of him winning the title of Champion all he could think about was her and how brilliant she was. She had trained with him, travelled with him, lectured him and supported him throughout the trying months. He really did love her. "Champion Paul."

"I guess I did," he muttered. Dawn pinched him hard in the side. Paul frowned at her.

"Just so you know it's not a dream," she told him. Dawn let go of him and stepped to one side. Paul was confused by the action but two seconds later he was flat on his back, having being rugby tackled by Sparrow.

"Yay Paul!" she yelled as she squeezed him tightly. Paul grunted as he struggled for breathe in Sparrow's grip. She quickly let go and was on her feet once more in the blink of an eye. Cynthia was walking towards Paul. Paul stood up and took Dawn's hand in his.

"Paul," Cynthia said as she held her hand out. Paul slowly moved to take it. They shook like friends. Sparrow looked on, smirking to herself while Dawn beamed on so proudly.

"Alright!" Sparrow said, fist pumping the air. Cynthia glared at her long term rival. "Party time!"

"You had this all arranged, didn't you?" Cynthia asked. Sparrow shrugged.

"I know how to whip up a party in three hours, so sue me," Sparrow replied, "I do have the cake maker on speed dial."

"How did I ever loose to a girl like you?" Cynthia asked, "It's rare that you have an intelligent thought in your head once a year!"

"You say that but what you really mean is you want cake too, right?" Sparrow asked. Cynthia let out a sigh.

"I give up," Cynthia said. She turned to Paul. "She's your problem now."

"Well done, Paul!" Sparrow sang happily, "You finally beat Cynthia after all these years."

"Yeah, yeah," Paul retorted, "Because it took you so long to learn responsibilities to take Johto's Championship last year."

"Don't mess with me," Sparrow snapped. Cynthia let out another sigh but was rescued by Silver and Reggie. The two guys looked at Sparrow oddly for a second before Silver put his hand on her head.

"Shut up," he told her.

"Paul, I don't know what to say," Reggie said to his younger brother, "But well done."

"Thanks," Paul replied with a nod.

"You've done well," Silver agreed, "To beat Cynthia."

"That was a tad mean, Silvy," Sparrow commented. Silver rubbed her head quickly, messing up her hair. Sparrow stomped her foot.

Paul ignored the ensuing argument between the four 'adults'. He instead turned to Dawn. She was still smiling up at him.

"I can't believe you finally did it," she said.

"Neither can I," he admitted. Dawn giggled. He took her hand in his. "Your answer?"

Dawn looked confused for a few seconds until she laughed loudly.

"You took on Cynthia and won just because I said I'd give you an answer if you did beat her?" Dawn asked, "You're so stupid."

"It helped," Paul replied, "Now, what is your answer?"

"My answer is…" Dawn mocked thinking about an answer for a few minutes. She smirked as he got slightly annoyed. "Well… If I had to give an answer to the question you asked me, I would prefer to hear the question once more."

"I am not getting down on my knee again," Paul told her.

"You don't need to," she said with a shrug.

"Will you marry me, Dawn?" Paul asked. Dawn's smile grew. She leapt on him, snuggling close to him.

"Yes," she said loudly, "Of course I will."

She was going to say something to tease him but it could wait until later. Paul hugged her tightly. The two of them shared a quick kiss before they were suddenly aware that Cynthia and Sparrow were stood in the box Paul had been stood in for his battle. At the other end of the pitch were Silver and Reggie.

"Oh this is going to be so easy," Sparrow remarked.

"Oh yes," Cynthia agreed. Paul glanced down at Dawn.

"Let's move," Paul said, "Before they do something stupid and Sparrow gets blamed for it."

"Pineapple pizza?" Dawn suggested.

"Sure," Paul replied. The two left the arena hand in hand, not even bothering to look back as another Pokémon battle begun behind them.

"Is that where you're going to leave the story?" Dawn asked, raising an eyebrow. Paul rolled his eyes.

"Fine," Paul snapped, "I know you're dying to tell them since you've told everyone else about it so many times."

"It's because it's hilarious, Paul," Dawn replied.

"You know, I thought things would get easier when you were married," Reggie told Paul as the two of them moved boxes into Paul and Dawn's new house in Veilstone City. Paul found it nice to finally have the house ready. It had been built especially for them with the money Paul earned from being champion, but it had been over four months since Paul and Dawn had got married and they were only just moving in. Paul put down a box in the middle of the floor of the hallway.

"It's a nice place," Johanna commented as she walked in, holding another box in her hands. Maylene followed behind her.

"It's a really nice site," Maylene agreed, "It's why I told them to build it here."

"See, doesn't it pay to be nice to people?" Reggie said, nudging his younger brother in the ribs. Paul sighed.

"Where's Dawn?" Johanna asked once she realised her daughter was missing.

"Upstairs," Paul replied, "She said she wasn't feeling well."

"Oh," Johanna said, "I told her not to eat Ash's cooking but I swear she's too nice."

"Where do you want these?" Maylene asked, holding up the box in her hands.

"Upstairs," Paul said, "All of these need to go upstairs actually."

Paul lead the way up the stairs with Johanna behind him. Reggie and Maylene were chatting as she commented on the colour of the walls. Reggie had told Maylene, eventually, but when he finally did it was at Paul and Dawn's engagement party. Paul had… 'accidentally' slipped some alcohol into Reggie's drink and kept doing so throughout the night until Dawn caught him. Then it was the both of them spiking Reggie's drinks. You can probably imagine that Reggie was very, very drunk by ten pm that night. He had made a bit of a fool of himself as he declared his undying love to Maylene, only to find his was talking to a common houseplant at the time. Maylene hadn't been too impressed with him then holding the houseplant all night long. Naturally, Drew and Paul had helped Reggie into bed that night and, of course, tucked the plant in next to him.

At the top of the stairs, Paul paused as he heard a shriek. The group at the top of the stairs looked round confused. Paul put his box down on the floor and walked towards the master bedroom.

"Dawn?" he asked. Dawn rushed out of the bedroom a few seconds later, pale as anything but smiling all the same.

"What's wrong, honey?" Johanna asked, "We heard you scream."

"Look," Dawn said, thrusting something under Paul's nose. Paul looked at the foreign object as if he was confused to what it was. It was a plastic stick thing and had a three little Happinys patterned on it. Johanna, Maylene and Reggie craned to see what it was Dawn was holding.

"What is it?" Paul asked at the same time as Reggie.

"Oh," Maylene said as she looked over the small plastic thing. She took it from Dawn's hand and inspected it. She passed it onto Johanna who did the same. Slowly the two girls looked at Paul.

"What?" Paul asked.

"I'm going to be a grandma!" Johanna yelled happily.

"I'm going to be an almost auntie!" Maylene shouted. The two women embraced. Paul snatched the plastic thing from Johanna and stared at it.

"How is this thing going to make you… Oh," Paul said. Reggie still hadn't worked it out.

"I still don't get it," Reggie mumbled, "How is a plastic stick going to make you a grandma and you an almost auntie?"

"Moron," Maylene said, as she clipped Reggie round the head, "Dawn's having a baby!"

"What! Seriously?" Reggie asked. Paul was still stood staring at Dawn as if his brain was having trouble digesting this information.

"You're pregnant?" Paul asked his wife. Dawn nodded quickly

"Yeah," she replied, "I took five tests and they all came back positive."

"You're pregnant?" Paul asked again. Dawn looked confused for a second. Paul let out a sigh. "I need a coffee."

He turned round and walked to the stairs, forgetting that he had left the box there. He tripped over it and went flying down the stairs, fortunately landing on a few of his Pokémon who had just happened to be walking through the door. There were a few roars and squawks from the various Pokémon. Dawn sweat-dropped at the top of the stairs.

"Paul… Honey?" Dawn asked, "You OK?"

"Sure," Paul said, grimacing as he sat up. Reggie ran down to his brother's aid.

"Good, good," Dawn replied, turning slightly green in the cheeks, "I'll leave you to Reggie to look after while I go…"

She ran back into the bathroom. Maylene and Johanna looked at each other.

"Looks like it's going to be a long few months," Johanna said.

"More like a long few hours as we go to A&E," Maylene replied. The two women let out a long sigh before they went their separate ways to check on the two parents to be.

"We were in A&E for hours," Dawn said as her children laughed loudly. Paul had his head in his hands as Dawn finished the story.

"So is that story, mummy?" Amber asked. Dawn nodded.

"Not quite," Paul said, "Mummy had four lovely children. One called Lewis who is very much like me. Another strong boy called Joshua two years later, followed by a cute little girl called Amber the year after that. Lastly came Alfie, who is sleeping upstairs and is my last hope for respect amongst you four."

"It ends with a family having tea," Dawn replied, "Eating pizza mummy specially ordered for her children."

"Wow," Josh and Amber said.

"What happened to Uncle Reggie and Auntie Maylene?" Lewis asked.

"Them two got married just after Josh was born," Dawn replied, "With Lucario being the best man."

"And Uncle Drew?" Josh asked.

"He never married," Paul replied, "Since I told him that Arceus would zap anyone who tried to step into a church if they had green hair when we were younger, he refused to get married officially, but, as you know, he's been engaged to May for the last two years."

"And Ash?" Lewis asked.

"He became Champion of Kanto when Amber was born. Actually when I was still in the hospital," Dawn replied.

"And mummy and daddy. Did they live happily ever after?" Amber asked.

Dawn and Paul looked at each other for a few seconds before they both smiled.

"Of course they did, sweetie," Dawn replied.

"Everyone lived happily ever after," Paul agreed.

"Well apart from Uncle Reggie who has to baby sit you sometimes," Paul added after a pause of silence. Dawn clipped him round the head.

"Stop spoiling the story," Dawn snapped, "Otherwise I'll put Bambi on."

"… You wouldn't dare…" Paul muttered.

"Children! Who wants to watch a film?" Dawn called to her children.

"We do!"

"Please somebody… Kill me… And quickly," Paul moaned. Dawn flashed him a smile before dragging him into the living room to meet his doom…


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