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The sound of their forks banging against the plates was getting highly irritating due to the headache he was currently sporting. He had barely slept the night before because the storm had kept Madi up all night. She wasn't particularly fond of storms, but usually she didn't put up much of a fuss. Last night had been a completely different situation though. She had come into his room crying, and he spent the whole time trying to calm her down. Every time, she would start to fall asleep a loud crash of thunder would cause her to jump. Normally, he wouldn't have an issue with it, but given the fact he had worked an all-nighter at the station the night prior - he was running on very little. He was trying not to be grumpy, especially to the kids or Rachel, but he was just exhausted and having run out of ibuprofen hadn't made him the happiest camper.

Ever since the night at the hospital when Chris broke his arm, Rachel's presence had grown great around the children. They kept it pretty innocent, and if you asked Madi or even Chris, well it was easy to just assume they were close friends. Even before that, it was clear that Finn's children both seemed to like Rachel a great deal, but he had wanted to still make the progress slowly. Kurt was the only one who had known, and from he could tell, his step-brother had made sure to talk to Rachel about it. Neither one of them had told him what had taken place, but given that Kurt told him not to hurt her, he felt the conversation between the two was probably similar. All he knew was that he had no intentions of hurting Rachel.

Rachel had come over on that particular evening to make dinner for him and the kids, and to watch a movie with the kids. It had been her and Madi's idea one day when he and the kids had met Rachel for lunch. It really made him happy to see how much his daughter adored Rachel, and the fact Rachel adored the kids was just amazing. Letting out a loud groan, he leaned his face into his hands and closed his eyes for a minute. It was definitely hard catching up on sleep with two kids running around. With it being summer, they clearly were home more and he had given Cynthia the day off for Michelle's parents anniversary party.

"Finn?" Rachel's voice came from behind him, "Are you okay?"

Lifting his head, he gave her a little half smile, "Just really tired. Haven't slept much." He felt bad for admitting it, especially given one of the reasons that he hadn't slept much was his own daughter, but he was just dead ass tired.

"Oh," she pursed her lips as she looked at the kids who were animatedly talking and eating their food, "Why don't you go lay down for a bit? I'll clean up after the kids and put the move on for them."

He turned his head to look at her, "I don't want you to have to do that. It's fine, I'll-"

Shaking her head, she brought her finger to his lips, "No, go lay down, Finn. Now." he went to open his mouth again, but all she did was shake her head, "Now Finn."

Pushing the chair back causing it to screech, he looked around the table to see everyone staring at him, "Sorry." He glanced around to see that the plates were almost empty and he honestly felt so bad leaving Rachel to clean up and settle the kids down for a movie, "Rach, I'm fine. I don't need to lay down."

Putting her fork down, she folded her hands in front of her and looked at Finn rather intensely, "Finn, you're exhausted. You need to rest for a bit."

He knew with the mood he was in that anything he could end up saying could come off as snappy, "Let me just help you clean up the dishes and then we can watch the movie and I can rest my eyes. Please?"

"Daddy watch movie wif us," Chris said smilingly widely.

Rachel looked at the kids and back at Finn, she really didn't have any place as just the 'friend' to say no, so she let out a sigh and nodded, "Daddy is going to watch the movie with you. I am going to start cleaning up. Did you guys like dinner?"

"Mmhm! Thank you Ms. McGuire," Madi said happily as she finished off her juice.

"Sweetie, I've told you," Rachel said smiling, "you can call me Rachel when we're hanging out, okay?"

Madi nodded vigorously, "Can I go watch the movie now?"

"Just wash your hands!" Finn called out as Madi jumped down from the chair with Chris running after her to wash their hands. He closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. "Don't say it," he said softly before opening his eyes.

Rachel stood above him, holding two plates, her mouth opened as if she was about to say something. Quickly shutting it she picked up his plate, "I wasn't going to say anything. I just-," she paused, "I worry about you. Why are you so tired? You didn't sleep well last night?"

"The storm," he answered calmly, "Madi didn't do too well and kept me up all night. However, she clearly has no trouble being bouncy," he groaned, "I miss being young." He stood up and began to help Rachel put the dishes in the sink until the table was clear. "Hmm," he sighed as he came up to wrap his arms around her waist and kiss her softly on the neck.

"Finn," she squealed, trying to pull herself from his grasp, "The kids."

"The kids love you," he moved her hair out of the way to give himself better access, "I love you."

Turning in his arms, Rachel wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled, "I love you, too. I just- with the divorce still not final."

"Rachel, Madi and Chris don't even understand what a divorce is," he said groaning, "Kurt knows. Patrick is going to be out of your life soon. Me kissing you," he leaned in to capture her lips softly, "in my house is not wrong."

"I know," she leaned up to kiss him on the nose, "I just- I don't want to be a bad influence on your kids."

Finn couldn't help but laugh, "Bad influence? Do you realize what you just said." He leaned in and kissed her, a little longer and harder this time, "You are far from a bad influence." At the sound of the kids coming rushing back into the room, Finn pressed a kiss to the top of Rachel's head before going over and picking both his kids and flying them into the living room. Their giggles echoed through the loft as he placed them on the floor and walked over to the DVD stand, "Okay, so what are we watching?"

Madi and Chris began to argue over what to watch, of course Chris didn't actually know the correct names to all the movies so he would throw out random names of things that had to do with the film. Eventually they were able to decide on Beauty and the Beast and Finn put it in before plopping down on the couch and letting his eyes closed. The couch shifted only a few minutes later, "You asleep?"

Opening his eyes, he smiled at Rachel and shook his head, "not yet."

"Get some rest," she leaned towards him and reached up to cup his face, "I don't want you feeling terrible."

"Thanks, babe." He leaned down and kissed the top of his head before letting his eyes close for the longest they had been closed in a while.

She had been in such a good mood lately, especially when it came to Finn. While the divorce wasn't final yet, she knew it was only the matter of time. Her and Patrick had to sit down with their lawyers one more time to settle the assets and then it would be done. She knew that Patrick was kicking himself for not making her sign a prenuptial agreement, but really, she didn't want all that much. She wanted the apartment, but he was trying to give her issues on that for some reason. Probably just to piss her off, lately he seemed to want to do that a lot more. It was like he was bitter over the fact that Rachel had been the one doing the leaving and not him, but she was going to try to stay in a positive mood. It was the first time in a long time she had been truly happy.

Having not seen Santana a lot lately because of their conflicting schedules, the two best friends decided to spend the day together. However, once the day was actually in progress Rachel wanted to strangle Santana. Somehow she allowed her best friend into talking her into going shopping, and going shopping with Santana wasn't really the most thrilling thing. She tended to go a little crazy with her husbands credit card, but he didn't mind. Patrick always hated when Rachel spent money, and really the only times he didn't seem to mind was when he was trying to distract her or when she had lost the babies. Did he think her buying things would keep her out of depression? Who really know what had been going on in Patrick's mind at all, he seemed to be the perfect liar.

After shopping for what seemed like forever, the two loaded their bags into Mark and Santana's town car and started to head to Rachel's to drop her off. She had been quiet for most of the ride she hadn't exactly noticed Santana was staring at her first. Finally she did and she looked confused, "What? Is there something on my face?" Reaching up, she began to wipe her face in hopes to get off whatever was there, but it was nothing.

"You have been particularly quiet this entire ride," Santana explained before opening her purse and pulling out her compact, "I barely have seen you lately and here you are, quiet as a mouse or something."

"Oh, I just have stuff on my mind," she answered with a shrug of her shoulders.

Sighing, Santana rolled her eyes as she began to reapply her lipstick, "Please don't tell me you are thinking of your dickhead soon to be ex-husband."

"No," Rachel shook her head before looking down at her lap, "I've kind of- I've kind of been lying to you."

Santana quickly turned her head and stared at Rachel for a moment, "Lying? Lying to me about what?"

"Well," Rachel was nervous, why was she so nervous? This wasn't high school anymore. "I've been seeing Finn."

"Seeing Finn?" she took the words in, "Finn Hudson?"

Nodding, Rachel continued, "I love him and he loves me and... we have been together kind of."

"Since when? I thought you stopped seeing him after that whole incident."

Shaking her head, Rachel looked at her friend sadly, "I lied. We never stopped.. We were having an affair I guess." Reasoning that she had just said that out-loud with the driver in front, her eyes quickly widened and began to freak out, "Oh my god."

Rolling her eyes, Santana scoffed, "Oh don't you worry about Johnny." She leaned in towards Rachel and whispered into her ear, "he wants me so bad.. so sometimes I show him a little leg and more."

"What about Mark?"

"It's not like anythings happening... yet," she smirked, "Oh shush, you just admitted you had an affair and you're looking at me that way." Laughing, she patted her best friends leg, "I'm teasing. Okay, well, this is big news. I guess you want to be with him once the divorce is final?"

Rachel nodded, "We were trying to keep it a secret until the divorce, but then his son broke his arm and well.. we had been away together so Kurt find out," she pursed her lips, "the kids don't exactly know, but I've been around them more. So if they find out it's not a big blow and I'm not a big stranger."

"How quaint," Santana rolled her eyes, "Okay, but really, if you're happy then I am happy for you." Just as she said this they pulled up to Rachel's place, "Just make sure to warn Finnessa that if he hurts you I will make him cry."

Rachel giggled and nodded, "I will.. I'm sorry I didn't tell you."

"You should be," cracking a smile she continued, "but I understood why you did."

Once Rachel was out of the car and bags in hand, she headed upstairs and into the apartment to have a relaxing night. However, when she walked inside she was greeted by someone she hadn't wanted to see. Sitting on the edge of the bed was Patrick and he didn't look happy. Rachel rolled her eyes and quickly dropped her bags and turned to ask him what he was doing there, but then she saw what was in his hands. A pregnancy test.

"Wh-where did you get that?"

"Pregnancy tests, huh?" Patrick nodded his head, "It's funny you know.. people usually only take pregnancy test when they think they are pregnant. And to think that you're pregnant would mean you have to be having sex." He began to laugh, "And the funny part is... we stopped having sex months ago. I mean, you would have had to pop a baby out already if it was mine."

"Patrick-," she sighed, "it's not what you think."

"How would you know what I am thinking?" he said rudely before standing up, "I could be thinking a million things! But one thing I know is you're a little fucking whore!" he threw the test at her, "How dare you fucking cheat on me!"

Rachel winced slightly as the test hit her, "We are getting a divorce!"

"And why is that again! So you can have the baby of some fucking scumbag who gets to stick his dick in you," Patrick yelled as he backed Rachel up against the wall. Pinning her hands against it, "You think you can get a better man than me? You are fucking mistaken little girl.. you-," all of a sudden Patrick was knocked the ground and Rachel turned to see Finn standing there seething.

"You never fucking touch her!"

Patrick shook it off as he stood up, "This is my apartment! Who the fuck are you?" he turned to Rachel and started to laugh, "is this him! Is this the guy that you are fucking? Wow Rach, way to downgrade."

"Get the fuck out before I kick your fucking ass!" Finn took a step towards him, "Now."

"You can't-," Patrick was cut off by Finn's fist hitting his jaw, "You fucking bastard!" he grabbed his face and started to walk away, "You both are going to be very sorry!"

It had all been a blur, a complete and utter blur. He had come by to surprise Rachel if she was home, but when he arrived he was greeted by something else. Just as he was about to knock he heard yelling from inside and immediately he tensed up when he heard Rachel's scared voice. Discovering that the door was unlocked, he quickly let himself in and just didn't even realize what happened next. He had never seen Patrick until that moment, but that didn't stop him from wanting to kill him when he saw him touching Rachel. All he really had seen was red.

However, as soon as it was all over he took Rachel into his arms and held her closely, "baby, it's okay. It's okay."

"I-," Rachel stuttered but couldn't really get any words out.

After a few moments of just holding her, Finn took a step back and brought his hand down to cup her face, "Are you okay?"

Rachel nodded, "Yeah. I don't know what he was doing here."

"What did he say to you?"

"He just got angry.. he found the pregnancy test and-,"

"Pregnancy test?" Finn's eyes widened and he watched as Rachel looked at him scared, "What pregnancy test?"

"I—i took a pregnancy test. I had been feeling a little odd lately and my period was late, but-" she sighed softly, "it was false."

Leaning in, he kissed her deeply, he knew how much Rachel had wanted a baby and the fact that she had it ripped away from her not once, but three times with complications, "Baby, I am so sorry."

"I had wanted to take a test before I told you I thought I might be. I didn't want to upset you."

Finn chuckled as he shook his head, "Upset me? Rach, I'd never be upset with you." He kissed her softly, "Honestly, if you were pregnant I would be so happy and then I could get you to move in with me for sure."

"What?" she raised her eyebrow and looked at him confused.

"I was waiting until the divorce was final, but Rachel I want you to move in with me an the kids. I love you so much," he sighed, "And after this... I don't want you living here."

"Finn," she started, but he shook his head.

"We don't have to talk about it now, but I want you to spend the night at my place, please?"

She looked in his eyes for a moment and smiled, "Let me just pack a bag." She went to walk away, but stopped when she stepped on something. Looking down, Finn noticed Rachel pick up the negative pregnancy and slowly begin to sob. "I don't think it's meant to be."

"Rachel," he walked behind her and wrapped his arms around her tiny waist, "Don't you say that, okay? Don't you dare say that." he kissed the top her head as he pulled her back against his chest and looked at them in the mirror in front of them. "You weren't meant to have a child with him. I an see that now, but you and me? That's a new chapter and our future is going to have children in it."

Patrick discovering about them was probably the last thing they needed, but in that minute neither of them cared about Patrick.

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