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Warnings: relatively non-graphic hetrosexual sex, violence, depression/mentions of suicidal thoughts, minor character death

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Eris closed her eyes and leaned back against the warm, firm body of the alien diplomat. His hands moved over her skin, the sensation painfully intense yet not unpleasant. He kissed her neck and for a moment she could not breathe. She wasn't designed for this. But he'd said he loved her. This wasn't allowed. But no one would ever know. His strong fingers teased her small breasts and she gasped. Biting down on her lower lip to keep from crying out she felt blood stream down her chin. The sensations were too much. She wasn't meant for this. His fingers moved between her legs. It hurt but it felt good at the same time. It was too much but she didn't want him to stop.

Eris had been on a diplomatic mission when she'd met her lover. He'd said she was beautiful. She didn't know if it was true. She thought he might be beautiful. She wasn't supposed to do things like this but he'd looked at her with such awe, as though she were something worthy of worship.

She'd be leaving the next day for a new assignment. It was only one night. No one would know.

Three months later, crouched beside an open consul, the young Vorta struggled to control her breathing as she encoded a message and sent it out over sub-space.

Weyoun flinched and tried to pull away as Dukat reached out to touch his face. A sharp slap followed and a command to stay still. The Cardassian ran a finger along the smaller man's collarbone, sharp and delicate as a bird's.

Damar was sitting a few meters away. Dukat stood and walked over to him, leaving the Vorta where he sat huddled in a corner. He took an – almost empty – bottle of Kanar from his subordinate, drained the last of it and returned. Admiring the shape of the empty bottle he asked Weyoun, "What should I do with this, do you think?" He was grinning but without any warmth. "Surely you can think of something?" he coaxed as he prodded the clone's arm with the base of the bottle.

"Please… don't…" came the broken reply.

Dukat's face contorted with pleasure. "Well, since you asked so nicely…" he began, standing and walking away from the Vorta. Abruptly he turned and flung the bottle at the wall above Weyoun's head. Shards of glass rained down as the terrorized man tried to shield himself from the razor sharp shower.

He woke suddenly, breath caught in his throat. He was shaking. "Computer!" he called, "Lights!" The lights came on, banishing the remembered forms of the two Cardassians. There was only Keevan, slowly sitting up in the other bed. The official reason they were sharing quarters was a lack of space on the station but Weyoun suspected Julian's involvement. He was grateful.

"Is something wrong Weyoun?" Keevan asked, breaking the silence.

"Just memories. I'm sorry I woke you."

"That's alright," the other Vorta replied. "I think all I did in that Federation prison was sleep."

"What was it like there?" Weyoun asked, forcing his breathing to slow down as he moved to sit on the edge of the mattress.

"My bed was comfortable," Keevan said with a somewhat forced smile. "The humans' attempts at coercion were pathetic. I was on my own all the time though and that did hurt. I thought a lot about killing myself but I was too afraid." He paused, listening. "Your heartbeat's still very fast."

"I know."

A short time passed. Keevan disentangled himself from his sheets and moved to join the other clone. "I don't know how to be comforting," he said.

"Neither do I," Weyoun replied after a moment's thought. "I think we've forgotten how."

"What are we anymore, the Vorta?" Keevan asked after a long silence. "Are we still people or just things? They've taken so much away from us, taken so much of us away."

Weyoun thought for a moment. "Then we have to take it back." He took a deep breath before slowly and very deliberately placing his hand onto that of the other clone. He flinched as he made contact, they both did. Touch was something they'd been trained to avoid. Despite the discomfort however neither moved. They knew that at one time, in memories that were not their own, such things had brought reassurance. They hoped that one day they might again.

At first Eris hadn't realized what was happening. She'd become ill, had difficulty keeping food down but she was not so ill that it interfered with her work and at the time she was too busy to worry about it. When the opportunity finally arose to see a medic the nausea had passed and so there was no longer any need. Later, when her abdomen began to swell, she assumed she must be over-eating, reminded herself to cut down. It wasn't until she first felt the child move within her that she finally understood.

It shouldn't have been possible but she was pregnant.

She snuck into the infirmary that night, used a scanner to confirm what she already knew. There, on the viewer was a tiny infant, it's head huge in comparison to its body, it's stubby limbs kicking as it floated within her. Its existence could no longer be denied.

Eris' hands shook as she deleted the record of her scan. That fragile form growing inside her was a death sentence, proof that she was defective. Hurriedly she searched through drawers of medications and chemicals. It wasn't hard to find something that would be fatal to the fetus. As she went to fill a hypo-spray however she found herself standing frozen, unable to proceed. She couldn't do it, couldn't take the life of this child, her child. Yet neither could she hide the pregnancy, not for much longer at least. There was only one other choice; she had to leave.

"This message came in an hour ago, bounced off a relay station on the far side of the wormhole. Mister Garak discovered it. He can't read it." Sisko looked pointedly at Weyoun. "I'm willing to bet you can."

They were alone in the commander's office. Weyoun squinted, tilting his head to the side as he tried to focus on the viewer. "Can you make the image bigger?" he asked.

Ben in-putted a quick command and the size of the text doubled.

"Ah," Weyoun said. "Yes, I can read this. It's Dominion code."

"What does it say?"

"It's a distress call," He blinked in surprise, "and it's addressed to me." He looked at the Captain, who gestured for him to continue. "I want to… leave," he read slowly as he deciphered the strange strings of characters. "I can be useful… Please. It's signed 'Eris'. There are co-ordinates."

Sisko sighed. "I've encountered Eris before," he said. "She's a spy."

"She was designed for infiltration," Weyoun agreed.

"You know her."

"I've never met her but I have read her personnel file."

"Then you'll understand why I can't act on this message."

The Vorta stood for a moment, considering, features carefully blank. "Of course," he finally replied. Then without pausing he asked, "What is my status on this station Captain Sisko? Am I a prisoner?"

"You're not a prisoner," Ben replied, startled both by the bluntness and the abrupt change of topic. "All the Vorta on DS9 have been officially classed as refugees."

"In that case I am going to leave for a while."


"I would like to go on a trip," Weyoun stated, quite calmly.

Benjamin frowned deeply. "Let me guess," he said, "your destination would be the co-ordinates on the SOS?"

"Yes," Weyoun replied, inclining his head in ascent.

"I can't allow that."

"Did you not just say that I was free to leave Deep Space Nine?"

Sisko frowned again. Despite everything that had happened recently he did not trust the former ambassador. He certainly didn't want him meeting unaccompanied with a known spy. "Why do you want to do this?" he asked.

Weyoun paused. He wanted to help Eris, hadn't really considered the 'why' of it. "She's a Vorta, like me," he said at last, "and she wants to leave the Dominion."

"You do realize that this," Ben gestured towards the message, "is almost certainly a set up?"

"It's possible," the small alien conceded. "However, Eris is the first of her line. It's equally possible that she's broken through her conditioning."

The Captain sighed. Short of locking Weyoun up there was little he could do to stop him. Still he was determined to retain some control over the situation. "You can use a runabout," he said. "I'll assign someone to pilot you and act as an escort."

"Thank you Captain." Weyoun was careful not to smile. It really wouldn't do for Sisko to realize he had been manipulated, that the former diplomat had no idea how he would have gotten to the gamma quadrant on his own.

"I want to go with you," Keevan had said.

"Why?" Weyoun asked, genuinely surprised. "I thought you were… opposed to the idea of dying."

The younger clone smiled. "That's a very diplomatic way of saying I'm a coward." His expression became serious again. "I am scared of dying," he said, "but I'm more afraid of being left alone again."

Twelve hours later they were on a runabout with a rather unfriendly Starfleet lieutenant named Dunne, coming in to land on a small Gamma Quadrant moon.

The surface, they found on exiting the ship, was dark and rocky, cold and slightly low on gravity but at least there was enough oxygen that breathing wouldn't be a problem. Lifesign readings led them to a cavern and there she was, standing nervously, waiting.

Keevan found himself smiling, until then not having dared to believe that they could really do this, take another of their kind away from the Founders. "Are you Eris?" the human was saying, one hand on his phaser as Weyoun was moving quickly to join her.

"I am," she replied.

"Why did you contact me?" Weyoun asked quietly, standing close enough that he could see her face.

Eris looked away for a moment before meeting his gaze with a determined expression. "Everyone knows you defected," she said. "They say you're a traitor. I don't care. You were the only person I could think of who might help me. I didn't expect you to come though, not really."

"Help you with what?"

"To save my child's life."

He stared at her with a sort of wonder. "You're pregnant?" he asked, weak eyes drifting towards her stomach.

"It's not obvious yet but yes."

"It should be impossible," Weyoun said, his eyes sparkling with amazement. "Dr. Bashir said they'd written it out of our genetic codes." Snapping back to reality he gestured for Eris to precede him out of the cave. "We have a ship just a short distance away," he told her. "There are things you need to know, important things but they can wait until we're safely on our way back to the wormhole."

"They'll be waiting forever then," said a loud and unexpected voice. Three Vorta and a Starfleet officer spun around to find their exit blocked by a half-dozen Cardassians. At the head of the group was Legate Damar. Lieutenant Dunne made to draw his phaser but before he could fire a disrupter blast punched a hole right through his chest. "Grab the little rats," Damar ordered. Almost instantly Keevan and Weyoun found themselves held with bruising force. The first Cardassian to approach Eris however was flung into a rock wall by a blast of telekinetic force. A second knocked her unconscious with the butt of his rifle before she had a chance to recover.

Damar was smiling.

Weyoun could feel his wrists being shackled behind his back. At the edge of his vision he could see Keevan, face blank with shock. 'He should never have come,' the small Vorta realized.

A familiar figure stepped through the mouth of the cave and Weyoun froze. His hands started to shake.

"Miss me?" asked Dukat.