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"Mommy? Can I ask you something?" a fidgety young girl asked, her silent brother at her side.

"Yes baby. What is it?" their mother asked, unloading the groceries onto the kitchen table. She had just been home from a long day at work. All she really wanted to do was go to bed. But, being a mom had its drawbacks.

"Tell us about daddy." the girl chirped, her brother glaring at the floor.

Their mother froze. "Daddy's at work. He'll be back at around eight. His boss had him working late." she tried to dance around the subject. Unfortunately for her, her children were overly-bright for their age.

"You know what she's asking mom. Our real dad." her son said, arms folded, not looking at her. Why was he so much like him?

Their mother sighed. She emptied the rest of the groceries to the table and brought them to the spacious living-room. She sat them down on the white couch, and looked at them. Grey and violet eyes peered back at her.

"What's up guys. Why are you so interested in your dad all of a sudden?" she asked, truly curious. She knew they would want to know sooner or later, but she had expected it years down the road.

"Because. You know. Steven's okay, but I feel as though, if something major didn't happen, you and daddy would still be together. I can tell momma. I can hear you crying." her daughter said softly. Carly choked. She didn't know her children could hear; she had done her best to muffle the sound.

"I... uh...", she was lost for words. What was she supposed to say?

"Well at least tell us what Neo Domino is. What's so special 'bout it?" her son asked, his grey eyes scanning her every move. They watched everything, yet still usually sat silent. Just like him...

"Your father... I loved your father. But he cheated on me. I doubt he knows you even exist." Carly said, trying not to sound angry or bust out into tears.

"Did you ever tell him?" he asked harshly, his fathers accent burning from his lips.



"If he couldn't stay faithful to me, how could I trust him with two little lives?" Carly said softly. How could she tell her young children that their father was a two-timing jerk?

"Oh. What was his name?" Draylyn, her daughter asked, telling that Jason, her faternal twin, was already getting riled up.

"..." Carly deliberated, and finally gave in.

"His name was Jack."

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