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Echoes of a Past Life

Chapter 6

A Dress for Serena

Now that Raye had gained her Eternal Sailor Mars transformation, it came in handy when she had to deal with evil spirits. Tokyo was becoming more and more ghost free, and those that lingered were good spirits that decided to wait for the light, like Nephlyte. Some ghosts were helpful to Melinda, sometimes showing her around the city and warning her of danger.

Melinda helped Serena hunt for dresses and other things. Serena needed something new and old for her wedding. She already had something borrowed and blue. She borrowed her mother's earrings, white dangling pearls. She had her toenails painted blue. Being the owner of an antique shop, Melinda had a knack of finding old things. They looked at several antique stores but nothing quite struck Serena's fancy. Then they came to one antique store and Serena saw the dress of her dreams. She ran straight to it.

"This is perfect!" Serena exclaimed.

"Definitely something old," said Lita. "I don't think I've seen a dress like that before."

The dress was made out of ivory colored silk, the bodice was in the wrap around style and very form fitting. There were tiny pink rhinestones that looked like rosebuds about to bloom. It had a sweetheart neckline and the sleeves were entirely constructed of white lace and squared off at the elbows. The waist had a pink ribbeen that flared out in a bowless knot.

"What a find," commented Mina. "But it appears to be missing something." She pointed at the ribbon's knot.

"Yeah, like a pin or something," she said Lita.

"I can get one from Mrs. Baker," Serena said casually. "Thanks for your help, Melinda."

"Not a problem," Melinda told her.

Mrs. Baker fashioned a gold pin shaped like a crescent moon to go on Serena's dress. She decided to use a crescent moon in honor of Sailor Moon, who had saved her business on several occasions. She sometimes made crescent shaped jewelry since Sailor Moon had saved her business. She thought that a crescent moon would fit Serena, though she wasn't entirely sure why.

The wedding took place in a park. Andrew was Darien's' best man. Darien's childhood doctor, Melvin, Chad and Jim were other groomsmen. One surprise was Fiore in his human form. The bond between Darien and Fiore was so strong, that Fiore knew that an important event was happening to Darien. Fiore showed up just two hours before the ceremony, already dressed in a tuxedo. Darien couldn't believe that Fiore was still alive, let alone expect to see him come. Darien was in the groomsmen dressing room and had just put on his tie when Fiore walked in.

"Hello, Darien," said Fiore.

"Fiore!" Darien saw his face in the mirror and spun around so quickly he almost tripped. "How are you still alive?"

The last time Darien had seen Fiore, he had given him the friendship flower to save Sailor Moon. Fiore had said it held its life energy. After Darien had ministered the nectar to Sailor Moon, Fiore became a child and disappeared. Darien thought he'd never see him again.

"I finally found my home," Fiore explained. "It was a small world with a large tree. There were people there like me and when they found me, they nursed me back to health. I became an adult again."

Darien pictured Alan and Ann in his mind. They looked like the same type of alien as Fiore.

"I knew that you were going to marry Serena soon," Fiore went on. "And I just had to come. I couldn't miss this."

"I'm glad you're all right," said Darien and they embraced like brothers.

Fiore stood up with Darien and the other groomsmen. The bridesmaids stood on the other side dressed in pink and black dresses. The bodice was pink with black stripes had braided black and white straps, the sleeves attached to the straps, leaving the upper arms bare. The skirt was pink satin with a black lace overlay.

The music changed, announcing the coming of the bride. Mr. Tsukino walked his daughter down the aisle to his future son in law and the ceremony began.

After the couple said their "I do's" and the bouquet was thrown (Raye had caught the bouquet, and received a wink from Chad, which made her blush) it was time for dancing. Amara and Michelle served as the music party, Amara at the piano and Michelle at the violin. Every so often, Mina or Raye would sing. The new Mr. and Mrs. Darien Shields danced their first dance together as man and wife. After a few dances, Melinda danced with Darien as Jim danced with Serena, giving the new couple some married advice.

"Please be sure not to leave your dirty socks lying around," said Melinda. "And be sure to kiss her every morning and every night.

"I sometimes have trouble matching my clothes," Jim admitted to Serena. "So make sure you get a good look at Darien before he goes out in public."

Serena chuckled. "No problem!"

"And take care of that ankle of yours," Jim said. "Have Darien check it every now at then. Good practice for him as he works on being a doctor."

"I will," Serena groaned, looking at her ankle. "It feels just fine, really." It was hard to believe that just a month ago, Serena could hardly put pressure on her foot. Now she was dancing. She was so happy that she didn't have to postpone her wedding. It would have been a nightmare!

Lita had made the cake and supplied most of the refreshments, and Ami was giving her a hard time that there weren't enough "healthy" snacks.

"You didn't put any vegetables out," Ami complained. "What's with all the cookies? The cake has enough calories as it is."

"Hey, there's some sandwiches," Lita muttered. "And if you're really concerned about people getting diabetes, you can go check their blood later."

"This is the best wedding ever!" said Chad, loading his plate with goodies. "When Raye and I get married, can you make our food too?"

"Sure!" said Lita brightly.

"I heard that!" yelled Raye from her table.

"Hey, it's tradition, Raye," Chad said, turning around while he was biting into a chip. "You caught the bouquet. Now we've got to get hitched. We can have it at the temple. I'm sure your Grampa won't mind."

"Oh that's just a bunch of hooey," moaned Raye as Chad came over to her and tried to talk her into the whole, "you're the next person to get married" deal. Raye still wasn't buying it.

After some dancing, the couple cut the cake. It was white with pink roses. There were a few knuckleheads that were expecting some frosting in the fake, but bot Darien and Serena were gentle. Serena would tease Darien with the cake in her hand. As he came to bite it, she pulled it away. Serena took time eating her piece, much to everyone's surprise. She linked the frosting from Darien's fingertips and she had finished.

"That was great, Lita!" Serena announced.

After the wedding, Serena and Darien said their goodbyes to the crowd. Serena and Darien were off to their honeymoon at the same hot springs where they had battled a monster. That monster had been a woman that was jealous of a water sprite and she was transformed into a monster and sealed in the lake. When Darien had been under Queen Beryl's influence, he set her free but he was unable to control her. Sailor Mars used a charm to freeze her and Sailor Moon truly freed her from the lake and her jealousy. After that day, Serena wanted to return to the lake with Darien.

Before Jim and Melinda returned to the states, Ami, Raye, Mina and Lita helped them find suitable souvenirs for their friends back home. Melinda wasn't sure what to get Delia or Rick Payne. Lita suggested a painting by Peggy Jones for Delia. There was an art show of her paintings and they were on sale. Melinda decided on the paitning that Darien and Serena modeled for.

"Now what is Mr. Payne like?" Lita inquired.

"He's a psychologist," answerd Melinda.

"And the professor of Occult Sciences at Rockland University in Grandview," added Jim.

"That sounds pretty cool," said Raye.

"A Maneki Neko would be good," Lita pointed out.

"A what?" said Melinda.

"It means 'beckoning cat,'" explained Ami. "They bring good luck."

When Melinda saw how cute the Maneki Nekos, she just had to get one for herself.

"Ned says he wants some manga," said Melinda.

"Oh there's a great manga and comic shop, just down here," said Mina, pulling on Melinda's arm. "Who's Ned?"

"Delia's son," she answered.

"How old is he?" asked Mina excitedly. "Is he single?"
The other girls groaned and shook their heads at the hopeless romantic's inquires. Mina insisted that Melinda get a few Sailor V comics, of which she signed herself.

"I don't mean to brag, but I starred as Sailor V in the movies," Mina said, handing Melinda the comics.

"And here is a pretty cool graphic novel that a guy would like," said Lita, putting a small thick book with boys on the cover. "It has fighting and giant robots in it. He'd like that."

"Thanks, Lita," answered Melinda.

After souvenir shopping, Melinda and Jim left Japan. They promised the girls they'll keep in touch.

Delia, Rick and Ned held a "Welcome Home," party for the couple when they returned home. It was held in the antique shop. Ned liked the male-oriented graphic novel but he seemed confused when he saw the stack of Sailor V comics.

He smiled wryly at Melinda.

"Er, thanks, Melinda," he said.

"A girl I met suggested those," Melinda explained, seeing the expression on his face. "She stared in the Sailor V movies. I think she…"

"Oh, wow!" cried Ned. "What a hottie!"

Ned found the photo Mina had placed of herself in one of the Sailor V comics, along with a note asking him to write her. "I'm gonna go write her!"

"Ned," muttered his mother as Ned got up from his seat.

"Thanks Melinda!" exclaimed Ned.

"I guess those comics Mina suggested were good after all," said Jim cheekily.

As Lita suspected, Rick liked his Maneki Neko.

"Oh, it is so cute," exclaimed Delia.

"It's supposed to bring good luck," commented Rick, reading the tag. "I can sure use that."

"And for you, Delia," said Melinda, handing her a thin, rectangular package. He opened it to discover a painting of a couple.

"How pretty," said Delia.

"Wow, this is cool," said Rick. "You know, it reminds me of the myth about the Moon Kingdom. The princess that lived there fell in love with a prince on Earth and the Moon Kingdom was destroyed. It's pretty sad, actually."

They looked at him skeptically.

"You know, not all myths are true," said Melinda.

"You being the one who speaks to ghosts don't think it could be possible?" asked Payne.

"That's different," said Melinda. "There is much of a chance of that being real as the moon being made of green cheese."

Jim and Delia laughed while Rick pouted. He cleared his throat and called out to Ned.

"Hey, Ned…you believe me, don't you?"
"Yeah, sure, whatever," answered Ned's voice.

Rick smiled. "See, he knows what I'm talking about."

After Raye had finished fire reading, she turned to see a woman dressed as a miko standing by her. "Can…can I help you?" Raye inquired.

"I just wanted to see you," said the woman. "What a great young woman you are becoming, Raye."

"How do you know my name?" Raye asked.

The woman smiled and turned around. "I'm proud of you."

Instead of pulling the door open to exit, the woman walked right through it. Raye gasped, lunged to the door and flung it open. She looked right and left, but the woman was no where to be found.

"Grampa!" shouted Raye and she ran to the back the temple, where she could usually find him feeding birds. "Grampa!"

"What is it, Raye?" her grandfather inquired. "You look like you've seen a ghost."

"I think I did," said Raye. "I thought at first maybe you hired a new miko or something…but then she walked through the door. I think the temple is haunted!"

"Did this woman have long black hair?" asked Grampa.

"Y—yeah," said Raye with a nod. "She did."

"And violet eyes?"

"Yes," answered Raye.

Grampa smiled and continued feeding birds. "Then there's nothing to worry about. The temple's not haunted. That ghost was your mother."

"My mother?" Raye looked behind her. "You sure?"

"I am," said Grampa. "She comes to visit time to time, to check on you. But you can't see her. Now that you can, then that must mean that your priestess abilities have increased."

Raye thought a minute and remembered her new transformation. Since she had ascended to Eternal Sailor Mars, she had been more sensitive to spirits. Now she could see them. She smiled, happy that the first ghost that she saw was her mother.