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Summery: Naruto was your typical Jock. He was loved by everybody, he was very social and was even president of the student council. Sasuke was your typical Emo Dude. No one really liked him, and he was as social as a tomato. What happens when Sasuke caches Naruto doing something way out of his character?

Warnings: SasuNaru. First point prospective so i guess it's OOC :) AU.

So yeah. i guess Naruto being a Jock and Sasuke being the Emo dude is not original and seen in a lot of Fic's but I'll try to do my fic as authentic as i can ^^

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I would expect it from me not from you.

Sasuke POV.

I sat on the room top of the school. Headphones placed on my ears, iPod in my hand. Today as every other day I had decided to wear black skinny jeans and since it was a rather chilly day I simply put on a white t shirt and an avenged sevenfold hoddie over it. I sat there eyes closed listening to Pretty on the outside by Bullet for my Valentine. Yes how I love this song it made me think of all those bitches that always came off to talk to me with their beautiful smile sure they were hot on the outside but once you came to know them better you realized that there were simply bitches. I felt a tap on my shoulder, I opened my eyes, and it was Naruto.

"What the fuck?" I growled.

"You don't have to be so cold Sasuke!" He said as he gave me one of those gorgeous smiles that would make any girl faint. I glared at him but he just simply took a seat next to me. I have no clue as how I became friend with this idiot. I mean really we are complete opposites! Today he decided to wear a white button up shirt, a pair of blue jeans and some orange converse.

"Why so alone up here anyway?" he asked as he opened up a bag of Cheetos.

I growled.

"You say it as if this was my first time doing it" he let out a laugh.

"True enough" I stared at him. The question was why did this guy hang out with some like me? He is popular and played football. He was president of the student council and was the most social person I knew of, always smiling and chatting with people that he didn't even know! Me? I was your average emo dude that no one really paid attention to, maybe some girls but I just ended up ignoring them, I'm fucking anti-social to summarize it. I glanced at Naruto who was happily eating his Cheetos and noticed the bandages on his wrists.

"Well, is my little Jock slowly turning into an Emo boy?" I said sarcastically as I pointed to his wrists. He gave me a smile.

"Temeā€¦No I'm not. I just got injured in practice this morning" But it still surprised me that I could actually joke with him Sasuke Uchiha does not joke around. My song as come to an end and I was currently looking for another to listen to, as I had my attention on my iPod I hear another voice coming from the stairs.

"I think I saw him coming this way" Shit. It was Sakura; I turned to Naruto and sent him a glare.

"I told you to tell nobody about this place"

"I didn't!" He defended himself, raising his hands in the air. I heard the door open and Sakura appear followed by a flushed Hinata. I always wondered why that girl was like that.

"Sasuke-kun!" I heard here say happily as she attempted to give me a hug, I sent here a glare as a warning not to even try.

"He-ey Naruto" The flushed Hinata said as she played with her hands, her gaze not lifting up from them.

"Hey there Hinata! And Sakura why did you follow me?" Naruto asked as he finished what was left of his Cheetos.

"We were curious as where you went every single lunch period! You used to sit with us and now you don't even say hi" The pink headed girl said as she placed both here hands on her hips like and angry mother. Her hair was totally dyed, since who could possibly a natural pink haired right? I did think it looked way better than her set of natural black hair.

"I just wanted to hang out with my Bud Sasuke!" Naruto said as he wrapped a hand around my neck, which I brushed off with a growl.

"We can all hang out in the cafeteria-"Sakura stared but I stood up and began to walk off.

"Sasuke?" Naruto asked.

"Guess you guys can have the spot" I said as I placed my headphones back in place. Fuck them, it took me a long time to find this place it was quiet and nobody else was here, that's what I liked about it but now it looked like I will have to look for another spot. Just great. I think I heard my name being called a few times but I wasn't really sure since I had my music pretty loud. I felt someone pull my messenger bag. I turned around it was Sakura.

"What?" I growled.

"Hey Sasuke you want to go take some drink later in the day?" She asked and I could see in her eyes that she expected yes as an answer which was stupid, how many times have I rejected her?

"No" I said coldly and began to walk back to the noisy cafeteria.

"Oh, ok" I think I heard her say. Once in the goddamn cafeteria I took a seat at a random spot, it didn't matter. Someone took a seat next to me, it was Neji he just gave me a nod. I liked this dude he didn't talk and bother me with mean less questions. After that the day passed normally. I was in my 8th period, Art. I shared that class with Naruto, Neji and Sakura which against my will all sat in the same table as me.

"Sasuke! Look look a drew a bunny!" Naruto exclaimed as he showed the picture to me. I would have laugh but no Sasuke Uchiha does not laugh. Instead i said nothing.

"Why don't you or Neji ever talk?" Sakura asked as she herself was drawing something, we had a sub today so there wasn't nothing to do; I had my headphones as usual listening to Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold. Neji just stared at Sakura them looked away, me? I also said nothing, which seemed to annoy the hell out of her she wasn't very good at hiding her emotions. An hour later on doing nothing the bell rang and we were dismissed.

"Hurry up Sasuke!" Naruto exclaimed happily as he waited at the door. I walked toward him.

"Can't you be patient Usuratonkachi?" I growled as we walked off. Remember when I said how in living hell did I become friends with this thing? Well it was as simple as this: Naruto is my adopted brother. Isn't that just great?

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