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Sasuke POV

Naruto and I got back home; Itachi had to stay to work extra hours over at his company. So it was just me and Naruto.

"Sasuke…" He began but I cut him off again.

"Dude, I knew your friends didn't like me ok? So don't let it bug you"

"But… Why would they hate you? They don't even know you" He said as he began to look for something to eat.

I almost slapped myself.

"I'm the Emo-kid you guys are the Jocks"

"So?" He said as he opened a family size bag of Sun chips. I sighed.

"Forget it" I began to walk to my room.

"'You make me feel stupid sometimes"

"You are stupid"

"Teme!" He yelled. I got to my room and threw myself to the bed. Today had passed by so fucking slow! I was yawning all fucking day and couldn't stop. Fuck, I'm sleepy. I heard a knock.

"What is it Naruto?" I growled. "I need sleep" he opened the door and walked in.

"Um... I'm going to bring some friend over is that ok?"


"Whatever. I'm leaving at 7 anyways" He nodded and left. It was 5, I need sleep and hour and half would do me good, I set my alarm and closed my eyes.

It was currently 6:37 I quickly took a shower and was currently picking out my outfit. Shikamaru had warmed my not to take an Avenged sevenfold to their concert.

"Everyone and I mean EVERYONE will have one the same shirt. Please don't do the same" I guess he was right. I took out a pair of ripped up black skinny jeans and decided to wear a black Slayer shirt and a zip up hoddie over that. I put my converse on and look at the mirror. I was grateful that I didn't need to do nothing to my hair since it styled naturally. I grabbed my phone and my keys and walked down stairs. I heard laughter from the living room. Shit they're already here. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a packed of pop tarts. I took a deep breath and walked toward the front door.

"Emo-Boy!" I heard Kiba say.

"Don't call him that!" I heard Naruto say.

"I'm leaving Naruto, Make sure to locked the door when this…leaves" He nodded and as I closed the door I heard Kiba say.

"He talks like his your fucking Mother!" I made my way to Shikamaru's house; he lived just 2 blocks away. I regretted not bringing my iPod but it was better not to take it, what if I lost it? I would not live without my music. I got to his house and rang the bell. Shikamaru opened up. He had a pair of regular blue jeans a pair of black boots and also a Slayer shirt.

"Why Slayer?" he asked as he looked at me up and down.

"Why Slayer indeed" I said and sighed. "You change" I said and he nodded. I send Neji a text not to bring a Slayer shirt. He got here 5 min after.

"Why Slayer?" He asked annoyed but had an Iron Maiden shirt.

"Why indeed" Both of us said. Shikamaru's dad was the one to take us to the concert and indeed, you saw almost on everybody with the shirt of the band!

"Call me when it's over" he said and we all nodded.

It was one of the best concerts I had ever gone to, and I have been to quite a few. It was about 3 in the morning and I full of energy! Shikamaru's dad was kind enough with me and dropped my off at my house.

"It's your fucking nightmare!" I sang as I got out my keys and walked it Shutting the door behind me. I walked quietly to my room passing Itachi's and Naruto's on the proses. But when passing Naruto's room since his door was not fully shut I saw him sitting next to his bed, I decided to walk in.

"Naruto what are you doing up this time in the night? Wait… don't tell my your mastu-"

"S-Sasuke?" I heard him say as he jumped up surprised and something hit the floor, and I saw I knife. I looked at the knife and then back a Naruto. I ran to turn on the lights. And to my horror I saw all the blood coming out of his wrists.

"Idiot!" I yelled. "What the fuck?"

"Shh Sasuke! Itachi is sleeping!" He said as he ran to his restroom.

"What the fuck Naruto? Why the fuck would you out of all people cut?" I said and walked into the restroom with him. He was rubbing his wounds with alcohol.

"Don't worry about it Sasuke" he said in a harsh voice and began to wrap one of his wrists.

"Don't worry about it? Don't worry about it?" I repeated in disbelief.

"Yeah Sasuke don't worry about it" he glared at me "Don't you dare tell Itachi about this."

"What? You expect me to just-"

"I'll tell him about all those Tattoos you got" He said as he pointed at my arms. I always used long sleeved shirts; I stared at my bear arms and realized I didn't have my hoddie on, fuck. I had gotten this tattoos a while back when I had gone to a concert with Neji, he had gotten one on his forehead. That is why he always used a bandana looking thing and his bangs helped cover it. I got one on my wrist it was a skull with a rose. But eventually I got more and more and it ended up all over my arms.

"Naruto" I said and glared at him. "What you doing is serious"

"What you did is serious too" He challenged me.

"So back the hell of"

"You know what fuck you" I said with as much poison as I could manage. I walked out and into my room; it took a lot of self-control not to slam my door shut. Fuck, Naruto cutting is just…unbelievable. I mean maybe coming out of me seemed normal but Naruto? I thought he was happy… Why would he do that?

And you may be wondering how can you hide that many tattos? I dont know! but this is fiction! if i wanted a pig to fly i can make it fly! ;)

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