A/N:Written for 10orders LiveJournal writing challenge community using the prompt #14 – Hate me. Coincidentally, when I typed this up, my player turned to Skillet's Open Wounds and this song set the right mood for this fic. I think the lyrics of this song are quite fitting for the Alois/Claude relationship.

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Hate Me

"Are you angry, Claude?" Alois leans back in his chair, a crystal glass wobbling in his fingers precariously only moments after he had spilled the contents of and broken an identical glass just to see that odd expression on Hannah's face again. This isn't the first time Alois has asked a question along the same lines.

Claude regards him calmly and his look betrays no emotion at all. On the inside he might be, and he might not.


Alois sneers and tips the glass just so, the diluted wine creeping up to the very edge, ready to spill over. It doesn't. Claude doesn't react and the glass in Alois' fingers straightens again. He sets in on the table, feigning good manners and proper education which had been beaten into him by his beloved father's servants in order to turn him into a lovely doll for the perverted old Trancy lord and which he had later leaned from Claude to become a worthy rival for Ciel Phantomhive. The second glass does not break. Revenge is no longer his main goal.

"Do demons lie?" Alois asks when there are only the two of them in the room – the young Trancy lord and his faithful butler. His blue eyes stare at the demon, unblinking.

The look Claude gives him is nothing short of ludicrous, as if such a thought is disgusting, but he composes himself soon enough and becomes properly expressionless.

"No," he answers in a flat voice which demands no further inquiries of the sort. Of course, he lies. Lying for a demon is the same as breathing for a human – natural. There are no limits to a demon's allowances, only that one – to climb up to heaven and to reach anything even remotely connected with it (such as the shinigami quarters). They can no longer back to the place they fell from.

Alois smiles, content with the answer and lets Claude go to attend to the household. (He has a team of great servants employed and needs only to oversee their work, nothing else.) It isn't until later that night when Alois wakes up from a nightmare that will never stop haunting him, not even in a thousand years, and Claude doesn't show up for far longer than every other time before; not before Alois has to shout his name though tears and sobs, and perpetual darkness. Claude appears almost instantly then, carrying a candleholder and Alois' first words of greeting are…

"Hate me."

It's the second time that day when Claude looks at him in that same ludicrous way and his answer is the same as before. And he lies, again. Because it is not a direct order and he doesn't feel like revealing his true nature to his little master just yet.