Princess Emeralda added Hiding from my mom, Hanging out at the swamp and Practicing magic to their Activities.

Princess Emeralda is chillin' in the swamp. Thanks, Queen Chartreuse, for inviting Prince Jorge over. . How old do you think I am? 6? You don't have to arrange play-dates for me anymore. (Sent from mobile)

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A Frog posted on Princess Emeralda's wall - Wow, way to ruin my lunch.

Princess Emeralda WTF? Who are you?

A Frog Long story… Say, are you really a princess?

Princess Emeralda Maybe…

A Frog Sweet, would you do me an eensy weensy favor?

Princess Emeralda And what might that be?

A Frog Could you kiss me?

Princess Emeralda added Laughing so hard that you startle blackbirds to their Activities.

A Frog sent Princess Emeralda a Puckered Lips

Princess Emeralda In your dreams!

A Frog Oh, it will be… ;)

A Frog changed his name to Prince Eadric

Prince Eadric is now friends with Princess Emeralda

Prince Eadric is doomed to be a frog forever. (Sent from mobile)

Princess Emeralda Just ask another princess.

Prince Eadric Sure! I'll just ask one of the hundreds of other princesses who are hanging around the swamp, begging to be kissed.

Princess Emeralda Whatever.

Princess Emeralda Can't get the look of that stupid frog's face when I left out of my head. Dang him. (Sent from mobile)

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