Princess Emeralda: Is awake before everyone else… I feel like a ninja creepin' down the stairs like this. I have to leave before mother wakes up. (Sent from mobile)


Princess Emeralda: Ugh. Bugs are so obnoxious. I think I'm gonna smack one and end its annoying little life. (Sent from mobile)

Prince Eadric: Ha. Thanks! I needed that ;)

Princess Emeralda: I wasn't trying to feed you, just getting rid of annoying bugs.

Prince Eadric: Really? I find them delicious. There are a few that can be a tad bit salty though… Say, how did you sleep last night? Did you feel guilty for ditching me?

Princess Emeralda: Actually, I didn't sleep so well.

Prince Eadric: I knew it!

Princess Emeralda: It wasn't because I felt guilty, I'm just curious… Who are you claiming to be, anyways?

Prince Eadric: I am His Royal Highness, Prince Eadric of Upper Montevista.


Prince Eadric sent Princess Emeralda a Dramatic Bow.

Princess Emeralda: *Rolls eyes*

Prince Eadric: So, how about that kiss, eh?

Princess Emeralda: Just because you say you're a prince doesn't mean you are one. I'm fairly certain I would have heard about a prince being turned into a frog the way news spreads around here.

Prince Eadric: I doubt anyone knows about it, even my family. Then again, they could be hushing it all up. That happens a lot…

Princess Emeralda: Mine too. My mother is such an expert at it, you'd think she was the witch in the family, not Aunt Grassina. Haha.

Prince Eadric: You have a witch for an aunt? O.O Is she ugly? Mean? Nasty to poor, innocent fashion critics?

Princess Emeralda: No! She's not like that at all! She's actually the only relative I can stand, pretty much. She doesn't criticize me for being a klutz, and she gives me awesome presents like my charm bracelet. The symbols on it mean something, but I forgot. It glows in the dark and I wear it all the time, cause it's that awesome. Anyways, I should be going. Figure out some way to prove to me you're really who you say you are. I'll be back soon.


Queen Chartreuse: Attention all servants! Please alert me as soon as Princess Emeralda sets foot in the castle.

Princess Emeralda: Oh, fabulous. -_-

Head Gardener: I found her Your Majesty!

Princess Emeralda: Rats. You're such a tattle-tale.

Head Gardener: Hey, I've been asking for a pay raise for quite a while now. It's not my fault I have to kiss up in every way possible in order to get the extra money.


Queen Chartreuse posted on Princess Emeralda's wall: Ah, there you are, Emeralda. Stand up tall now. Eugh, you look like you rolled in the rubbish heap.

Princess Emeralda: Sorry, mother.

Queen Chartreuse: Pity you weren't here today. That charming Prince Jorge was here, visiting.

Princess Emeralda: Charming to you, maybe.

Queen Chartreuse: I did you a favor, which you will thank me for.

Princess Emeralda: Er, thanks?

Queen Chartreuse: You and Jorge are to be married by the end of the summer. I've already begun the negotiations.

(Prince Jorge likes this)

Princess Emeralda: I'm pretty sure getting sucked by leeches is preferable to marrying Jorge. He's so self-centered and I don't love him!

Prince Jorge: Oi!

Queen Chartreuse: Love is not necessary in marriage. Now stop whining and be glad *someone* wants to marry you. If only you were born a boy, like your father and I wanted… Now go away. My headache's coming back.

Princess Emeralda: But Jorge is such a fool!

Prince Jorge: OI! Why add me if you're just going to insult me?

Princess Emeralda: Whatever.


Grassina the Green Witch posted on Princess Emeralda's wall: Called away for a couple days. I'll come find you when I get back and we'll make those fruit tarts you love.


Princess Emeralda: Is nobody available to talk to?

Fortunata: I've got a cold.

Violet: I'm not in a good mood. Having to scrub the kitchen floor AGAIN!

Bernard: Can't. Darn those slugs. Mumblegrumblemumble.

Chloe: Your mother needs a new gown. I'm swamped.

Princess Emeralda: Swamped! Genius!


Princess Emeralda: Off to find the little froggy. Hopefully he's not too busy to listen.

Prince Eadric: Sorry, no proof yet.

Princess Emeralda: Never mind that. I just need someone to talk to. My mother is forcing me to marry Prince Jorge!

Prince Eadric: You've got to be kidding! He loves himself so much, there's no room for anyone else in the relationship!

Princess Emeralda: Exactly! I can't marry him!

Prince Eadric: You could talk to your mother about it?

Princess Emeralda: I tried. No luck. Ugh. I'd rather marry you than stupid Jorge! At least you wouldn't ignore me or laugh at me, right?

Prince Eadric: Um… No, of course not…

Princess Emeralda: Plus then I wouldn't have to leave the swamp if we got married.

Prince Eadric: Gee, all I wanted was a kiss…

Princess Emeralda: You want a kiss? Fine!


Princess Emeralda sent Prince Eadric a Kiss.