The scent of burning ash fluttered through the air, carelessly ignoring its still occupants bloodied and burnt in the sopping mud. Bodies of men, woman and children lay abandoned a mixture of vessels and victims from the demon and angel show down. The rain thundered down from the dark sky as the remaining two opponents stared each other down one with a sword in hand standing tall and righteous, the other a rose in his grasp his sword seemingly missing when it was actually up his sleeve. Thunder rumbled menacingly as the sound of God's anger and anguish continued to rain upon the Earth.

Not to far from the righteous angel clad in silver armour a body of a black haired male with blue eyes in a ripped trench coat gazed at the battle helplessly. He groaned as he tried to stem the blood flowing out of his side feeling his remaining grace curl away from his being, soul heavy with grief he could only watch without being able to intervene "Dean."

Dean Winchester or what was now the vessel of Michael raised his sword white wings spread out aggressively "It's over Lucifer you lose."

Lucifer lowered his rose but to the eye Sam Winchester did the action, he remained still eyeing his opposition curiously, white suit sparkling despite the downpour and surrounding grime of blood, sweat, Earth and tears. "Oh? And what makes you say that Michael?"

Dean's face remained expressionless and serious "I will strike you down with the power of father and fulfil my destiny."

Sam's face scrunched into a sneer "You always going to do what daddy says for your immortal life? I thought daddy was long gone yet you still chase after him like the obedient little guard dog you are."

Michael's temper rose "Shut up! You don't know anything about loyalty!"

Lucifer snapped back "And you do? I asked you to stand with me but you betrayed me."

Michael laughed short harsh and bitter "I'm the traitor? Oh that is so rich coming from you."

The lighting flashed with forked lightning Michael gripped his sword tighter "We end this now."

He shot forward using his wings to move faster, Lucifer dodged nimbly unfolding his own black wings parrying the blow and kicking Michael in the side. Michael pivoted shooting up then dive bombing the devil that blocked his attack then tried to slash at the Arc angels unprotected leg muscles. Michael flipped back hovering in the air "You're an abomination! A freak of nature that father should never have created!"

Lucifer flapped his wings hovering across from him "Resorted to name calling Mikey? Nothing you can say will have any effect on me considering I've spent the last few millennia in hell!"

He dashed forward feinting from his target of Michaels head to his torso, Michael grabbed Lucifer's arm kneeing him in the stomach then tried to stab him in the back, Lucifer barely twisted out of his hold in time. Michael roared over the rising winds "And you deserve hell! You killed Gabriel!"

Like a switch had been flicked Lucifer's calm demeanour ebbed away giving way into a bitter grimace "Shut up."

Michael glared back defiantly "Can't face the truth of your own sins? Gabriel never hurt you, he never took sides and at one point he even looked up to you. But that didn't matter did it? You stabbed him without any difficulty."

Sam's eyes flashed red "I said shut up."

Michael ignored him "Was it that easy? Cutting through him like some low level demon spawn you torture for fun."

Lucifer gripped his blade tighter "Shut up!"

Michael circled round slightly aware that his movements were being followed "I bet you drew it out for your own sick amusement. I bet you made him scream."

Lucifer shot forward "I SAID SHUT UP!"

The swords clashed as another streak of lightning made itself known in the blackened skies, Lucifer pushed harder against their stalemate "You talk as if you've done no wrong. I noticed Anna got no mercy in your 'righteousness'."

Michael kicked him back charging forward "Anna was a traitor!"

Lucifer parried swinging around for a back strike that Michael blocked "Anna tried to avert the apocalypse and she gets smited for her troubles, all I did was refuse to bow to lesser beings that I knew would never appreciate this planet and I get cast into hell. Wonderful disciplinary system you have."

In a fresh burst of rage Michael managed to wound Lucifer's left side "Perhaps I should have not shown you mercy and ended it there and then."

In quick retaliation Lucifer managed a hard hit on Michael's vessel's skull and also cut his arm a little. They back off breathing heavily although it was unnecessary blood grace leaked out of Lucifer's side, whilst blood dripped over Michael's left eye, and also dripped out of his arm with trickles of grace.

Wordlessly they charged at each both brimming with the intent to kill, Castiel gazed up at them blearily unable to do anything, lightning flashed, thunder boomed.

Then complete whiteout, time seemed to stop briefly slowing down to almost a standstill, Lucifer gazed at his brother through pain filled eyes seemingly unaware at the sword lodged in his stomach, Michael looked back with hollow eyes echoing old hurts and pains also not noticing the sword piercing his chest.

Michael fell back first coughing blood out from his chest, Lucifer watched his fall numb until his own injury forced him to cough up his own pint of life liquid.

He looked up falling backwards allowing the rain to do the crying for him whether from loss or pain only he knew, Michael shut his eyes barely aware his right wing was twisted in a impossible angle from falling on it, just waiting for the end.

Despite all his anger and harsh words he was just so tired of this whole mess, he was tired of fighting, tired of hating and tired of hurting.

Lucifer echoed similar thoughts of his fight with Michael. Reflecting on all the years spent alone festering in hell, trapped with slimy twisted beings that had not a single unique thought of anything other than torture and killing, the pain of killing Gabriel that had cut him deeply though he played it off as pity rather than a harsh regret.

"Time to see through fresh eyes unclouded by hate."

As Michael's consciousness faded away he had time to at least recall "That sounded like father."