Year 18~2009

Things were finally settling down into every day routine that didn't feel like it was tiring the eldest two by just getting up in the mornings, seventeen year old Michael had gotten a bonurs at the diner and his boss at the salvage yard had given him an old red Camero to drive around after he had learned how.

His boss said 'you're a hard working young lad that's gonna want his own wheels soon, so take it. It wouldn't have sold for much anyway.'

This made things marginally easier having to not depend on anything else to get anywhere, sixteen year old Lucifer got a job at music store as well as keeping his few library hours content on the part he did for his family.

Fourteen year old Gabriel had finally started moving on from his parent's death and revolved around keeping the house in order as well as caring for nine year old Anna and five year old Castiel. Doing what he did before with the exception of making sure Castiel went to Pre-school as well, when he wasn't looking after them he did odd jobs for neighbours in the street getting a little pay for his efforts. They never pried why he needed the money; they just assumed his parents were making him work to save up for a bike or something.

Anna had started hanging out with boys her age playing soccer and such, much to Michael's chagrin.

She'd allowed her hair to grow shoulder length but still insisted in dressing in her brother's hand me downs no matter how much Michael asked her to let them buy her some new proper fitting clothes.

Anna had said defiantly "Gabe says I don't haveta if I don't wanna." And that was that.

Since Castiel was still young and unusually quiet for a child his age, he never disagreed to doing anything Gabriel asked of him, which was a bit odd since young children always disobeyed at one time or another.

Castiel never did though.

Michael still worried that Anna and Castiel were depending too much on Gabriel for a mother figure but since they seemed happy with the arrangement he let it slide.

As she was growing older Gabriel trusted Anna to take baths by herself so it wouldn't become awkward between them when she got… ah… temperamental if anyone accidentally walked in on her changing.

It didn't stop him sitting outside the bathroom door though and shouting things like "I don't hear you bathing in there!"

"Did you use conditioner?"

"Anna Evelyn Harper get into the bath or you can't play soccer tomorrow!"

He was definitely into the role of being over protective mother hen, but Anna was growing up.

This is why when Michael was sitting with Lucifer in the living room watching Anna doing her homework kicking the table in vengeance until Gabriel shouted from the kitchen warningly "Anna!" She immediately stopped kicking sulking into her seat whilst Castiel sat besides her drawing with crayons that he brought up the dreaded topic.

"Anna's going to need a training bra soon."

Lucifer's eyes widened and he chocked on the soda he'd been swallowing "Say what!"

Michael scowled "Please don't make this anymore awkward than it is."

"Sorry but I thought you just said Anna was going to need a training bra soon."

At Michaels deadpan stare he gaped "You can't be serious!"

Michael looked back at Anna "As much as I hate to admit it she's growing up. And no matter how much she tries to be otherwise Anna IS a girl and she's going to ah… You know! You had health class."

Lucifer grimaced "Yeah but… Anna's only a young girl."

Michael sighed "She's coming up ten Luce. She's not gonna be little much longer."

Lucifer frowned "So…who's taking her shopping for a…bra…then?"

"Well Gabriel can't even pass off as twelve because of his height let alone a guardian. So it's either me or you."

Lucifer waved his hands "Wo wo! Why can't we get Grandma to take her?"

"Grandma's gotten worse she can barely remember who we are let alone what she's meant to be doing."

"I think she should go into a home or get someone to live with her and help her."

"Stop avoiding the topic Lucifer."

"Couldn't she tie some cloth around her chest?"


"ARG! Fine! Rock, paper, scissors the loser takes Anna shopping tomorrow."


They readied their hands "One! Two! THREE!"

Michael had rock whilst Lucifer had scissors "…well damn."

Lucifer wanted to find some deep dark hole.

Curl up in it and hide forever.

If it wasn't the fact he was dragging a screaming Anna behind him, he may have just done that.

Woman gave him strange looks as he entered further into the underwear department, oh someone just end it now!

A weary looking assistant asked "Can I help you sir?"

Lucifer nodded "Yeah can you help my little sister find some training bra's her size?"

His face was burning in the blush he had to be sporting.

Anna stomped her foot trying to pry her hand out of his firm grip "I don't need a bra!"

The assistant whose name tag read 'Stacy' asked "I see. Do you have her size?"

Lucifer shook his head "No I didn't want to measure her, cuz ya know she's my sister, and our parents passed on."

Stacy's face softened "Oh you poor things. No one else could bring her?"

Lucifer shook his head "I have three other brothers and my eldest brother, who looks after us, stayed at home with our younger siblings."

He didn't want to lay it on but her demeanour had changed to an 'awe you brave little souls' Well at least she wasn't looking at him strangely now.

"Well come this way I have just the thing for her."

Lucifer leaned against the changing room letting 'Stacy' assist Anna in getting her shopping done; he idly glanced around the department seeing a mother and daughter that couldn't be much older than Anna.

"Mummy can we go look at some make up?"

The mother smiled "Of course we can after I do our shopping. OK?"

The little girl beamed "OK!"

They drifted off deeper into the department, Lucifer's stomach sunk when he thought about how that should be Eve and Anna just now.

How Anna should have her mother around doing these girly things with her. Shopping, talking about boys when she got older, thinking about getting a dress all those sort of things most girls did that she couldn't do now.

His musing was cut short when Stacy reappeared "How many bras are you purchasing sir?"

He blinked owlishly "I have this much? So…?"

Stacy nodded "OK I'll take care of it."

Ten minutes later they paid and left with Anna's three new pieces of clothing in a shopping bag, Anna was bright red though whether it was from anger or embarrassment, he didn't know.

They walked in silence Anna looked at other mother's that milled about with kids watching longingly, Anna delicately took Lucifer's hand again "Lucy?"

Lucifer hmmed in acknowledgment "Can we…can we get an ice cream before we go home?"

Looking into his little sisters hopeful face, he understood that under her tough exterior Anna was still the little girl that missed her parents more than she admitted, she was just trying to fill the void where they used to be with her older brother's she'd known from birth.

"Yeah why not? We still have a little bit left over."

The way her face lit up was enough to make his lips twitch into a smile.

An hour later when they got home Gabriel immediately fussed over Anna and made sure she went straight for a bath, when she went off to have said bath Gabriel looked at the shopping bag in Lucifer's hand like it was about to bite him. Michael was sitting in the living room watching them "So… How'd it go?"

Lucifer glared at him shoving the bag into a startled Gabriel's arms "Next time you're going."

Michael winced "That bad huh?"

Lucifer sagged into the sofa next to him "Of course not. Absolutely nothing uncomfortable being in a woman's underwear department with your younger sister and a bunch of ladies glaring at you. Nope not at all."

Castiel walked over and gave him a picture.

Lucifer sighed "What ya got there Cas?"

He took the drawing looking at the stick people as Castiel pointed them out "That's you, that's Michael, that's Anna, that's Gabriel, and that's me."

Lucifer patted his head "Great Cas. Why do we all have wings?"

Castiel blinked then wandered after Gabriel who had headed off to get started on dinner.

Lucifer said "He's one odd little fruit loop isn't he?"

Michael shrugged "I'd say no odder than the rest of us. Pepsi?"

Lucifer accepted it holding in it up in a mock toast "To Anna may she not grow any bigger until I'm at least thirty!"

Michael humoured him and knocked their cans together then relaxed, Blade jumped onto Lucifer's lap who absentmindedly petted him until Gabriel called out "Grubs up!"