A/N: This starts right after my fic 'Jealousy' ends. It'll be a series of connected one-shots. Conversations between Eliot and Parker, mostly taking place up on roofs. Thanks to Rose for the idea of Eliot following Parker up to the roof, and letting me use the idea.

Rooftop Conversations

Parker was drawn from her thoughts as the roof access door opened. Eliot moved to stand near her, but didn't say anything. Both enjoyed the comfortable silence for several minutes.

"That song… you were thinking about Kaye Lynn?" Parker finally asked, her voice soft.

"Yeah, I was," Eliot admitted.

"You didn't go see her when we had some time off," Parker said. It was something she was now very happy about, but also curious.

"She has her life, and I have mine. We… had a moment, but that's all it was. I can't be part of her world, and she doesn't belong in our world."

Parker liked that he said 'our world', including her.

"But the time with her is a good memory," Eliot added.

A bitter-sweet emotion Parker couldn't name filled her. But she was glad Eliot had some happy memories. He deserved them. She'd just have to make sure that some of those happy memories included her.

They fell into another comfortable silence. This time it was Eliot who spoke first.

"So why'd you come up here?" Eliot asked. "Everything ok?"

"Yeah. I just needed to get some space."

She liked that Eliot didn't pry. He left it up to her to share her thoughts or not.

"I'm making enchiladas tomorrow if you want to come over," Eliot invited.

Parker smiled widely and nodded. Eliot's enchiladas were her favorite.

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