Title: Love Each Day

Author: MyHeroRaven

Summary: "Remember to love each day… for there may not be another," When Carlos decides to play the role of vigilante he finds himself facing off against a dangerous foe. Will he make it out alive? Or will he fall? SLASH JARLOS!

Warnings: Okay there are a ton of these but let me try and narrow it down: rape, murder, character death, slash, homophobia, possible drug use, detailed torture (blood), cursing, racial slurs, abuse, self harm and eating disorders. Ladies and Gentlemen… This is rated M for a reason.

Categories: Mystery, Crime, Adventure, Friendship, Romance, Hurt/Comfort, and Suspense.

Character: This is going to be a JARLOS fic that means James and Carlos in a romantic relationship. Although I don't know how much romance there is going to be what with all the angst. But there will def be some loving at some point. I promise : ). I have FCMD: Favorite Character Mutilation Disorder and my Favorite character is Carlos. Hands down. This fic is going to be about all of the boys, but Carlos is truly the star. There aren't that many Carlos fics out there so I decided to do something about that.

A/N: Homophobia is wrong, today the world tells you that it is OK to torture, maim, and take the life of someone who is gay and string them up like lights on a fucked up christmas tree. The world is a sick place…

So let's change it.

Disclaimer: I do not own Big Time Rush.

Dedication: I am a proud and out lesbian and I've seen some pretty disturbing things in my time. So this is dedicated to all that have dealt with homophobia in their lives, from being abused at home or at school, to having people make you feel like utter crap, and to those that have already lost the fight and have had their lives taken from them. This is for you. The unspoken, unknown Heroes.

Stand up for your right to love.

Beta: My beta for this story is the incredible, amazing, talented, and beautiful: BTRlover17. You truly rock! Thank you for helping me with my first BTR chapter story, it really means a lot.

I was going to do a shout out section, but I want to wait till the end of the story. A lot of you have inspired me and you know who you are. This is also for you.

Special thanks to Besosybrazos. You've helped me more than you will ever know. Thank you my friend. : )

Ok enough with this, I've talked far too much already. I hate doing A/N because I feel it takes away from the story. This is my last A/N for the rest of the story. Because I feel the story speaks for itself.

If you have any questions PM me.

SPECIAL DEDICATION: This is for the girl that got away. I'll always love you, though you are gone you live within me, and you always will.



Carlos POV

My eyes started to adjust and there was a sharp pain running through my arms. My chest felt tight and every second that went by just made it a million times worse. Where was I?

I looked around and soon realized that I wasn't safe in my bed at the Palm Woods. My head was throbbing and I could feel something slick running down the side of my face. It was blood. I must have been hit in the head. It hurt so badly and it was hard to keep my eyes open. I felt sleepy, but I've heard that when you get a head injury that you need to stay awake. I think it's because you can fall asleep and never wake up if you do. I started to hyperventilate, my brown eyes widening with fear as the panic set in.

"HELP PLEASE! SOMEONE HELP ME! AYÚDENME POR FAVOR! YO NECESITO AYUDA POR FAVOR ALGUIEN! NADIE! ¡Por Favor!" I screamed. It hurt my throat to yell, and I had started to speak Spanish. It was compulsive… I only spoke my native tongue when I was scared.

And I had good reason to be!

I was completely alone in what seemed to be a cellar. It was dirty and the smell of rust was strong… wait that's not rust. Its blood; the sickening and thick coppery scent of blood eroding my senses. Dirt and grime covered the walls of my surroundings. I could hear water dripping from the sink in the corner. I couldn't see much though; the room was so dark. I tried to get up so I could walk around and get a better look. But I couldn't move.

I looked up and realized that my wrists were shackled and bound to the ceiling by a pair of chains; the cold metal chafing against my wrists. My ankles were chained as well to the floor, making it hard for me to stand. I couldn't move.

What was I doing before I got here? I was at the club. Hunting for him like I had been doing for the last month. I was at the club. I was at the club, I can't remember! I can't remember what the hell happened! Okay Carlos breath, remember what your abuelita used to say before she passed away: love each day... for there may not be another. I have to stay positive, that's what she always told me. I need to think about the good things!

Well, nothing seems to be broken. I think I still have my kidney… and I'm not dead. Yet. Don't think like that! My friends will find me! They always find me, Kendall, Logan, and James. James… James. He'll never know, he'll never know how much I love him, how I've always loved him. I'm going to die and he'll never, ever know.

Way to be negative. But it's true. Oh God, I'm locked in a cellar, bleeding and injured, with a serial killer, a rapist, a man that preys on gay boys. I'm gay, and none of my friends knows where I am. I have to stay positive. Come on I'm Carlos! I can do anything! I can make it! I looked up at the chains above my head and I pulled and pulled, thinking like they do in the movies where the Hero gets the strength he needs at the last second and makes a miraculous escape

But this wasn't the movie, I wasn't a Hero, I wasn't even the damsel in distress, I was just a 15-year-old boy, a kid, trapped and at the mercy of a madman. My heart strayed back to James the look in his eyes when he laughs, when he smiles, when he told me, you'll never be able to do it. He was right. What was I thinking going head to head with a serial killer? A murderer? I'm just a stupid little boy in love, desperate for his attention. I'm in love with someone who will probably never love me back. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Fucking stupid Carlos! I'm always doing something reckless! And look where's it's gotten me! But… But… what? But you have to make it. For your friends… you have to make it for your friends… for James. Yeah. I can do this, I'll survive for James. Hope elated within me, filled me up till I was ready to burst. I could do this.


All of a sudden a small light filtered at the other end of the room and I knew that the door had been opened. Heavy footsteps descended the stairs, descended upon my heart making me feel like I was going to be violently sick. As the footsteps neared I felt tears fall from my eyes and in that moment all hope and courage I had found went out like a light.

I am going to die.

P.S. Okay that's the end of the prologue. This is going to be a long story.

Oh and I changed the boy's ages. Here are the ages for MY story:

Carlos: 15 almost 16.

James: 16

Kendall: 16

Logan: 16 almost 17.

Remember Love Each Day, the point of this is because homophobes people that torture and hurt and abuse feed off of hate. The only way to fight hate is with love. Don't live with hate in your hearts… the whole damn world hates me, so why should I hate myself? Love each day and be proud because tomorrow could be your last.