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Chapter 6: The Truth Behind The Mask

Yusei popped himself onto his runner put his helmet on with his visor on and revved himself off

onward to public maintenance bureau in new domino city to finish what he started knowing the

dangers on ahead, suddenly his headset was ringing and Yusei answered "Can you hear me?"

"Yep, hear you loud and clear boss." Yusei nodded "Good so what you receiving?" hearing

typing in the back ground "Well just broke the security and showing no sign of someone noticing

me in this system, but I do have good news and bad news." Yusei sigh in discomfort knowing

this is not going to end well "Ok give me the bad news first." Hearing more typing "The bad

news is the room you are requiring is on the…" Yusei snapped up "The 18th floor?" "Yeah how

did you know?" Realizing what he said tried to make a quick comment "Honestly lucky guess,

sorry about that keep going." Bruno could not help but chuckle "Don't worry, but keep that luck

going anyway the 18th level is almost like the mid level of the building so either go to the roof or

the ground level of the vent shafts plus the security of the place is high today, the reason is

because of the restoration project." Yusei was thinking what to do. "What's the good news?"

Bruno was giving a relief through the set, not knowing yusei is half way there "The good news is

considering the security system is watching the place and not a lot of people are over there I

might be able to create loophole system with the cameras, and when we find the sensors in the

vents to the room I can make it look like it is doing a cool down phase long enough for you to get

in and get out if anyone is around I can warn you on ahead." Yusei smiled "Thanks Bruno I think

this is going to work. By the way I'm at the building what do I do?" Bruno at the other end was

typing pretty fast and the screen was showing a 3d schematic of the building. "On the east side of

the building there is a vent that goes into the route to the 18th floor through there." Yusei then

park the bike and slide the ski mask on applied the belt full of tools and jumped to the east side

and found the vent, once the screws were loose Yusei jumped into the vent and kept going in the

straight direction, "I'm in what's next?" "Ok, the next thing you need to do is keep climbing till

you see a tall shaft that looks to connect all the air vents and find the one that leads to the 18th

floor." Yusei was crawling till he saw the vent room that was so tall it can lead to the roof

"Rather than climbing I got this." (pulls out a grabbling gun) then it fired till suddenly connected

allowing Yusei to be pulled up till he saw 18th floor and stopped the ascent and grabbed the vent

line and managed to get himself to crawl into the vent again "Ok I'm at the 18th floor notice

anything?" Bruno scanning the screen then just out of nowhere "Stop! There is a sensor right

below you let me shut it down for a sec. when I do jump right ahead got it?" "I got it" after

several seconds of typing "go" then Yusei just started crawling really fast until he saw a vent

below him when he stopped "Yusei your there, let me scan the place for a moment." While

looking down Yusei responded "Bruno I notice someone down there, and there is a room looking

sealed it has to be there, but first check to see if there is a silent alarm in this building this almost

sounds too easy." "Ok let's see, wow your right Yusei there is a silent alarm and lucky for you

it's at the end of the vent hallway." Quickly congratulating himself for quick thinking Yusei was

slowly crawling until he saw a locked box in front of him at the end of vent system. As he

stopped a screw driver was pulled out and was soon loosing the screws until all four were gone

"Ok Bruno quick question, do you have visualization through these sunglasses I'm wearing?"

"Yeah I do when did you pull this off?" Yusei couldn't help but slip a little chuckle at that

comment "About a month ago it was put under invasion and rescue project, now the reason I ask

is can put up thermal sensor to see if there is an alarm on this box that will trigger in case it was

opened?" During the conversation there was typing and a heat sensor was being shown through

the glasses and just as Yusei predicted there was a red light was blinking like it was active and if

Yusei opened it, the alarm would be set off. "Yusei that is 3 for 3 that once again you have out

done yourself by out smarting the system, if you keep this up you might not need me to go

through this." Bruno was laughing through the comlink "well I wouldn't say that Bruno I keep

telling you I was just luck, and a little of Crows failure with the security system that got him

locked up, besides you're not done yet "smartass"." The last part was going in his mind, on the

other end Bruno was typing and came across the sensor code system but there is a small problem.

"Ok Yusei I found but there is a small problem." Yusei was not to happy on the last part but it

will just have to do to save Aki "I can break it and shut it down but you will have to give me

thirty minutes and if I do crack it you will have thirty seconds to shut it down by the handle and

after that you have to crack the codes to shut off the silent alarm for the 18th floor you up for it,

cause there is no turning back if we do this." There was silence for a moment until Yusei opened

his eyes and took a breather, "Bruno there is no going now anyway let's get going." "Right, and

if this works you owe me a week's worth of ramen." "I was going to anyway "this is going to be

a pain in the ass pleased crimson dragon let me make it out alive." Let's go."

Back over with Aki and the others

Back at the house Aki, Jack (who is still unconscious from the punch in the gut), crow and Rua were all

cuffed up on the wall while Ruka and Aki's mother was tied on the corner next to them just looking

down and trying not to do anything, and just waiting for either for their fearless leader to come back or

to meet them in the next life. Mean while in the kitchen AX 1 was smoking and trying to calm his nerves

from both the withdrawal of the serum and the twins nagging and right now he wants to strangle them

just shut them up. With the group Aki was both trying not to look up and show the group the hold back

of tears trying to be released and she was afraid of what happened to Yusei did he make it somewhere

safe to recover? Is he fighting the pain of trying to get in sector security? Did he get hurt…oh god what if

he did? All this and a thousand other thoughts going on in her head and it was driving her insane. But in

all of the constant thoughts going on in her head one face was shown behind a very bright light like the

sun it was Yusei out shining the dark thoughts in her head like an angel, and now the only thing she was

thinking about now is how much she needs him, how she wants him to be in front of her and have his

arms in around her in a hug and just hold her tight making her feel as if no one will ever let her go and

then kiss him and just lose herself in a whirlwind of both love and passion as if it was her way of

breathing, all in all she just wants him to be with her like he is a sanctuary and his heart is a treasure that

she wants to hold onto with her own. While she was lost in her thought a single tear fell from her face

and it was not missed by everyone Crow was looking like what just happened "Did I just see Aki crying I

wonder what she is thinking about? Eh I don't know, to be honest if it was Yusei I would not be surprised

I mean ever since the end of the war with the Dark Signers Aki's been lighting up and usually wanting to

talk more with Yusei than everyone else… Wait a minute Aki and Yusei? hehehehe oh man if those two

were together man oh man the instant I find out if that happens I will make sure to not let this down with

Yusei." After the line of thought Crow was hearing someone calling him "Crow are you ok? Was there

something you want to ask me?" Aki was the one who was calling to him breaking him out of his trance

"Huh.. oh sorry Aki I just thinking of something. Hey can I ask you something?" she nodded and he

scooted a little closer to talk in private "Are you worried about something because I could have sworn I

saw a tear escape from you?" Aki just froze for a second but then just looked down for a minute "Damn

it how could I let that slip, ok Aki calm he just asked if something's bothering you, he is not asking about if you

are worried about Yusei. Just say you are wondering if we are making it out this mess." Aki then just look "I'm fine Crow

I'm just a little scared ok, I'm just hoping we can make it out of here." Aki then tried to give a nervous

smile. Crow just looked at her confused yet again "Huh maybe she really was worried about all of us, and not

about just Yusei." "Ok Aki, I was just curious, I was just trying to see if you were ok." Aki nodded "Yusei I

wherever you are now please come back to me I need you now more than ever."

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