Okay, it is time for another attempt at a story, my first Naruto fic. Recommendations are always wanted...

There will be bashing of Sasuke and the Pink Banshee...Sakura, as well as well, generally everyone in Konoha who isn't a ninja and or decent. Aka, while I keep Kiba, Kakashi and the Sandaime Hokage good and not bashed, the civilian council and the old birds Homura and Koharu, expect also Danzo and the ever-changing Mrs. Haruno to also be ridiculed.

The Land of Waves; Tazuna's House

In the dark of night, a loud sound was heard, possibly louder than the screams of the entire Haruno family. It was the snoring of one Uzumaki Naruto. The whiskered blond was fast asleep, recovering from an earlier scuffle with a most mysterious Missing Nin, while downstairs things were far from perfect.

"SHUT THE DOBE UP, A UCHIHA CAN'T NOR WILL SLEEP IN THESE CONDITIONS!" One arrogant prick by the name of Uchiha Sasuke, a duck haired black haired kid with severe issues, complained to their sensei, a silver haired masked ninja of the Jonin rank, by the name of Hatake Kakashi. The masked man sighed; listening to the boy rant through his locked door, luckily for the noise level the pink haired one was asleep as well. (A/N, I know that the guy should be too tired to move around at this point, but this is my story, so he just recovered quicker than in the Anime or Manga)

He hadn't really wanted to teach anyway. Kakashi saw himself as more of a lone operative, he worked the best alone. The few friends he had, had died in battle beside him; his sensei, who happened to be the so called "Dobe's" father, not that anyone aside from a few knew that, Obito-san Rin-chan, did that leave Gai his best friend?

Sometimes, the silver haired man had to wonder if he had a curse that killed all those who were close to him. That was the point he argued with trying to get out of teaching in the first place...

Flashback; Hokage's Office; the day after the Rookie Nine Graduated

"Hatake-San, you must train Uchiha-Sama, he needs the Jutsu in your arsenal, more than any other Genin, and other..." Homura, an old man who for some reason was still considered an active ninja, and his sidekick, a evil granny who looked like the mother of some sort of evil toad virgin aunt (A/N, Harry Potter Fans may know another of this description, called Dolores Umbridge) named Koharu, actively demanded the masked nin, with fellow future mentors Yuhi Kurenai and Sarutobi Asuma, along with ninja parents Hyuuga Hiashi, Inuzuka Tsume, Akimichi Chouza, Nara Shikaku and Aburame Shibi. The Sandaime Hokage, an old, still tanned skinned man by the name of Sarutobi Hiruzen, coughed to interrupt the current conversation.

"And by other, you mean Naruto-Kun, who despite being labeled a "dead last", managed to defeat a Chunnin and master a Jonin level technique" the Hokage took a blow of his pipe crossly. He cared a lot for the spunky little Jinchuuriki, and couldn't help but wonder, if Naruto was able to learn a technique like that so quickly, yet fail his exams. He decided to ask to put someone on it, he and Iruka-Kun from the academy always had a bad feeling some of the instructors may have sabotaged Naruto's lessons, in fact they had managed to catch a former janitor of the academy attempt to break Naruto's chair in the classroom, though the man admitted that others were with him in the anti-Naruto plan, courtesy of some "persuasion" via Anko and Ibiki, he managed to pull the civilian council to his side, and he had to have the janitor go before they could get names.

That wasn't saying he couldn't fire him, though.

"Homura-Sama, I hear what you say, and while you have a point or two, I'm not going to train him. Bad luck follows me, the kind of luck that kills, that and I have more important things to do with my time." Besides, the boy's attitude was detesting, but he couldn't bring that up without the old bats telling him that the boy was merely suffering from trauma.

Yeah, no way in hell that was true, he was just a spoiled brat

"So, other than the "all important" Uchiha, can we actually get something done" Hiashi sighed "Like organizing the new Genin" Now, while Hiashi may appear to dislike Hinata, he does care, slightly. While he was no dad of the year, he did have an interest in who would be on his daughter's team; the team after all, had to push her to improve and protect her unmarked Byakugan Doujutsu Kekkai Genkai.

"Hiashi-San has a point, we already know one team, the new Ino-Shika-Cho team, my team" Asuma grinned while smoking his trademark cigarette. While normally this would induce a complaint from Tsume for her sensitive nose, Shibi for its health issues to his bugs, and the old bats, they decided not to, in the hope that the smoke shortens the two advisors lifespan.

"That leaves Inuzuka Kiba, Aburame Shino, Hyuuga Hinata, Haruno Sakura, Uchiha Sasuke, and Uzumaki Naruto..."

"Do we really need to teach, that boy anything" Koharu snapped "That boy is too dangerous, idiotic, irresponsible, immature..."

"He's a teenager, that sort of comes with the territory" Shikaku sighed "Its troublesome, but we all were like that, heck even my boy acts like that, sometimes

"And after all, we have to take on any genin who manages to pass the academy, and the test that follows" Shibi stated in his monotone, causing the elders to pale. After all, they helped the Civilian Council pass that law, after all, to give the civilians more ninja from their way of life into the armed forces, thus increasing their overall influence. "And as to his immaturity, perhaps being teamed with my son could possibly help him mature"

"Or, the thing inside him will kill off all your, insects, with its de..." the Hokage coughed to cut off Homura. Shibi didn't flinch, he knew quite well his son was safe from the chakra that the Jinchuuriki could possibly give off, for unlike the old badgers, he and the rest of the parents here met the boy once or twice, and knew he was not a monster.

"Actually, I think that that set up might work, with my daughter, Hinata, on the team, as well" Hiashi mentioned, surprising everyone.

"Huh?" Chouza grunted.

"This is new and troublesome"

"What was in my water this morning?" Tsume said to herself.

"Going off what Shibi-san said, if my daughter was placed on his team, perhaps some of his drive might pass to her. At the minimum, even the most basic of Byakugan could tell if his tenant's chakra was getting loose or influencing him." Hiashi let off a rare grin, the council had a betting pool for who was able to best beat or mess with the idiots on the elder and civilian council each meeting, and it looks like the 3 free hot spring coupons were all his...

"Actually, we of the elder council had talked it over, and we decided that Inuzuka Kiba would provide the same sort of inspiration to your daughter, Hiashi-San" Koharu smiled evilly. Inside, Hiashi was cursing, now he couldn't get those tickets without insulting Tsume, last time he did that, the Hyuuga compound smelled like dog piss for a month. No one noticed that Kakashi was smirking.

"So, then it looks like Kurenai-Chan has Inuzuka Kiba, Hyuuga Hinata and Aburame Shino, so I guess that means that Haruno Sakura, Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto are on my team" the Jonin smirked.

The resulting scream of fury from the elders shook several window frames, and one masked Jonin got himself three hot spring coupons and was treated to a night of fine drinking with Tsume and the former Ino-Shika-Cho, on their tab of course.

End Flashback

Kakashi quickly came to a conclusion after that, teaching sucked. He was actually expected to be on time and had to deal with whining from all three of them. Though seeing Sasuke getting clawed by Tora was a good chuckle.

Kakashi quickly decided that Naruto was his favorite among the three. While Sakura was virtually useless, and Sasuke an arrogant prick who expected Kakashi to teach him all his Jutsu and strutted around like royalty, Naruto was willing to learn, and most importantly, he had humility, well more than the others anyway. Naruto didn't have anything handed to him like his teammates, and knew how to respond to failure, by getting back up and improving himself. Kakashi saw that with how his failure with the Demon Brothers, led to his desire to better himself, which led to his shocking show of skill in fighting Momoichi Zabuza.

If the boy could use such skill with only two jutsu really at his disposal, with only a little help from Sasuke, the boy could be just as great as his own sensei, Namikaze Minato, the Yondaime Hokage. Of course, the boy needed to pick up a few more Jutsu first, and improve on his Taijutsu, and chakra control, and perhaps see if he could use Genjutsu...

What did they teach him at the academy, anyway? The boy's Taijutsu left too many weak spots, and he could barely spell Genjutsu, let only do it. His Chakra control was abysmal, Pakkun could use a Jutsu better that the boy, if the Kyuubi wasn't in him, he'd be in a lot of trouble.

As his lack of Taijutsu nearly cost them

Flashback, Wave Country

The group, weary from their last battle with the swordsman Zabuza, who was killed by the Kiri Hunter Nin boy (Though Naruto was still adamant he though the nin was female, and Tazuna seemed to agree with him about his/her gender), with their exhausted Sensei being carried by the knucklehead and brooder, before Sakura yelped, loudly to get the others attention.

"Sasuke-Kun, Kakashi-Sensei, BAKA!" standing before them, was a new ninja. This ninja was wearing ragged brown robes that covered his face, with no visible Hi-ate, in fact all they could tell was this ninja was male.

"Ah, so Zabuza-Chan was defeated by a bunch of brats and a dead weight ninja, eh? No matter, it appears I have to kill the Bridge Builder now..."

"We won't let you, Dattebayo!" Naruto yelled, before dropping Kakashi. Their sensei then flattened Sasuke, before the Uchiha pushed the unconscious man off, as Tazuna backed away slowly.


"Yeah, Baka! How dare you try to flatten Sasuke-Kun?" The ever faithful pink haired bitch added in. Naruto flinched in pain at that remark, before turning back towards their strange enemy.

"Humph, what pathetic teamwork, this won't be worth the chakra... BEAST WAVE PALM!" the mysterious ninja sliced his hand, which was coated in blue chakra, as a shockwave of wind energized Chakra flew at the Genin.

Sasuke and Sakura jumped out of the way, the jutsu would have instead continued and struck Tazuna and Kakashi, but Naruto, before Jumping, did everyone's favorite hand seal.

"SHADOW CLONE JUTSU!" a shadow clone appeared where Naruto was a second ago, taking the strike and bursting into smoke. This move was witnessed by the so called out cold Kakashi, who made a mental note to punish the others later

Not being undone, Sasuke did a series of hand signs, before ending on a tiger seal.

"FIRE RELEASE: GREAT FIREBALL TECHNIQUE!" A large ball of fire flew from the mouth of the Uchiha and flew straight at their foe. The foe calmly did the hand signs Bird, Boar and Serpent.

"Water Release: Bubble Barrier!" the ninja let out a burst of bubbles from his mouth, which formed into a wall that took the fireball head on and negated it entirely.

"Shit" Sasuke grumbled as Sakura charged at the ninja with a fury, a kunai in hand.

"Time to prove myself worthy of Sasuke-Kun, a ninja who plays with bubbles is no match for..." she was thinking before the Ninja did Hare, Monkey, Horse and Rat.

"Genjutsu; Zorra's Illusion of darkness!" Sakura suddenly dropped her kunai and fell to the ground, twitching. However, no one noticed her nose bleed.

"Sasuke-kun, OH, OH, OH!"

"Sakura-Ch..." Naruto said, before finding himself unable to call her that, before he created a series of shadow clones who charged at the rouge ninja. The Ninja quickly put together the hand signs Dragon and Tiger

"Foolish, Wind Release: Hurricane Gust!" the ninja inhaled deeply, before letting out a gust of high powered wind that blew away about all of the shadow clones, before he heard a crunch in the leaves. Turning, he saw to his shock two shadow clones coming at him from behind!

"Little brat must of used those clones as a distraction, impressive"

"GET OUT OF MY WAY, DOBE, FIRE RELEASE: GREAT FIREBALL TECHNIQUE!" out of nowhere, a huge fireball flew and consumed the shadow clones and flew at the rouge.

"TEME, YOU RUINED MY PLAN!" Naruto yelled.

"So what, as a Uchiha, my plans are naturally better, Dobe" The still immobile Kakashi was fuming now. That boy was getting trialed when they got back!

"Actually, those shadow clones were more likely to succeed then your pathetic fireball, WATER RELEASE: GUNSHOT!" a burst of water flew from the Ninja's mouth, followed by several more. The fireball was hollowed out to resemble a flaming donut before it faded, as the water bullets flew into the woods, before bursting and sending Naruto and Sasuke flying into the air. The Uchiha hit the ground, as did Naruto a second later, before he burst into smoke.

"What, another Shadow Clone!" The rouge Ninja gasped before he suddenly felt a Kunai approach him. He barely managed to avoid the weapon, as dozens more flew at him. The Ninja managed to avoid being turned to swiss cheese, but one still managed to imbed itself into his right leg.


"Ha!" a dozen Naruto's flew from the woods, all tossing more Kunai at their foe, surrounding the Ninja. The ninja, with his injury, barely avoided getting any more, before he closed his eyes, and wet his lips with saliva, as if to test the wind. A second later, his eyes shot open, before he jumped with his good leg and flew at the Naruto who happened to be real.

"Nice strategy, Genin. I'll give you credit, you're the only one here not out cold who should even be a ninja, but I'm afraid that things end here and now" he rapidly did Snake, Tiger, Ox, Dragon, Rat and Dog, before his hand glowed gold.

"Hidden Sealing Jutsu: Pawā fuyo shīru; ketsueki no seigen no kopī!"

He harshly slammed his hand into Naruto's stomach, causing the boy's eyes to grow wide, before he fell unconscious, the clones poofing away with shocked expressions as well. It was at this point that Kakashi managed to force himself up.

"Summoning JUTSU!" Kakashi quickly hit the ground and summoned his Ninken Pack, who quickly charged at the injured Ninja, with plans of ripping flesh.

"Sorry, Copy Ninja, but I have other places to be!" the Ninja was about to be bit by Bull, before he substituted with a random stick. Kakashi would have pursued him, but he was too injured to do so, so he leaned on Tazuna for support, as the old man carried the surprisingly light Blond, while he left his dogs to drag the disgraces.

End Flashback

Kakashi had confined the two others in their rooms as soon as they arrived at Tazuna's house, the doors and windows sealed. Kakashi had never seen something so disgraceful, not only had both put him and their client at risk from the Beast Wave Palm, Sasuke had actually attacked Naruto or his clones anyhow. That was so going on the report, and straight to the Hokage so the old bats didn't get to intercept it.

But what was that Jutsu the man used on Naruto, anyway? Even this master of 1000 jutsu had no clue.

OC Ninja techniques (Any others come from the show or manga)

Water Release, Bubble Barrier

Rank; C

Description; Creates a wall of bubbles to block attacks from the foe, ineffective against Kunai and Shurikens

Genjutsu; Zorra's Illusion of darkness

Rank; B

Description; Creates a realistic illusion of one's darkest desires. Only applicable to one person at a time

Wind Release; Hurricane Gust

Rank; B

Description; Like a fire style, the user blows from their mouths a large gust of intense wind to blow away foes, limited range

Hidden Sealing Jutsu; Pawā fuyo shīru; ketsueki no seigen no kopī

Rank; S

Description; ? (That's for later)