There are three different, unconnected scenarios in this piece taking place all throughout the history of Rose/Ten including some Rose/Human Ten.

I'm still rather new to the Doctor Who fandom so I really hope I've captured both the Doctor and Rose pretty welll. Feedback is appreciated!


The Doctor was tinkering under the console of the TARDIS, his usual nighttime behavior while his human companion slept.

He suddenly yelped when a small shock jolted through his body.

"Oi!" He sat up and frowned at the humming TARDIS. "I wasn't doing anything bad this time!"

She only continued in a quiet hum but a flickering of lights behind him caught his attention. He slipped his glasses off his face and tucking both the glasses and his screwdriver into his inside pocket, he stood up staring curiously at the corridor.

"What is it? What's the matter?" He asked the TARDIS and all he got in response was another flickering of the lights.

He frowned in confusion and slight concern and ventured down the corridor searching for any sign that something was off. He was just approaching Rose's room when he heard it.

A quiet but distinct whimpering came drifting out of Rose's room and his concern was immediately heightened. He hesitantly approached the doorway and very gently pressed his ear against the door and through the wood listened to her soft cries and whimpers.

Even though he'd had Rose as his companion for over a year now there was still so little he knew about her. More particularly, how to act when she acted out of the norm. He'd never really seen her cry , at least not when they weren't in an extremely tense situation. He wasn't sure if he should leave her alone and go back to working with the TARDIS but she obviously sent him here for a reason.

Clearing his throat softly, he lightly tapped on the door and called through the door, "Rose?" He waited for a few seconds and then knocked again, calling out once more a little louder, "Rose?"

He listened quietly for any response from Rose but the only sound coming from the room was her quiet and constant whimpers.

After going back and forth with himself and with a little encouragement from the TARDIS he finally allowed himself to push open the door. He peered inside and drew his eyes immediately to Rose's bed. Both of his hearts leapt into his throat at the sight before him. Rose's bed sheets were a complete mess on top of her bed and the blonde herself was hidden somewhere inside it. He could see her feet twitching from where they jutted out of the blankets and now that he was in the room with her her whimpers were louder.

"Rose?" He called into the darkness and took a few cautious steps towards her bed. Rose flipped around on the bed and let out another string of heartbreaking whimpers.

He stood by her bedside, his gaze shifting between her and the doorway where he was still trying to decide if he should leave. His concern for her proved to win over as she suddenly gripped onto her blankets tightly and pulled them up to her chest, her face scrunching up as if she were in pain.

He gently lowered himself down to sit on the edge of her bed and hesitantly reached out, brushing his fingertips against her shoulder. "Rose." He tried to coax her.

"No." Rose whimpered, pulling away from his touch so he quickly withdrew his hand, almost expecting a Tyler slap. But Rose was not the least bit conscious of her actions or her words and the same two letter word escaped her lips a couple more times as she rolled around on her bed.

"Rose." He called a little louder, placing his hand back over her shoulder in a more tight grip. Watching her uncertainly he gently shook her until she awoke with a gasp.

He reeled back as she propelled forward, her shoulder's shaking, her eyes wide, and her chest heaving with her heavy breaths. She looked around the room frantically until her eyes settled on the Doctor.

She stared at him silently and he stared back, watching and waiting for what she would do next. Of all the scenario's his Time Lord brain came up with the last thing he expected was for her to cry out his name and throw herself at him.

He nearly fell off the side of the bed with the impact of her body hitting his but he cemented his feet onto the floor and wrapped his arms around her.

He tried very hard to ignore the fluttering in his hearts at the feel of Rose so close; Time Lord's hearts' did not flutter. Though he could not deny the deep concern dwelling in the pit of his stomach at the way Rose clutched at him so tightly and the feel of her tears wetting his suit.

"Rose?" He pressed his lips into her blonde hair but she only continued to shake and whimper in his arms.

He rested his head against hers and tightened his arms around her, letting her know she was safe and welcome in his arms and wondered what in the whole of the universe could have gotten her so shaken up that she completely let herself go.

Her hands grabbed fistfuls of his shirt and held onto him as tight as she possibly could while her face was buried deep in his chest, her quiet whimpers muffled by his suit.

It was a good few minutes before she finally stilled and her whimpering stopped though she still remained in the comfort of his hold. The TARDIS was humming and filled Rose's room with extra warmth reaching out to comfort her newest tenant.

The Doctor hadn't loosened his grip on her at all, afraid that if he did she'd start to cry again and after the events that just conspired the Doctor knew one of the things he hated most in the universe was to see Rose Tyler cry. But she had become so still that he wondered if she had fallen asleep and listening to her steady heartbeat and her now even breathing he almost thought she had.

Then she surprised him again by suddenly pulling out of his arms, taking one look at his tear stained chest and laughing.

He raised an eyebrow at her curiously. She sniffled and brought her hand to her mouth, muffling the laughter for a moment and then moving to wipe the tear stains off her cheeks.

Then with a sheepish, shy look, one he rarely ever saw on Rose Tyler, she met his eyes. "I'm sorry."

His lips twitched upward and he shook his head. "You have nothing to be sorry about, Rose."

She raised her eyebrows pointedly and motioned to his chest. He glanced down at the wet spot right in the middle of his suit and shrugged. "The TARDIS can fix it." He answered simply. "The more important issue here is..." His face softened to show his concern, "Are you alright?"

Rose's smile dropped and she bowed her head, fixating her gaze on her lap and twiddling her thumbs in front of her.

The Doctor reached out and placed his own hands over hers, encouraging her eyes back to him and once she looked up his deep brown eyes questioned her.

She bit down on her lip and sighed. "Nightmare." She whispered.

"I figured that." He replied with a bit of a cheeky smile but it faded at her pitiful look. He gave her hand a reassuring squeeze, "Do you want to talk about it?"

Rose only shook her head quietly while bring her gaze to their conjoined hands resting peacefully on her lap. Then she sighed again and lifted her head with a small nod.

"They were gonna kill you." Her voice shook with emotion and he hated how absolutely lost she sounded.


"I dunno, aliens I suppose, none we've ever seen before I don't think."

One of his hands left hers to cup under her chin and bring her eye back to his and once their eyes were locked he gave her a reassuring smile. "Rose, it'll take a lot more than some random aliens to get rid of me."

She tried to smile in reply but her lips only twitched before it fell and her eyes started to water again. "You looked so hopeless." She murmured. "They had me too, they were taking me away from you and you couldn't escape..." A single tear escaped out of her eye and both his hands moved to cup her face and he wiped the stray tear away with the pad of his thumb.

"I'm right here, I'm not going anywhere, I promise."

She let out a shaky breath and closed her eyes, leaning into the warmth of his touch.

She eventually pulled away from him, pushing herself up against the wall behind her bed and bringing her knees up to her chest. "I'm sorry." She repeated and before he could interject with a protest she continued, "I really am pathetic."

He frowned and focused his serious gaze upon her. "Rose Tyler, nothing you ever do will be pathetic."

She snapped her eyes over to him, studied his serious expression for a moment and then a warm smile spread across her face. She bit her lip and rested her chin against her knees watching him like he was the best thing in the universe, which to her, he was. "Yeah? You think?"

"I know." He corrected with a wink accompanied by a small smirk.

Rose was grateful for the darkness of her room because of the sudden rush of blood to her face but still she hid her face in her knees, grinning to herself. Once she contained herself she popped her head back up though the grin still remained on her face and she spotted the Doctor grinning as well and her grin widened to her famous Rose grin with her tongue poking out of her teeth.

"You're feeling better then?" He prompted taking note of her happy grin.

She nodded and straightened out her legs. "Much better. Thank you."

He smiled at her, briefly placed his hand over hers, gave it a squeeze and went to stand up.

The smile fell from her face as she watched him walk away from the bed. "Doctor!"

He spun around with raised eyebrows and she twisted her blankets in her fists nervously. "Do you think you could stay with me? At least until I fall asleep, I mean. It's just - I'd feel better knowing where you are."

His curious expression softened into one of understanding and adoration and wordlessly he walked back over to her bed. Her smile lit up her face as she approached and she slid over so he'd have room on the bed. He crawled onto the bed next to her on top of the covers, resting back against the wall and stretching his legs out. Once he was settled he captured Rose's hand in his own and gave it a light squeeze as he smiled down at her. "Anything for you, Rose."

She smiled silently in response and slid under the covers trying to concentrate on anything other than the face that the Doctor was so close and hoping to God that he couldn't hear her pounding heart. She settled down onto her pillow, still holding onto the Doctor's hands threaded through hers and closed her eyes.

"Goodnight Rose Tyler." She heard the Doctor whisper as she slowly began to drift off.

She brought their conjoined hands to rest comfortably against her chest, the heat radiating off of his hand comforting her even more. "Goodnight Doctor." She murmured in reply, her head unintentionally ducking causing her lips to brush ever so lightly against his knuckles.

His eyes widened at the contact and even more so at the feeling that rushed through his body because of the contact. Rose Tyler did things to him that he never knew he could feel and most of the time it scared him more than any dalek ever could.

But as he watched her sleep peacefully, her lips curled up in a content smile, he knew there was no where else he'd rather be or no one else he'd rather be with. She was his little pink and yellow human and no matter the cost he'd always protect her. Always.


The TARDIS was quiet for once. The Doctor and Martha Jones had just come back from a particularly tiring mission. (Tiring for Martha anyway, Time Lords didn't get tired.) Martha went straight off to bed and instead of tinkering with the console of the TARDIS or various gadgets he'd been meaning to fix the Doctor opted for a rather quieter night in the library, rereading some books.

He'd just gotten himself comfortable in one of the chairs, propping his feet up on a near by desk and cracking open a book when there was a loud crash from the console room.

He immediately was on his feet, tossing the book onto the desk and peering out into the hallway. "Martha?" He called in the direction of the console, wondering if his companion had wandered out sleepily and accidentally crashed into something.

He pursed his lips in thought when he got no response and swiftly made his way out of the library and towards the console room.

Upon entering, he squinted and looked around for any sign of his companion and called her name again. "Martha?"

He paced around the console, looking for anything out of the ordinary and his eyes widened when his gaze fell upon the cause of the noise.

There was a personlying on the ground of the TARDIS, curled up in a little ball and shaking.


He rubbed his eyes just to make sure he wasn't seeing things and when his vision came to he still saw the person lying there. "Oh bugger, not again." He muttered with a groan, thinking back to meeting Donna Noble in her wedding dress.

"How did you even get in here?" He asked the seemingly unconscious person still lying on the floor. He ran his fingers through his hair, letting out a puff of air through his lips and then slowly approached the person, freezing only when she moved.

She let out a little moan and the Doctor frowned at the familiarity of her voice. Her arms stretched out in front of her like a cat and she slowly rose to a sitting position and as she did, her blonde hair fell away from her face revealing her identity to the now shocked Doctor.

"No." He whispered, his eyes wide as saucers.

The female grinned as soon as her eyes set on him and she leapt to her feet. "Doctor!"

He shook his head, his face clearly showing his disbelief. "No, no you can't be here, its not-it can't be..."

"Doctor," She took a step forwards and he eyed her just a bit warily but still she kept on grinning, "It's me, it's Rose."

"Rose." He repeated, a shiver running through him as the name passed his lips. "How did you...?"

"I told you I'm working for Torchwood in that parallel world. I've been working hard trying to get back to you, and we found a way but I didn't think it would work but I had to try. It worked though," Her grin brightened as her eyes scanned the interior of the TARDIS, "I'm here. I'm really here."

"But-but.." He stuttered, confused and he ran over to the TARDIS console, clicking buttons and furrowing his brow. "I don't understand, it shouldn't be possible, both universes should be collapsing." His eyes scanned the monitors looking for any signs of damage to the universe and at finding none, turned back to Rose with wide eyes who was simply smiling at him.


Rose shrugged. "Does it really matter?"

"Of course it matters! It shouldn't be possible!" He turned back to the console and started flicking more buttons.

"Doctor..." Rose's voice was softer now and he paused, slowly turning to look at her. She was still smiling, but lighter now, and her eyes were shining with unshed tears.

That's when it hit him. Rose was here. Rose was here.

Forgetting about impossibilities, a grin, larger than anyone before it, spread across his face. He dropped his hands from the console, took one step towards her as she took one step towards him. Her smile widened into a grin and her eyes twinkled under the lights of the TARDIS.

Without one more second to lose, the Doctor jumped into a sprint, walking dangerously fast in the condensed space of the TARDIS and gathered Rose tightly into his arms. He buried his face into her neck, inhaling her scent and grinning madly. He rocked her back and forth, practically crushing her against his chest though she hardly seemed to mind since she was hugging him just as tightly. He only pulled back to look deep into her tear filled eyes and then with just a whisper of her name, he slammed his lips down onto hers. Rose squeaked a little against his lips but quickly responded, tightening her hold around his neck and kissing him back with just as much passion.

Her fingers tangled in his hair as the kiss continued, hot and heavy and full of all the passion and love they held for each other and didn't get to express in the horrible months they spent apart.

They kissed until they could no longer breathe. Rose, because of her human lungs, and the Doctor, well simply kissing Rose managed to take even his breath away.

Their foreheads came to rest against each others for they could not bear being apart from each other even with their arms still tightly wound around the other.

He brushed his lips up against hers lightly a couple more time as she tried to catch her breath, he simply just could not get enough of Rose Tyler.

Finally they managed to pull away from each other, not all the way of course, his arms still remained around her waist and hers loosely hung around his neck, and they smiled at each other both of their eyes brimming with happy tears. "You're here." He whispered, beaming. "You're really here."

"I am." She answered with a grin.

He let out a breath, shaking his head fondly. "My Rose, you always manage to do the impossible."

Rose bit her lip, cocking her head to the side, her eyes twinkling in delight and bemusement. "I'm your Rose now, am I?"

He pursed his lips. "Welll, my Rose as in my companion Rose, well, my old companion and when I say old, I don't mean old old, you of course are always welcome with me. And when I say mine, you don't have to be mineyou can be a companion..."

She suddenly cut him off by covering his lips with hers. He barely had time to react before she pulled away, biting her lip, smirking at how he stood there just blinking at her.

"Doctor, I have been yourssince the first time you took my hand and told me to run." She supplied, staring lovingly into his deep brown eyes.

A goofy grin spread across his face and he let out a little love struck laugh. "Yeah?"

"Of course."

The Doctor's grin faded into a more serious look as he raised his eyebrow, staring intensely into her eyes. "Then you should know Rose Tyler, I've been yoursfor that long as well."

The first emotion to pass Rose's face was surprise but it was quickly replaced by joy and love. She grinned happily, tightening her grip around his neck and squealing out of glee, buried her face into his neck. "I love you." Her warm breath tickled the skin of his neck and for once he allowed himself to feel what he always denied when in the presence of Rose.

"Quite right too." He answered back, echoing his words from that terrible day on Bad Wolf Bay. He felt Rose tense in his arms and to squash her sullen thoughts and memories he tightened his arms around her and buried his nose into her hair.

He closed his eyes, inhaling the scent of her shampoo, gently pressed his lips against the top of her head and then lowered his lips down to her ear. Whispering softly he finally replied, "I love you, Rose Tyler."

A small gasp passed her lips and she whipped her head up so fast she nearly clocked him one. The grin on her face was so bright yet he could detect the slightest bit of question in her eyes. He'd said the words they both wanted to hear, he just needed to back them up. A million different thoughts ran through his head on how exactly to prove his love to Rose but that proved unnecessary as after just a few seconds of staring into his love glazed eyes, Rose seemed to just know and her grin brightened ( which he didn't think was possible) and grabbed him in for another kiss.

Another thing he didn't think was possible, that he was yet again proved wrong about, was that he didn't think the kiss they shared just minutes before could possible be more passionate. Like he said, he was wrong. The force, the power and the love behind the kiss they shared now almost literally stopped his two hearts. It felt like he couldn't breathe or move for a very brief split second, the instant his lips collided with hers, then his hearts started pounding wildly in his chest.

He couldn't help but grin against her mouth, he was happy, hell he was more than happy, he was ecstatic. He had his Rose back in his arms, he was finally able to admit his feelings for her not only to himself but to her as well. Everything was out in the open and as it should be.

Suddenly the doors of the TARDIS slammed open with a loud crack. The couple jumped apart, panting heavily from their kiss, and stared wide eyed at the bright light emitting from outside the TARDIS.

"What?" The Doctor cried, furrowing his brow, and letting go of Rose, made his way over to the console. He shook his head back and forth furiously as he tried to figure out what was happening.

"Doctor?" Rose called out to him in question.

He lifted his head and met her eyes across the way, knowing the uncertainty and fear in her eyes was reflected in his own. A determined look crossed his face, he would notlet Rose down, not again. Hardening his gaze, he poured all his concentration onto finding the solution for whatever the problem was.

"Doctor!" He snapped up his head at the sound of Rose's alarmed voice. She was now pressed up against the console, staring at the bright light that was slowly filtering in through the open doorway.

He gritted his teeth and practically growled at the unknown threat entering his TARDIS and frightening his Rose, and stalked over to it. He reached out his hands toward it but once his finger tips reached the exterior, he had to withdraw his hand immediately from the burning sensation with a hiss.

"What is it?" Rose asked, still pressed up against the console.

"I don't know." He growled, narrowing his eyes at it. He quickly spun on his heels and ran back over to her, grabbing her hand and pulling her to the other side of the console. "Don't move." He instructed and for once she obeyed with only a silent nod.

He started moving all around the console, pressing different buttons, observing the readings on the monitors and shaking his head, trying to make sense of it.


"Don't worry, Rose. I'll figure this out."

"Doctor!" Rose's voice was a little more panicked and it instantly caught his attention. He looked over to her and saw her staring, horrified down at the floor. His brow furrowed and looked down at his own feet and out of the corner of his eye he saw the light, like a cloud of smoke, passing him around the console. His eyes widened and he followed it to where it made a puddle around Rose's feet.

At once they locked eyes and for a long moment they both stood there, panic and dread seizing their hearts. Then with another growl the Doctor reached forward and wrapped his arms tightly around Rose's middle trying to pull her away from the light now climbing up her legs.

Whatever it was was stubborn and pulled Rose in the opposite direction. His grip on her tightened and try as he may he proved to not be strong enough and the light pulled him skidding across the TARDIS floor.

They got to the other side of the console, nearing the front doors when the light made its way in between the Doctor and Rose, pulling them apart and sending the Doctor flying to the ground.

"Doctor!" Rose's helpless cry reached his ears and he was immediately on his feet, his eyes wide with panic, his chest heaving sharply as he saw Rose being devoured by the light.

"No!" He cried and leaped forward grabbing onto her hand that was reaching out for him. "Rose!"

He gripped onto her hand with both of his, squeezing with all his might, and tried to pull her away from the light. But with every passing second he could feel her hand slipping out of his and he could do nothing about it.

"Rose, hold on!" He let go with one hand only to grab onto her wrist. He planted his feet firmly onto the ground and locked his eyes with hers. She was frightened, she was lost, and by God he was not about to lose her again.

Every muscle in his body strained as he fought against this thing but he could not give up.

He felt Rose's other hand grab onto his own wrist and she tried to use it to climb back to him. Slowly but surely they pulled Rose from the light and back into the TARDIS, both of them shaking from the effort.

However just as Rose's torso made it out, the Doctor lost his footing and in the split second that it took for him to re-find it, Rose slipped back in with a scream.

"No!" He cried as he began to be pulled towards the light. He could hear her muffled cries of his name and his hands shook as he tried to pull on her hand that little by little was slipping out of his grasp.

Then with a strangled cry, the Doctor felt the force of the light suck her in, and her hand slipped out of his and disappeared into the light. The light remained for a second or two more before disappearing, slamming the TARDIS' doors closed in its leave.

The Doctor was left standing there, panting, his arms still outstretched, his eyes wide with panic and fear. "No." He whispered and without even realizing it ran forward and slammed into the TARDIS' doors. "Rose!" He slammed on the wood and then roughly grabbed the handles and pulled the doors open only to be met with the black and darkness of space. "No. No!" He slammed the doors closed, and reopened them, repeating the process hoping this was all some sort of sick joke and Rose would be waiting outside on the streets of London outside the Powell Estate, with a grin and her tongue between her teeth.

He slammed the doors closed one final time and whimpered, smacking his head down hard against the doors.

He barely had time to mourn though because suddenly the TARDIS started to shake and her lights started flickering. He spun around to face the console and watched in horror as his TARDIS went on the fritz.

He sprinted over to the console and tried everything, every combination he knew how, yet nothing seemed to be working. "No! No, no, no, no, no, no!" He cried over and over again as he fiddled and pressed and sonic'ed,

The TARDIS suddenly gave a violent lurch and the Doctor was sent flying forward into the console. He groaned and slammed his fist down onto it. "What the bloody hell is going on?"

He yelped when one part of the console suddenly let out a bunch of sparks and the lights started to flicker more rapidly. He ran over to that side of the console, pushing the smoke away from his face with his hand and stared down at his beloved time machine in hopeless confusion.

He ran his fingers through his hair and gripped at it, his nails digging into his scalp. He kicked the air in frustration and anger.

Another area of the console sparked furiously and just as he was about to run over there the TARDIS lurched again and sent him flying forward. He closed his eyes preparing himself for impact with the ground...

A rush of air filled his lungs as he sprang forward and his eyes opened. He was breathing heavily and his hearts were beating faster than he ever remembered them. Looking around he found himself not in the frenzied console room of the TARDIS but a dark, quiet room somewhere else on his ship.

He gently sunk back down onto the bed, trying to calm himself down. Though once he pulled the pink blanket up to his chin he sprang up again, realizing exactly where he was.

He propped himself up on his knees and looked around Rose Tyler's old room. The thought made his hearts clench painfully and quite uncharacteristically of him, he pulled Rose's pillow up to his chest and buried his face in it.

He breathed in the faint scent that still loomed on her pillow. His throat tightened and he held back a sob that threatened to escape him at the combined memories of losing her at Canary Wharf and the more recent, much more vivid memories of his nightmare.

He had tried to forget, it hurt too much to think about leaving Rose in that parallel world, seeing the tears streaking down her face and even though he was a whole universe away, hearing her heart shattering sobs echoing in his ears.

No matter how hard he tried though there was always something that reminded him of his Rose. A certain race of aliens that he longed to tell her all about, a certain planet he longed to show her and more often than not he'd turn to Martha Jones, expecting to see Rose's bright golden hair and hear her witty response to something he'd said and managed to hide his slight disappointment at seeing Martha. He knew that wasn't fair because he liked Martha Jones, he only travelled with the best after all, but the pain of losing Rose was still so fresh in his mind, and no one, no matter how brilliant they were, could ever replace the place Rose held in his hearts.

He didn't even remember how he'd gotten into Rose's room to be honest. He usually avoided it, asked the TARDIS to hide it from him, because the first time he'd been in there since she left, shortly after he saved Donna Noble, he curled up on her bed like he was doing now and cried. He promised himself he would not let it affect him so badly but after working with Donna and seeing how different she was from Rose, made him miss her even more, and by the time he reached the empty, quiet TARDIS with no sign of Rose there to come out and hug him, the loss of her really hit him. He wasn't aware up until that point how much Rose really meant to him.

He always knew Rose was more than just another companion, his ninth regeneration came back for her, even after just meeting her he knew he'd be lost without her. His ninth regeneration is what started falling in love with her, although he'd never admit it, and so his tenth regeneration was automatically attracted to her from his beginning and he only fell for her harder and stronger with each passing day. Still, he refused to admit to himself that he was in love with her, because a Time Lord falling in love with a human was highly unlikely, and he knew that one day he'd be losing her. He figured if he didn't get too attached to her the pain would be less when she was gone. However when he actually did lose her nothing could lessen the pain he felt. Whether he admitted it to himself or not he was in love with Rose Tyler and losing her was almost as painful as his memories of the Time War and Gallifrey.

Just then there was a quiet knock on the door, followed then by an even quieter, "Doctor?"

He snapped his head up and looked at the door silently. With a sigh, he placed the pillow neatly back in its spot and crawled to the edge of the bed.

He went to run his hands over his face and as he did he found his cheeks to be soaked with tears. He quickly wiped all the wetness from his face and eyes, pulling up the collar on his coat to hide the tear stains on his neck.

Shaking his head and letting out a breath he rose from the bed and slowly approached the door. He paused, just staring at the doorknob for a few seconds, giving him a little time to compose himself, and then he pulled the door open.

"Martha Jones," He greeted with an exceptionally fake grin, "What are you doing awake at this hour?"

Martha's brow was furrowed in concern and a frown marred her features. "Doctor, were screaming."

His smile faltered and he swallowed over the thickness in his throat. "Was I?" He shrugged non chalantly, forcing the smile back onto his face. "Then I apologize for waking you, why don't you head on back to bed, Martha? We've got a brand new day of adventures to look forward to tomorrow!" He grinned, though it scarcely reached his eyes, and looked hardly believable. He shut the door behind him as he walked out past Martha and headed back towards the console room.

"Doctor?" Martha called out to him and he froze, his whole body tensing, knowing what she was going to ask. "Are you alright?"

He stared at the ground for the longest time in silence, then he smiled sadly to himself and forced a look over his shoulder, smiling reassuringly at his companion. "I'm fine."

She looked skeptical but he knew she could tell he didn't want to talk about it which he was grateful for. He gave her a simple nod and bid her a good night before walking slowly towards the console room.

He paused in the doorway and surveyed the quiet, calm area. He took a long look at the doors where just a few minutes ago, in his nightmare, his Rose was taken from him. It was just a nightmare though, his Rose was taken him from long ago back at Canary Wharf.

He slowly approached the console and placed his hands gently across it, feeling her buzz and hearing her hum all around him. He closed his eyes tightly and bowed his head resting it lightly against her. "Why did you let me fall asleep?" He asked, his voice shaking. "And in her room?"

The TARDIS continued to hum around him and as a single tear rolled down his cheek, he knew, despite what he told Martha Jones, that he was anything but fine.


Rose awoke with a start, her chest heaving up and down heavily as she came out of her nightmare. She squinted her eyes trying to make out the familiar surroundings of her bedroom and as she scanned the room her eyes ell on the still figure beside her.

Her heart leapt and quickly reached out to shake his shoulder. "Doctor." She called in quiet air frantically. "Doctor!"

A muffled noise escaped the lips of the sleeping man and she scooted an inch closer to him, digging her nails into his arm gently and shaking him again. "Doctor!"

His eyes slowly fluttered open and looking over his shoulder he gave her a sleepy glare. "Rose Tyler," His voice was scratchy with sleep. "Are you trying to kill me?"

Relief flooded through her at the sound of his voice and then she pouted sheepishly, cuddling up to him further. "Making sure you're alive actually."

He was instantly more awake and raising his eyebrows, he flipped over to face her, propping himself up on his elbows. "And why wouldn't I be alive?"

"I dunno." She shrugged helplessly. "You said yourself there's never been anything like you before. You could suddenly keel over or something."

"Suddenly keel over or something?" He chuckled, smiling at her fondly. "Did you by chance have a nightmare about such things?"

"Maybe." She muttered.

He reached over to brush a strand of her blonde hair behind her ears and then rested his hand on the side of her face affectionately. "I'm perfectly healthy, Rose. There's nothing to worry about."

"You don't know that."

His brow furrowed and he pretended to look offended. "Of course I know it! I'm the Doctor! I know everything!" He grinned.

His grin faltered though at the sad skepticism on her face. Using the hand that was rested on her face he drew her in for a sweet kiss. Rose grabbed onto his arm and held onto him tightly as she melted slightly into his kiss.

Once the kiss broke, Rose lowered her head to rest comfortably on his chest and he sunk back down onto the bed, slipping one arm protectively around her.

"I just can't lose you again." She whispered against his chest.

He pressed a gentle kiss to the top of her head. "I'm not going anywhere Rose. I'm afraid you're stuck with me until we both die of old age." He teased lightly.

"You're over 900 years old." She answered back and he could feel her smirk.

"Well really if you want to get technical, I'm only six months old."

Rose lifted her head and gazed at him in bemusement as he grinned back at her. He tapped her nose playfully and her face scrunched up in response. "You're a naughty one Miss Tyler, robbing the cradle like so."

"Oi!" She sat up and poked him in the chest. "I'm not the 900 year old alien who fell in love with a human girl."

"And I'm not a little human girl who fell in love with a 900 year old alien luring said alien in with her beauty and over all fantastic nature." He shot back.

Rose bit her lip, holding back the grin threatening to spread across her face and a small giggle passed her lips. The Doctor lifted his left eyebrow in question. "What's so funny?"

"I'm picturing you as a little human girl." She replied, sticking out her tongue.

His next question caused her to let out a rather unattractive loud laugh. "Am I a pretty little human girl?"

She grinned, leaning over to ruffle his already mussed up hair. "You're very beautiful."

"As I always am." He grinned cheekily, throwing a wink at her.

Rose rolled her eyes and then, unable to resist the goofy grin on his face, flattened her palms against his chest and leaned down to capture his lips with hers. His arm travelled upwards so his hand rested on the back of her neck and tangling his fingers in her hair he pulled her deeper into the kiss.

Rose smiled allowing herself to completely get lost in the Doctor and the feel of his lips moving in perfect time with hers.

When he first arrived it took a little bit longer than either of them would have liked for her to adjust to the weirdness and eccentricity of the situation. He looked, sounded, and acted like the Doctor but she knew the real Doctor was still out there in the real universe, alone. But this Doctor was understanding and patient and waited until she was ready for him. Rose was surprised how quickly she fell for this doctor. He was everything the old doctor was and more and human. Part human anyway. He always reminded her how Time Lord he was. If not with words than by his actions, though the Tyler women (that being herself and her mom of course) mellowed out his ego somewhat.

And ever since the day that Rose finally admitted her love for him and only him, the two had been nearly inseparable. Rose loved kissing the life out of him and he didn't seem to complain, in fact he'd return it with just as much fervor so they ended up kissing the life out of each other.

If you had talked to Rose a year ago she would have told you she would do anything to get out of that parallel world. Now nothing and no one could get her to leave. She was with her Doctor and that is all she could ever hope for.

Their kiss broke eventually but they still remained close, their foreheads nearly touching and their breaths intermingling in the small gap between their mouths. The Doctor ran his fingers gently through her slightly wavy hair and her eyes fluttered open where she met his content but sleepy gaze.

She smiled warmly, pecked his lips quickly and then settled her head back down on his chest, humming in contentment as he continued to stroke his fingers through her hair.

She closed her eyes and listened to the sound of his single heart beating, a little bit faster than usual because of their kiss, and drew comfort from it. She found herself growing a little bit sleepy as his gentle motions, his slowing heart rate, and his deep even breathing continued.

His hand stilled on the back of her neck after a few minutes, his heart rate was normal again and she felt his breath ghosting across the top of her head.

"I love you." She whispered into the material of his pajamas even though she was sure he was asleep.

It surprised her when his arm tightened around her and his nose gently nuzzled her hair. "I love you too." He whispered back.

She smiled and cuddled into his chest. Her nightmare was long forgotten as she relished in the warmth and comfort of the man she loved.