I hissed at him before turning and running in the opposite direction. I didn't get far before I was pinned down against the ground.

"I will not fight for him" I hissed flipping us over. He glared up at me as I pinned him down.

"You can tell the Major and his Captain if they want me to fight for their cause they better come after me themselves" I spat my face inches from his own. He nodded his ruby red eyes wide. I got off of him but not before biting into his shoulder and sealing it with my venom. He hissed out in pain but otherwise didn't say anything. I was his master now. The bite mark I knew would make the message that bit clearer for the Major and the Captain.

"GO!" I roared as I stood up slowly. The scout nodded before running south. I hissed in frustration before running back to my hotel room. I needed to get moving before they came after me again. I walked into my hotel room and quickly grabbed my bag that I hadn't bothered to unpack. I slung it over my shoulder before checking out of the hotel. The scout would be back soon with the Captain and the Major.

100 miles down south a little while later:

The Major roared in anger as he received her message. His Captain stood against the wall his arms crossed with a glare on his face. She wasn't going to come easily the major thought as he slammed his fist down against his desk causing it to crack. The scout jumped slightly as he rubbed the bite mark on his shoulder blade. Isabella swan or Shadow as she was nicknamed was the most lethal vampire in existence next to the Major and the Captain. The Captain stepped away from the wall his gaze trained on the scout. Wordlessly he pulled the scouts hand away from his neck to reveal the bite she had given him. He hissed as he sore the bite. This scout was there best.

"Major" The Captain said his voice deadly calm. The Major walked over and roared at what he sore.

"We have no choice now but to go after her now" The Captain stated knowing that they were playing her game now. The Major nodded before ordering the scout to find her and take them to her.

And so the Game began...