So this is my newest story, the Rose/Scorpius multichap fic that I said on my profile I would be posting soon. I'm posting the first chapter a few days early, but I just couldn't wait :)
Just a warning, this is the most in-depth story I have written yet. I have actually written out characterizations for each main character and planned out every chapter, which I have never done before. Hopefully it pays off. And there is lots of drama throughout this story and hopefully a few twists and surprises you will like. I'll stop rambling now so you can get to reading. Enjoy!

An earsplitting shriek sounded on the train, and before Scorpius could even look around to see what it was, he had been practically bowled over by something that was squeezing all of the air out of his lungs.

Whatever was holding him released him suddenly, causing him to gasp and swallow large amounts of air.


He looked down, massaging his chest lightly, and came face to face with his best friend Rose, who he hadn't seen in over a year.

Whooping with glee, he picked her up and spun her around in the narrow corridor. Noticing the looks they were drawing, he grabbed her hand and tugged her into the nearest compartment, which was fortunately empty.

He hugged her again tightly, forcing her to choke out, "Scorpius…need…oxygen…crushing…lungs…" Scorpius released her and stepped back an arms' length, unable to get the goofy grin off his face that he knew he had to be sporting. It was identical to the one on Rose's face, he figured.

"Look at you!" he exclaimed. "You look completely different!" And she did – the last time he had seen her, her auburn hair had been a curly, frizzy mess that she usually restrained into a ponytail. Her skin had been pale, and her figure had been curvy. Now her hair flowed in long waves past her shoulders and she was tanner than he had ever seen her, thinner as well. She spun in a quick circle.

"What do you think?"

"I think that your family and I are going to have a much harder time defending you from guys who are going to be drooling over you."

"But Scorp, the only members of my family that are still here are Al, Lily, Hugo, Molly, Lucy, Louis, and the twins."

"Oh, you're right," he replied, nodding, "that is a rather small amount of Weasleys and Potters." She shoved him, laughing, and they sat down across from each other. Scorpius looked around and his brows came together in confusion.

"Where's your trunk?"

Rose looked around as well and smiled. "Well, that's what I came to find you about. Would you happen to know who the Head Boy is?"

Smirking, he crossed an ankle over his knee and leaned back. "You're looking at him."

"Thank Merlin!" Rose squealed and flung herself across the compartment at him, hugging him tightly before settling on the seat next to him with her legs in his lap. "I was so hoping it would be you, because there was no telling who I was going to end up working with, and so I was praying for it to be you or Al, but you know Al, I don't think McGonagall would ever-"

"Rose," he cut her off, "did you get Head Girl?"

"Yes!" she shrieked. Wincing, Scorpius covered his ears and Rose shoved him playfully. "And it was so surprising because you know, I was in Greece for a year, but apparently McGonagall thought that I could handle it, and so…"

Scorpius tuned out the rest of her rambling, which he knew she only did when she was nervous, and instead studied her.

She carried herself differently than she had last he saw her – a year and roughly three months ago. He supposed that looking as hot as she did now had given her some previously untapped self-confidence.

Scorpius reexamined that last thought, specifically the part about Rose being hot. He couldn't deny she was, but it was slightly odd thinking that about a girl who had been his best friend for the last six years and who he had never been the slightest bit attracted to. Ashamed though he would be to admit it to her, he had kind of thought of her as almost 'one of the guys' with him and Albus.

"…don't you think that's a good idea? Scorpius? Helloo? Anyone home?"

He jumped, realizing that she was waving her hand in front of his face, a smirk appearing on her face when she realized he had snapped out of it.

"Wow, Scorp, a girl could seriously get her feelings hurt. Must you always tune me out?" Rose flicked her hair over her shoulder and stood, resettling herself on the seat across from his, crossing her legs. "I suppose you were thinking about your girlfriend – Caroline Nott, right?" At his shocked expression, she grinned. "Come on, did you think Al wouldn't tell me? To be honest, I'm offended that you didn't tell me yourself, seeing as how she's your girl, and I'm your best friend in the entire world. We are going to have to meet and get along at some point."

No sooner had she finished this little speech than a knock sounded at the door to their compartment. Without waiting for a response, the door slid open to admit a girl with striking looks and long, curly black hair.

"Scorpius!" she squealed, practically launching herself at him and kissing him firmly on the mouth, and suddenly making Rose glad she had moved seats. "I've been looking everywhere for you!" She situated herself next to him – so close that there was no room whatsoever between them, Rose noted – and laced her fingers through his. Rose couldn't help it – she snorted with laughter. Clearly she didn't know Scorpius at all, or at least wasn't aware of his preference for some sort of personal space. The girl turned sharp black eyes on her, the grin quickly disappearing.

"And who are you?" she asked coldly. "It doesn't matter," she continued without letting Rose respond, "you can go." When Rose didn't budge, the girl's expression became harder. "I said, you can leave. As in stand up and walk out the door. Your presence isn't required here."

Rose's eyes narrowed and she uncrossed her legs, popping her knee and then crossing them again. She folded her arms at her chest and leaned back as if daring the girl to come get her.

Scorpius watched the display with surprise. A year ago, Rose would have stood and walked out, then confronted him later about it, or she would have hexed the girl into a blubbering, pus-covered mess. Now she was simply hard, cold, shut off. He wasn't sure if he liked it or not.

"Caroline," he said tightly, squeezing her hand to remind her that he was still here, "this is my best friend Rose. Rose, my girlfriend Caroline." The introduction did nothing to lessen the tense atmosphere – if anything, it intensified it.

Rose and Caroline stared at each other for another minute before Rose stood and walked towards the door.

"Don't forget we have a Heads meeting with McGonagall after dinner," she said loftily, pausing with her hand on the door. "And honestly Scorpius," she added, eyeing Caroline with distaste, "I had hoped that your taste in shagging buddies had improved over the last year. Apparently when I'm not around, you have no standards or taste whatsoever." Before anyone could say anything else, she was gone.

Caroline huffed, drawing Scorpius's attention back to her. "I'd forgotten how snobby she was. Too bad she didn't spend this year abroad as well."

"Rose isn't snobby," he said defensively. "You were rude to her, and she was rude to you back. The two of you are going to have to get along, alright?"

Caroline made no response – at least not a verbal one, preferring instead to straddle Scorpius's lap and snog him breathless.

Rose stretched out on the seat in the Heads' Compartment of the train, resting her head against the wall and closing her eyes. Seeing Scorpius again after so long had done funny things to her insides. How in Merlin's name was it possible that he had gotten more handsome? Of course he had a girlfriend – Scorpius Malfoy always had a girlfriend. If he went more than three weeks single, then the entire female population of Hogwarts was thrown into a tailspin.

She opened her eyes, half hoping that Scorp would have ditched his girlfriend and joined her, but she knew better. They were probably getting off in that compartment right now. The thought made Rose want to hurl.

Being in love with your best friend could do funny things to your insides too, although if Rose had her way about it she wouldn't feel anything for Scorpius beyond friendship. Having feelings for him had just complicated her life and, though he didn't know it, part of the reason she had gone abroad last year had been to get away from him for awhile in the hopes that the feelings would magically vanish.

They hadn't.

Rose groaned, dropping her head into her hands. Deciding to do something productive, she reached for her trunk and popped it open, pulling out her uniform. She changed quickly, half-hoping that Scorpius would come in at some point and press her against the wall and –

She sighed and shook her head, cutting off that thought and trying desperately to rid herself of the mental image that went along with it.

"Rose?" Scorpius poked his head inside and, spotting her, stepped in all the way and closed the door behind him. He was deliciously rumpled, she noticed before quickly turning her back to him and reaching for her trunk again to replace her clothes. His sleek platinum hair looked windswept – or as though someone had been running their hands through it, she thought with a surge of jealousy – and his face was flushed, his shirt partially untucked.

Scorpius found himself distracted by the strip of tanned skin that had become visible when Rose reached up for her trunk. He barely noticed when she turned back around and then he tugged his eyes up to her face. Her eyebrow was arched and her arms crossed, never a good sign.

"Yes?" she said shortly. "Have you finished screwing your girlfriend? Hope you used a contraceptive charm."

Scorpius was taken aback. Rose may have been many things, but she wasn't usually crude or this abrupt with him. At the shocked look on his face, she sighed and uncrossed her arms.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that, and it's not your fault you're dating such a bitch." Scorpius arched and eyebrow and she rolled her eyes. "Whatever, I know I said I would try to get along with her, but if she continues to pull shit like that, then I will too."

There was silence as Scorpius tried to take in the developments of the last twenty minutes.

"You're different," he said finally. "And not just in your appearance. You never used to swear. What did you do over in Greece, Rosie?"

She shrugged and waved her hand dismissively. "I went to school. I worked out. I had fun." A tan, smiling face and brown hair swam in front of her eyes for a moment before she blinked and was looking at her stunned best friend again.

Deciding to drop the conversation for now, Scorpius asked, "Still study partners?"

Rolling her eyes, albeit with a smile this time, she replied, "Still best friends?" When he nodded then she added, "Then duh." With a short laugh, he pulled her into a hug. As he was releasing her, the conductor announced that they would be arriving at Hogsmeade Station in about ten minutes.

"I guess I better change then," Scorpius said with a smile, walking past her to his own trunk, both of which had been placed in the compartment as soon as they boarded the train. Rose walked to the door, and turned back to say something to him.

Whatever it was she had been about to tell him flew out of her mind at the sight of him. He had already taken off his t-shirt and was currently digging in his trunk for his uniform. Rose could feel her jaw drop at the sight of the muscles on his back and shoulders. He wasn't enormously bulky, like Marco Thomas had been his seventh year, but he most definitely wasn't scrawny.

Scorpius turned around to find her staring at him. She closed her mouth and blushed.

"I see I'm not the only one who's changed." Before he could think of a response, the door had shut behind her.

Outside the compartment, Rose pressed a hand to her chest, willing her heart to slow down. Deciding she had better move before he reappeared, she wandered down the train, searching full a compartment full of redheads.

She didn't find all of them, but Albus, Lily, and Hugo were sitting in a compartment further back on the train. When she entered, Lily jumped up with a squeal and hugged Rose tightly.

"Congratulations!" she said excitedly before Rose could even say hello. "We heard you got Head Girl! And Scorpius is Head Boy! We didn't expect anything else from him, but admittedly I was surprised about you because you were gone for a year, but I'm still so happy! Tell me about Greece!" Before Rose had any time to think about a response, the train shuddered to a halt and Lily's attention was diverted. Sighing gratefully at the impeccable timing, Rose quickly hugged Albus and threw a parting wave to Hugo as she left their compartment.

Helping all the students unload and telling them where to go was the same hassle it always was. Part of her missed just being one of the students and not having to worry about being in charge of all of them. At the same time, she wouldn't trade in her Head Girl badge for the world.

Scowling when she caught sight of Scorpius and Caroline, she ducked into the nearest carriage and waited anxiously for it to start its trek up to the castle. Unfortunately before it could, two more people climbed in and, without so much as a glance around to make sure they were alone, began snogging like there was no tomorrow.

They broke apart when Rose made a loud gagging noise on her way out the door. She would rather walk up to the school than deal with Caroline Nott all over Scorpius.

He watched her go with a tinge of regret. The two of them had always ridden up the school together, only separating when the feast began. Scorpius sighed, not liking how the year was beginning already, in spite of Rose's return.

Scorpius wasn't allowed to dwell on it much longer, as Caroline had other things in mind that didn't require much thinking.

The ride up to the school seemed interminable to Rose, whose mind couldn't help but wander back to Scorpius and Caroline's carriage. She tried in vain to think of other things – what classes were going to be like this year, how many pranks the twins would pull, whether or not her dorm-mates would still hate her – but images of Scorpius and Caroline would pop up and make Rose wish she could Obliviate herself.

Finally the carriages arrived and Rose slipped out of hers gracefully, walking up the hill and up the front steps to Hogwarts. Stepping inside the Great Hall, she lifted her face to the ceiling and smiled.

It was good to be back.

So what do you think? I forgot to mention it at the top, but this one will have some more mature content later in the story than I usually write. I already have the first three and a half chapters written, and I will be posting the next one within two weeks.