Ido not own any of the Cagney and lacey charters only the charters I have creatived in this story and the other storys I have written Cagney and Lacey take a trip to the uk,cagny and Lacey living the uk,Cagney and lacey go to court,cagney and lacey go horse ridding ,cagney and lacey standing on the side line, the surprise vsiter that comes to the recue,the false wedding plans, the engagement,the well deserve holiday. Booking the welldesave holiday.,on the wild side and playing detactives, the very short holidayand animal business and the short get a way.

Tittle the long lost friend found agen.

Christine Cagney and Mary Beth Lacey where sat having a coffee and talking about how happy H Newt their adptive nice and doughter has been since Christmas 2010.

H Newt still goes to her English classes and has started a computer course too.

Saturday the 29th of January 2014.

The time is 6pm

Mary Beth .

(Who was poring herself another mug of coffee.)

"Chris I'm so please that."

"H has found her long lost friend."


(Picking up H's hug boots off the emtey chair to her left side.)

"Same here Mary Beth."

"Do hope H dos'nt drink too much."

Mary Beth who was about to say something when H Newt entered the kitchen.


"Hi Chris."

"Mary Beth have you."


(Who had hold of H's boots.)

"Honey was you looking for those?"


(Taking the boots for Chris and giving Chris a Kiss on the cheek.)

"Yes I was and thank you."

H was pulling her boots on before heading out the door to meet her friend Jessica King.

Who H Newt was going to the charity night with.

The charity night is going to be hold at the new pub that has been opened a couple of days.

The new pub is called the watering hole.