The characters of 'The Lion King' are property of The Walt Disney Company.
The characters of 'The Chronicles of the Pride Lands' are property of John Burkitt and David Morris.

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Everything the light touches was his kingdom. It was a land of absolutely magnificence, with true beauty flourishing wherever you looked. From the gorge to the northwest that lead to the desolate desert, to the grassland to the south; many creatures lived together here in a delicate balance called the Circle of Life: from wildebeests to ants, from elephants to lions. The pride of lions had a king who did not only rule his own pride, but also this land for as far as the eye could see. A huge rock was the home of the pride of lions, but also the pride of other animals having great respect for their lion king. Therefore the rock was called Pride Rock and the surrounding lands were called the Pride Lands. For many generations the rock had witnessed much happiness and tragedy and had been there with the rise and fall of many lion kings. Today another of those tragedies would be add to history, making the Circle of Life turn around once more.

The only shadowing place the eye could meet from Pride Rock's view was the Elephant Graveyard beyond the northern border. It was the home of a hyena clan, banished from the Pride Lands by king Ahadi, the father of the current lion king Mufasa. The reason of their banishment had been trespassing in the Pride Lands, which one day resulted into the killing of the king brother's mate, Avina. Seeking revenge, Ahadi's brother Shaka had gone to the elephant graveyard for reclaiming justice. He was killed by several hyenas after killing one male hyena called Jalkort. This day had been the birth of the ongoing dispute between lions and hyenas, which made their hate for each other growing in their veins, passing on to their children. Hyenas had disrespected the Circle of Life and would have to pay for that for generations. This was extremely hard to swallow for the proud hyena clan, knowing the Elephant Graveyard lacked food, and therefore trespassing the Pride Lands became usual business for them. The most fanatic were the offspring of Jalkort: three hyenas called Shenzi, Banzai and Ed. They often traveled to the Pride Lands, scavenging for food. Usually they would be driven off by lions, often king Mufasa. It made them hate the lions even more: a lion killed their father, his brother banished their clan and his nephew would drive them off so they could barely get any food. In his land of blossoming life and respect, Mufasa had made some dangerous enemies.

Only yesterday the hyena trio had tried to kill two lion cubs. One was the king's son and therefore the current heir of the Pride Lands, prince Simba. The other was his best friend Nala, many thought one day she would be betrothed to Simba and become the next queen of the Pride Lands. The couple of curious cubs had gone to the Elephant Graveyard, driving themselves into the deadly danger of hungry and hateful hyenas. Mufasa had come just in time to save the cubs or they would have ended up as hyena meal. It had made him furious to his son for disobeying him, but also very worried for what could have happened.

He could never have expected what was to come: A day of ultimate tragedy, a day of a challenge bigger than life. The sun would rise once more, to unfold a day in which faith would take a new direction: a king would fall as if it was bound to happen.

It was the Leap of Faith.