Something Good Can Work

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From that moment, walking down the hallway with Sam, Rachel knew that she was finally on the road to recovery. No more spending her days pining over Finn – her newfound friend was there to fill the gaps. Sam understood her, and didn't let her waste time thinking about the quarterback.

Surprisingly, Rachel and Sam had another friend to add to the mix. Noah Puckerman was equally disgusted at Finn and Quinn's betrayal, and stuck to Rachel's side like a loyal -and ferocious- leech. ("Lemonhead and I have got your back, Rach.") Together, the three of them walked the halls of McKinley High confidently, and never looked back.

The biggest thing that changed for Rachel was that she finally had two people who would always protect her, and finally – finally, the slushies stopped. It took a while, but people eventually started to realize that messing with Rachel meant that you were confronted (and pounded on) by two very angry, very muscular football players. It was more than Finn had ever bothered to do for her.

The day of Rachel and Sam's duet finally came, and Sam was freaking out. After much debating, they had decided to do Pink's "So What." Well, Rachel had pretty much ignored his protests and demanded to do the song, but that wasn't the point. Sam had argued that this song was way out of his comfort zone, he couldn't belt like that, he couldn't sing it. But the tiny brunette, with her typical Rachel Berry-ness, had said that he needed to be pushed to his limits, and if he wanted to be the new Glee Club leader over Finn, he needed to sing like he deserved it.

"Sam, you can sing this song. If Finn can sing it, you can too."

"I can't! Rach, I'm not as good of a singer as Finn is-" Suddenly, a small hand tugged his collar down until he was face-to-face with a ferocious diva. She pulled him closer until his faces was inches away.

"Samuel Evans, if you even try to tell me you can't or won't sing this song, then you are not worthy of the position of New Directions captain." Sam was so stunned that he lost the ability to speak. Rachel took advantage of his silence to triumphantly release the jock and grin smugly.

"We will be singing "So What," and you will, as they say, 'kill it.' Now come on, let's practice. If you are going to be showing Finn who's the better singer, than you will need to work on your vocals until they are sufficient enough to do this song. Here are the lyrics..."

And so Rachel pushed and coached and hounded Sam until he could vocally keep up with her, and surpass Finn. Every day, Sam would pick Rachel up and the two of them would go to her house and sing. She also helped him with his homework, and many times the blond found himself staying for dinner. During the space of the week, Sam grew closer and closer to Rachel, and started to notice the little quirks that made her unique. Like the way she was a complete vegan. And the way she would put gold stars on all the homework assignments he did well on. And the way her hair was so soft and perfectly curly...

Every time Sam caught himself thinking about that stuff,he would hastily clear his brain and yell at himself for his idiocy. Rachel was his friend – his very good friend, who smelled like strawberries, and loved wearing short skirts, and maybe she tasted like strawberries too...?

"Stop it," he said aloud without thinking, and Rachel paused, confused.

"Stop what? I was not aware that I was doing anything that needed to be stopped..." Sam shook his head embarrassedly.

"Oh – um, sorry, Rach. I was just thinking out loud, I guess. games. Rachel looked at Sam curiously, and frowned in concern.

"Video games? You know those are not healthy, Sam; there is so much violence! Noah tried to get me to play 'Fall of Duty' once – "

"Call of Duty," Sam interrupted with a grin. It was so cute that Rachel got the name mixed up – wait, cute? No, not cute. Funny. (Cute) Weird. (Cute) Annoying. (Really cute)

"And all the blood and gore was just ghastly! I cannot believe people enjoy these kinds of things–"

"Um," Sam hastily interjected, "can you show me how to sing this one part?"

And now, one week later, a very confident Rachel and a slightly nervous (but still excited) Sam stood with their back to the audience, in the choir room. For once, Rachel didn't have her typical ensemble on. The two singers were wearing jeans, Converse, black t-shirts, and leather jackets. Sam couldn't help but notice how Rachel's jeans hugged her long legs, and how good that leather jacket looked on her – no, it didn't. He wasn't paying attention to Rachel. He was focusing on the song, the song...what song were they singing again?

Then the music kicked in and Sam's forgot about everything else but this; showing Finn up, pushing it back into Quinn's face. It was go time. Suddenly Rachel spun around and started singing.

Guess I just lost my husband,

I don't know where he went.

So I'm gonna drink my money,

I'm not gonna pay his rent.

I'm gonna get in trouble,

I wanna start a fight.

Sam now spun around also and joined in the chorus, heart thumping like crazy.

Na na na na na na na,

I wanna start a fight.

Na na na na na na na,

I wanna start a fight!

By this point Rachel was smirking at Finn and Quinn, who were looking steadily more and more humiliated. The other Glee kids were dancing, cheering, and singing along. Rachel turned to look at Sam...and her heart nearly stopped. His intense green eyes were focused on her face, and he seemed to be only looking at her. With a surge of something -she didn't know what it was- she noticed how good looking the jock really was. Chiseled and fit, unlike Finn, and his eyes were to die for. Why hadn't she noticed before? Grinning at him, she started belting out the melody while he followed.

So, so what?

I'm still a rock star,

I got my rock moves,

and I don't need you

And guess what?

I'm havin' more fun

and now that we're done,

I'm gonna show you

The next part was belted directly at the couple who had broken their hearts at left them without a second glance. This was for the two people whose status mattered more than the people who loved and cared about them. This was revenge. And it felt good.


I'm all right,

I'm just fine,

and you're a tool, so

So what?

I am a rock star,

I got my rock moves,

and I don't want you tonight.

Sam executed a classic "rock star" kick, and Rachel spun smoothly, then smirked at her partner.

Uh, check my flow, uh...

Then Sam took over on the bridge, and he smashed it like nobody's business. The blond saw Finn's jaw dropping, and took pleasure in Mr. Schue's awestruck expression. He poured his heart and soul into the next verses – he had been dumped, cheated on, betrayed. And this? This was what he had to say about it.

You weren't fair

you never were

you weren't at all

but that's not fair

Rachel joined in, softly harmonizing under Sam's melody.

I gave you life

I gave my all

you weren't there

you let me fall...

Quinn looked like she was near tears, and Finn was trying to comfort her. But Sam didn't care – this was his last stand, his final thoughts about this whole disaster. He was done with her. With them.

So, so what?

I'm still a rock star

I got my rock moves,

and I don't need you

And guess what?

I'm havin' more fun

and now that we're done (we're done)

I'm gonna show you

By now, the whole Glee club -except for Finn and Quinn- were on their feet, rocking out. Mike and Brittany started dancing back-up, while Mercedes and Artie added some funky riffs. Meanwhile Sam and Rachel had jumped off the stage and were jamming to the last verses.


I'm all right

I'm just fine

and you're a tool, so

So what?

I am a rock star

I got my rock moves

and I don't want you...

The two singers stopped and lowered their voices, soulfully harmonizing on the last note.


For a minute, there was silence. And then, nearly the entire New Directions broke out into crazy cheering, clapping and whistling, and Mr. Schue grinned like mad. Sam and Rachel looked at each other, breathless, and silently acknowledged their success.

"That was awesome, guys! Rachel, I liked the edgy-ness. And Sam...whoa. I didn't know you could sing like that!" Sam smiled down at Rachel.

"Yeah, neither did I." Then Rachel, in all her diva-like glory, stepped up and spoke to the club director importantly and proudly.

"Well, Mr. Schuester, I did. And as captain of the Glee club, I think Sam deserves to be my co-captain. He took initiative and sang a song out of his comfort range – and he did amazingly well." Now, Finn stood up, looking furious. He turned on Rachel angrily.

"What the hell? Rach, you can't – " The Jewish girl cut him off with an Ice-Queen glare worthy of Santana or even Kurt.

"Don't. Call. Me. Rach." The entire gee club went completely silent at that, and looked from Rachel to Finn. Mercedes mouthed a silent "you go, girl!" at an icy Rachel. Finn looked like he had been slapped.

"I honestly don't think you should be one to speak, Finn. You've been too preoccupied with your new trophy girlfriend to be a good leader in this club, and honestly?" At this, Rachel smiled wickedly. "Your singing skills are sadly lacking in comparison to Sam." Finn went deathly pale, and all the kids gasped. Puck was smiling proudly at Rachel, muttering to Sam about how he had taught her to be badass. Rachel once again turned to Mr. Schuester, whose jaw was currently on the floor.

"As a future star and leader, I ask –no, I demand,– that you make my friend Sam the new co-captain of New Directions. As you can see, he is more than suitable for the job." Mr. Schue just nodded in shock.

"Alright, Rachel. Sam – congratulations. You and Rachel are the new co-captains of Glee Club!"

Everyone ignored Finn's protests and whooped loudly for Sam, who was grinning crazily. Suddenly he turned and swooped Rachel into a hug, lifting her off of the floor and spinning her around. When he set the brunette down, she kept holding onto him, her face inches from his. She smiled that soft smile he loved so much.

"Good job," she breathed softly. When Puck started wolf-whistling and Mike began cat-calling, they let go of each other, suddenly awkward and embarrassed. But for the rest of the afternoon, neither could stop giving the other sudden smiles and shy glances.

All in all, it had been a good day.

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