Sequel to Resolutions to a New Year



Worth Beyond Measure



Finally he could breathe easy knowing she loved him in return and that knowledge brought a sly, creeping smile to Jareth's face reflected in his vanity mirror. Ah, yes, it had taken a bit of wily tactics on his part to pry the admission from Sarah—Is that what we're calling it now?—Jareth's inner voice admonished him invoking visions of leather restraints and one mightily pissed off Labyrinth Champion.

"And here I'd thought you'd gone and deserted me...lucky bloke that I am I see you've returned." Jareth responded with a great deal of dry sarcasm and rolled his eyes at himself in the mirror.

'Not a chance, too much treasure to mine in your conscience for me to tarry anywhere else.'

"I'm flattered. Isn't there anything else you could be doing, perhaps somewhere else?" Jareth strongly suggested.

'What, and miss all the fun of taunting you? I think not.' His inner voice answered. 'So she loves you...well, that's no surprise you are a gorgeous piece of immortal flesh.'

"Is there a point to your rambling?" Jareth growled eager to return to thoughts of Sarah, preferably naked Sarah moaning his name. Moaning his name in ecstasy, begging for physical release, and well...just plain begging would work as long as she remained naked in said fantasy.

'Actually, yes, now that you've been back in her good graces for nearly forty-eight hours have you given any thought to what you're going to do for her for Valentine's Day?' His inner voice smugly asked and Jareth's mind blanked at the insanely simplistic and infuriately painful question.


'Well...I see the holiday which has been ridiculously commercialized by the modern era has taken you by surprise. I would think you'd be quite aware of its timing by now since you've exploited it since the Middle Ages.'

"I'll have you know I've always been a gentleman during all my romantic affairs!" He protested.

'Yes, yes, even so it doesn't address my original question. What are you going to do about THIS Valentine's Day, old boy?'

Jareth scrubbed his face with his hands adding a frustrated sigh, "Bloody hell."






The teleportation from his castle to Sarah's apartment was instantaneous as soon as Jareth decided on the trip back. The conversation initiated by his annoying shadow voice invoked certain thoughts within Jareth and he felt the sudden urge to see Sarah even though he'd left her side only that morning. After their weekend together spent making up and establishing new boundaries for their relationship—ah, relationship...the word bounced around his chest turning his heart into a helium balloon—the memories put a giddy smile on his lips. Funny how love could turn his immortal, stone heart to putty; he'd never been in love before in all his centuries in this realm or his own. Hell, before now he believed he could never experience real love and the surprise, the blinding shock of falling in love with Sarah after so long of not knowing its touch still made his toes tingle and his heart ache.

Sarah Williams was the fortunate lady, the one and only Champion of his Labyrinth, the game he'd created so long ago to assuage his substantial boredom of being the only one of his kind. And he'd searched both realms for some sign of a similar creature of magic for centuries until he'd eventually given up, resigned to his solitary fate and finding limited solace by interaction with mortals. Until her. Until Sarah, who so easily and rapidly tossed his world on its axis forcing him to reevaluate all that he thought he knew and for a being centuries upon centuries old that was quite a bit.

Before arriving in her living room, Jareth had primped and preened his appearance to its utmost wanting to look his best because his delay couldn't possibly be related to nerves, she loved him afterall...what did have to be nervous about? She-Loved-Him. Simple really and wonderful and beautiful and frightening and...Where the devil was she? Jareth paced the living room in his black leather breeches and boots until his path brought him to her kitchen, then bedroom and all the attached rooms between.

"Sarah?" He called out already knowing there'd be no answer as his love's home was deserted. Which was strange as time was passed that she should be home from her place of business, long passed and he located no missive indicating her whereabouts; perhaps they required her late attendance. She didn't contact him as his arrival was unexpected. Jareth grimaced at his new promise to not stalk her every evening. A most annoying promise to be sure but he supposed he could understand her need for a modicum of personal time but—blast the woman—he'd experienced more than enough personal time himself and wished to spend as much time with her, why could she not understand this?

"Sarah?" He called again more out of habit than any real hope for a response. She must've been held over at her place of business. Jareth conjured a crystal with a quick twist of his wrist in which to look in on his beloved at her workplace...just to be sure of her whereabouts...really that's all he told himself. The crystal displayed Sarah's desk which was neatly organized but empty of her presence.

"Hmmm...Where are you, my Dear?" He asked aloud absentmindedly as the crystal's view widened and expanded to include the immediate area around Sarah's desk then the entire office and eventually all the small attached areas of the office. Still no Sarah...Jareth noticed a few other workers illuminated in the evening light but not his beautiful lady and a thrill of anxiety shot down his back. Where could she be? Surely nothing untoward happened to her?

"Bloody hell! Show me Sarah!" Jareth demanded of the crystal as his fear bested him. The thought of his Sarah hurt somewhere, needing him but unable to call twisted his heart and stomach unlike anything he'd ever known. The sphere obeyed its master, rapid-fire images swirling inside until a single image coalesced and clarified before him showing an image that froze Jareth's undying heart.

"No...Sarah..." Jareth clenched the crystal shattering it in his gloved fist. Glittering dust and shards filtered between his fingers landing on Sarah's beige carpet. "Sarah...why?" He said his voice pained and sharp as his knees weakened and he collapsed to the floor, kneeling and his head bowed. His Sarah...had lied to him?






The after work dinner and drinks perfectly complimented the rest of her day, in fact it was the perfect end to a perfect weekend thought Sarah. Her surf and turf meal cooked to perfection and the wine a perfect vintage. Even her dinner companion and the plans made this evening—a perfect match. The only thing that could possibly make this dinner more perfect was Jareth but that was impossible. Sarah reminded herself for the umpteenth time that this was necessary if she wanted to complete her future plans. A little wine and dine with Bradley and all would be perfectly perfect! Afterall, Valentine's Day was this weekend and Bradley was essential if she wanted to get what she wanted.

"How's the lobster, Sarah?" Bradley asked.

Sarah focused on him pulling her thoughts away from other more enjoyable fantasies. "Oh, perfect, thanks. And your dinner?"

"Wonderful look ,Sarah, I really appreciate you going out with me last minute like this. I know how busy you are." Bradley smiled his puppy dog smile and Sarah's heart defrosted as she met his gaze.

"It's no problem really. Thanks for a lovely dinner, Bradley."

"Call me, Brad." He insisted gently.

"Brad," Sarah repeated with a small smile.

"Anyhow, I just want you to know how much I'm enjoying your company tonight."

"Thank you, Brad. I'm enjoying yours as well. I must say I don't understand what Belinda was thinking breaking up with you." She said and touched his forearm lightly which made Bradley blush.

"That's what I've been saying. I think she was just scared." Bradley explained his brown eyes soulful.

"Maybe, I can understand scared."

"But you're so strong, Sarah."

"Not in everything. I get scared in relationships, too."

"You're talking about your boyfriend, Jareth." Bradley stated and leaned closer to Sarah as she leaned in too.

"Well...yeah...Jareth...he's amazing but also so overwhelming sometimes." Her lower lip slipped inside her mouth as she bit it anxiously. God, if Jareth saw her now what would he think? "I just want to...I don't know...sometimes I don't think I'll be enough for him. He'll tire of me and then where will I be?"

"I don't see how any man could tire of you, Sarah." Bradley earnestly responded.

"That's sweet. But you wanted to know why...well...that's why I wanted to ask this favor of you."

"I get it, I really do." Bradley glanced over his shoulder and Sarah watched him checked the front entrance with a look of expectation then returned his smile when he looked back at her with a bright smile. "Who knows, Sarah, maybe this will work out perfectly for both of us." He said and leaned in to kiss her chastely on her cheek which she accepted graciously if not wholeheartedly.

"I certainly hope so." She said through her plastered smile.



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