He couldn't deny how beautiful she looked, innocently resting, makeup-less, on his shoulder. It was Friday morning and they both took the day off work so that they could spend as much time as possible in the Poconos. Her light snores made him smile, it wouldn't be long before they arrived and he wasn't looking forward to her waking up for two reasons. One, she would start talking again, and since she watched "What Not to Wear" last night, she would definitely not run out of topics. And two is because, well, she looked sexy sleeping. He felt a trickle of drool bleed through his shirt and he couldn't help but smile and look away. He felt way out of character but hey, he couldn't help it. He began to think, maybe, just maybe, Kelly isn't why he's so eager to get out of Scranton. Maybe, he could date her (without the choiceless feelings) and be happy. Well, as long as they were far away from Dunder Mifflin and it's dark memories of being a temp. He drove over a rocky road with a bounce that made her jolt awake. Her eyes looked glazed over and confused. Like she was processing what was happening. He shined one of his famous toothy grins in her direction, then she began to speak.

"Omigod, Ryan, can you believe that this is where all the newly wed couples go on their honeymoons? Isn't that like TOTALLY awesome?"

All thoughts before of them running away together was completely lost just by the mention of marriage. He considered himself a simple guy. A guy that just needed a beer and an XBox to be happy. A guy that could careless about the tabloids or materialistic things, or marriage. He could feel himself nodding. His unhappiness was painfully obvious, yet this seemed to be oblivious to her.

'Cause baby your a firework, come-on let your colors bur-'

Ryan stared at Kelly listening intensively to Katy Perry's newest song. Ryan didn't listen. Pop music definitely wasn't his thing.

As they exited the car Kelly went on and on (and on) about how exquisite it was, or in her words 'how like totally ah-MAY-zing it is' She didn't even let the picturesque scenery subside her constant chatter in order to take a mental picture. Before he knew it, they were stumbling up the stairs (well, she was trying to balance on those unbearably high kitten heels while he was carrying all four of her suit cases plus his duffel bag) to a quaint, yet luxurious, cabin. The receptionist handing out keys seemed nice enough, reminding him of Erin. It's not as if he likes Erin, not at all. Aside from her body, he hates her. Erin is just... weird. Although, he was not opposed to a threesome. He awkwardly suggested it a few times in conversation with Kelly, but she never seemed to catch on. Anyways, they hurried across the parking lot to cabin number 4 (as fast as they could travel under the luggage circumstances.) He could already feel the blood pulsing down his body, sending him adrenaline rushes. As soon as they reached the porch, he dropped all the luggage and pounced on her to enthus a make-out frenzy. A nibble here, a suck there, then she giggled. Not a sensational giggle, more like a humorous laugh.

"What's wrong, Kel?" he heard himself moan, her eyes shifted left and he followed her gaze. There, trying not to stare, was a pregnant woman sitting on her porch, next door. Kelly and Ryan both started laughing simultaneously. 'Am I drunk?' he thought, 'Perhaps drunk off her love. No, that's corny. Yup, definitely sober.' As he regathered their luggage and made their way to the door, they could feel the lady's glare burning through their backs. Seeing her really makes Ryan hope that Kelly isn't skipping out on her birth control pills... again.

As soon as Ryan swung the door open and retrieved the room key from the automatic slot, Kelly ran (literally) into the bathroom and desperately cried out for him to bring her 'the cutesy pink polka-dot suitcase, not the pink with white polka-dots, the white with pink.' He did as she commanded trying avoiding any type of negative behavior that would ruin their weekend. She came out 20 minutes later looking as pulchritudinous and elegant as promised in nothing but her most recent purchase. The JCrew jacket hugged her curves in all the right places, the shade of purple impeccably matched to her bronze skin tone and the sequins along her breast made them look larger, more grabbable.

She climbed up onto his lap and straddled him for a moment before speaking.

"What do you think?" she whispered in a libidinous way while unclasping each snap-on button.

He could only sigh lustfully in response.

What do y'all think? Should I continue it or just end it? Does it seem like I dragged on with details? Did it need more details? Any type of feedback would be great. Suggestions would be nice too because, honestly, I have no clue where I am going from here.