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Chapter 1

Bad Romance

I want your love and I want your revenge. You and me could write a bad romance. I want your love and all your lovers revenge. You and me could write a bad romance." Lady Gaga

As I sat there at the kitchen table I couldn't help but think of how my life took a turn for the worst lately. There were so many things I wanted to do with my life that I have yet to do and then there were at least a dozen things I though that I would never do and I have done them.

I picked through my barely touched grilled chicken salad and allowed myself the brief moment of reminiscing over the past year. It isn't often I allow myself to dwell in the past. Maybe because so often when I do I become overwhelmed and feel trapped in the memories.

I moved to Forks with Charlie at the end of my junior year in high school. Renee thought it would be best if I had the summer to adjust before starting school in a new location. Turns out she was right. However it was both the best and worst thing I ever done.

With my dad being the chief of police he had certain connections around town. Sometimes it was embarrassing but mostly it was helpful. Thus he made it rather easy for me to get a job at the local hospital. That is where my stories begin, that is where I met him.

The day started just like any other typical Wednesday at work, I cleaned up my station and asked if any one wanted anything from the cafeteria. Thankful it was my lunch break I rounded the corner I ran right into the most handsome man I ever laid eyes on.

Little did I know then that there was an immense amount of pain and torture hiding behind those piercing green eyes. If I had only realized that then and turned around, it would have saved a lot of pain and heartbreak. Instead of turning and walking away I was introducing myself and shaking his hand.

Edward. His name was Edward. I was intrigued by the mysterious creature before me and accepted his request to have dinner together. Honestly this was one of those things I never imagined myself doing. Going out for a dinner date with a man I didn't really know.

We went out to dinner later that evening to a little Mexican restaurant in town. We really seemed to hit it off rather well. From then on out we were together every moment we could be. He would even come to work and hang out to keep me company until his father, the chief of surgery; Dr. Cullen would catch up with him and make him leave.

That didn't stop him from coming to the hospital though. He would be out in the parking lot or inside the parking garage waiting for my shift to end. Sometimes he would be out there 6 or 7 hours just waiting in is car. That was the first warning sign I noticed.

It's strange the things that happen to you when you are so convinced something of that kind never will. A crazy, obsessive, stalker boyfriend? No not me, it is always some one else. You know the one you always here about, a friend of a friends cousins sisters brother…right?

Wrong. Even those made for TV movies come true from time to time. Just count your blessings and consider yourself fortunate if something of the kind hasn't happened to you. For those of us that it has happened to, we are part of this secret club. One that is full of heartache and shame and all those what ifs as we wish we could take all those wrong choices.

It's funny the things we pretend we don't see when we feel we are in love. Looking back now there were so many warning signs they cause me to shake my head at the raw stupidity I must have possessed.

From there on out things got progressively worse. He made sure we were always together and on the rare occasion we weren't he would follow me. I wasn't aware of it until Angela spotted him on one of our shopping trips to Seattle. I promised her I would talk to Charlie about it but couldn't bring myself to do so. I knew he would be disappointed at the fact that his little girl, the one he raised to be aware of this sorta thing, fell right into the trap.

There was one particular day the he pushed things too far. I finally had enough and was getting a little worried and brought it up in a discussion with Edward.

It was both our graduation day and we were getting ready to go to a huge dinner with my parents and his. I demanded an answer for why it was he felt the need to always be right there, or call my constantly or even follow me. I tried to play it off as me thinking he didn't trust me but in reality it scared the hell out of me. I was getting more and more angry as he refused to answer me; shrugging me off as some silly little girl.

That must have been his breaking point because before I knew it his hands had an iron firm grip on my arms and I was backed into the wall. That was when the wool peeled back from my eyes and I reached my breaking point, not only was his behavior scaring me I was now frightened as to what he would do if I stayed with him. Would the time come that he didn't like something I said or did and he would physically hurt me?

Yes I think so, this was a small taste of what he was capable of. As he held me there to the wall his grip got tighter and then he did the unthinkable. He buried his face in my hair and took a deep breath. He just smelt me? I was beyond disgusted.

I didn't want to think of what could happen but I forced myself to. What else could I do? I may be naive and quiet but I wasn't the type of girl that put up with this type of stuff. I put an end to our relationship right there. Something I should have done months before. However, after dating for 7 months I saw clearly he wasn't going to change and something was terribly wrong.

He began to harass me, calling me on the telephone so many times I had to unplug it. I lied and told Charlie the phone line was acting up, a mistake on the company's part. Then the flowers and letters started. Daily I would receive something in the mail from him. Sometimes there wasn't even any postage which meant he put them there deliberately himself. I made it my duty to get the mail everyday before Charlie so he wouldn't see. The night I decided to tell Charlie was the same night I caught a glimpse of him outside my bedroom window. I just turned and saw him leaning next to an old oak tree in the yard.

Edward made a point to lean on that huge oak tree, the one with the perfect view of my bedroom multiple times.

Charlie of course went into full cop mode and now here we are caught up in one of his brilliant cop schemes. He left rather early like always, but around 1 pm he called and asked for me to prepare lunch for him and a coworker, that he thinks he came up with a solution to our little problem. I agreed and began to make spicy grilled chicken salads and twice baked potatoes.

At Charlie's last doctor appointment they discovered his blood pressure and cholesterol was a lot higher then it should be. The doctor wanted him to try some diet changes and told him to try to handle stress a little better before they would give him medications for the problems. Of course he protested with anything dietary and stated stress was an everyday part of the job he loved. He shrugged the problems off without what seemed to be a second though but it scared me to death. The thought of losing my father the way Leah and Seth Clearwater did was always the staring role in my nightmares.

Yet the doctors swore that most of the time the changes at home worked wonders. It has been difficult but I vowed to do whatever I could to try to change his diet around. I felt immensely guilty and blamed myself for causing all the stress.

I pushed my food away from me disgusted with myself for really not seeing what was happening with the situation sooner; for not being able to solve this problem solely by myself. The cruiser pulled up and Charlie fumbled with the door and all the new locks he insisted on installing before entering the house.

He took his gun off and hung it up, something he rarely did anymore. Lately he took it with him where ever he went throughout the house. Never know when a stalker will make one self seen, one of the many facts he drilled into my head. He would hold what he called situation predicaments where he would set up a scenario and I would have to tell him what I would do if that were to arise. If Edward were crazy enough to do such a thing. Charlie's old friend Billy Black had the honor to participate in one of our predicaments. He found it a lot more amusing then I did.

"Well Bells, you know how I have been telling you not to worry that I would figure out this little Edward problem?" His expression was different. He no longer looked desperate he looked hopeful.

"Yeah." I couldn't bring myself to say much more at the moment. I was still reveling in the change I saw. I had to admit I was happy to see the tension leave even if it was just slightly. However I was beginning to worry what it was he cooked up in his head.

"You see, stalking is a serious, even a potentially life-threatening crime. Even in it's less sever forms, it permanently changes the people involved and law enforcement is just now beginning to understand how to deal with this crime to be entirely honest. Because to truly understand it, you have to get in the stalkers mind. Or in Edward's case, a teenage boys mind. And well you see, I am not about to take any chances with your life here."

"Okay...where are you going with all this?" I tried to not let my new level of awareness and panic show. What was he trying to get at? Did he really think Edward was threatening my life?

"Do you remember Billy's boy, Jacob?" He looked down at the floor and shuffled his feet around. Oh no…. this couldn't be good.

"Vaguely, you mean the skinny, weird, shaggy-haired boy? What about him?" Charlie just laughed at my statement and shook his head.

"Umm...well yeah but he isn't so little anymore. Anyway he is one of the new detectives at the precinct and I have hired him to help us. Starting today he will be undercover as your boyfriend, but in reality he is more like your bodyguard until we can catch this little bastard. After talking to a few of the guys at the station I realized the way we have to get him to leave you alone is to make him think you are over him, that he doesn't stand a chance with you anymore."

"What? No way! I don't want him here, he is just a kid! How can he help?" The thought of anyone else getting involved scared me to no end. There was no telling what Edward would do if he thought I had another boyfriend. I didn't like the idea and thought it would only make the situation worse then it was. It would only make things worse on the poor kid and I didn't want to be the reason he got hurt.

"Bells, he is only a year younger than you and he is not such a little kid anymore. I really believe this will work. Do you trust me?" He looked my right into the eyes. He was playing the trust card and there was no way I could tell him no after that. If he believed this would work there had to be a reason why.

"Okay...what do I have to do?" I reluctantly gave in, knowing I didn't really have a choice in the matter.

"That is the spirit Bells, the sooner we get rid of him the faster we can get back to our lives. The plan is he will stay here with you, when Edward makes himself know, which we know he will. Jake will take whatever action he feels needs to be done." Wow he must really trust Jake if he is leaving it in his hands. " One more thing though Bella, I will be staying at Billy's to make it look as if I am out of town on business or something." He walked over to his seat at the table and I knew that the subject was not up for discussion anymore. Before I could protest I noticed the black Chevy Tahoe pull up in our drivewa"So he is who came for lunch? How did you get him to agree to this?" I couldn't help but be curious as to why an almost complete stranger would be so willing to help with such a crazy yet dangerous scheme.

"Well we got talking about it today and he offered. I think it will be good, you two used to play when you were younger it will give you some time to catch up."

The ringing sound of the doorbell interrupted our conversation before I could protest anymore. If I remember correctly this was the same boy that used to follow me around like a lost puppy, but the last time I saw him he kicked me in the shin and ran away laughing. Then again we were only about 8 years old at the time.

I wished I had known the company would actually be staying longer then just lunch. I would have fixed myself up a bit but now was too late and I didn't have the time. I would have to keep my black sweats and white tank top on and hope to not make a horrible first impression.

Charlie answered the door as I fixed their plates and placed then on the table. As I turned around I saw exactly what Charlie meant. This boy wasn't a boy anymore; he was a man and one hell of a man at that.

His hair was still a nice length, it fell about an inch under his shoulders, but he had it tied back. He was insanely tall and muscular, with a tattoo on his right bicep. It wasn't like most of the men down at the station. Most of them were vastly overweight and balding but not him. No he was like the complete opposite.

He wasn't wearing his uniform either; instead he rocked khaki shorts and a tight black beater shirt. I couldn't lie, he was downright gorgeous. So far from the little boy I vaguely remembered.

The sound of Charlie clearing his throat snapped my out of my senseless ogling. I could literally feel the burning flame of my embarrassment as it made its presence on my face.

"Right...well, I checked the perimeter so we are clear for now. His car was last spotted at Robin's Flower Wonderland on Main Street, Sam and Embry are tailing him now. I told them to hang low unless he was headed this way." He spoke with such a ease, it was like sex just poured out every time he opened his mouth.

Wow, it sounded like he really did know what he was talking about.

"Well, we should talk now while we still have the time. Don't want him hearing all the juicy details when he shows up." Charlie led Jacob to table as I followed closely behind. From this angle I couldn't help but take in the view.

His back side was just as incredible as the front...shit...I had a feeling this was going to take some getting used to. I had to get it under control unless I wanted to walk around like a tomato the whole time he is here.

"This looks incredible Bella, thank you." Jacob looked at his plate and then at me. His eyes were a beautiful shade of brown but his lips had to be the best feature on his face. He was absolutely beautiful.

"Bella is trying to make me eat healthier, doctor's orders. But these are my favorite, I can't give them up." Charlie spoke up before shoving a forkful of the potato in his mouth. I had to smirk; little did he know that those potatoes aren't exactly the same he started eating when I first moved here. I switched to fat free sour cream and reduced fat cheddar cheese, they make a huge difference but he never was able to tell.

I watched in silence as they demolished the entire salad, including both chicken breast, all four twice baked potatoes, and an entire loaf of crusty French bread. Not to mention a half gallon of iced tea, sweetened with Splenda of course. Something else Charlie didn't notice.

"It's nice to see you again Bella, I'm sure you have been filled in on why I'm here." Jacob spoke first and stood as I began to clear the table. Even against my protest he helped until the table was entirely clear.

"Yes, I do. And I remember you, the last time I saw you I was 8 years old and you kicked me in the shin before running away laughing at my expense." Charlie chuckled and Jacob looked taken back.

"Well I am sorry about that but sadly that isn't the last time you saw me. I was here with my father the night you went to your senior prom. I guess I can see why you didn't remember me or maybe the problem was I saw you, you just didn't see me." Then he did something that almost made my heart stop all together. He smiled a heartbreaking smile that caught me off guard.

"Right..okay." My father interrupted as he glanced between the two of us. "I think this is going to work out rather well if you ask me." Jacob laughed and I couldn't help but follow suit.

"Well let's get started before the leech shows up." Charlie spoke abruptly.

"Leech?" I questioned.

"Yes, well, we all will have code names. For example, Edward is the leech, as I'm sure you already guessed. Jake here will be Alpha dog, I'm Captain, and other various members on the force have different code names." Charlie explained intently.

Leech. Something that thrives off another's discomfort. Sounds perfect for Edward.

"Okay...what is mine?" I questioned. Curious as to what they would call me. Charlie looked at Jake and then to me but it was Jake that spoke.

"Yours is princess." His voice was harsher now. It bothered me though that I couldn't remember him being here that night and I couldn't help but wonder what his problem was now. Why the sudden attitude change?

" I actually speak multiple languages. French, Italian, German, Greek just to name a few." I caught the end of their conversation. Wow I was definitely impressed. I had trouble with Spanish in school and probably only spoke three words at the moment.

"Well now kids, it is getting late, I have to head out now. I will stop by after work to pick up my things. Jake, take care of my little girl, and Bella please don't give Jake such a hard time." Charlie stopped for his gun and jacket.

"I'm sure what ever the princess has in store I can handle." Jacob laughed. I shot him dagers with my eyes. What was this princess bullshit about?

"We will see about that." Charlie chuckled as he walked out the door.

Now that it was just Jake and I, the nervousness began to seep back in. How was I going to make this work? How could I convince anyone he was my boyfriend if I couldn't even look at him without blushing?

I couldn't help but notice that he looked rather distracted as he glared out the window, his cell phone in hand. After a few glances at the fancy screen he seemed to be texting and then put the phone away. Then he turned and headed toward me. Walking up right to my side he put his arm around me and kissed the top of my head.

It was rather shocking, it made my heart race but then again I guess this is what I should get used to though. My body tensed I and now he felt it.

"I'm sorry Bella, but with him out there I'm not sure what he will see and it has to look like we are together." His voice was sincere, his apology honest. The situation was awkward but not completely uncomfortable like I thought it would be. At least not yet.

"I understand. If we didn't it would be pointless right?" My voice was scratchy and hoarse.

"So I guess we should start by you telling me why it is I'm here." Jake dropped his arm and stood in front of me.

"Edward. My ex, he won't leave me alone." I answered dumbfoundily. Didn't we just go through all this with Charlie like ten minutes ago?

"Yeah Charlie filled me in on some of it but I mean I want to hear from you. Insider info of sorts, don't tell me you told Charlie everything because I know that would be a lie."

He was right I didn't tell him everything, but it was for his own good.

"I'm not sure where to start." I was honest. There was so much stuff that I was unsure where to even begin.

"Just start from the beginning." Jake led me to the living room and sat next to me on the sofa.

"Okay well...thinking back there were things from the very beginning I should I realized something was off. He would make sure we were always together; when we couldn't be he would follow me to call me excessively. There was one occasion he got physical." I spoke softly as I recalled the memory; I noticed Jake stiffened at my words.


"Yeah, the night of my graduation we got into a fight. I asked about his behavior and he got mad and grabbed my arms and pushed me into a wall."

"I remember that night. At the restaurant, you seemed so sad, so distant." Jake recalled. "I tried to talk to you but you just blew me off." The harsh voice was back and his jaw tensed.

I hadn't even realized he was there that night. How out of it was I? I noticed how he now looked serious and professional. I seen that look on Charlie's face a thousand times yet Jacob couldn't pull it off entirely. Here and there I would see the emotion in his face, the way he clenched his jaw, the look in his eyes, how his hands balled up into a fist. He tried hard not to care but in reality he couldn't. Either he was angry at what Edward did to me or he was mad at me for something.

We sat there and didn't move for about an hour. He told me about how he always admired my father and wanted to become a cop because of it. He shared some stories of Charlie and Billy and all the things they would do during my time with my mother. He also told me how much Charlie missed me when I was gone and how happy he was when I called and asked to come live with him. I always thought I was being a burden but from the way Jacob told the story it was more like a godsend.

We went over the guidelines to making this situation work. No big arguments and talking about the plan unless he assured me it was a safe. We pretty much needed everyone to believe we were a couple in order to make this work and that meant being out in public together. Things like a simple trip to the grocery store would now become a joint event. He even suggested a date night which would make thing rather believable.

He assured me that nothing was going to happen to me while he was there. I couldn't help but feel relieved yet a little nervous at the same time. I wanted Edward to leave, but I wasn't so sure about Jacob's mood swings. Had I really treated him that badly in the past? What was it I said to him that night? I remember Edward and I remember getting ready for prom but I don't remember Jacob.

After our talk we spent the rest of the day going about our own thing. He unpacked and got situated while I made dinner and washed the laundry. It was almost as if he wasn't even here.

Charlie came for dinner and talked to Jake about everything from sports to the newest addition to the force, Leah Clearwater. I remember her from when I was younger. She was the daughter of Harry Clearwater, another good friend of my fathers. The one that passed away far too young. She was a little on the rough side, a tomboy of sorts but I never thought she would become a cop and I guess neither did anyone else. It was a shock of a lifetime my father called it.

I excused myself early, after the kitchen was clean, but before Charlie had left yet. By the time I straightened up my room and put away my freshly folded laundry I was exhausted. I'm assuming Charlie thought I was asleep already because I heard his cruiser pull out without him coming to tell me goodnight or that he was leaving.

I was going to miss him and couldn't help but worry what kind of food he would be eating while at Billy's. Those two were worse than any teenage boys I know and when they get together sometimes dangerous things can happen. Like the one time they watched a movie one Sunday afternoon here, when I was out with Edward, I come home to at least two dozen burnt, shriveled up logs that were once hotdogs and a foul smell throughout the entire house that lasted a week. The only explanation they had was they wanted to see if they really would blow up. I didn't know what to say so I just threw out the plate of hard logs, plate and all and started spraying Febreeze. It didn't help. The smell seemed to be etched into the very walls.

As it turns out the hotdogs don't explode.

They promised to leave the myth busting to the professionals or as Billy stated "maybe those old goats on the TV show". I could only imagine what kind of trouble they got into when they were younger, when they didn't have the common sense and intelligence they have now.

Exhausted and not sure how much more I would be able to take today, I decided to go to bed. I started my nightly bedtime routine. It may sound childish but I have found it helps to keep a routine and I often slept a lot better.

After slathering on an acceptable amount of moisturizer I slipped into an ivory lace camisole and a pair of matching boy shorts before slipping under my purple quilt and comfort of my bed.

I tried to relax, to let my mind rest but I was having difficulty doing so. I just laid there trying to find some sort of solitude in the mess that was my life now, relaxing as I recalled Jacob's kind words earlier and his promise to protect me and then tensing and worrying why it seemed he was angry at me. Maybe, just maybe I would bring the subject up tomorrow.

I couldn't help but want to believe him, I knew he wouldn't allow anything to happen to me if he had the power to stop it not knowing he would have to face my father if something did. I was now really regretting the fact that I tried to avoid him so much when I was younger. Or the fact that I didn't seem to remember him when he was there, whatever I said nor did to him that night definitely left an impression. It wasn't something he forgot though I couldn't remember.

I must have been starting to fall asleep when I felt the justle of my bed. My heart began to race and I was afraid to open my eyes. He's here; he got past Jacob and finally got to me.

I braced myself for what I was about to see and at the count of three I opened my eyes.

Much to my dismay, it wasn't Edward seeking revenge, making me pay for leaving him, for apparently moving on with someone else. No it wasn't him. What I saw when I opened my eyes scared me even more then that thought.

There the shadow that danced fluidly in the moonlight that shined in from my bedroom window. Was Jacob Black, shirtless and pulling back my purple quilt. Seeking acceptance as he climbed in bed beside me.

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