Title: Triggers & Ties 11: Evolution, Part 6

Author: Kuria Dalmatia

Rating/Warnings: FRAO/NC-17. (profanity, sexual situations)

Characters/Pairing: Hotch/Reid, Jack

See Chapter 1 for comments, disclaimers and thanks.

Special thanks to CMAli for late night conversation and the beta on these final parts. To Pabzi for the critique.


Spencer was not used to waking up with a body next to him, much less one curled possessively around him. Aaron's arm was across his chest, fingers latched on the shoulder of his pajamas, and nose buried in Spencer's hair. It was comforting, of course, to be in such a tight embrace.

The hard on pressed against his ass didn't hurt either. Spencer felt his own cock twitching as he ran through options for the morning. Should they attempt to have sex given how disastrous last night had been? Would that help Aaron's confidence? He decided to go for it because if there was one thing he had discovered in those times waking up next to Aaron, Aaron's demons were usually at bay until the man was fully awake.

So Spencer slowly turned, ignoring the muffled protests of his bedmate, and carefully ran the back of his fingers along the side of Aaron's face. Aaron leaned in to the touch, brow creasing slightly before his eyes fluttered open. Drowsy, Aaron asked, "Spence?"

He brushed his thumb across Aaron's lips. He shifted a little so their cocks bumped. "I want you," Spencer said simply and them moved his hand to Aaron's waist.

There was a pause—Aaron closed his eyes as he sucked in a breath—and then a small nod.

"May I?" Spencer asked quietly, his thumb lightly stroking the waistband.

"Yes," Aaron breathed as he moved closer, his own hand gliding down Spencer's shoulder to his waist.

Slowly, Spencer curled his fingers around Aaron's hard length, caressing him lightly. He leaned forward, brushing his lips against Aaron's jaw. "I want to take your cock out. I want to stroke us together."

"Oh, God. Please."

It took a bit of maneuvering, but he got Aaron's boxers off along with his own pajama bottoms and underpants. When he wrapped his hand around Aaron's cock, Aaron hissed, his hips bucking.

"Please," Aaron begged. "Oh, God, please."

"Shhhh," Spencer hushed as he adjusted his grip, thumbing the head of Aaron's dick and smearing the precum.

Aaron nodded and then began kissing the side of Spencer's neck.

The strokes were slow. Firm. A bit awkward because Spencer knew he should have gotten some lube to ease things a bit, but he didn't want to stop. No. He couldn't break the delicate mood. Aaron thrust into his fist, his hand firm on Spencer's hip. The words "Please" and "God yes" breathless whimpers.

Spencer shifted again, getting his own cock into position as he loosened his grip and then pressed himself firmly against Aaron. His own precum aided a little with the harsh friction, but it was going to become quickly uncomfortable.

"Need lube," Aaron grunted suddenly and then turned enough for his free hand to thump the top of the nightstand, then yank open the drawer and paw through the contents. It took a few seconds before Aaron turned back, hips still rocking against Spencer, the click of the cap echoing in the room.

Cool viscous liquid splashed on their cocks and immediately, the friction turned from uncomfortable to exquisite. Aaron hissed.

Spencer adjusted his grip and maneuvered his other hand so that the head of Aaron's cock fucked his fist. Aaron moaned, his pace increasing as he began showering Spencer's neck with kisses.

"That's it," Spencer murmured, hoping that his encouragement wouldn't set off another trigger. "That's it."

He was rewarded with a series of "please" and "oh God" that made him smile. He tightened his grip and twisted his hand the way he remembered Aaron liking it.

"Harder," Aaron pleaded. "Harder. Please. Please. Harder. Close."

Spencer obeyed and increased the pace, Aaron now rolling his hips and clutching Spencer's shoulder. Spencer knew how close his lover was by the change in breathing. He wasn't that close to coming, too caught up in making Aaron feel good, in making this work like it should have last night.

"Please. Please. Close."

Spencer watched how Aaron's face contorted, how his eyes squeezed shut and his breathing became irregular. He picked his moment. He said, "Come for me."

Suddenly, Aaron's entire body jerked hard and Spencer could feel the warm spurts shooting into his fist. Aaron's mouth dropped open. Tears ran from his closed eyes. He made a high pitched sound as Spencer milked his cock, Spencer determined to wring every last sensation out of Aaron until it became too much.

Aaron stopped moving. He pressed his face against the side of Spencer's neck. His hand snaked down pushed Spencer's away from his softening cock and Spencer's still rock hard dick. He panted from the sex high, mouth moving as if trying to kiss but not quite succeeding.

Spencer could help but smile to himself, even if his own dick ached because it needed some attention.

After a few moments, Aaron fumbled a bit as he grasped Spencer's length. There was surprise in his voice as he said, "You didn't come."

"It's okay."

Aaron shook his head. "It's not okay."

"Then get me off."

There was a pause and then Aaron said wickedly, "But I though you said it was okay."

"I lied."

Aaron let out a light laugh. "I've missed you, Spencer Reid."

Spencer couldn't help but smile. "I've missed..." but before he could finish his sentence, Aaron began stroking his cock with quick efficiency, the rhythm and method making Spencer arch into the touch.

It had been too long.

Way too long.

There wasn't much of a build up. The orgasm just hit, and thankfully Aaron had enough sense to kiss him so his shout wouldn't wake Jack up.

It was going to be weird having quiet sex.

But Spencer didn't care.



Curled up next to his lover—and God, Spencer relished the use of the word 'lover' against…Curled up next to his lover, he knew that they truly were back on track.



/***/ Finis /***/