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"What the hell Kakuzu? What the fuck are you talking about? You said I was going to get a good kill!" Hidan bitched. "You dragged me here for nothing?"

Giving him a glare Kakuzu muttered "Shut up. And no I didn't bring you here for nothing," He inspected a piece of paper he held in his hand and then the name of the tavern he stood in front of. "I brought you here to keep watch while I attend to a little business."

Shoving the paper back into his cloak he proceeded to enter.

"I'm not your fucken bitch ya know! I'm not going to just guard the place on command!" He spat back only to be fully ignored by Kakuzu.

Alas Hidan digressed and plopped down next to a large cherry blossom tree. "Hmph, well this is some shit, making me do the bitch's share." With its roots encircling around him, cradling him almost, Hidan laid back against the tree and stared at the sunlight peeking through the cherry blossoms. The sun warmly caressing his finely toned muscles, his sliver-white hair glowing in the sun like a rare beast, and his amulet of Jashin shimmering in the light, he was content, peaceful and relaxed.

Soon he fell into a peaceful slumber only to be awaked by a voice that spoke "Hidan…Hidan….awaken and listen to me…." Hidan rolled over, and enraged from being awoke, screamed "What the hell do you want motherfucker?"

His eyes opened to an all too familiar sight of complete darkness and red glowing eyes with the most wicked and soul devouring pupils. The large voice boomed as it mocked him. "Is that any way to treat your God?"

The wind blew, hot and thick, almost like it was Gods very breath.

"My lord…what is it that you desire from me? Have I not sacrificed enough for you?"

Hidan crouched to his knees, holding his scythe in front of his bowed head. "My lord, please allow me to atone for my neglect. I will slaughter a whole village in your name Jashin. I will paint the land red with their blood in your honor."

"Enough!" The God's voiced shook the land. "I have better plans for you my loyal servant." Then the wind thickened and Hidan's mind was filled with visions of a girl, no younger than eight, with navy hair, porcelain skin and pale moonlit eyes.

"My lord….why are you showing me this child?"

"Wealth, status and purity...the three things that place a man above all others, your partner in crime is your ticket to wealth….your strength and loyalty has proven your worth to me….and as a reward…an innocent flower…ripe for the plucking…she is my gift to you…take her."

"What are you saying my lord? What use would I have with a child?" He stared into the eyes of is master, seeking answers.

"She is a child of the leaf….her soul is the purest to walk the land in hundreds of years…she is the only one worthy of my most loyal servant. She is a child of Jashin and a gift for you."

Hidan stood. "But master I-"

"Keep her tucked away from the influences of the outside world….she will be yours in due time my servant."

"Master, what do you-"

Then the wind thickened and a roaring blood boiling scream reached out to his ears and brought him back to reality.

Greeted by the cherry blossoms, his eyes flashed open. His chest heaving, he clutched his amulet and whispered "What the hell?"

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