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Hidan's scythe swung down upon her head. All she could do was wait for her head to be sliced as she gripped that damn rotten tree limb. How could she have mistaken it for her scythe? How on Earth?

She cringed; the pain that flowed through her body was catching up to her. Jashin must be ashamed of her, about to be taken down by an insolent pawn such as Hidan. She opened her eyes.

No, she was not going down without a fight or that easily for that matter. Forcing her sliced leg to move, she reached out and gripped her scythe with her foot and pulled it towards her. Pulling her head up, she faced Hidan and stared him dead in the eyes as his scythe feel down towards her. Smirking at him, she jumped upwards with her one good leg and stabbed the zealot in his neck with the tree limb. Quickly, she reached down and took hold of her scythe, pulling into a defensive mode as Hidan roared with displeasure.

Being hit with that limb was the last thing he expected, in his neck no less. The male Jashinist snarled slashing his scythe down upon her like the madman he was. Hinata did her best to block all of his swings while being on her knees. Each time she blocked she was sure she was a dead woman. She had to get back on her own two legs and fast. Hidan's chest heaved up and down, furry racing through his blood stream. Finally he swung his scythe high, ready to end her life. Hinata took her chance. Using her uninjured leg, she leapt back and met Hidan's scythe with her own. Their eyes locked each one wishing death upon the other.

"I've taught you a bit too well haven't I?" Hidan sneered. "Don't flatter yourself. Jashin was the one who gave me the strength to kill you." She forced him back one step. "Ha! That's a load of bull shit! Lord Jashin gave you strength but not the strength to kill me!"

"What in the fuck are you thinking?" She snorted "Jashin is the one who told me to kill you!"

Hidan's hatred filled eyes softened in confusion. He knew Hinata would never lie about Jashin but to believe that his God asked her to kill him, it was simply unthinkable. Shoving her and her weapon back, he defensively dashed back and uttered "How in the hell is that?"

Hinata recoiled, her breathing heavy and deep. "Jashin told me of how I was supposed to be a 'gift' for you. But you….you took it to far….you beat me as if I were a common whore!" She spat, her body quaking with rage and pain.

"As far as I'm fucking concerned you are a whore, you fucked that son of a bitch!" Hidan roared running at her again. "Ha! I wish I had but no you had to walk in and ruin it!" She bitched back preparing to cut his heart out just as he had hurt hers. "So you didn't fuck the cunt-wannabe, doesn't matter, you still tried to!" Hidan's scythe swiped down upon her as she swung sideways towards his chest. The two scythes crossed and the two pushed against each other. Hidan's down upon hers and Hinata's up against his. They fought for dominance until Hinata's injuries sided in Hidan's favor. He pressed his full weight down upon her. The pole of his scythe was holding down her arms as well as choking her slightly.

Hidan's blood lusty grin reappeared on his face. Steadily holding her down with his scythe he reached for her neck, rapping his had around it roughly. "Hinata," He beamed in triumph "I must admit that it will be an honor to kill you my skillful student. Hehe, I always thought I'd get to fuck you though but this," Hidan started to salivate at that point "Will make up for it." He tightened his grip on her throat, strangling her. Hinata struggled and tried to push him off of her but alas it was no good. Her eyes filled with tears as she fought to remove him from atop her. This was really going to be the end of her mortal life.

Strangled to death by a no good ass licking fucker. No! This was not going to be how she met her maker! Leaning her head forward as much as she could she opened her mouth and bit Hidan's hand holding her down. Hidan growled at her, partially releasing her from his pin. Quickly her hands wrapped around his arm that strangled her. She fought hard but he fought harder as the air escaped her and her brain slowly suffocated. As she slowly choked and her remaining strength was slowly sapped away from her, all Hinata could do was look into Hidan's purple eyes and just stared at them. Simply stare at them thinking 'Who knew it would all come to this…?'


Hinata felt her life escaping her as blackness circled around her. Hidan grinned as her moonlight eyes faded and she stopped struggling completely.

Hidan removed his hand, positive she was dead after hearing the snapping of her hyoid bone. He sighed and looked down at her. Even in death she was beautiful.

He knew that Jashin was likely to make him pay for killing her and again for not sacrificing her to him. He couldn't help but wonder what the penalty would be for murdering another Jashinist? Could Lord Jashin make him suffer in hell? Or suffer through something like the Uchiha's Tsukuyomi? Maybe even take away his immortality?

At least that he knew for sure that he was going to get punished in some from or way, it didn't matter if he did one last thing. Bending down, he placed his fore head to hers. He shivered from how cold she had grown in such a short time. Looking into her faded eyes, he cupped the side of her head and felt a cool liquid splash around him. It was apparent to him then, if he hadn't killed her then her wounds would have. She must have lost a lot of blood; the only reason she was able to keep fighting for as long as she did was because of her determination.

Hidan closed his eyes for a moment as his heart started to feel an odd aching feeling deep within him. Sighing he reached for her hand and intertwined his fingers with hers. "I'm sorry this had to happen Hinata…but…if what you said is true then….it can only mean that Jashin must have a plan for the two of us…" He tighten his grip on her hand "I…I just wish I could have had a chance to tell you that…I loved you."

Hidan pulled himself away from Hinata and looked at her lifeless body then leaned down to give her a kiss on her unresponsive lips.

Something felt strange around her, she was no longer herself is seemed. She felt like Hinata but she didn't. She felt like a fragment of who she used to be as her spirit floated aimlessly around. She had no idea who she was or where she was…or if she was alive or dead. Hinata looked around and saw nothing, nothing at all. It was all dark and blank- except for herself. She looked down at her limbs only to find none, only a ghost like sliver. Panic consumed her. If she no longer had any form to her she had to be dead.

D. E. A. D. Dead. The word hit her harder than a rockslide. "I'm…no longer…" She shuttered unable to finish that thought.

If she was truly dead then this ghost like form must be- no could only be her soul. That much she was sure of but what she didn't understand was how she had died. Hinata remembered who she was but only small fragments of her life. Nothing made since anymore…

Suddenly she felt an uncomfortable warmth surround her only to be dismissed by a swift chill in the air. Her soul twitched. "Jashin! Jashin my lord is that you?" She screamed from her soul

"Failure…" Her God whispered "Failure is all you have accomplished….what a waste." Hinata felt her spirit drop. "My lord please… forgive me… I have failed you but-"

"No! You are far too valuable to me to be such a waste…but it seems you are." Hinata cowered. "Jashin my lord, please…please, just give me one more chance! I swear no matter what the task-I will accomplish it-please my lord, just give me one more chance. I beg you; I cannot bear the thought of failing you!"

Jashin remained silent for a few moments, moments that from Hinata's perspective, felt like an eternity.

The air got thick with heat as Jashin spoke. "Hn, fine. I will allow you one more chance not to fail me…" Hinata's sprit was overflowing with joy and gratitude. "Thank you, thank you, thank you my lord!"

"But-"Her God cut in "It will cost will no longer be able to reproduce and…"

Hinata thought silently to herself at that moment. She knew it might have been nice to have been a birth mother at some point in her life but it was that or knowing she failed her God. She couldn't bare the thought of that. She would obey and serve her God till the end of time.

"And you will kill Hidan through mortal's eyes."

The air around her seemed to swirl. She quivered; the air was swiftly growing cooler and cooler. The feeling of chill bumps running down her legs and chest was unnerving. Hinata looked down at herself amazed. Her body was returning to her. It was fading back around her, or maybe she was fading back into it. Nonetheless she was returning to her bodily state.

Over and over again she was covered by hot and cold flashes as she slowly returned to the living, breathing world from the dark abyss that was Jashin's unnatural keep.

"Immorality can be a gift…or a hell." Her God's last words echoed around her as she slowly regained her memories and life force.

Her lips felt warmth against them. She could feel a large body of heat above her. Slowly, she prepared to do what she was told by her God. She would follow her instinct and kill the son of a bitch that had taken her life from her.

Hinata fluttered her eyes open slowly and hazily to see Hidan on top of her kissing her. Her blood boiled with rage at the sight of it. Then she glanced over to her right. Hidan had moved his scythe from her and the blade was only a foot away from her grasp. She grinned.

Hidan felt a smirk appear on Hinata's dead lips, he opened his eyes to see her ginning at him like a Cheshire cat. Suddenly she reached her arm out and gripped the blade of his scythe and stabbed it into his heart without a blink of an eye. His blood escaped his chest cavity, leaping onto her face and the ground below her. Hidan fell back, shocked and in pain. She was alive-no it was impossible she was dead just seconds before, he knew it, he had just kill her, he had felt her body quiet and her soul escape her, there was no possible way.

Hinata leaned upward crawling towards Hidan now. Immortality had dulled her pain, at least that's what she believed. "Hidan…you stupid mother fucker….did you really think you could get rid of me so easily? Hahaha! Jashin has granted me immortality…so that I could come back and kill your sorry ass…" Her breaths deepened with desire to have his blood in her hands. "Now…you will meet your death soon, I have only sliced you with a blow that would kill a mortal but soon I shall-"

Her eyes widened. That was it, that was what her God had meant. "Kill him through the eyes of a mortal." By mortal standards he would be dead now…but-no it made no bloody sense at all. Why would her God tell her to kill Hidan if there was no way to kill an immoral? It was madness….there was no logic in it at all…unless…no it simply could not be true….her God had only used her and Hidan as a way to entertain himself…no…no…there had to be... no it had to be a test of their loyalty to him it must have been. That was why he played the two of them and spoke in tongues! Yes! He wanted to test them. He knew that if the two of them fought then she would surly die, so he made her immortal after the fact and his words "through a mortal's eyes" was his way of putting an end to the never ending fighting…At least that's what Hinata believed…

She looked back to Hidan; he was holding his chest where she had stabbed him. He looked over to her, she was still crawling towards him. He tried to get up but his chest injury and all of his others were overpowering him. Then he cringed, waiting for more pain when he felt Hinata climb on top of him. But none came. He opened his eyes to see her big moonlight orbs staring back at him as she climbed onto his chest and plopped down upon him.

"Hidan," She panted "We really do have one twisted God….you know that right?" Hidan remained silent, his chest heaving up and down as his blood stained Hinata's clothes and skin. He stared at her for a moment, looking her over. She was breathing again, her eyes regained there luster, and her skin had recovered its color. But, there was something new about her, something unnatural. It was hidden deep in her eyes; it was something he had seen in himself many, many times before.

"What the fucken hell Hinata? As soon as I think I have you figured out you find a way to surprise me…you really are an immortal piece of work." Hinata grinned at him. "So are you Hidan, so are you."

"You're not going to 'attempt' to kill me anymore are you?" He whispered.

"No, not for a while anyways…or at least not until you piss me off again." Hidan gave a slight laugh.

He rubbed his chest where his wound was and thought 'Whatever's going on, after this shit, I don't wanna know.'

"Hinata, I'm sorry for beating you with the cord and strangling you to death. Literally." She smiled. "It's okay. Although…." She gave him a mischievous look "I do have a question…"

"Which is…?"

"So you always thought you'd get to fuck me huh?" She grinned and leaned in close to his face. Hidan gave a wicked grin back.

"Then do it." She whispered and then kissed him. Almost instantly he gripped onto her, pulling her against him. Her lips were soft against his, making him hungry for more of her. Hidan ran his hand down her sliced leg and back up to her round bottom then smacked it. A small growl escaped her. He did it again, and again. Each time her growls grew more hungry and wanting. He ran is tongue along the bottom of her plump lip, teasing her till she allowed him inside. Her tongue danced around with his and she explored his tantalizing mouth as he did hers.

"It's about fucking time." Hidan whispered in her ear as his hands crept up what remained of her shirt. "I know what you mean…I've wanted this for so long….it's been burning inside of me like a wildfire."

As soon as Hinata spoke her last word rain splattered down around them. She looked at Hidan who was already moving backwards into the cover of a cherry blossom tree. He wasn't going to let some rain ruin this for him. His back hit the side of a tree and he continued exploring up Hinata's shirt. His fingers tickled her as they roamed all the way up her back, around her stomach and to her chest. She gave a small shudder as his hands cupped her full breasts. Her nipples erected and poked his palms. Hidan grinned and broke their kiss. His thumbs massaged her nipples, earning a moan from her as her hands felt over his sculpted chest. Hinata's mouth watered, his chest was so hard and perfect, like it belonged to a Greek god.

Then she felt her shirt being ripped off of her along with her wrapping. The cold, rainy air hit her boobs making her give out a low moan. Hidan's cock took notice to her moan; Hinata could feel it growing hard against her pelvis and tastefully rubbed herself against it as Hidan's tongue licked the sensitive part of her neck. She gave another low growl. "I love you."

He pulled back from her for just a moment and growled back "I know you do." Then his mouth encircled around her right nipple, suckling it and massaging it with his talented tongue, occasionally nipping at it lightly. She let out a small whine when he did and smiled. She was content with this, him pleasing her, taking so much attention to her body. Sighing, Hinata let her head fall back as she stared up into the foliage of the cherry blossom tree, the rain hitting her face gently making a few of the cherry blossom petals fall from the tree and dance around her as they fell. She closed her eyes and smiled as her lover moved onto her other breast, tending to it with as much attention as he had the first.

Then Hinata felt herself being flipped over onto her back and the remains of her pants removed from her skin. Hidan crawled on top of her and kissed her, his hand stroking his hardened cock. Eying his hand, Hinata broke the kiss and sat up. She delicately placed her hands on his hips and pulled his pants down slowly to find his erected cock waiting for her. She wasn't surprised; it was so like Hidan not to bother with underwear. Looking up into his eyes she gripped his stiffness firmly and started to stroke it. Up and down, up and down. Then her other hand started to fondle his sack making him groan with elation. She smirked; pleased that she could make him feel as good as he made her.

Hidan smirked as his thick member was being pleasured by the lovely deity before him. Then he felt a warm fluid slide down the side of his cock. "Oh Fuck!" He cried, looking down to see that Hinata's saliva was now coating his member and being massaged in with her hand. It felt so damn good. He felt himself begin to pre-cum and he leaned down and whispered in her ear "Enough."

Satisfied that she had pleased him, Hinata lied back down and opened her legs, her yoni swollen and moist. Hidan leaned his head closer to her and could smell her sweet sent. Oh Jashin did she want him.

His fingers trailed down the side of her lips, making her quiver. Then he started to rub her clit with his thumb making her hips buckle. He grinned and leaned down to lick the sides of her lips, torturing her ever so slightly. Her hips buckled into his face, making him lick deeper inside of her. He lapped up her juices hungrily. Licking his lips he removed his thumb and replaced it with his tongue, teasing her clit and making her moan. "Please-ah, please Hidan….come on….I want you now-ahh…"

After making her beg a little longer he removed his tongue and moved back to her face, kissing her and rubbing his hand down the side of her hips. Hinata wrapped her arms around his neck hugging him as she felt him positioning himself above her entrance. She looked deep into his eyes as he kissed her neck one more time before slowly entering her.

His head alone was huge compared to her untouched purity. Hinata's inner self couldn't help but give a small laugh. After all the days and nights that she fantasized about this moment, she would have never thought that her imagination would be exactly right about his size and width. It was almost too much of a coincidence. Almost.

Hidan felt her tensing up around him, making it difficult for him to continue without hurting her. He started to kiss her gently, allowing her to relax. Then immediately he continued, he pushed through her barrier and dove deep inside of her causing her to gasp. He felt her insides around him, gripping on to him. He smiled knowing He was the first to mark her, so to speak.

"Oh fuck….damn you so fucking tight…" he moaned, slowly thrusting in and out of her. Hinata moaned more from his thrusting and leaned upward and caught his lips in hers making out with him as she moaned into his mouth.

Hidan picked up his pace and started pounding her harder. Her moans growing louder with each thrust he took. Then Hidan got an idea. He picked up Hinata and pushed her against the cherry blossom tree still thrusting in and out of her. She wrapped her legs around him pulling him deeper inside of her. It was then that he hit her sweet spot and she felt herself about to orgasm. She whispered it into his ear and he started to go faster, making her whine with pleasure until she hit her climax and let out her final gasp of delight. After hearing that it didn't take Hidan long to hit his climax either and he came too.

Gasping for air her chest pressed up against his, her heart beating fast. Hidan took a few minutes to recover before he pulled himself out of her and sat down against the cherry blossom tree with Hinata in his lap.

Kissing her forehead, he held her close to him and looked upward towards the sky. Only then did he realize that that was the very cherry blossom tree that he sat under when he first was given a vision of Hinata. 'Son of a bitch…' he thought. Hinata snuggled into his chest muttering "The world really is a fucked up place isn't it?" Hidan sighed and replied with a "Yeah more fucked up than we are anyways."

She giggled and snuggled closer to him.

"Hidan…" She whispered. "Yeah?"

"I hurt all over." She whined. "And you think I don't? You stabbed me in the fucken heart!" He bitched. "Well you cut open my leg and Jashin knows what else!"

Hidan stood up, still holding Hinata in his arms. "Yeah, yeah so what?"

"So, you killed me ya know!"

"Get your ass over it." He muttered. "Well aren't you just romantic!" She barked back. Hidan sighed. "Come on sweetness, let's go find Kakuzu so he can sew us back together." Hinata was puzzled at the new pet name she had been given. "Sweetness?"

"Yes, sweetness cause only sweet words come out of your mouth." Hinata rolled her eyes and thought 'He might be the man I love but he's still an ass!'

She sighed "Where the hell is Kakuzu anyway?"

"I have no damn clue." He groaned. "You know you should really get a whistle for that guy." Hinata remarked. "A whistle?" Hidan questioned. "Yes a Whistle so you can just blow it and here he comes running." Hidan laughed. "So like a dog whistle for Kakuzu?"

"Yes! A Kakuzu whistle!" Hinata chirped as Hidan carried her back to the hideout still in the nude.

The Jashinist stopped for a moment and looked deep into her eyes and whispered "I love you" before continuing the rest of his immortal life with the only person he could ever love more than his twisted God, Hinata.

We may never know if what Hinata believed was really Jashin's plan or not but whatever Jashin wanted he got. Maybe he did want to test them, may be didn't. Maybe he just wanted to have some entertainment. Or maybe he just wanted give them a push to fall in love. Or maybe it was a little bit of everything. Who knows? Only the all powerful Jashin himself.


Yoni- Sanskrit word for vagina/female genitalia

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