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"Sasuke you can't keep flunking school! Mom and dad already yell at you enough for working at the garage!" Tenten Uchiha said as she put half of her hair into side bun. Her twin brother stood beside of her, in black cargo pants, and a red tank top. His name was Sasuke Uchiha, the infamous bad boy. He flunked school, skipped class, yet Tenten went to class, and made pretty good grades.

Tenten finished putting her hair up, and tying the tie for her school uniform. She shook her head, and sighed. "Temari's picking me up." Sasuke grew a slight blush, thinking of the blonde headed girl. "I-I'll drive you."

Tenten groaned, she couldn't be driven with her friends, Sasuke was too protective.

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Tenten sat herself in Sasuke's Cadillac 1998, painted in royal blue. He'd been fixing it up for some time now. Sasuke went in the driver's seat.

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Tenten giggled, before she turned to Sasuke.

"Temari says 'I hate you!'" She giggled out when she saw Sasuke's gripping the wheel tighter. He drove down to the school, where he saw Tenten's friends hanging out. Sakura Haruno was playing with her bubble-gum hair, and Ino talked way too loud. Hinata mumbled out a few words, and Temari was texting random people, most likely.

"Please be careful, I don't trust people at this school…"Sasuke looked longing at the girl texting. She looked up, and walked to the Cadillac's driver side window. Temari leaned against the door frame, and smiled. Sasuke looked up at her.

"Why can't I ever pick her up Sasuke? I mean, you and me" she pointed at Sasuke then herself. "We are the same age. You can trust me, I promise." Sasuke scratched the back of his head, and sighed. "I just rather you not, I get that you're a senior, I am too, but she's only a junior." Sasuke looked up to her blue-greenish eyes. "Will this change your mind?"

She leaned through the window, and planted a kiss on his now-blushing cheek. She ran to the girls, and giggled to something Tenten said.

Yeah. Suigetsu, Naruto, and Sasuke all skipped school, they didn't care. They'd always slide by with a few good grades. Sasuke saw the boys and he decided to drive, knowing they'd be there soon.

0x0x0x0x ~with Tenten and the girls! ~x0x0x0x0

Tenten smiled as she sat down. She had classes with all of her friends, but she didn't have a single class with Temari, since she was a senior. Tenten tapped her pencil on the desk as Sakura and Ino babbled on. She really wished Sasuke would stay in school, he was a bright kid. Tenten sighed.

"Your brother is so hot!" Ino smiled, staring off into space, and Sakura joined her. "Ew, gross! Guys, he's my brother!" Tenten dropped her pencil, looking at the girls, but they just shrugged.

0x0x0x0x ~with Sasuke, Suigetsu, and Naruto~ x0x0x0x0

"I just think cabbage is a gay vegetable." Naruto throw his arms up, wiping grease off his tan cheek. Suigetsu nodded and took a big bite of his French Vanilla yogurt from Yoplait. "Yogurt is so much better than that other shit."

Sasuke just shook his head as he grabbed his wrench to fix some wheels on an older car they had to work on. Sasuke looked up when he heard groaning, and saw his boss, Jiraiya, came walking in bleeding and half drunk. "Had a little too much to drink last night, boss?" Called out a boy with spiky black hair, but it wasn't as nice as Sasuke's. His name was Zaku, and his best friend, Dozu, walked with him, his eye patch on. Sasuke watched as he wiped oil off his hands. Dozu smacked his boss' back, smiling.

But Jiraiya didn't like that.

Instead he bit Dozu and Zaku.

Zaku began to scream and shook his hand violently, as blood seeping out of his wrists. Dozu's eyes rolled to the back of his head, as he fell to the ground. The two rose again, and began to walk, groaning like Jiraiya. Naruto and Suigetsu shook in fear, and Sasuke ran and grabbed his nail gun. He wasn't scared to kill, he saw Itachi get killed before his very eyes.

Tenten Uchiha screamed, and cried.

She kicked, and wiggled, while her closest brother stayed still. Itachi wasn't any way near them. Their capturers had tied Tenten up, but not Sasuke. He was still as stone. A man, with bright orange hair, with piercings came up, and pointed a gun at the two.

"Look kiddies you parents still don't know you're gone, and not in school." He smirked. "So, we are just going to kill you, now."

Tenten let out a scream. Sasuke's eyes widened and he ran over to his little sister. "Don't touch them Pein!" A different voice yelled out.

Sasuke knew that voice.

It was Itachi's.

His older brother's.

The one he and Tenten looked up to.

The oldest kid in the Uchiha family.

And their main heir.

And now, here he stood with a gun in his hand, pointed at the man he called Pein.

Tenten shook under Sasuke's body weight, and shut her eyes tightly. Sasuke shook above her, as he watched probably the scariest thing in the world at a six year olds life. Pein turned his gun to Itachi, and fired. Itachi fired back.

Sasuke watched the bullets go through the two men, and cried out when Itachi fell down to the ground. "Onii-chan!" Sasuke jumped off Tenten's body, and ran to Itachi.

That was the only day the boy had cried.

Sasuke fired the nail gun rapidly, shooting the three men in the head. "Dude-oh!" Naruto punched a fist in the air, looking at the Uchiha. Suigetsu gripped his phone, then his girlfriend, Karin walked in.

She was a major bitch, but very pretty. She had red hair and red eyes to match. She wore a pair of black booty-shorts, a purple turtle neck, and black converse. She had her glasses and a lilac bandana on her hair. "Did you see those things outside the garage, they are like…zombies."

Sasuke's eyes widened as he thought about his sister. "We gotta get to the high school! Grab something for a weapon, and whack those things in the head!" Sasuke called out, getting in a truck they were working on. Suigetsu climbed on the back with a baseball bat, and Naruto followed him, holding a broom stick, with its broom still attached. Karin climbed in the cab, holding a wrench close to her chest.

Sasuke stepped into high gear, roaring out into the streets. Those things stood crowding the streets. They already started. Suigetsu whacked them as they zoomed by, killing many at once. Naruto did the same thing, smiling and laughing.

Konoha was already in ruin.

Sasuke stepped up on the gas, and when they came to the school, he jumped out of the car, and to the gate. He yanked on, trying to force it open, but it didn't budged. Damn it… Sasuke thought, staring at the school, and hearing them come.

0x0x0x0x ~at the high school~ x0x0x0x0

The student talked on and on, then silenced when Tsunade, their principal, came over the intercom.

~Students, please evacuate following your teachers to your designated loca-aah! ~

All students froze, and Temari gripped her book on her desk. Tsunade's scream filled the school, and every student was on their toes, screaming with her. Temari stood up, but was pushed to the ground as students pushed her down, to get out of the doors.

She groaned as one student jammed their leg into her stomach, another's foot stepping on her uncovered arm. She heard her name being called out, before blacking out…

0x0x0x0x ~with Tenten Sakura Hinata and Ino~ x0x0x0x0

The girls ran, pushing through the crowd to find Temari. Rock Lee, Sakura's little crazed fan-boy, ran over to her, and grabbed her arm. "Let me save you, princess!" Lee cried out, and Sakura quickly punched his head. Sakura glared at the boy, and ran to catch up with her friends, who kept looking for their friend.

They rushed, and saw Iruka's door open, and Temari on the ground, with her eyes closed. Tenten cried out, and picked her up slightly off the ground. "Temari! Girl?" Tenten shook the girl as the other three knelt down beside them. "Sasuke's naked with an erection!"

Temari's eyes snapped open and looked around. "Where? I wanna grab it soooo ba- Oh, uh, hi guys." Temari flushed, embarrassed by what she blurted out.

Groans were heard and Kakashi, their teacher, came, covered in blood. Temari jumped up on instinct and kicked the man in the head. Kakashi went crashing to the ground, and became unmoving.

"Nice kick, but there is more." The girls looked up to see Sasuke Uchiha, holding a nail gun in one hand, and a hammer in his other. Naruto Uzumaki, Suigetsu Kuso, and Karin Mucho all stood behind him, whacking those things in the head, as they groaned and moved around the halls. Tenten gripped a stapler, and ran to Sasuke, hitting a thing who was some student at their school in the head. Sakura yelped at the sight of blood and violence. Hinata shrunk behind Ino and Sakura, who both shook in fear.

Temari ran down the hall, jumping in the air. She did a spilt in the air, her feet going into heads of those zombies or whatever.

Sasuke's mouth hung open, but he just shook his head, and ran after her, shooting them in the head. Sakura ran close behind him, with Ino and gripped her hand, not willing to let go.

"We need to get to the truck! More of them are coming too quick!" Karin yelled at, and held onto Suigetsu's right hand, the left one occupied his baseball bat. Karin shook in fear as those things began to surround them, a little too quickly for her taste. The group, which consisted of Naruto, Suigetsu, Sasuke, Tenten, Ino, Sakura, Temari, Hinata, and Karin, raced off to the truck that stilled purred in the swarmed parking lot. Sasuke went to rip the driver door open, but Temari grabbed his arm.

Sakura, Ino, Hinata, and Karin climbed in the cab, while the others climbed into the bed of the truck. Temari stared into Sasuke's eyes, before standing on her tiptoes, moving her lips to his. Sasuke gripped her face, his lips touching her, and his tongue slipping in between her lips, making her flush.

"Dude! We kind of gotta get going if you don't want to die!" Naruto yelled out, from in the bed, and Sasuke pulled back, and climbed into the cab. Temari jumped up into the bed, with Tenten and the other boys. Tenten eyed Temari as Sasuke thrusted the car into 1st gear, and zipping into the streets, as Naruto yelled out a 'Yee-haw!'

What was happening to them?

Temari shook her head, banging her head on the cab's roof. Sasuke jerked the wheel, and the girls' in the truck squeaked out. He breathed out a sorry, looking around. Those things were moving almost fast, if you could even call it that. His heart beat as he thought about his family at work. His mother Mikito was a preschool teacher, for she loved her kids. His father, Fugaku, was the CEO of Uchiha Corps, and Sasuke was supposed to take his position.

Temari had a brother, actually two. Gaara and Kankuro. They lived alone, ever since their parents were murdered one faithful night.

Sakura's mother worked with Sasuke's at the preschool, and her father was dead, and Hinata's father was a CEO as well.

It was scary, not knowing where their families were, and if they were even alive right now.

Temari let a scream rip out of her throat…


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