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Rachel shifted uncomfortably. "Can we talk about this in private?" She sent Blaine a look to tell him it was nothing personal and he shrugged, obviously understanding. She sighed in relief and dragged Jesse from the cafeteria. She was anxious to bring it up; she could tell Jesse's temper had deteriorated slightly since last year. It was understandable; he had plenty of reason to be mad at the world. But the possibility of him yelling and losing his cool still made her stomach twist.

"Wow, must be a pretty big deal if you couldn't even say it in front of him," Jesse said coldly, his face blank. Rachel sighed. "But I should've gotten the message that it was big when you started avoiding me like the plague."

"Yes, it is," she murmured, ignoring his slight jab. He was angry. It was understandable, she supposed. She had avoided him, without even telling him what was wrong. It was unfair. There was a beat of silence. Jesse got impatient.

"Well?" he snapped. Rachel sighed again.

"Don't get mad at me," she said in exasperation. "I'm not the one who manipulated Sunshine!"

Jesse's face crumpled in surprise and slight anger. "What are you talking about?"

"You know what I'm talking about! Yesterday, when Sunshine was trying to make you choose between us, you acted like you liked her to make her shut up, even though you have no feelings like that toward her. It was really unfair to her."

Jesse stared at her in stunned silence for a second. "You don't even like her. I don't get why it matters."

"It matters because I know what it feels like," she retorted harshly. She hadn't wanted to let that part out; this was supposed to be about Sunshine, not her. She wasn't supposed to air her dirty laundry like this, especially when she was angry at him. But it was Jesse, and as always, he had gotten her to spill the beans. That's how it always happened, it seemed.

"Rachel…" he whispered sadly, finally understanding. "You know I regret what I did. I told you that. I would never do anything to hurt you. You know that!"

Rachel bit her lip and didn't respond. She wanted so badly to believe him; when they were alone, and he didn't put up a façade, he was wonderful. He was so real and alive and energetic, but the second he was in public, he was cold and calculated. Was it worth it?

Jesse's face fell as he watched her hesitate. "Rachel, it's different with Sunshine. She's—"

"A girl just like me who really likes you, and you had no problem whatsoever tricking? How is it any different?"

"Because I actually care about you!" he argued. He strode forward and placed his hands on her shoulders, looking intensely into her eyes. "Rachel, Sunshine isn't like you. I mean, sure. You have things in common. But she isn't Rachel Berry. She isn't you. You're important to me. She's just another face in the crowd."

Rachel swallowed hard, still unsure. His words were impacting her greatly, and she wanted nothing more than to just accept his words and forgive him completely. But the logical part of her mind registered the fact that this could be just another manipulation, and she couldn't bring herself to reply. Jesse's hands left her shoulders, and he stared at her in shock.

"You still don't trust me," he whispered. His eyes were full of pain. Rachel still said nothing. "I can't believe this. You're one to talk. Weren't you the one acting like nothing was wrong yesterday? Like you had forgiven me completely, and everything was forgiven?"

"I wasn't manipulating you, Jesse, I was just—"

"Lying. Yeah, that's so much better," he spat. He was shaking. "Whatever. Go ahead and keep avoiding me, I'll try and make it easier for you." He stormed back into the cafeteria, leaving Rachel alone in the hallway, fighting back tears.

She stood there for a while, trying to get a reign on her emotions. She couldn't believe this. It was only her second day, and already the drama was almost as bad at McKinley. Even there, though, it hadn't affected her so heavily. Here, where she knew almost nobody, and the only person she could turn to was someone she hadn't even known for a full twenty-four hours. Things weren't bigger and better so far.

She was finally collected enough to go back to the cafeteria and sit next to Blaine, who was staring at her in concern. He didn't press her, though, simply gave her hand a sympathetic squeeze before he started chatting idly about scarves. Rachel smiled, a rush of affection sweeping through her.

"Thank you," she whispered. He smiled back.

"You're welcome," he said earnestly. "Anyway, Michael Kors has made a few pretty nice scarves in his day…"

The rest of the day was spent with Blaine, and Rachel still couldn't believe such a sweet, considerate guy was so frowned upon because of his sexuality. Multiple times during the day, he was pushed, or snarled at, and every time Rachel tried to stand up for him, he would just place a hand on her shoulder and shake his head. The way he smiled, so sad and broken, was heartbreaking. She wanted to do something, anything, to lift his spirits, but when she asked if he needed help, his only response was "you being my friend is help enough", which just broke her heart even further, because he said it in a way that made her think she was his first real friend.

"Do you want to come to my house after school?" she offered. His face lit up like a Christmas tree.

"Of course!" He sent his parents a quick text telling him he where he would be going, and they both hopped into her car and sped toward her house, putting Carmel High, and all the crud they went through there, behind them for a while.

"You know who you would like?" she asked, out of nowhere. "My friend Kurt."

"Is this one of those things where you're setting me up with the only gay guy you know because you think we'll get along because we're gay?" he asked skeptically. Rachel rolled her eyes.

"Of course not. I'm not gaycist. I honestly think you two are good for each other," she persuaded.

Blaine smiled sadly. "I don't know if that's a good idea. I don't need to give those people more reason to hate me."

Yet again, Rachel wanted nothing more than to wipe that broken look on his face. Deciding a temporary solution was best, she popped in Blaine's favorite movie, popped some popcorn, and tried to distract him from all the cruel thoughts plaguing his mind. She would fix it, whether he liked it or not.

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