Title: Rocket Science

Anime: Naruto

Pairing: Kakashi x Sakura

Rating: T (just in case)

Words: 900

Disclaimer: NARUTO © 2011 by MASASHI KISHIMOTO/SHUEISHA Inc and assorted corporations who bought various rights to it.

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"Yo." The standard greeting came from straight behind her, and she almost gave a startled flinch at the suddenness of it in the morning quiet of the break room. However, he always popped up unexpectedly like this, and over time with many lessons, the pink haired woman learned to hide such reactions from the man ever on the hunt for things to enjoy a laugh over. On the flip side, being about to control herself gave her an edge in certain situations.

His smooth baritone voice then amusedly stated, pure nonchalance dripping from each word, "Heard you went out with rocket boy last night."

Sakura continued making up her morning tea as the familiar prickle of awareness settled around her with his presence. Setting the filled tea ball in her mug, she poured freshly boiling water into it as she pointedly rectified his mistake. "Astrophysicist. He's an astrophysicist whose name is Hayashi Ken, as you well know since he's on the same project as Shizune."

A rustle of clothing announced his sudden (slouchy) appearance next to her. "Whatever. He's a chump. Or a chimp, however you prefer to look at it. He shouldn't have gotten the assignment." He frowned at the oatmeal sitting innocently on the counter next to the mug of slowly steeping tea, and then poked at the bowl with a finger. "Where's the rice porridge you usually make?"

"He is not a chump or a chimp! Ken's a gentleman and he made for a..." She tried to minimize the hesitation in her voice, looking for an innocuous adjective even as she slapped his hand away with a scowl. "Nice date. And you kept stealing my porridge from me so I'm switching to something safe."

A silver eyebrow angled up as he hummed deep in his throat. In disapproval. Or disappointment. Or both. About what? Her date or the porridge? A frisson of something not unlike anticipation wrapped around trepidation snaked down her spine. Sakura did not know if she wanted to find out. Maybe she did.

"Safe is not always good."

"Safe will let me eat breakfast. In peace, I hope."

He easily ignored his medic's retort as always. "Those who explored and braved unknown dangers were the ones to bring back food, breakfast, et cetera, et cetera."

Sakura leaned back against the countertop, arms crossed as she retorted, "Only when they're on time, space cadet. Otherwise, people make do themselves."

"Astronaut," he corrected her mildly. "I'm on time when it counts."

"Oh, so training your team doesn't?"

"That's molding their patience quotient. There can be a lot of free time up there in the black. You know that."

"Just because I passed your curriculum, without your help I might add, doesn't make your tardiness okay."

Tea steeped perfectly, the loose leaves went into the compost and the tea strainer in the sink. She would get to it later. As she went to gather up her breakfast, his hand snagged the mug from underneath hers.


He leaned down towards her, his breath grazing her parted pink lips. "So, what will?"

Lashes over green eyes fluttered as she blinked bemusedly. He was so close that his masculine scent invaded her space, their space – those barely there inches between his body and her body – like the untamed woods of dusky shadows and whistling winds that would make her lose her way. Be lost while allowing her to run free until she laid panting and exhausted and satisfied against the thick lush fur of the wolf who ran with her in her wild escapades, but one who would offer shelter and protection after. She inhaled deeply, almost against her will as she stuttered out, "So what will what?"

A corner of his lips quirked up in a half-smile, half-smirk to reveal the slightest hint of a dimple, and her eyes were drawn to it, and then shifting to see his mouth forming the words to, "So what will make my tardiness okay with you?"

Sakura's gaze flew back up to his instantly as the spell partially broke, and she disbelievingly snorted out, "An old dog can't learn new tricks."

"Try me."

Confusion, again. "Err…What?"

Kakashi straightened up and took a sip of the tea, seeing her puzzlement turn into outrage with his action. Ah, very nice; that hint of bergamot, just the thing in the morning to perk one up. Before her outrage could turn into life-threatening anger, he guided her free hand (very tense, her fingers – he should help her relax), around the mug's handle. "This Sunday evening at six, wear something to go out in. I'll pick you up at home."

Sakura's mouth gaped as a riot of emotions swirled through her, and she faltered as a fiery blush painted her cheeks. Did he just…? And was she really considering…? "I-I think there's already–"

He cut her off, tone commanding and eyes hot on hers. "Cancel it, whatever it is."

In the next moment, his demeanor reversed back to his normal casualness as he stepped carefully out of her personal bubble. With a merry wave and eye crinkle, her silver-haired tormentor strolled out of the room, leaving behind a mightily conflicted medical astronaut clutching her breakfast to her chest as she whispered to herself, "But Sunday's Valentine's Day…"

A long moment of silence passed before it hit her like a payload of moon rocks.

"Oh! OH!"








Note: Happy early Valentine's Day, everyone! It's on a Monday this year (2011), so I fudged it a little in this ficlet. I hope you enjoyed this piece of fluff that hit me like a meteor as I walked down the street today. I actually cackled out loud and started mouthing some of the lines. *sheepish smile*

Note 2: There is a well-known Japanese astrophysicist by the name of Hayashi Chushiro (July 25, 1920 – February 28, 2010), upon which Ken got his last name of Hayashi from. The real Mr. Hayashi's most famous works include the astrophysical calculations that lead to the self-named Hayashi tracks of star formation and the Hayashi limit that puts a limit on a star's radius.

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