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The five out of country visitors drive away from the community centre, confidence exuding from their pores.

Until they turn the corner out of the parking lot.

"Why can't you sit in the backseat and let my husband sit up here with me?" Rosalie grunts out.

"I get nauseous when I sit back there. Would you like a repeat occurrence of the last time that happened?" Edward exclaims.

Collectively, the five pale folks shutter at that thought.

"And what was that by the way?" Edward's jaw tightens and his nostrils flare.

"What was what?" Alice, who was aware after all.

"Was that really how everything was supposed to happen? How are they going to help us? They act like little rascals." Edward folds his arms.

"Little rascals? What century are you in, Edward?" Emmett jabs him in the shoulder from the back seat.

"Oh knock it off. I act my appropriate age."

A calming wave washes over everyone in the car.

"Damn it, Jasper. Knock it off!" Edward barks at him.

"Stop getting nasty with my wife." Jasper responds.

Everyone settles before Alice addresses them all. "Listen, I know they seem like a bunch of…irresponsible low lives, but I have faith in them. I mean, look at us. Do you think they trust us anymore then we trust them?"

The other four ponder this. She has a point. They were strangers too, wild cards even. There's no sense in debating how that first meeting went when either parties hadn't the faintest idea whether to believe each other or not.

Time is the main ingredient for what Alice sees in her vision. Time, trust and the ASBO five.

"So what is our next step in this whole situation, Alice?" Rosalie asks.

"We have to find a place to live. Luckily, someone in this car knows someone who can help us out." Alice smiles bright.

Tanya. Alice tells Edward.

Edward spins around in his seat. "Are you nuts, Alice? Last time I spoke to her…well, she didn't want to do much talking. No, I'm not doing it!"

Alice shrugs.

"Yo for real, Alice. Stop trying to make Tanward happen." Emmett says. "Or Ednya"

"I'm not; it's just how I'm seeing it."

"Alright, listen. I think the house Rosalie and I rent out is available. Poor Eddie is having a conniption over here."

"I'm not—" Edward takes a second to calm down. "I'm not having a conniption."

"It's alright. Not every man can handle free pussy." Emmett ruffles Edward's hair.

"Come on, enough picking on him." Alice warns Emmett.

Alice goes still for a second, her eyes move back and forth. A vision is happening. Jasper grabs Alice's hand as she is stuck in this state. A few moments later, Alice blinks fast and it's gone.

"What did you see, Alice?" Jasper asks.

Alice laughs and smiles. "Oh, it's too good to talk about."

Edward tries to break through Alice's mind shield for the 'too good' news. Unfortunately, Alice is even better at covering up her thoughts then Edward.

Emmett scoffs. "That's like having a secret that you want to tell but can't say anything. Man, you know I love good gossip."

"I promise. The reveal is worth it." Alice stretches her arms out, interlocking her fingers to crack them.

Meanwhile, four of the other five in question are setting up for that old folks meeting.

Nathan returns through the front door, smiling and refreshed. "So, who's up for a round of oversharing?"

Kelly and Alisha give Nathan an annoyed look. Alisha's phone rings, she answers and walks back to the locker room. Kelly is carrying two giant garbage bags passed Nathan and out the front door.

Simon is wrapping streamers around a pole, while Curtis is unfolding and placing chairs.

Nathan plops down on one of the chairs backwards. "Alright gentlemen, lets get this whole thing straight. Those two pale chicks?" Nathan makes a cum face. "Unfortunately, since there are only two, that makes one of us the odd man out. However there are plenty of guys and that Edward fellow seems like your type." He gestures to Simon.

"I'm not gay." Simon informs him.

"How do you know you don't like the cock?" Nathan says.

"How do you know?" Simon retorts.

"Every time I bite into a carrot, it's gross." Nathan responds.

Curtis, seeing the stupidity in this, "That just proves you don't like carrots."

"Well, I don't like cucumbers or bananas. So there, I don't like vegetables and I'm not gay." Nathan pulls out a magazine from this back pocket. He realizes it's the Men of Steel Rods issue and quickly rolls it back up.

"Do you think the storm made them that way?" Simon gives some slack on his streamers. "That pale? Their eyes were an odd color too."

"Are you discriminating against them because of the color of their skin?" Nathan mockingly points to Simon. "That isn't very pc. And how dare you? Curtis is right here."

Curtis rolls his eyes, ignoring Nathan's outburst. "I don't know. We're not even sure we'll see them again."

"That girl, Alice. She seemed very sure." Simon pushes down his bangs. "I think we need to find out more. I don't want my powers revealed. Does anyone beside us know about our powers?"

Curtis and Nathan think for a second.

"Just my mum. She fainted when she found out I was immortal. Right over like a tree." Nathan imitates a tree falling over with his arm, making a noise as he does so.

Curtis shakes his head no.

"I'd like to keep it that way." Simon ties the ribbon into a knot on the pole, pulling it really tight.

The next morning, the Cullens get down to brass tacks. After a few hours of driving through the English countryside, with a handful of missed turns, they arrive at the mansion Rosalie and Emmett rent out. To their fortune, the house is available.

"When did you buy this place?" Alice asked.

Rosalie pondered. "After our twentieth wedding? Somewhere around there. Didn't we tell you about this one?"

"No. Maybe you did. You have a lot of residences; I can't keep track of them all." Alice throws her hands up. She is briefly disturbed that she couldn't remember this piece of real estate,

The five vampires stand outside the massive home, waiting to get in.

"Do you have a key?" Jasper turns to Rosalie and Emmett.

"Yeah, it's around here somewhere." Emmett walks to the bushes along the door. He turns a couple of stones over, searching for the key. He counts in his head, trying to remember how many rocks over from the door the key is hidden under.

The vampires have run out of patience. Alice lifts her foot to kick the door in, when Emmett pops up and says, "Got it!"

He places the key in the lock and it clicks. The door swings wide and a wave of human scent overtakes them.

"Someone's been here recently." Edward closes his eyes and listens. "I don't hear anyone inside."

They split up and search the house. The mansion is big even by vampire standards. Dozens of bedrooms and just as many bathrooms are scoured for any signs of a human. Closets, the massive library, the Olympic size pool also contain no living breathing humans.

Meeting back up in the kitchen, Rosalie checks the refrigerator. "There's an American Coca-Cola bottle, a Snickers bar and Pepto-Bismol." She takes three sniffs. "All of them opened approximately four days ago."

"This doesn't make sense. No windows or doors are broken into. No clothes or signs of life." Alice scans for clues. "Nothing significant is coming to mind."

"And the scent is definitely human." Edward takes in another whiff. And another. He feels slightly lightheaded, euphoria washes over him as it lingers in his nose. His mouth waters, a growl escapes from his chest. "Excuse me."

He vanishes out the back door from the kitchen.

"The scent must have really hit him." Alice says, concerned for her brother more then usual.

Emmett sniffs the air. "It's nice, but not overwhelming."

All four take a moment to take in the fresh human scent. It is appetizing, but not enough to induce the reaction that Edward had.

"Well, now I'm hungry. Do we have any deer blood packed?" Rosalie asks.

"I believe we do."

The four of them head back out to the car and unpack their luggage into their new home.

Under an overpass a few miles from the community centre, in a deep dark ditch, a female figure appears from thin air. Her hair is muddy, her clothes covered in rain. She shivers, crouching in a corner on the floor. Terror reads on her face.

She can't make sense of her surroundings. One moment, she was running in the rain, tripping on her own two feet. The next, she ends up in a ditch in England.

Above her, flashlights briefly illuminate the night.

"Is it safe to meet here?"

"Yes. They don't come around these parts."

"Well, not since we killed many of them."

The female figure hears the three distinct voices, remaining as quiet as she can.

"I heard this was really organized, but all I'm seeing are a bunch of amateurs."

Two people laugh. "What we do isn't an exact science, you see. They can be unpredictable."

"And predictable. Just look at their habits they've had for thousands of years."

"Books of what we are trying to accomplish have been written before, but none like ours."

"We're starting a revolution. And if you join us, the better for you."

"If you think we're so…amateur, you can go off on your own. I doubt you'll survive."

There is a moment of silence, before there is shuffling of feet and a small scuffle.

"Alright, fine. I'm in, I'm in." The man speaking coughs violently. "You would kill your own kind?"

"How do you think we get bait for them?"

The female figure feels her heart racing, bumping with adrenaline. She is terrified at the bloody screams coming from the man who is surely losing his life. The gurgling of blood disturbs her most of all. She dry heaves, attempting to keep her vomit at bay.

Her sense of space and time make her lightheaded and dizzy. She scrunches further into a ball on the ground. Body shaking and tears streaming, she disappears in a flash.

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