Story Title: Bolt from the Blue

Author: Anya Magera

Fandom: Harry Potter, Supernatural

Disclaimers: Don't own anything, that the rights of J. K. Rowling and Eric Kripke

Warnings/Spoilers: None so far

Notes: Came up with a Harry, Supernatural crossover idea and surprisingly actually managed to get it hashed out and posted in the same day. As far as the timeframes go, I'm not quite yet sure for either I'll be able to pin it down within the next few chapters, but for now I'll leave it that it's sometime between Year 2 to mid Year 3 for Harry, and between end season 4 and mid season 5 for Supernatural.

Chapter One: Bolt from the Blue

"Hey Dean, come look at this." Dean turned to look where his brother was riffling through the contents of what turned out to be a non-cursed curse box.

"What now Sammy," he tossed back, "I'm kinda busy over here." The bright steady glow of high-powered flashlights illuminated the contents of the newly discovered storage facility that was just another of several – four so far – that the boys had discovered courtesy of John Winchester.

Sam glanced at the blonde's inattention, huffed, then glared upon receiving a belligerent look for disturbing his perusal of the many pointed and bladed objects. "It's Dad's will."

"What?" Sam couldn't help but agree at the shocked expression.

"Yeah, I didn't really know he had one-"

"And I'll bet Bobby didn't know he had one either." He came to stand near the metal shelving unit. He accepted the offered document as Sam turned to flip through the remaining pages. A few moments later he heard-

"Oh my god."

"Don't you mean the devil," he automatically quipped.

"That's not funny Dean." In his revelation, he completely missed the brief frown and narrowed eyes sent his way at the detached tone. He started when his hands suddenly emptied.

"What's up now?" Dean groused mildly as he began perusing the lettering written there. "More of Dad's military directions, or better yet, another prophecy or apocalypse to avert?"

"We have a brother."

"Oh hell no," Dean commented. "Not another one. 'Cuz that so turned out great with the last one."

"Again, not funny. I'm serious Dean." Sam glowered at Dean. Why would he even consider making something like this up?

This time Dean was the one to fail noticing the other's look. "No wait…" He drifted off a moment before he spoke again. "Apparently we've got a cousin."



"But I thought Mom was an only child."

"She was, and as far as I knew Dad was an only child too, no that he ever really talked about it, but apparently he wasn't."

Sam snatched the sheaf of papers back before Dean could read more. Ignoring the indignant "Hey!", he searched for the very thing Dean had been a moment ago. The location.

Dean reached into the box and pulled out an envelope buried under another set of papers. When he opened it and read the letter enclosed, he furiously shifted through the papers contained within. 'Wha?' He saw the first couldn't believe what he was seeing, but the evidence was all there. "Dad was adopted?"



"Give it here."

They both traded the contents in the other's hand before seeing the exactly place, and spent a few silent moments gaping in blatant shock.

"Don't know where yours is from but-" Dean had began, but as each was discovering the location of the said person in question, they both simultaneously said one thing.

"This one's from England."

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