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Annabeth POV
Thalia, Silena, Juniper and I were walking through to deserted hallway, on our way to the end of school assembly.

It is the end of our grade eleven year at Goode high school and there is some stupid assembly we have to attend. The four of us are running late, and trying to get there before any teachers see us.

When we turned the corner, I saw them.

Acting like the morons they are, the bonehead swim jocks were laughing like a bunch of idiots.

That's when Perseus Jackson, the 'sexy', popular and star athlete of the school turn his head to us.

Now, there is a lot of truth behind the term 'looks can deceive' especially for Percy.

His tall 6'1 figure is perfectly toned, with nice abs and a glowing tan. His unruly jet black air is wavy and cut good to form his face, his famous lop- sided grin in a smirk at the moment, and his eyes.

Oh how those big sea green eyes tend to show innocence and care, but make girls grovel at his feet.

At first glance he seems nice, but he's not.

For the last four years he has made my life a living hell, just for my appearance.

When he looked at us, he gave Juniper and Silena a seductive smile, he gave Thalia a respective nod (due to the fact that they've been friends since they were two.) and when he turned to me, I got somewhere between a frown and a scowl.

"Annabeth, looking disgusting as always." My heart sank, I get those comments ten times a day and the pain never seems to subside.

"Listen Jackson, I don't need your stupid comments, so go shove them up your ass." I was cut off by Thalia. "Percy leave her alone, let's go Annabeth."

I stomped down the hallway, purposely shoving Percy and his goons out of the way, but getting a few insults back.

My only friends caught up with me and patted me on the back.

They are some of the most beautiful girls in the school, but that doesn't stop them from hanging out with a loser like me.

I felt a tear trickle down my cheek when-

"Annabeth!" my father screamed. He woke me from the memory, and I was currently standing in the shower.

"Hurry up honey; you don't want to be late for your first day!" I sighed. "Ok dad, I'm almost done."

I finish washing my hair and step out of the refreshing warm water.

As soon as I step out I'm greeted by a picture of my friends and me, taken a year ago.

It was a picture from my sixteenth birthday party, and those three girls were the only ones to attend.

Silena, with her long blond hair and icy blue eyes could be a model, and a great personality to match.

Juniper with her small figure, her pale olive skin and a bright smile looks adorable.

And Thalia, oh how she works the rocker chick look. Her fierce electric blue eyes were gleaming and her short black hair shiny, they all are gorgeous.

Then then there's me.

My gross and frizzy blond hair, my acne covered face and my braces. My tall, lumpy figure dressed in sweats.

The only good thing about my appearance was my eyes, a startling grey, but they were dull.

I look vile and ugly.

I hated myself.

I look away from the picture and purse my lips, and slowly turn towards the mirror.

What I see is a tall girl, with golden blond hair, in curls like a princess.

Her body was great, with perfect curves and a flat stomach. She had a dazzling smile with white teeth.

Her face had perfect features. And her eyes were bright and grey.

This is the new me.

Let's just say I've had a change for the better over the summer. I decided to wear just eyeliner, dark skinny jeans, a grey tight plaid shirt over my tank top and flats.

I said bye to my family and ran out the door.

I was meeting my friends in the front of Goode high school, and I was curious on how they would react.

See, I have been in Athens all summer, because it is the birth place of my dead mother Minerva.

We were there all summer and I haven't seen them, so therefore they haven't seen my improved outer beauty.

I don't even understand how I turned beautiful overnight and I'm still shocked, because this isn't possible to turn gorgeous over a period of two months.

But I guess I'm luckier than I thought.

So it was about a ten minute walk before I saw them.

They looked dazzling as always, and I was nervous to what their reaction would be. Their backs were toward me, so I decided to sneak up on them. When I startled them, I quickly got out of the way from Thalia's right hook.

"Who the hell are you?" Thalia asked. I guess I looked a lot different, but they stared into my eyes and that's when they recognized me.

"ANNABETH!" they all shrieked in unison. I was suddenly being attacked with hugs. "Hey guys I missed you." I said when I was finally able to breathe.

"Annabeth you look… so… Amazing!" Silena said dumbfounded. "Aha thanks Silena. Let's just say I'm still creeped out about it too. Now enough about me, how did all your summers go?"

They told me that they hung out a lot, and they missed me, and I smiled at that.

The bell rang and we walked up the steps to school.

Before opening them, I took a deep breath, and walked in.

At first, a lot of heads turned my direction, and I tried my best not to turn red. Then a lot of murmurs broke out. I walked straight ahead, trying to ignore the whispers, but I couldn't. "The new girl is HOT." a few guys said. "Who is she? Is she that model from that add?" some girls said.

I felt really uncomfortable with the attention, and I was happy when the second bell rang.

Everyone went to their assigned homerooms, and I was in Mr. Brunner's class.

When I walked in with Thalia, we sat down in the back. The reason is because I am one of the smartest people in the school, and I don't need to try very hard. And frankly, Thalia doesn't really give a crap.

When everyone was in the class room, Mr. Brunner came in and started speaking. "Hello seniors, I hope you all had a great summer. I hope to make your last year of high school great, and I know you do too. So let me start with roll call."

Mr. Brunner started calling out names that I recognized, when he came across one I knew too well.

"Percy Jackson." A couple girls swooned, but the boy who put up his hand was one I did not expect.

Percy's blue letterman's jacket was replaced with a black hoodie. His usual flashy sneakers were replaced with converses, and his sea green eyes were dull.

For the first time I felt bad for him, because I knew he was hiding a painful secret, just by looking at him.

"Here sir." He said weakly in a deep voice.

A few more names were called out until he said, "Annabeth Chase."

I heard a few whispers saying, "Ugly." And "Bitch." I heard a few low, ignorant chuckles.

I held my head high and slowly put up my hand. "Here sir."

Everyone turned their head toward me and I could practically hear their jaws dropping.

I felt Thalia smirk beside me, and a few gasps filled the room.

"Nice to see you Annabeth." and he continued with his speaking.

He started explaining the courses and subjects that we'll be doing, but there were a lot of glances thrown towards me.

But the one that looked at me the most was Percy, and my heart sank.

He had so much pain and suffering etched on his face that I couldn't help but feel bad for him; even if he ruined my life.

That's when I made my promise.

I will find out what has happened to Percy Jackson, even if it kills me.

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